master of the universe 1

Master of the Universe

Chapter 1: first diapers

Anthony had everything he wanted. In his early thirties, he was a highly successful executive on Wall Street, earning more money he had ever dreamed of. He was happily married and lived with his beautiful wife, Martha, in a large apartment on the Upper East Side. Martha was a couple of years his junior. By formation she was an interior designer but didn’t pursue a career. Martha had done some stage designing for a couple of low budget experimental plays and since then had been doing all kind of things: costume design for some more plays, helping in designing a loft for some theatre director she knew, taking art classes,… Since she didn’t have to worry about money she was free to try all kind of new ventures. Anthony loved to meet all the interesting friends of his wife and to bask in their attention. As the Wall Street wonder boy he represented money to all those persons always in need of money to finance their projects. Occasionally he would arrange for some contacts with financiers but in general he preferred to keep this two parts of his live separate. Since he was very witty and had some real artistic sensitivity he was appreciated in those circles beyond the financial interests he represented.  Because of his success, his wit, and his very good looks Anthony was highly successful with women. Occasionally, when Martha would be away for a couple of days, he would have dates. Of course Martha would find out and in the beginning she would confront Anthony threatening to leave him. He would apologise and promise it wouldn’t happen any more. In the beginning those promises were sincere but after a while both of them realised it were empty lines. Martha being passionately in love with her husband stopped reacting to his infidelities, putting up with them. It didn’t seem to interfere with their mutual happiness.

Lately however there had been another issue. Martha had started talking about having kids. At first Anthony had brushed the topic away but on the insistence of Martha had told her he wasn’t sure he was ready for it. Martha had been very disappointed and angrily had asked if he wasn’t ready at 32 when did he think he was going to be ready? Didn’t he think it was time to become adult?

Anthony had been surprised by her strong reaction and had promised to think it over. But every time she tried to bring up the subject he told her it wasn’t the right moment since right then he had to many problems at the office. Which was true. Under his responsibility his department had run into some potentially devastating losses. For the first time in his career he was preoccupied, irritable, having problems to fall asleep at night, feeling tired. So Martha decided to let the issue of the baby rest for the moment.

But it was clear that she wasn’t so contended with her luxurious pseudo artistic life any more. Something was missing. In those circumstances Martha was very happy to receive a call from Alice, her best friend since High school. Alice, a lawyer, announced that she was joining one of the major law firms in NY and was coming over in 2 days. Martha was delighted and of course offered her friend to stay with them until she found a place to live, an offer that was immediately accepted. Anthony too was delighted when he learned about the plan. Not only was he happy for his wife too have her best friend coming to NY, he always got along very well with Alice. Alice was strikingly good looking, the kind of person men turn around for in the street, she was very intelligent, and had a great sense of mocking humour.

Anthony, as always when confronted with attractive women, had occasionally tried to make a pass at her but Alice had made it very clear that she valued her friendship with Martha more than anything he could offer her. Anthony respected this attitude and since then limited himself to some light hearted flirtations which were responded in kind.

Soon after Alice’s arrival it became clear that it would be harder than expected to find a suitable place to live in at a price she could afford. Since none of them encountered any inconvenience in living together it was decided that Alice would stay until she got a raise in pay, which she expected to get after one year. Soon they developed a daily routine that, in the beginning at least, suited them all. On normal days Anthony worked long hours and Alice and Martha, after Alice’s office hours often went shopping, visited art galleries or met mutual friends. In the weekends too they enjoyed each others company while Anthony went golfing. After a while Anthony started to resent the fact that the two women were so close. Until then Martha had been entirely at his disposal, now he felt somewhat excluded. Occasionally however Martha had dinner appointments or had meetings during the weekend in the pursuit of her different semi-professional interests. On those occasions Anthony and Alice enjoyed each other’s company, having lively discussions on almost any subject and often played squash together. Alice was really good and often beat Anthony.

After one of those games, having a drink sitting next to each other on a small couch in the club house since there were no other seats available, Anthony put his arm around Alice’s shoulder and was surprised she didn’t protest. She even nestled herself better next to him and smilingly looked at him:

-I really do enjoy those games with you.

-I don’t . It hurts my masculinity being beaten by a woman.

-I bet. All men are children. They don’t like to lose. I love it when you start losing. Big muscular Anthony, the self assured Wall Street manager starts cheating like a little kid whenever he thinks I won’t notice. And still can’t win.

Anthony, not in the least embarrassed by her observations started laughing.

-Tell me, how come a beautiful, smart, assertive woman like you doesn’t have a boy friend?

-I got bored by all of them. I guess I’m still waiting for someone to come along as good-looking, intelligent and humorous as you are.

For a moment Anthony was surprised by this reaction but then, a little excited he started protesting

-Wow, I’m really flattered, but I’m sure you’re wrong. There must be a lot of others out there…

Before he could finish Alice got up and laughing at him said mockingly

-Anthony, you don’t think I was being serious, do you? I’m looking for a man, not an overgrown boy. Let’s go, Martha is going to get home any minute.

Anthony, somewhat embarrassed and irritated managed a meek smile, but while standing up, found as usual the right reply.

-That’s why they bore you.

Driving home they continued there usual lively conversation but all the while Anthony was thinking over the observation of Alice. He couldn’t believe she had only been teasing him. She was just playing hard-to-get. Well that was the kind of game he liked.

At the office in the mean time the problems weren’t being solved. After another sleepless night Martha told him that Alice knew some relaxation techniques. Maybe he should let her try it. He didn’t need any encouragement so that evening Alice told him to get into comfortable cloths. She started by telling him to relax completely, muscle by muscle starting with his toes and so upwards until all his muscles up to his neck were relaxed. Next she told him to empty his mind, not to think about anything. To let himself float down in empty space. She looked straight into his eyes and told him to block his vision without closing his eyes. To let her come into his mind, to let her take control of his mind and body. Next she instructed him to do some specific movements with his arms and legs which he executed without hesitating. When she asked him to take off his boxer shorts there was a short hesitation but then he did this too. Then she started to ask him questions. (How old was he. what was the last movie he had seen, how much did he earn last year), gradually moving to subjects out of his past (what was the best remembrance he had of his mother, what was his earliest memory). Whenever she sensed some reluctance or difficulty to answer she came back to more concrete subjects. After a while she instructed him to sleep well that night and assured him he would feel reposed and confident the next day. Next she ordered him to forget everything that had happened and to come out of his sub-consciousness after she had counted to 3. When she stopped counting he blinked his eyes and gave a deep sigh. When he noticed he was lying there completely naked he asked in a surprised voice what had happened. She told him it had gone extremely well for a first time but that he should still trust her more. He had been somewhat reluctant to give himself completely over but she was sure that they would overcome this in future sessions.

From then on they would have almost daily sessions and Anthony right from the beginning started to sleep well again and soon discovered that things were going in the right direction at the office. He never remembered what had happened or what had been said during the sessions but he was so impressed with the results that he had complete confidence in Alice. As he gradually surrendered himself more and more during the relaxation exercises the effects continued to increase. He slept ever more deeply, felt more reposed than he had ever felt and his confidence reached a level he hadn’t experienced in years.

One day however he woke up in the middle of the night. It took him some moments to feel the cold wetness of his shorts and sheets. At first he was surprised but suddenly he realised he had woken up because during his deep sleep he had completely wetted his bed. He jumped out of bed and put on the light to inspect the damage. Of course Martha woke up and asked half asleep what was going on. Anthony, completely astonished by what had happened, stuttered something she didn’t understand.

-Anthony, what are you saying?

-I, I don’t know. I wet my bed. I don’t understand.

Martha, well awake by now, immediately oversaw the scene: the wet sheets, Anthony with a face as if he was witnessing the end of the world, tearing down his soaked shorts, all the while muttering he didn’t understand, that it couldn’t be true,.. She felt compassionate but at the same time couldn’t help smiling watching his distress.

-Well, it seems you had some accident. God, Anthony it’s not the end of the world. You go clean yourself while I change the bed. Hurry before I catch cold.

She started tearing down the sheets while Anthony hesitantly went to the bathroom. When he came back Martha just started putting new sheets.

-I had to turn the mattress. You really had a big leak.

Anthony, still looking very embarrassed helped her making the bed and soon both were back in bed. Martha nestled herself close to her husband and putting her hand on his shorts asked him mockingly

-My little baby isn’t going to wet his pants again, is he?

Anthony didn’t really appreciate the humour but taking his wife in his arms kissed her warmly. Soon the two of them were passionately making love.

A couple of hours later the alarm clock went off and as soon as he woke up Anthony thought at what had happened during the night.

-I’m sorry for what happened, but I…..

-Anthony don’t worry about it. It just happened. And,  I kind of enjoyed it, didn’t you?

But sensing he was still distressed quickly added,

-I mean, how it ended, making love in the middle of the night.

Anthony didn’t answer and that was it.

The next night however Anthony had another accident. This time Martha was worried and Anthony was even more upset as the night before. While they were changing the bed he suggested that maybe it was caused by the relaxation sessions of Alice making him sleep too deep.

-I wouldn’t think so. There must be a physical explanation, some infection or so. You should see a doctor, urgently.

-I’m sure this has something to see with Alice’s treatment.

-Well, we’ll ask her.

-No! Martha, don’t you tell anybody!

-But darling, it’s you who are suggesting she is causing your problem. If we don’t ask her we won’t know, do we?

-May be…  I’ll think about it. Good night.

The next morning at the breakfast table Anthony hesitantly brought up the subject.

-Alice, I’m wondering if we aren’t overdoing those exercises. When I go to sleep it’s as if I enter into a coma. I wonder if this isn’t dangerous in some way?

-How do you feel during the day?


-Well that’s the objective no?

Anthony not knowing what to reply looked at his wife. He thought he caught her and Alice exchanging some fast glance but wasn’t quiet sure about it. Anyway Martha didn’t seem to have anything to add so he dropped the subject.

That evening, after dinner he versed himself a glass of beer but Martha looking at him in a special way took the glass out of his hands and drank the beer herself. He felt humiliated by her treating him this way but couldn’t say anything because of Alice. And anyway he had to admit that her attitude was not unreasonable. When later on they went to bed something felt different. Stealthily looking underneath the sheet he discovered Martha had placed a plastic mattress protector underneath. Again he felt humiliated but again it seemed quiet logic but when Martha laid herself next to him and asked if he had gone to the bathroom it was too much.

-Martha, stop treating me as a child!

Getting out of bed he went to the bathroom and filled a glass of water that he emptied looking defiantly at Martha.

-Now you are behaving as a baby, Anthony. If you wet the bed tonight I’ll tell everybody about it.

That night and the following couple of nights there were no more accidents. Anthony did take care not to drink too much in the evening and Martha appreciating this, didn’t make any humiliating observations any more.

One evening Anthony came home in a very good humour. He had gotten the first indications that the strategy he had put in action a couple of days before to try to prevent the still looming significant losses seemed to work. It was an audacious scheme but every day he felt more confident that it would work.

Before going home he had asked his secretary to make a reservation for two in one of the best restaurants of the city.  He wanted to celebrate the good news with Martha. When he came home however Alice told him that Martha was gone for one of her meetings. She had told him about this but he had completely forgotten. A little disappointed at first he wanted to postpone the dinner to another day but then, changing his mind, invited Alice. Since he was convinced that without Alice’s sessions he would never have found the courage to implement the high-risk strategy he thought she deserved even more than Martha a special dinner.

They spend a wonderful evening together. The food was excellent and the setting very romantic. Because of the wine, the food, Anthony’s gratitude and the atmosphere they felt closer than they had ever before. In the taxi for the ride home Anthony put his arm around Alice’s shoulders and she nestled herself close to him as she had done in the squash club. When Anthony gently kissed her on the front she didn’t protest. Once home Anthony took her in his arms and kissed her on the mouth. To his surprise she responded by immediately gliding her tongue in his mouth. But when Anthony put his hand between her legs and gently pushed her skirt up she immediately pulled back.

-Anthony no! We shouldn’t do this. I really don’t want to risk my friendship with Alice. Stop it.

-Alice, I think I’ve fallen in love with you. Until tonight I was just flirting but now I realise….

-Christ, Anthony, don’t be so immature.

-Alice. You can’t do this. First you turn me on and then you think you can just stop it like that. That’s no way to treat a man.

-Oh, is that your problem? Well there are 2 very simple solutions for that. Or you get a cold shower or you go help yourself such as any other adolescent.

Turning her heels she went off leaving an incredulous Anthony behind. After a second however he followed her.

-Alice you can’t treat me this way in my own house. I demand apologies. If you don’t apologise now you’ll have to leave my house by tomorrow morning.

Alice looked him in the face and smiling ironically she walked up to him.

-Does the spoiled little boy get mad because he doesn’t get what he wants?

She grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, opened his trousers and slipped her hand in his shorts.

-Surprise, surprise, our little baby hasn’t wet his pants tonight.

Again she turned around and left him standing speechless.

This time however he was to humiliated to follow her. He also felt led down by Martha for telling Alice about his accidents. He went to the kitchen , served himself a beer and started planning his revench. Soon he realised however that he couldn’t tell Martha what had happened. Alice would then be forced to give her account and Martha would never forgive him for declaring his love to Alice. One thing was having affairs, the other was telling her best friend he was in love with her.

After some more thought , and another beer, he looked for Alice. He found her in her room ready to go to sleep.

-Alice I’m sorry for what happened.

She looked at him at first surprised but then smiled friendly.

-Forget about it.

-Do you forgive me?

-Nothing to forgive.

-I don’t think Martha needs to know about this.

She didn’t react immediately but then told him not to worry.

-By the way. That was mean for me to say that. I’m sorry.

-When did Martha tell you?

-A couple of days ago. She was kind of worried. But I suspect that at the same time it excites her. It makes you somewhat more vulnerable. It stimulates her mother reflexes. She told me that after the first time you made wonderful sex.
Anthony smiled a little meekly, wished Alice good night and returned to the kitchen for another beer.

That night he had another accident of course. This time he didn’t want Martha to know about it. So he quietly took off his wet shorts and laying himself as far as possible to the side of the bed waited for the morning.  When finally the alarm clock went off he jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom before Martha could notice he had taken off his shorts. But after a couple of minutes Martha joined him in the bathroom looking worried:

-I think you should consult a doctor Anthony.

-I know. I’ll go today.

Before going to the office he called for an urgent appointment with a general practitioner. When Martha asked him why he didn’t go their normal physician he claimed this one had his practice closer to their home so he would lose less time. Martha sensing he didn’t want to tell their normal doctor didn’t argue.

A couple of hours later she called him at the office to know what the doctor had said. As always when she called him at the office Anthony was very short telling her in an annoyed way that he had been told to see a specialist but that the specialist could only receive him in one week.

-Of course I told them it was urgent.  This is more annoying for me than for you. See you tonight.

That evening Martha was extremely kind to him. When they went to bed, sensing his nervousness, she gently took him by the hand and laid him to the bed where she slowly pulled down his shorts.

-Martha, I don’t really feel like …

-Sst, I know.  Do you trust me?

-Of course I do.

-You promises you are not going to be angry with me?

He looked her in the eyes

-What are you up to?

-Just wait here.

When she came back she held disposable diaper briefs in her hands.

-Martha! You don’t expect me to wear those do you?

-Anthony, we can’t go on changing the bed every night. Besides, I’m sure you’ll feel better wearing those. It’s just for one week, until you’ve seen the specialist.

She pushed him over on the bed and pulled down his shorts completely. A few seconds later she fastened the brief tightly around his waist and legs and pulled his shorts over them. Laying herself next to him kissed him gently.

-You see that isn’t so bad is it? Don’t you feel better, more relaxed?

Anthony had to admit that the feel of the thigh fitting diapers was not disagreeable. But feeling too embarrassed he turned over and went to sleep.

The next morning when the alarm clock went off Martha looked in her husband’s face and was struck by how beautiful he really was. From time to time, even if she wasn’t specially fond of morning sex, she would entice him just to show her love. So slowly she bend over, kissed him on the eyes and lips, and putting her hand between his legs slowly moved it upwards. When she reached his shorts and felt the diapers underneath she suddenly remembered. It made her smile gently and slipping her hand in the diapers she asked

-Has my little baby been good tonight?

Anthony by now awake, realised he had wet the diapers. He turned red and tried to pull her hand away but it was too late.

-Ooh! … Well that’s what diapers are for, aren’t they? Come, let’s give my baby a big wash.

The next couple of days Martha diapered her husband every night. He felt humiliated but at the same time it excited him. And Martha was surprised to discover she enjoyed it. The appointment with the specialist didn’t bring the diagnostic and treatment Anthony had hoped for. Anthony had been nervous going to the appointment because he didn’t really want to tell anybody about his humiliating experience. When he had entered the consulting room and discovered the doctor was a woman he had wanted to leave but he realised that would be even more embarrassing. The interview had been torture.

-So Anthony, – you don’t mind that I call you Anthony, do you?

-No, that’s perfect with me.

-I’m Sue. Well Anthony tell me what’s your problem? I don’t think we have had an appointment before, did we?

All the while she was opening and reading the report of the general practitioner Anthony had consulted a couple of days before.

-I see, having bedwetting problems. Ever happened before?


-Does it hurts when you urinate?


-Loss of pressure?


-When you urinate, does it have the same strength as before?


-Having fever, or feeling sick in any other way?


-Stress on the job?

-Not more than before.

-What job do you have?

-Wall street.

-Oh, that is high pressure!

-Yes, but I’ve been doing this now for almost 10 years and never had any stress related problems. I love the pressure.

-Do you sleep well?

-Yes. I had some problems but lately I’ve been sleeping extremely well.

He hesitated a split second and then added.

-I’m even wondering if the problem is not caused by me sleeping too deep.

She looked a little surprised

-And you never had this problem before? Not even as a child?

-Oh, well, yes, as a small child I did have some bedwetting problems.

-Until what age?

-5 or 6?

-Later it never occurred any more?


She looked him in the eyes

-Are you sure?

He felt insulted

-I told you.

-Eum. eum…. Well Anthony, I think this is nothing to worry about but just to be sure I would like to have some blood and urine analysis and radiographs. So I’ll prepare the prescriptions and we’ll see each other again when we have the complete results.

She stood up and stretched out her hand. Anthony standing up too, surprised with the sudden end of the visit, stammered

-But,..what do I do meanwhile?

-What do you mean?

-At night.

-Ah… What have you been doing lately?

Anthony blushed all over and stammered

-Wearing diapers.

-That seems perfect to me. They don’t hurt do they? See you soon.

Next chapter:


  1. I liked the story, but would have liked a bit more discipline to curve littlle Tonias tantrums.
    I especially liked that hypnosis was used to condition the babys behaviour and that he now is totally unable to control his bladder and isn’t able to get erect anymore and only can ejaculate with the assistance of his caretakers, if they wish to reward him. The frequent use of a buttplug should also make him unable to have any control, or sensation of his bowelmovements… 😉
    Some mentioning of how he was irreversably hypnotised to regress and how he gets totally happy whatever his caretakers suggest to him would be appreciated I think.

    Thanks for a good read!

  2. Nicde story, Clair. I love getting each chapter. A near second to “A different Kind of Schoolgirl”, my absolute favourite.

    • Thanks, The next chapter is almost finished. After my holiday break I will publish it. Personally I love that new chapter.

  3. Great story keep it comming, I am waiting on the next chapter, is there going to be a chapter 3, I hope there will, cann’t wait.

    • Yes there will be a chapter 3 but … not any time soon. I have a number of near finsihed stories that i will try to publish asap, and then I will start writing new chapters for Masters of the universe and for A different schoolgirl.
      Bare with me.

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