A dream come true 3

From then on I was regularly diapered and treated as a baby by my wife Laura. Of course I was very happy to have achieved my objective but at the same time worried that I was getting more pleasure out of it than Laura. Little by little however I realised that I didn’t need to worry about getting more pleasure out of the situation than she. Laura too was getting her fair share. She especially developed a taste for humiliating me which became a turn-on for both of us.

She became quiet creative at it. For instance she would make me completely dependent by binding my hands behind my back. If I complained that I was bored she would put me before the television and put some children’s video on. On other occasions she bandaged my fingers together leaving only the thumbs free and told me to eat some porridge using a large wooden spoon. If I refused to participate she would threaten to tell everything to Isabelle or some other friends or show them the large collection of compromising photos which she had taken in the mean time. Of course I wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom on those occasions which usually resulted in me wetting my diapers. Every time she would get mad, asking me how I could be such a baby, and after liberating me, tell me to get the filthy diapers off and go wash myself. Sometimes she made me keep the wet diapers on until I really pleaded to be allowed to change. Since we didn’t have many occasions to indulge in those pleasures and they never lasted very long I didn’t mind, on the contrary.

But then she started to humiliate me in public. The first time was horrible. I was sitting in the living-room dressed only in diapers and a T-shirt. We had planned some baby treatment but hadn’t really put our heart in it. I was just thinking of joining Laura upstairs and tell her to stop the game for that day when the bell rang.  I froze, waiting for Laura to answer the door, realising that if anybody would come in I had no place to hide. After a few seconds the door bell rang a second time. This time I heard Laura coming down the stairs and opening the door but couldn’t hear what was being said. I got up to approach the door between the living and the hall to listen when the door swung open and Laura, only dressed in a bath-robe, put her head inside.

“Darling, could you show the plumber where he can find the leak under the sink?”

Before I could react the plumber entered the room and I heard Laura going up the stairs again. Turning all red, looking at the surprised face of the plumber, I mumbled something about a recent operation I had undergone when the man interrupted me.

“Don’t you worry. My younger brother has been wetting his bed all his life. I know all about it. Used to be damned ashamed about it. But by the way, where is that other leak?”

He seemed to like his own joke quiet a lot since he laughed very hard. Smiling meekly I told him to follow me.

“You know my brother never wanted to wear diapers, damn nuisance. Now he is married and I’m sure she diapers him all right. Probably likes it to. Oh, I didn’t mean anything. But there are some real nutcases around. You can’t imagine all the things I see. Some time ago I have to go to some apartment and a beautiful broad opens the door, I would say some 30 years old. She is dressed in some kind of nursing uniform I  follow her and suddenly find myself face to face with a man, no a boy, 17 or maybe 18 years old I would say. He is crawling around, dressed as a baby, with a pacifier in his mouth, and from the smell, and you can’t teach me anything about smells, it was clear his diapers weren’t just filled with piss. The broad must have noticed it too, because she starts making a fuss about him being a filthy boy. But then she shows me the work in the bathroom next door. I had to fetch some tools and when I come back the boy is washing himself. I didn’t know what to say, and that’s unusual because normally I’m in no loss for some easy chat, but what would you expect in those circumstances? Any way, after a few minutes he’s gone. When I’ve finished my job I go looking for the broad and find both of them together. He is sitting on her lap, sucking on her breast, she has one hand in his diapers and the other in her own panties, and it’s clear they are both coming real hard, she all the while moaning, “That’s my baby, that’s my baby”. Never seen anything like it. Real nutcases.”

At that moment he suddenly interrupted his work, and looked up at me, as if suddenly something had passed his mind.

“Oh, I don’t mind you know. Everybody his pleasure I always say.”

I again started to fumble about my operation when Laura entered the kitchen.

“Darling you better pull this over your diapers.”

And she hands me a pair of boxer shorts she had bought me once as a joke: pink with all kinds of coloured animals on them.

When he was gone I was first very mad at Laura but she laughed and I started to see the funny side of it too. We had sex right there on the kitchen floor.

Another occasion was possibly even worse. We were on a week-end trip and staying at a plush hotel. We had decided that I would be diapered for the whole week-end.  Since we had slept late we had to hurry to arrive at the breakfast table so Laura told me to keep on my wet diapers and change myself afterwards. Coming back from breakfast we found that the room maid was cleaning our room. She asked if she should come back later but we told her she could go on. I installed myself on the balcony with a book. By now I had to pee very hard so I decided to let go in my diapers adding even more wetness. It was getting late and Laura was getting impatient to leave. She went inside to see how the maid was doing and a few moments later called me.

“Darling, could you come inside so that I can change your diaper?”

Assuming the maid was gone I went inside only to discover that the maid was still occupied with one of the beds and that Laura had laid out a new diaper on the other one. The maid was as surprised as I was and had stopped working, looking puzzled from me to the bed and back. I turned all red and gave a furious look at Laura signalling that I was not going to be changed in front of the maid. Laura came up to me and gently said in my ear that I knew what would happen if didn’t do what she asked.

I hesitated for a second but hadn’t much of a choice. Giving furtive glances at the maid I let Laura unbuckle my belt. She turned to the maid, who didn’t know what to do or where to look, and told her politely she could go on with her work. When my trousers fell to the floor Laura started scolding me again but more gently than usual.

“God they are soaked! You should have changed them before. We are very lucky that they didn’t leak. Hurry now, take them off and give them to the lady so that she can throw them away.”

I took them off and rolled them into a ball, but of course wasn’t going to give them to the maid.  However, having heard Laura’s remark she came already up to me. I only noticed now how pretty and young, maybe 16 or 17, she was, which somehow made it even more embarrassing. She was clearly finding the situation very amusing. She took the diapers out of my hands and, smiling sympathetically, said she was going to take care of them

I hurried to the bathroom and while I washed myself I heard the two women talking and laughing behind my back. I was not planning to come out of the bathroom before the maid had left. I brushed my teeth, and just as I was going to start shaving Laura opened the door.

“Oh, I should better diaper you first, you can shave afterwards. We don’t want you to wet the clean floor, do we?” Whispering, I protested but Laura wasn’t going to relent. When I came back into the room the maid was finishing .her work. I was made to lie down on the bed. Laura expertly slipped the diapers underneath and then to my horror, took the baby powder and applied a large amount between my legs. When the diapers were fastened Laura told me to get up and dressed. All the while the maid had been looking on amused, and now took leave, wishing us a good day and, turning to me, added: “I think it’s great you are wearing diapers, sometimes the guests wet their bed and that’s not so funny for us. Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody.”

I felt very ambiguous about those incidents. Being horrified but at the same time not trying to prevent them. I didn’t really think Laura would ever show the pictures to anyone but still did what she asked. The conclusion is clear: I liked it.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/a-dream-come-true-chapter-4/

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