A different schoolgirl 2

What happened before?

Chapter 1: How an accident turned into a disaster, or didn’t it?

Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel, had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing disposable diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress. Isabel however, to the glee of her 12 year old slightly jealous sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control  problems herself, to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise, enjoyed wearing the diapers and younger looking dress. But leaving home to get the schoolbus she was preoccupied with what would happen.

Chapter 2 A first school day.

The problems started immediately. They had been very late to leave home so when they came into sight of the bus stop the bus was already driving up the lane. Not to miss the bus they had to run. Isabel was very conscious that with every step her diapers clearly showed. Luckily nobody was in the street and when they arrived everybody was boarding the bus so that Isabel was almost sure that nobody noticed. She took a seat next to the window, quiet in front and asked Christina to sit next to her. The dress was so short that when she sat down the diaper clearly showed, but putting her bag on her knees and with Christina sitting next to her she was able “to cover up”.

After a few minutes she became conscious of some giggling going on in the back of the bus. Since Emily had gone to the back of the bus to join some friends of her class, Isabel, turning very red, was sure her bitchy sister was giving a full account of what had happened yesterday and this morning. She didn’t dare to look back and just stared out of the window thinking about what she should do. Little Christina must have sensed her older sisters’ distress because she again took hold of her hand trying to comfort her. Before Isabel could think about anything she could do to prevent being ridiculed by the whole school, they arrived. Isabel got out of the bus as fast as she could and hurried to her class where she installed herself behind her desk pulling her dress down as far as possible.

When the other pupils came into the class one by one they looked a little surprised at seeing Isabel sitting all ready for class to start. But Isabel pretended being very occupied with some work so the others assumed she was still finishing some homework and didn’t bother her. During those first periods everything went fine. Isabel wanted to wet her diapers, to feel the heavy wetness between her legs, but conscious of the dangerous situation she would be putting herself in, was able to hold out without much trouble.

When break arrived she pretended to feel sick and asked the teacher if she could stay in class, which was allowed. The real troubles however began after the break. Some of the girls had come into class all excited; whispering to each other and giving giggling glances at Isabel. Soon she became conscious that little by little the whole class got excited and everybody was giving her glances. The teacher, who was writing some exercises on the blackboard that the students were supposed to solve while he was writing them, noticed too that something was going on behind his back but couldn’t locate it. After a while Isabel received a note on her desk and suddenly realised that this note had been passed along through the whole class causing all the merriment and excitement. It read “Isabel, your sister told us that you have to wear diapers because you wet your pants all the time, and that at home you’re a real pain in the ass crying all the time and claiming the attention of your mother because you are jealous of little Christina and that your mother is fed up with it and therefore made you wear that silly babydress. I don’t believe a word of it but your sister told me to just ask you if you’re wearing diapers or not. Your friend Jenny.”  Isabel had become very red with shame and anger. The whole class was looking at her, but she was especially furious with that hypocrite Jenny who dared to call her a friend. Jenny was sitting at the other end of the classroom in the front row. But Isabel was so distressed that without further thought she hissed to Jenny across the whole room “My sister is a liar and a bitch and so are you.”

The teacher, very nervous about the excitement he couldn’t locate heard Isabel’s voice but didn’t understand what she had been saying or to whom it was addressed. Trying to maintain control of the class he ordered Isabel to come to the front of the classroom,  “Isabel, could you please write your solutions next to each exercise”. With the whole class holding its breath, Isabel carefully walked to the front, turned around pulling down her dress with one hand and pulling down the blackboard with the other. But before she could write anything someone in the back shouted “I can’t read the lower part any more, I can’t finish my exercises this way.” The teacher acknowledged the problem and, pulling the blackboard up again, told Isabel she was tall enough to reach the upper lines. Isabel had no other option than to stand on her toes and to stretch out completely. Of course this way her disposable diaper was completely revealed and the whole class erupted in giggles. The teacher noticed it too but had no clue how to react to this unusual situation. He just summoned Isabel to go on for a couple of exercises and then ordered her back to her seat. When she turned around she could hardly hold back her tears when she saw the triumphant faces of Jenny and her friends.

During lunch she was the object of a lot of unwanted attention. At least she had been able to avoid Jenny and co, but even her own friends had been making fun of her. She had had a hard time explaining that it was only a game, that in fact she was doing it in support of little Christina who really had to wear diapers, and that of course she hadn’t wet her diapers. She wasn’t sure what the others had believed. She was very tired of this nerve breaking morning and having to go urgently to the bathroom she left her friends. Walking to the bathroom the pressure became very intense, as did the anticipation of wetting her diapers. She decided to wet her diapers and then go to the bathroom to change. She had a dry diaper in her bag so she hurried to her locker to fetch it. She hid the new diaper between some books and then, not being able to resist any longer, opening very slightly her legs, she led go. Since she hadn’t gone to the bathroom since that morning it was quiet a leak. The feeling of the warm wetness once more spreading between her legs felt great. Leaning against the wall she put her hand between her legs and started rubbing herself there. After a few seconds however she realised to what danger she was exposing herself and stopped. She closed her locker and hurried to the bathrooms. Before she was able to reach the bathrooms however she ran into Jenny with a couple of boys from 11th and 12th grade, one of them being Donald, the captain of the football team on whom Isabel had had a crunch for quiet some time. “Hey guys, have you met baby Isabel already? She is wearing diapers as a real baby.” Jenny pulled up Isabel’s skirt revealing the wet diapers. When Isabel tried to pull down her dress she dropped the books she was carrying and when she  bend over to pick up her books, revealing even more her diapers, she heard Jenny and the boys erupting in laughter. Big tears running down her cheeks she ran away. Behind her back she heard Jenny laughing ” Isabel is a cry baby, Isabel is a cry baby, Isabel is a cry baby, …”

Isabel went into the nearest bathrooms, but when she arrived there she realised that when she had dropped her books she had dropped the dry diaper too, and in all the confusion hadn’t picked it up. She started crying even harder. What should she do? She didn’t dare to go back, fearing to meet Jenny and the boys. She couldn’t just take off the diapers and go to class wearing nothing beneath that short dress, what if someone would discover her not wearing panties underneath,… While brooding about her predicament she heard the bell going off. Having no other alternative she went to class still wearing the wet diapers.

During this class Jenny was sitting right behind her. After a few minutes she started sniffing loudly. “Do you guys smell that too? It smells as if someone has peed. Isabel you didn’t wet your diapers, did you?” Isabel couldn’t restrain herself any more. She turned around and slapped Jenny in the face. Of course the teacher had noticed and got very mad. “Isabel what has come over you? It seems you disturbed class this morning too. Well, don’t you think you can disturb MY class. Come here right now.” And while Isabel was going to the front, trying not to open her legs while walking, the teacher addressed herself to Jenny. “Jennifer tell me what happened!” “I don’t now, Miss. But I think Isabel wet her pants. It smells kind of strange anyway over here.” When Isabel arrived next to the teacher in front of the whole class, the teacher ordered her to lift her dress, revealing the wet diaper. “Gosh, Isabel, what are you up to? This is disgusting. I never saw THIS before in 10th grade. Lift that dress higher please, and walk through the class so that all your friends can see what a filthy baby you are. Come on, let’s go. Higher that skirt please.” While Isabel was walking through the aisles, her dress lifted, revealing her wet diapers, tears running down her cheeks once more, all her friends giggling and laughing, the teacher asked her if she had anything to change. Isabel started answering that she didn’t when Jenny stood up holding the dry diaper that Isabel had dropped. The teacher, looking relieved, asked Jenny to bring her the dry diaper. When Isabel got back in front the teacher was putting a note in an envelope. “Do you know the class of Miss Kathy in Kidergarten?  Oh of course you do, that’s the class of your little sister Christina, isn’t it? Well, bring this note to her and …  No. I think it would be better that someone would go with you. Mary, could you please bring Isabel to the class of Miss Kathy, and hand her this note, and take this diaper with you, she’ll know what to do, she has more experience with wet diapers than I do. And Mary you come back immediately.”

While Isabel was walking with Mary towards the day care centre, she was very conscious of the wet diapers, by now soaked and cold, making her walk with her legs wide open. She was deeply humiliated, but in some unexplainable way enjoyed the situation. She was wondering about the note that Mary was carrying for Miss Kathy. Why did her teacher send her to Kathy? Was it because she was Christina’s teacher? Or did her teacher know more? Kathy was only 20 years old. It was the first year she was in charge of her own class. Until about 6 years ago they had been neighbours. At that age a difference of 5 years is much, notwithstanding during a couple of years they had been close friends, playing together daily. When Kathy had moved to another neighbourhood they had lost contact but Isabel had kept very fond memories of their special friendship. Since she had reappeared in her live as her little sister’s teacher Isabel of course had had some contacts but the difference in status had prevented becoming close again. Now she was scared to meet her in the given circumstances. Isabel considered the possibility to run away but realised that it would make matters only worse. And she wouldn’t get away very far since Mary would have to report it immediately.

While Isabel was occupied with those thoughts Mary suddenly started talking. Mary was a nice girl. Without being a close friend Isabel always got along quiet well with her.

-Isabel, you know I want to….

She didn’t continue. It seemed as if she was surprised to hear her own voice.

-Please go on, I’m listening.

-Oh, never mind.

The two of them walked a little further in silence when suddenly Mary decided herself.

-Isabel, you promise not to tell anyone?

-Of course.

-Well, you know,…, sometimes at night I dream of wetting my pants… And sometimes I put a towel in my pyjamas, but I never dared to wet it… You know what, I envy you. I think I would like to be diapered as you are.

Isabel was startled and delighted. So she was not alone. Mary had the same feelings. She took Mary’s hand into hers and squeezed it very hard. As they walked further holding hands, Isabel brought Mary’s hand behind her back making it touch her wet diapers. Mary sighted deeply.

When they arrived at Christina’s class they entered without further hesitation and Mary handed over the note and the diaper to a surprised looking Miss Kathy. When Miss Kathy had read the note however she looked even more surprised at Isabel.  But she observed kindly to Isabel, “So, the two sisters have some problems today. Well don’t you worry, we know to take care of that.” Asking Mary to keep watch over the class for a few moments she took Isabel by the hand and took her to a changing room where she took off the wet diapers, and applied some baby powder before putting on the dry diaper. When she was ready she asked Isabel if she didn’t feel better this way. When Isabel, a little embarrassed, nodded yes, she said, “All right, then we are ready to go to work. But before that, would you give me a big hug to thank me for cleaning you up?” Isabel hesitantly put her arms around Kathy and gave her a timid kiss on the cheek. “No, this isn’t a big hug, you can do better than that.” As Isabel put her arms around Kathy again she squeezed her very hard, and Kathy responded with a similar big hug. “That’s my darling! Now let’s join the others “. As they went to the classroom she explained that they had just started making life sized self-portraits and that Isabel, “since it seemed she was going to spend the rest of the day with them, learning to be quiet without disturbing class”, would get a paper her size too. When they got back to the class Kathy thanked Mary telling her to go back to her class. Isabel realised that all the kids, wearing short smocks, were “painting” their self-portraits using their fingers and hands as only utensils. All of them were already covered with paint. Miss Kathy, explaining that she didn’t have a smock Isabel’s size, told her to wait a moment while she solved this problem. A few seconds later she came back holding a pale blue shirt. She unfastened the braces of Isabel’s dress, pulled down the skirt and pulled on the shirt fastening the buttons in the back. It was a short shirt coming only just below Isabel’s waist, so that the diaper was completely revealed. But all the kids were so occupied with their work that nobody paid attention. Even Christina had barely acknowledged her sisters surprising presence. Isabel, after a short hesitation started working on her life sized self-portrait putting her fingers in the pots of paint.

After a while the bell went indicating it was time to go to the playground. But first all the kids had to go to the bathroom. Christina, Isabel and one other kid were put apart, while Miss Kathy lined the other 15 kids in front of the toilets, pulling down shorts, pulling up skirts, pulling down panties, putting them on the toilets, Within a few minutes they had all done the necessary, had their hands washed and were send to the playground. After that Miss Kathy controlled the 3 of them. Finding Isabel’s diaper dry she was sent to the playground too, while Christina and the other kid were being changed.

When Isabel arrived on the playground she didn’t know what to do. All the kids were running, playing, shouting.  As she looked around, her eyes met suddenly those of Emily. At that moment she remembered that Emily was volunteering as a supervisor during the breaks. Her sister immediately came towards her. But instead of making fun of her as Isabel had expected she was very nice. “Well what a surprise. What are you doing here? You look a little lost. Well that’s what I’m here for, to make everybody feel at home. Let’s see if we can find someone who won’t make fun of you with those diapers showing so obvious. At that moment two five-year-old girls passed by. Emily knowing they were very sweet and wouldn’t make fun of her sister hailed them   “Caroline, Chris, come here for a second. This is my sister Isabel. She doesn’t have any friends yet. Would the two of you like to play with Isabel?”

Isabel recognised the two girls from the class of Miss Kathy. Emily’s attention being called by two boys starting a fight left the 3 girls alone.

-Are you really Emily’s sister?


-Are you older or younger than she?

-Euh I don’t know, younger I guess.

-How come you don’t know? Are you retarded?

-No, of course not.

-Why is you wearing diapers then? What are you doing in our class?

-I have a problem to control my bladder and sometimes I wet my pants. But it doesn’t matter since I like to wear diapers.

Until then it had been Chris who had been talking, but now Caroline intervened saying she was bored with all the talking and wanted to play.

-Let’s play with the skipping rope. We are 3 now so two can do the turning while the third jumps.

Isabel had always been very good at this game. Since one had to do the turning whenever one tripped Isabel soon was doing all the jumping while the two other girls did the turning. They soon got tired of it. So after a while Caroline proposed to play “horsemen”. Isabel would be the horse, meaning that she got the rope around her waist while the two other girls got each one end of the rope and they would run around the playground. The three of them were really enjoying themselves. When the bell went Isabel was kind of disappointed that she had to stop playing to go back to class. .

When they got back into the classroom Kathy had cleaned up, taking away the pots of paint and hanging all the portraits which had already dried, on the walls. All the kids looked excited for their own portrait and looked laughingly at those of their friends. After a while Kathy told all the kids to come and sit around her. The children installed themselves on pillows and cushions on the floor as they always did to finish the day.

-James I think you really made a great painting. Have all of you looked at James’ portrait? It’s right over there. But why did you paint your face in blue?

-I doesn’t know, I liked it this way.

-You were right, it looks great. Nadia I like the flowers on your dress. Do you have such a dress at home?

-euh,euh.. The girl nodded.

-Steve I don’t see any eyes on your portrait, why is that?

-Because I’m dreaming.

-Oh, now I understand. Isabel, a lovely painting, but you didn’t paint the diapers you’re wearing. Why not?

Isabel turned completely red and didn’t know what to answer.

-Euh, … I don’t know… Maybe I’m a little ashamed.

-Oh why would you? We all understand, don’t we ?

The whole class nodded approvingly .

-Isabel come over here.

Isabel stood up and had to cross the open circle to get to where Kathy was sitting. She was of course conscious that they were all looking at her diapers but this time she didn’t care.

-Because this is your first day with us you can sit on my lap while I tell a story.

Isabel felt a little awkward installing herself on Kathy’s lap. But Kathy gave her a big kiss, put her arms around her and started telling a story which soon got everybody’s attention, including Isabel’s who felt quiet happy.

When the bell went off Kathy helped her out of the shirt, putting her back into the short jumperdress, complimenting her on not wetting her diapers. They all had to walk in rows of 3 holding hands to the bus stop. Isabel had to walk in front between Caroline and her sister Christina. When they arrived at the gate she got some mocking looks from some of the 10th grade girls who were already waiting for a bus. But Kathy told Isabel just to ignore them and told her it had been great having her in class and asked if she would come back. Isabel didn’t quiet know what to answer so she just gave a big hug. Kathy, returning the hug, told her that anyway whenever she would need a change or a close friend she would be happy to oblige.

When Kathy turned around the 10th graders started making fun of Isabel, lifting her dress, and calling her a baby. Isabel felt quiet distressed again but Caroline immediately went after Miss Kathy who came back to tell the girls to knock it off and to wait with Isabel until her bus arrived. None of 10th graders took the same bus as she did so soon she was sitting on the bus next to her sister desperately wanting to wet her diapers but resisting the urge up to the end. On the way home she was thinking over this very special day. On the one hand she had been so happy. To the erotic feeling of wearing, and wetting, diapers had now been added the happiness of being treated as a little girl. On the other hand she had been terribly humiliated too. When she remembered Donald’s surprised face she felt like crying all over again, and decided she would never put herself into this position again. In the next couple of days she acted completely normal. The whole school soon forgot about that one-day in which “Isabel had gone crazy”.

But she had enjoyed it too much.  So very soon she would have other “accidents.”  Each time, her mother would punish her with diapers.  At times, Isabel would find herself diapered for

several days–or even weeks–at a time. Luckily her mother didn’t insist on her wearing the extremely short and childish dress. But Isabel wouldn’t wear pants either. She liked to secretly touch her wet diapers, and always was excited by the chance that someone would discover that she was wearing a diaper. But above all she loved to look like a nice little schoolgirl. So usually she would wear a short pleated skirt or a kilt with white socks.  Beneath it she would secretly wear a disposable diaper. But she took great care to be very discreet so that outside the family nobody noticed anymore. And the whole family, including Emily and Martha, respected this. Isabel felt perfectly happy this way.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/a-different-schoolgirl-chapter-3/


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