A different schoolgirl 6

What happened before?

Chapter 1: How an accident turned into a disaster or didn’t it?Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing disposable diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress. Isabel however, to the glee of her 12 year old slightly jealous sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control problems herself,  to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise enjoyed wearing the diapers and the younger looking dress..

Chapter 2: A first school day.At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy. After that first day she had decided that she would never again be humiliated this way. But she had not been able to resist causing new “accidents”, meaning she would still regularly have to wear diapers but would take care that nobody outside her family would notice.

Chapter 3: A summer of innocence.When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once. During the yearly family holiday at the seaside she fell in love with hers, and Emily’s, 14 year old childhood friend Michael, having little trouble turning him for two weeks into her little loving baby sister.

Chapter 4: Going ever further … back.Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from babybottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harnass and even forces her to mess up her diapers… But without any effect. On the contrary, Isabel gets more and more attached to this lifestyle assuming two personalities: a dependent baby when at home and a nice schoolgirl when going out, but of course, always wearing diapers.

Chapter 5 The end?The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way. Until the day that Isabel pooped in her diapers and Martha took her shopping like that. This painful experience led Isabel to ask to stop the whole baby thing.

Chapter 6: Relapsed.

 When they had come home after that disastrous trip to the shopping mall Isabel had run upstairs and, locking herself in the bathroom, had taken a long shower.

 She dressed without putting on diapers for the first time in years (except for the previous time she had tried to stop being a baby, about a year earlier, and had ended wetting the sofa and breaking a Chinese porcelain plate). Isabel assured herself that this time she was going to made it.

She went to the attic, found a number of empty boxes and began putting all her baby stuff into them. When she opened her wardrobe and looked at all the pretty little dresses she already regretted her decision. But then remembering the lady in the supermarket who had ran away from her in disgust, or even worse, the pitying look of the cashier, she went on with the packing.

At dinner time the whole family was surprised to see that the harness with which she usually was fastened to her chair had disappeared, that Martha didn’t put on her bib, and that she got to use cutlery and a normal glass to drink from. When Martha announced that baby Isabel had grown up everybody at first looked at her in disbelief. But then they all reacted in their own way. David grumbled something like that is was about time. Little Christina asked her if it meant that they wouldn’t play together any more. When Isabel assured her that she would continue playing with her, Christina jumped up to give her a big hug.

Isabel added to her little sister that they would continue sharing the same room. This seemed to reassure Emily who up to then had seemed annoyed with this unexpected event. But she couldn’t help being her nasty self. She looked at her older sister and sarcastically wished her good luck. “You remember how this ended last time, don’t you?”


The following days Isabel was surprised to see how easy she stopped being a little baby. She would still often join Christina to play but in all other respects she became a normal teenager. Martha secretly regretted not having her grown up baby to take care of anymore, but at the same time she was relieved because she had often been preoccupied with the situation.

However Isabel continued to be considered part of “the little ones” by the whole family, especially by Emily who took care of making it constantly clear that she was not going to give up her position as oldest daughter. And sometimes her mother would interrupt some “adult” comments of 16 year old Emily, telling her to watch her mouth “in front of the small ones” when Isabel and Christina were listening. And when it was “children’s bedtime” Emily would stay while Isabel went upstairs with the two other ones.

About a year later Isabel went off to university. She immediately loved it. The freedom, the new friends, having her own little flat, the studies, the dances, the debating clubs, everything. There was no time for diapers or baby-bottles in this exciting new life. When she went home for the week-ends she couldn’t stop talking about what had been going in the previous week. The whole family participated in her excitement except for Emily who couldn’t be bothered. And even now that Isabel was at university and Emily still in high school, Emily acted as if she was the oldest, telling her sister what to do or not to do, but mostly in a protective kind of way. And Isabel would continue to obey as if that was normal.

Shortly after her second year had started Isabel was suddenly struck by the sight of the aisle of disposable diapers in the supermarket. She had passed them tens of times over the last year without paying any attention, but now she couldn’t take her eyes of them. She hesitated quiet long but then went home. Two days later however she brought a pack and was surprised how anxious she was to get home to be able to try them on.

Feeling the secure tight fitting diapers around her legs again was great, and feeling the warm liquid filling up the diapers even more. At first she used them only at night, but then she couldn’t resist putting them on as soon as she came home. And it didn’t take long before she began wearing them to class. The diapers were followed by a pacifier, then a bib, a baby-bottle …  Before long she had a complete baby installation again and enjoyed being a little baby on her own. She even went less to social gatherings and friends to be able to enjoy her baby things. But Isabel was very careful to keep it a complete secret for everybody.

About a year later Emily got married and a couple of months later proudly announced that she was pregnant. When little Lizzie was born Isabel couldn’t quiet believe it. At 21 she felt she was too young to be an aunt, so how was it possible that her 19 year old sister was so at ease being a mother.

Six months after the birth of Lizzie Emily rented an apartment at the seaside and invited her sister to join her for a couple of weeks. She could prepare for her upcoming exams, but at the same time do some babysitting, so that Emily could have some time for her self. It seemed like a great arrangement so Isabel didn’t hesitate to accept it.

The very first day of their arrival Isabel watched as Emily was changing her little baby and realized she was jealous. She wanted badly to lie down next to her little niece to be changed by her sister as happened so many times just a couple of years back. As those thoughts were flashing through her head Emily, as if she had read her thoughts, suddenly asked her if that didn’t remind her of past times. Isabel turned all red and stammered something like “No, what do you mean? Surprised, Emily looked up and, seeing her confused, red-faced sister, burst out laughing. “No, don’t tell me, do you still do that? Are you still wearing diapers? Still a little baby?”

Isabel, by now recovered from her surprise, denied it vehemently. “God no, that’s all over. Why do you ask?” Emily gave her a long, amused look, but then decided not to insist. “No special reason. Just a thought passing my head.” And that was it.

Later that day Emily went out shopping while Isabel got her books unpacked and her desk organized. Just as she wanted to start studying little baby Lizzie, who had been playing in her pen, began crying. Isabel took her out of the pen and noticing her diaper was wet decided to change her. It gave her an awkward feeling. She had never changed anybody else’s diapers but her own.  Again she felt a ping of jealousy. She was still occupied when her sister got home. Emily complimented her sister saying that it seemed she seemed to manage quiet well, “as if you have been doing it all your life”. She hadn’t meant it to have a second meaning but again Isabel turned red and began stammering. Emily feigned not to notice.

When Lizzie had her dry diaper on Emily put her in bed for a nap, and then turned to her older sister. Taking her by the hand she started for the bedroom. “Now it’s your turn”. Isabel turned red for the third time in one day. Her automatic reaction was to start protesting but her stomach felt as it was full of butterflies, and she was unable to utter a word.

Emily looked also very excited. “I know my other little baby has been waiting all day for this, haven’t you?”. Isabel was still too excited to talk but she nodded yes. A few minutes later she was lying on her bed with her legs wide open while her sister slipped a large disposable diaper underneath. Being in this position in front of her younger sister recalled all kind of memories. Feeling vulnerable certainly, maybe it felt a little degrading, yes, but much stronger was the  feeling of being protected, being take care of. When the diaper was fastened around her legs and her sister helped her to stand up, she felt happier than she had been in a long time.

Isabel remained in diapers the rest of the day but didn’t dare to use them. And her sister seemed to forget it completely. But when the two sisters decided to go to bed and Emily checked her sister’s diaper she seemed surprised to notice it was still dry and remarked that she was all set for the night then. Isabel blushed once again but regretted immensely she had not wet her diapers because she would have loved to be changed by her sister again.

Once in bed she decided almost immediately to pee and with the nice warm feeling of the wet heavy diapers fell asleep. In the morning she came in the kitchen wearing nothing but a short T-shirt over the heavy wet diapers dangling between her legs. Emily looked surprised but then smiled and asked if the big baby had had a good sleep. Isabel, acting a little shy, nodded yes. But when she was invited to sit at the kitchen table to have breakfast she was disappointed when she saw her sister had laid out a breakfast consisting of bread, cheese, jam and coffee. With a small voice she asked if she could have a bottle. Emily looked at her in disbelief but then without further comments prepared a bottle with baby formula that Isabel happily sucked empty.

When she had finished Emily took her and baby Lizzie to the bathroom where she undressed both of them and put them in bath. After the bath both babies were put in new diapers and dressed in nothing but their diapers and a shirt. Isabel was overwhelmed by the flush of happy memories of when she had been treated as a baby constantly. At the time Emily has often been a reluctant babysitter and when she was told to take care of her sister had always done that in a humiliating way, insisting she was a filthy piss-baby who ought to be ashamed of herself. This time she still was a little bit reluctant, but overall seemed to enjoy it.

Emily put her baby daughter in the pen and then, mockingly asked her sister if she cared to join her little niece in the pen. When Isabel without hesitating nodded she would like that, Emily was again surprised, and decided t had been enough.

“Sorry sissy but I’m not going to take care of two babies. You are supposed to be the babysitter not the baby. And what about your studies?”

Isabel’s turn to be surprised.  Realizing her sister was right; she blushed, and then offered her excuses. Turning on her heels she said she was going to get dressed. Emily caught her by the arm for a second and told her softly to keep the diapers. Isabel turning red again, happily agreed to this order.

The following days she was kept in diapers full time, being changed by her sister. There was also the daily bath with little Lizzie. But except for that there was no other baby treatment. She studied most of the day, and took care of her little niece when Emily went shopping or went to visit friends. During the week-ends Emily’s husband joined them and the baby treatment was completely interrupted.

Emily, as always, treated Isabel as a younger sister, telling her what to eat or not to eat, how to dress and make-up, encouraging her to study when she was getting tired. After a couple of weeks Isabel got bored and tired by her studies. She joined more and more Emily and Lizzie, neglecting to study. Emily soon noticed it and to encourage her sister she told her that if she worked real hard the following days she would have a big reward.

Isabel, just as a little kid, got excited and did work quiet well the following 10 days, asking over and over when she would get her reward. Emily, quiet naturally taking responsibility over her older sister, answered that she was very satisfied and that if she kept up the good work she would soon get her reward. And then came finally the day when Emily announced that she would get her reward he next day.

The following day Christina arrived. She was by now a smart 12 year old, good looking, girl. Isabel as always was very glad to see her kid-sister but, not having seen that Christina had arrived carrying a large heavy suitcase, was secretly disappointed in ‘”the reward”.  But when Emily showed her one of the little childish dresses she used to wear, asking if the little baby wanted to wear the pretty dress, she immediately understood. Emily explained that Christina had come to help her take care of the two little babies. And Christina had clearly visited the boxes in the attic before coming.

The next couple of days Isabel was treated in exactly the same way as 6 months old baby Lizzie, except for the fact that when Lizzie was carried somewhere Isabel was told to crawl. Isabel had never been treated in such a way, but after the initial frustrations soon began to submit and enjoy the situation.

The first surprise was that when she said something her sisters would not respond, reacting as if they had no clue of what she was saying. Isabel soon learned that it was more effective to indicate frustration, joy, discomfort and so on, with monosyllabic sounds. At least her sisters would react, although not always in the hoped for manner.

When she was told to join Lizzie in her pen Isabel was overjoyed because that’s what she had been hoping for the last couple of weeks. But after about half an hour she got bored. Realizing that she was not going to be allowed to leave the pen she decided to explore more the toys that surrounded her and soon learned that she could be happy for hours playing with building blocks, stuffed animals and rattlers.

After about half a day of this treatment Isabel had to relieve her bowels but when she asked to go to the toilet was met with a blank face from Christina, who obviously enjoyed the situation. Isabel understood what she was meant to do. She hesitated for about an hour, but then, with the pressure building up, decided to let go. Pushing hard she soon felt the heavy load fill her diapers. She loved the feeling of the warm mass spreading around her legs, and then, when she had emptied her bowels, sat on it. The smell soon spread all around the room and she got anxious about the reaction of her sisters. But when little Christina looked amused and told her that she was a good baby having done a big poopoo she blushed but felt really relaxed and happier than she had been for years.

The next couple of days Isabel completely regressed in the role of a 6 months old, completely dependent, baby girl. Emily at first was amused treating her older sister like that but soon got bored. Christina on the other hand loved it. She adored her little baby niece and loved to play with her, making her laugh by tickling and caressing her, singing lullabies to her, pouring water over her face in  bath, … and she now treated her 22 year old sister in exact the same way.

In the morning and at night Isabel and Lizzie were fed a large bottle of baby formula, and during the days they got two meals of respectively pureed meat and vegetables – which Isabel hated – , and pureed fruit – which she loved. Isabel soon was imitating her little niece by not “happing” the food from the spoon, but just opening her mouth and wait until the food was “dropped” in it. Of course this meant that her face and bib got covered with food and that the whole process took quiet some time. When Christina had to feed both “babies” she was occupied for more than an hour but she loved it. As Isabel didn’t like the vegetable puree it would take even more time. She often kept her mouth shut, but Christina would lovingly but firmly insist she empty her plate, having an endless patience.

Isabel immediately realized she didn’t have any say over what happened to her. She was fed what and when her sisters decided, went to bed, bath, or was told to play when her sisters decided so. The only way she could influence what happened was by choosing to smile, wean or cry.  But even then she was often “overruled”:”You want to stay somewhat longer in your bath? Hey we can’t stay here all day, can we?”, or “I know little baby is tired, you don’t feel it but Christina knows, off to bed we are”.

The only thing she could decide was when to empty her bowels. She loved filling up her diapers, sitting on them, shuffling back and forth to have it spread all over her bottom and between her legs. She was surprised that doing so gave her such a good feeling and she soon got used to do so 2 or 3 times a day. Every time sitting on all fours and starting to push would already give her a great feeling in anticipation. Then feeling the poo come out, looking for a place in her diapers, felt like heaven. And then sitting down on it and have it spread it all over was such an erotic feeling that she couldn’t refrain from moaning while doing so.

But that was not all. It was followed by some intimate private moments in which her kid sister took her to the bathroom and tenderly cleaned, washed and re-diapered her, all the time telling her what a cute little bay she was, never appearing to be annoyed by her frequent  “accidents”.

After 4 days this paradise came to an abrupt end. Emily had rented the apartment for a month which had come to an end, and they had to clean and leave. Isabel had to go back to university to finalize some papers and Christina had to go back to school.

Isabel dressed in adult clothes but, of course, put on diapers underneath her pants. When the moment had come to take leave,  Christina came up to her to kiss her good bye, but at the same moment put her hand on her bottom, and asked, whispering in her ear, if she was still dry. When Isabel nodded no, Christina took her by the hand, and to the exasperation of Emily, led her back in to change her. A great ending of a marvelous week.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/a-different-schoolgirl-chap-7/


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