A dream come true Chapter 4

One day I was again dressed only in a T-shirt and diapers as the bell rang again. Laura immediately came charging into the room, throwing a pair of jeans to me telling to pull them over my diapers.

“I completely forgot that Isabelle told me they were passing by to say hello before they went to the Johnson’s for lunch.”

I had barely the time to put on the trousers before they came in. At first I felt uneasy but before long had forgotten all about the diapers. Tom, Isabelle’s husband, had started one of his boring explanations on his latest fad, I guess it was the stock exchange. I was listening with half an ear when suddenly I felt I was being watched. Turning around I saw Laura and Isabelle giggling as they were watching me.

“Talking about me?”, I asked testily.

“Yes, we were wondering how long you were going to endure my boring husband today.”

I felt relieved and answered it was actually quiet interesting. The women joined us and we chatted for a while until their two boys, Marc and Oliver, 3 and 6 years old, wanted to go outside to play and my wife Laura and Tom accompanied them in the garden. I stayed inside with Isabelle to watch over Lucy, their 6-month-old baby-girl.

Soon it was time for them to go on but before leaving Isabelle decided to change Lucy´s diapers. I became very conscious of my own diapers but at the same time couldn’t take my eyes off the little girl being changed. Suddenly Isabelle looked up.

“Hasn’t been that long since you last changed wet diapers, has it?”

I was completely taken aback and blushing heavily started mumbling that indeed it hadn’t when I suddenly recovered. Still blushing I protested

“What do you mean? It’s been years”.

“No, Laura told me that last, when the two of you were babysitting for Marc and Oliver you put on Oliver’s diapers. That’s less than a month ago.”

Relieved I smiled and affirmed that that was true. I felt rather silly about my strong reaction and added that I had completely forgotten about that. Isabelle gave me a strange look but smiling finished fastening Lucie’s diapers.

A few moments later they took leave and I helped them carrying the kids and all the baby stuff to the car. Of course Tom had to show me some new gadget in his car. As I was leaning into the car to watch, Isabelle came up behind me and tapped me on the bottom.

“Putting on some weight, aren’t you?”

Turning around brusquely I hurt my head. Once more I blushed and stammered.

“No, not at all. I actually, eum, …, well maybe I did. I don’t know. Do you think I did?

Isabelle started laughing

“Oh did I hurt your feelings? Don’t worry you have still a long way to go to catch up with Tom.”

She kissed me good-buy and they were off, leaving me standing in the street wondering if those different remarks were just coincidences. I wanted to ask Laura if she had told something to Isabelle but thinking it over decided I would just be making a fool of my self.

A couple of weeks later Laura told me that Isabelle had asked us to take care of Lucy for a day. Tom was taking the two boys to some amusement park and she wanted to take the opportunity to have the day all to herself and to do some shopping. Since it was a splendid spring-day I didn’t have any objections since it would be a great opportunity to spend lazily in the garden with the whole family. Our son Anthony did some homework, Laura and our daughter Carol played with Lucy, while I was reading. Since both our children had some arrangements with friends for the afternoon we had an early lunch. When they had left, Laura prepared a minced vegetable and meat lunch for Lucy. After feeding her a couple of spoons she asked me to take over. I was soon quiet absorbed by this. In the beginning the girl seemed to enjoy the food but after a while the feeding got very slow with the baby all the time turning her head away.

When Laura came back I suggested that Lucy didn’t seem to have any hunger anymore. To which Laura replied that that didn’t surprise her since she had prepared too much, thinking that her other baby might want some too. And before I had time to realise what she meant she was fastening a bib around my neck. Enjoying being spoon-fed what was left of Lucie’s lunch I wondered excitedly what would follow. I wasn’t disappointed since immediately after finishing the plate Laura took off my pants and diapered me before leading us upstairs to take a nap. We were installed one next to the other in the double bed in the master bedroom each with a pacifier. Soon Lucy and I were soundly asleep both happily sucking on our pacifiers.

I don’t know how long we slept but I only woke up when Laura had entered the room.

“How are my little darlings doing? We don’t want to spend this splendid day in bed, do we?”

Lifting Lucy out of bed she smelled a messy diaper.

“Oh my little darling has done a big poopoo. Let’s take care of that, let me make my poor baby all clean again”.

And then addressing me she added

“I hope you didn’t wet your diapers, did you?”

I hadn’t, but felt discriminated. If she was treating us equally as babies why didn’t I have the right to use my diapers? But I simply answered that I hadn’t, however adding that I would have to go to the bathroom soon. Laura told me I would have to hold on a little more since she couldn’t take care of two babies at the same time. I went downstairs and installed me in the sun with a book. When Laura, carrying July, came into the garden she took off my glasses and told us to play while she prepared an afternoon snack. I protested that I had to go to the bathroom but Laura, turning around, answered that that could wait. Knowing that it would cause some scolding I decided to wet my diapers anyway. As always the wetness spreading into the diapers felt wonderful. This was certainly worth a scolding. Sitting on my wet, warm diapers, playing with Lucy’s toys felt like heaven.

Laura served us the strangest snack ever, explaining that Isabelle had told her it was Lucie’s favourite. It consisted of a plate of yoghurt mixed with blackberry jam poured over a slice of bread. After she had cut the bread in a couple of pieces with a spoon Laura told us to eat the whole mesh with our fingers. Needless to say our hands, faces and bibs were soon all stained with the black jam. At that moment the bell rang. Laura seemed surprised. On my anxious question if this could be Isabelle she reassured me that she expected Isabelle to come back only much later.

As she left to answer the door I was not taking no chances. I rushed to the living room where luckily I found my trousers, which I hastily pulled over my wet diapers. Rushing back to the kitchen I tried to take off the bib but in my haste of course I got it all knotted up. I was still desperately trying to get it off when Isabelle entered the room and immediately started laughing.

“Gosh Michael! I can’t believe it. Don’t you feel silly?”

In the mean time she had taken her daughter in her arms and kissed her warmly. I was kind of paralysed giving furious looks at Laura who was looking at me with a mocking smile on her face. Without realizing it I was still fumbling with the bib. Isabelle noticing this passed Lucy to Laura and came over to me.

“Come let me help you. Aren’t both of them looking real cute with their faces all blue?”

Taking of my bib, she led me to the sink to wash my face.

Until then I had completely forgotten about my face but now I suddenly remembered my wet diapers too. I immediately tried to get away but it was too late. Tapping on my bottom Isabelle started laughing again, and turning to Laura said: “So it is true? Can’t wait to see it”.  And before I could react she had opened my trousers and pulled them down.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/a-dream-come-true-5/

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