A different schoolgirl chapter 3

What happened before?
Chapter 1:How an accident turned into a disaster or didn’t it?
Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel, had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing disposable diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress. Isabel however, to the glee of her 12 year old slightly jealous sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control problems herself, to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise enjoyed wearing the diapers and the younger looking dress.
Chapter 2: A first school day. At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy. After that first day she had decided that she would never again be humiliated this way. But she had not been able to resist causing new “accidents”, meaning she would still regularly have to wear diapers but would take care that nobody outside her family would notice.

Chapter 3: A summer of innocence.

Shortly after that fatal day when she had had her first accident Isabel started dreaming about the summer holidays that would be coming up soon. She decided she would spend a wonderful diapered summer. Preparing for it she started investigating Emily’s wardrobe and was delighted to find a large number of infantile dresses that her sister had been wearing just 2 or 3 years ago. She even discovered some of her own dresses of 5 years ago. She could hardly wait for the holidays to start.

When they finally did, Isabel completely stopped using the bathroom to pee, and of course soon found herself diapered and dressed in those cute infantile dresses all the time. Her favourite dress was another short jumper, this one pink chequered, of which the skirt opened completely in the back, held closed by a single button in the waist. With each movement the skirt would open slightly, revealing just a bit of her diapers.

Most of the time she spend “baby-sitting” for Christina (who in the mean time had completely overcome her own control problem) and Christina’s friends. The girls loved it because Isabel was not an ordinary baby-sitter. She was just one more little friend playing along. When they weren’t dressing and undressing their dolls they would “play family”. This was much more fun now that they had a “real” baby to diaper and to feed babybottles.

Everybody was very happy with the arrangement. Martha didn’t have to worry about the little ones because she knew Isabel was with them. On the other hand she was greatly relieved that at the same time Isabel was “being taken care of” because she had tired a little of the baby routine her oldest daughter was forcing on her. Emily was very happy that this year she didn’t have to share the baby-sitting burden, being completely free to enjoy the summer, playing tennis, swimming and just having fun with her friends. David was the only one who was complaining because when he was home he would have to play with the girls. But the largest part of the summer he was away anyway, first to a summer camp and next he was invited by Martha’s sister, who had a boy the same age, to stay at her place. And when he was home he secretly loved playing with the girls, being the father of the little family. But of course he would never admit this. The happiest of all however was Isabel herself. Wetting her diapers without any inhibition, being a little girl with the other little ones seemed to be a secret dream come true.

Towards the end of the holidays they went to the coast were Martha rented every year a cottage on the beach. They had been doing this for as far as Isabel could remember. Upon arriving in late afternoon Martha asked Emily to accompany her to the supermarket while Isabel would do some unpacking and watch the little ones. Christina and David went immediately to the beach and Isabel started unpacking some suitcases, from time to time watching out if Christina and David weren’t up to some dangerous game. Very soon Michael arrived, as she had expected. Since Michael‘s parents owned a cottage in the village they always spend the entire summer there. Michael was 14 years old and Isabel and Emily had become a very close friend with him usually spending their entire stay at the seaside together. Last year however Isabel, then 14 years old, had decided she was too old to play with a 13 year old boy and her 11 year old sister. She had spend most of her time lying on the beach watching the “older” boys of 16 and more, longing but not daring to speak to them. Emily and Michael had been very disappointed by her refusal to play with them. After a couple of days insisting, they had given up. The two of them had gone crabfishing, swimming, camp building, as they had been doing for years, but it hadn’t been the same without Isabel. For all 3 it had been a lost holiday.

Now Michael was standing in front of her. Remembering her attitude of last year he didn’t know what to do or say. Emily was wearing once again her favourite pink jumper-dress. She knew he would notice any moment the strange infantile dress and if she would move he would certainly notice she was wearing a diaper. She felt a little awkward but at he same time was impatient for him to find out. She suddenly felt very close to him as she had felt years ago, remembering the time when they had been 5 and 6 years old and they had played “doctor and nurse” discovering each others bodies. Not being able to wait any longer she made a small dancing pass and indeed he suddenly noticed, starting to laugh, “Hey Isabel, what is this…” but she put a finger on his lips and, telling him to hush, took him by the hand leading him upstairs to her room.

Once in her room she stood in front of him, noticing that for the first time since they knew each other he was slightly taller than she was. Without further thought she took his hand and slowly brought it between her legs touching the plastic pants and softly lifting the weight of her wet diaper. She had never felt happier. She brought her lips to his, barely touching them. Michael, completely stunned by this unexpected turn of events, was unable to move or utter a word. But his surprises weren’t over, by far. Isabel removed his hand from between her legs and, lifting her skirt, introduced his hand in her plastic pants, into the wet diaper, pushing it deep into her crotch, and then she let go. While Michael felt the wetness streaming over his hand Isabel grabbed his crotch and whispered in his ear “Do it too, Miky. Just let go, it feels great.” An instant later he realised he was wetting his tennis shorts and he felt the warm wetness streaming down his legs. A few seconds later, standing in a small puddle, it dawned on him what had happened. But before he could panic, Isabel pressed her body hard against his telling him, “Hello Miky, I’m so glad you were willing to come into my New World. Welcome, darling baby.”

Next she unfastened his shorts and took of his wet things. Laying him on her bed she put him into a disposable diaper before he had time to react. Upon her asking him if it didn’t feel great, he admitted he liked the feeling. Isabel laid herself next to him and kissed him on the cheek. But at that moment they heard the car coming up the driveway. Michael jumped up, but suddenly realising he was only wearing diapers he froze, not knowing what to do. The two of them started feverishly looking for some cloths in Isabel’s wardrobe and suitcase, but encountered of course only skirts and dresses. After a few seconds Isabel smiled broadly and handing Michael one of her summer skirts told him ” Here Miky, try this.” and noticing the panic in his eyes, she kissed him again, adding “Do it for me Michael, please. I want you to be my little sister. I love you Miky.” A few moments later Michael was looking at himself in the mirror wearing a short pale green skirt, and the white poloshirt and white tennis socks he had been wearing when he had arrived. At 14, Michael was still very slender and in some way a bit feminine. This aspect was now accentuated, and Michael realised that he could easily be mistaken for a girl. Isabel came to the same conclusion and kissed him again delighted. “Oh Miky, you look wonderful! Come, let’s go downstairs and show the others how pretty you are.”

She pulled him by the hand and he followed her hesitantly down the stairs. Both of them were rather nervous, anxious about the reception that was waiting them. The first person they met was Martha, who, after recovering from her initial surprise, started laughing, “Well, well, Michael, don’t you look lovely!” Isabel, relaxed by this reaction smiled too, and, lifting Michael’s skirt asked “Isn’t he, ugh, she, lovely indeed?” Michael, also somewhat calmer, but stills a little apprehensive, smiled sheepishly trying to pull down his skirt. At that moment Emily entered. Isabel looked defiantly at her sister and, still holding up the rim of Michael’s skirt, asked “Emily, don’t you think the two of us are just a perfect match?” Emily, her face growing red from astonishment, anger and despair, gasped twice, but then with her ordinary self control said, “Hi Michael, your mom led you come all the way all by yourself, just as a big boy? Look what I’ve got for you right here.” And pulling a lollipop from the grocery sack she was carrying, trusted it in his hand, asking, and “What do you say Aren’t you going to say thank you to Emily?” Without waiting for any reaction she turned around and left, leaving the 3 others behind in silent surprise. It was Isabel who was the first to recover, asking, “Mom, can I have a lollipop too?” The 3 of them burst out in laughter and that was it. From that moment on it was clear for everybody that Michael had joined the game.

Isabel and Michael helped Martha to unpack the groceries and the rest of the luggage, dress the beds for the whole family, and.. clean up the small puddle that they had left behind in Isabel’s room. Soon it was time for Michael to go home. After some hesitation he asked Isabel if he could borrow a pair of jeans. He was sure Emily had a pair that would fit. Isabel, looking very disappointed, protested that she loved him more in a skirt, and that she had hoped he loved her enough to share the same experience without second thoughts, and that she was sure his parents wouldn’t mind, and that she would come to explain it to them, and ….

After a few minutes Michael, reluctantly gave in. Isabel changed in another dress, one that was a little less conspicuous, put Michael’s wet things in a plastic bag, and took him by the hand for the short walk to his house. They entered the house by the back door as they always did, entering straight into the kitchen where Michael’s mother was preparing dinner. Barely taking the time to greet her, Isabel immediately started explaining that “Michael had had a little accident”, taking out the wet shorts and slip from the bag, ” but that there was nothing to worry about, since she had had the same problem and the doctor had assured that it would go away as it had come, that in the mean time Michael didn’t mind wearing diapers, that she shouldn’t make problems over this because the doctor had said that that would make it worse, and that anyway she, Isabel, and her mother would take care of everything, since they were used to it and had all necessary things in house, and..”

When Isabel stopped talking Michael’s mother looked a little dazed, but then asked “But why for God’s sake is he wearing a skirt ?” To which Isabel, without hesitation, replied with another flood of words,
” That no pants or shorts would fit over the diapers, and that anyway Michael had been wanting to wear skirts and dresses for a long time, and that many boys his age had the same wish, that there was nothing wrong with that, and that that too would pass as it had come, and”, putting her arms around Michael’s mothers neck, hugging her strongly, “that she loved him so much with his skirt, please would she led him ?” Michael’s mother had always had a special feeling for Isabel, and had never been able to refuse her anything. So, this time too, she sighted, answering,”Well I don’t know if I should, but if it makes the two of you happy.”, and that was it.

The next day, the whole family was still at the breakfast table, when Michael came over wearing the same green skirt. Isabel jumped up to hug him and to tell him enthusiastically in front of the whole family, “Miky come, let’s go upstairs so that I can put you in diapers before you cause another accident. And let’s choose another dress for you to wear today”. When the two of them left Emily watched them leaving with unbelief and contempt. For the rest of the holiday Emily ignored them completely. Being less timid than her sister she didn’t have any problem making contact with the “older” bunch, and would spend most of the time playing volleyball on the beach, and in the evenings she would join them in the ice-cream parlour.

Isabel and Michael had a wonderful diapered time together. To his big surprise Michael discovered he not only enjoyed wearing, and wetting, diapers, but also found pleasure in wearing girlswear.

Michael had a sister who was 10 years his senior. For a number of years now she hadn’t come with her family to their holiday home. Knowing that his mother never threw anything away he prodded her to show them the boxes in the attic where she kept old cloths. Opening them one by one Isabel and Michael discovered all kinds of cloths: a wedding gown, a fur coat, baby cloths and other baby stuff (they were delighted to discover a large bunch of diapers, and Isabel couldn’t resist taking a pacifier away without Michael seeing it, since she was a little ashamed even for him), and finally they found what they had been looking for: the cloths his sister had been wearing when she was in her early teens. Isabel was delighted by the frivolous look of the dresses with rubans, bows and puffy sleeves. The next days Isabel would be wearing more and more those frilly dresses except when their plans for the day demanded some more comfortable wear. Michael preferred to stick to plain jumpers, simple skirts with elastic waistbands, polodresses and occasionally girl’s shorts. Isabel asked him several times too try one of his sisters more frilly dresses but he refused categorically, telling her there were limits to what he was willing to do. Emily had been disappointed but didn’t insist.

Another disappointment was that they had to change their diapers themselves since Martha wanted to have a holiday and the little ones, enjoying themselves on the beach, could only rarely been convinced “to play family”. In the beginning they enjoyed changing each other but after a while it spoiled the idea of being babies together. It didn’t take Isabel much effort however to convince Michael’s mother to take charge. The two of them loved being bathed together by her or laying next to each other, holding hands, while they were being powdered and diapered. Michael’s mother soon abandoned the disposable diapers in favour for thick cotton ones and plastic panties.

The rest of the time they enjoyed themselves, often playing with the little ones on the beach, building sandcasles and playing other games. But very often they would be cruising around with their bikes just the two of them. The village soon got used to the sight of the nice “girls” in diapers showing up everywhere. But still, the last Sunday of their stay at the seaside Michael surprised everybody, including Isabel. He had been further exploring the boxes in the attic by himself and had discovered more cloths. At Sunday mass Michael arrived with a short white dress that closed in the back with a zip. It had two yellow ribbons in the waist that was knotted into a large bow in the back, puffy short sleeves, and a small yellow collar. The dress itself was not so different from the kind of dresses Isabel had been wearing most of the time, but what made the outfit remarkable was the fact that underneath he wore a short petticoat showing just a bit of ripples and making the skirt stand nicely open. This combined with white knee-high socks and a nice summertan made him look irresistible. Isabel couldn’t have dreamed of a better “end of holiday present” or a larger proof of his love.

Upon returning home Isabel continued to wear diapers. Michael however, without the presence of Isabel, lost all interest very fast. At first they would write a lot and on Isabel’s questions if he was still enjoying diapers and insisting he would describe the cloths he had been wearing, he would lie. Little by little he led the truth come out and the writing became sparser. When a year later Isabel upon arriving at the seaside village went looking for him his mother told her that he hadn’t been able to stay until the end of the summer due to some sportscamp he had wanted to attend. It was the end of their romance. But both kept a wonderful souvenir of their beautiful diapered summer for the rest of their lives.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/a-different-schoolgirl-chap-4/

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