A dream come true 2

In the first chapter I told how, having been attracted to diapers all my life, I finally told my wife, and after overcoming initial strong resistance, she began treating me as a baby.

Chapter two:

I went back downstairs, cleaned the table as fast as I could, all the time trying to hold my bladder. After I had finished cleaning up the kitchen, jumping from one foot to the other, I went to the living room and sat on the couch, which relieved the pressure somewhat. I tried to read but without glasses had to settle for simply leaving through a magazine. After a while I was getting utterly bored. So I was glad when Laura came into the room.

-Come on let’s go, I have some urgent shopping to do.

-Darling, I can’t come along this way.

-You’ll have to, little babies can’t stay home alone. Come on, hurry up. Any way, don’t be afraid nobody will notice a thing.

I had not much choice but to obey, and to be honest, the idea of going out diapered did excite me. Of course Laura had taken the car keys and I understood I was not going to do the driving. But I was still surprised that when we got in the garage she opened the back door and when I sat down she helped me with the safety belt. I felt quiet stupid sitting in the back with my wife driving but didn’t dare to say anything.

Walking around in the supermarket the pressure became so strong I decided to let go just a little bit. This relieved me somewhat but after a couple of minutes the urgency was as bad as before. So I repeated the process a couple of times. After a while I realised that the diapers were getting quiet wet and hoped they wouldn’t leak. At that moment we passed the clothing department and my wife suddenly stopped.

-Oh I see the Levi’s are in promotion. Didn’t you need a new pair of jeans?

-Yes, but that’s not urgent.

-OK, but now that we are here you better try one.

-I can’t go to the fitting room wearing diapers.

-Nobody is going to enter the fitting room.

Blushing all over I whispered:

-I can’t, I’ve wet my diapers.

She stopped and looked at me smiling triumphantly.

-So what, since nobody is going to enter the fitting room?

She took two pairs of jeans out of the shelves and pushed me towards the fitting rooms. When I took off my trousers I noticed that the diapers were even wetter than I had expected. Laura too was surprised.

-Oh, you really couldn’t control yourself, could you? We better hurry before they start leaking.

Of course we immediately realised that trying to pull a new pair of tight fitting jeans over the soaked diapers was impossible.

-This won’t work. Maybe I should find you another model, one that’s not so tight and will fit better over your diapers. But that’ll be for anther time since I really think we should get home and give you a change.

Slowly, taking care not to rip the diapers, we got my old jeans back on and hurried to the check out counter. When we got home we realised that my daughter was back. Whispering, my wife ordered me to go upstairs assuring me she would follow immediately.  I took off my trousers as fast as possible. Not able to hold up any longer, but confronted with the fact that the door to the toilet was still locked, I emptied my bladder in the diapers. Relieving myself and feeling the diapers fill up even more was wonderful. Enjoying the feeling I didn’t notice that the diapers were now so soaked that they leaked heavily, forming a small puddle on the bathroom floor until Laura entered. Scolding me as she would a small child she opened the toilet pushed me inside, pulled off the diapers dropping them on the floor. She told me to sit on the toilet and handing me the soap told me to wash myself, clean up the puddle, and to come downstairs. That’s how ended our first shared diaper experience.

After that first night we didn’t repeat the experience for a number of days. But then I couldn’t resist any more and one night asked Laura if I could wear diapers to bed. She immediately took the clue and diapered me, which of course led us to have wonderful sex again. From then on diapers became a regular feature of our sex life, Laura often taking the initiative. Sometimes I would put them back on after having sex but I never wetted them, and Laura didn’t make me wear them during the day nor repeated treating me as a baby. Even if I had mixed feelings about that one time when she had spoon-fed me some mushy breakfast, had me wear diapers to the supermarket and forced me to wet them, I secretly longed to repeat that experience but didn’t dare to ask her.

I didn’t have to. One day, when both our kids were once again sleeping over with friends, Laura took the initiative.

It started just like the first time in the morning by her controlling my diapers and congratulating me on not wetting them. I was excited when she told me to brush my teeth while she prepared breakfast and discovered she had locked the door to the toilet again. When I got downstairs it was clear that this time Laura had everything well prepared. She fastened a bib around my neck and spoon-fed me some real baby cereals. When we had emptied the bowl she pressed a baby-bottle with warm milk in my hand telling me to drink it while she took her breakfast. As the milk tasted different from ordinary milk I realised she had bought baby formula. It didn’t taste good but since the cereals had been very sweet I was thirsty and slowly sucked the bottle empty. Both of us felt a little awkward but we enjoyed it.

When we were ready she took me by the hand and led me to the living room where she had put some children’s books on the carpet. Popping a pacifier in my mouth she told me to be good while she got dressed. By that time I had to pee very badly of course and decided to let go. After a while Laura came back and to my surprise she had put on her tennis dress.

-How about growing up real fast and play some tennis?

Already bored being a baby and reading children’s books I agreed immediately. But when I got up she noticed my wet diapers. She got very upset and scolded me real hard.

-How is it possible? Am I supposed to handle those wet diapers? Well forget it! Take those things off and get a shower….

I felt badly wronged since she had started the baby-play that morning. But at the same time she made me feel ashamed so I didn’t say anything while I went upstairs. After a while she joined me in the bathroom. She had calmed down but at her sarcasm I immediately noticed she was still angry.

-Is my baby going to wear diapers under his tennis shorts?

This seemed out of the question to me but I didn’t dare to say so since I wasn’t sure if she was serious. I choose not to answer at all.

-Well, are you?

I smiled but she didn’t smile back. I decided to play it safe.

-That won’t be necessary, we’ll be back in an hour or so won’t we?

-All right then. Hurry up.

We enjoyed our game and when we finished, having completely forgotten the incident, I proposed to have a drink before going home. I ordered a beer and Laura a glass of water.  When I had emptied half my glass she switched it with her empty one.

-Hey what are you doing? I ordered the beer because I was real thirsty.

-I think you have had enough, you don’t want to wet your shorts do you? Any way I don’t think little babies should drink beer.

This really pissed me off but since I didn’t want to make a scene in public I just gave her a furious glance. But this only seemed to encourage her to go on. Standing up she took my hand and said in a clear voice,

-I think it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Resisting I looked anxiously around me to see if anybody had heard this. Nobody seemed to look at us but as Laura started to pull real hard I realised it wouldn’t take long before some of the other members would start noticing. I stood up whispering in her ear

-What are you trying to do?

As only answer I got a smile and gripping my hand real hard she started walking towards the bathrooms. There wasn’t much I could do but follow. When she opened the door to the women’s bathrooms however I refused to enter. At that moment someone passed by and gave us an inquisitive glance. Laura took advantage of this distraction to pull me inside the women’s restrooms, which luckily were empty.

-Stop it. This is enough.

But before I realised it she had opened my shorts, pulled them completely down and grabbed my penis. I suddenly enjoyed the situation. Laura directed me to one of the toilets and putting herself behind me aimed my penis towards the pot. By that time however it had hardened which made it rather difficult to aim downwards. Right at that moment we heard someone coming into the bathrooms. In a reflex I closed the door to our toilet just in time. Both of us started giggling. Next we were kissing each other and before long we were making love standing up right there next to the toilet.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2009/11/13/a-dream-come-true-3/

10 comments on “A dream come true 2

  1. Inky Wonky says:

    Wow it’s nice to be teased about and accepted by your loved one. You are one lucky guy.

  2. saskia thomas says:

    thats a really good story i like it very much

  3. babymikey says:

    good stoiry but if my gf whated me diaperd i would stay diaperd 24/7

  4. Kenneth Hiss says:

    Great Story keep it going, This is one of the best that I can say.

  5. Adrian says:

    Excellent again ! It didn’t twist the way I expected and I enjoyed it even more for that.
    Thank you, X

  6. Jerry Rickey says:

    i like it very good

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