Master of the universe 3

What happened before.

Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wear diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of exhaustive examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him, aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep, causing the loss of control.

Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped the treatment, but almost immediately his insomnia came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the specialized centre. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting that he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he would be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

Chapter 3.

In the taxi, driving from the incontinence clinic to work, he wondered what had gotten into him. How could he have accepted to go every Tuesday to that clinic to walk around in his diapers? Just as he was coming to the decision to cancel the whole thing he felt a warm wetness spreading into his diapers. He got all confused again, and although he had a spare diaper in his briefcase, he ordered the taxi to change direction and went home.

At home he called his assistant and told her he felt sick and was not able to come to work. He took off his soaked diaper and put on a new one. Just as he wanted to put on his pants back on he remembered that the therapist had told him to wear his diapers as much as possible in the open, accepting that for an incontinent person wearing diapers was nothing strange, just as glasses where not strange for a myopic person. He hesitated for a moment but then we a shrug put his pants down again.

He went down and made himself comfortably with a newspaper. He could as well enjoy his unexpected day off. He spend the next couple of hours on his own, almost forgetting he was only dressed in a shirt and diapers, even enjoying a simple but tasty lunch dressed like that. But when he heard Martha’s key in the front door he didn’t hesitate a second. Whatever the therapist wanted, he couldn’t do it. He hurried to the bedroom to put on his trousers.

Martha of course was surprised to find her husband at home and he explained that coming back from the clinic he hadn’t felt well, but he was feeling alright now. On her question how the treatment had been, he didn’t give a clear answer and his wife understood that she shouldn’t insist. But he did tell her she was expected to come with him to the next cession, which she accepted without further comment.

The next day he went to the office. Caroline, his pretty, young, assistant, asked if he felt better. Anthony had forgotten that he had called in sick the previous day, so he first looked at her surprised, but then remembering, blushing slightly, thanked her and said he felt perfectly well.

He was soon absorbed by his work and the day flew by. After lunch, feeling his diapers were getting quiet wet, he took the spare diaper from his briefcase and went to his private bathroom to change. After changing he opened the small drawer underneath the sink where he kept his aftershave. It was as if he was struck by lightning: he was met by the sight of a small stack of dry diapers. He made a soft cry of surprise. He couldn’t phantom how they got there. Not knowing what to do he paced back and forth several times and then went back to his desk letting himself fall into his chair.

Had Caroline put the diapers there? Except for the cleaning people she was the only one with access to his office and bathroom. But how did she know?  Taking all his courage in his hands he stood up and went to Caroline’s office to ask her. But when he entered the adjoining office and saw her inquiring face, he couldn’t do it. Without saying a word he went back to his office, but for the rest of the day he couldn’t do any work.

The next day, when he came in, and she greeted him with her usual friendly smile, he again couldn’t bring up the subject. So he went to his office where this time the work was so pressing that he soon forgot the whole situation. Until Caroline entered his office to ask him if it wasn’t time to get ready for his meeting.

Surprised he looked at his watch and noticed he still had twenty minutes. As the meeting was taking place just two stores up from his office he told Caroline he still had plenty of time. She nodded but then said that she expected the meeting to be very long, so she thought he should prepare himself. Anthony looked at her in a quizzical way, but then, turning all red, stammered a thank you, and told her he would do that. As she turned back to the door he didn’t quiet know if that was just her usual smile that he saw?

When he was alone again he thought it over for a second and then, following Caroline’s suggestion, hurried to the bathroom to change. When after the meeting, which indeed was very long, he came back she followed him in his office, asking if he had a second. The meeting had gone well and he was in a good mood. He told her in his usual flirting way that for her he always had a second.

She gave him a warm smile: “Anthony you know you can always count on me, don’t you?”

Surprised, he acquiesced.

“And you know I’m 100 % discreet, don’t you?”

He began to sense where this was going, so shifting nervously on his chair he agreed again.

“Well I just wanted to tell you that you can count on me to make sure you’ll always find whatever you might need,  ok?”

He turned all red again and answered with an uncertain voice that he understood. Caroline gave him once more a warm smile and turned to leave the room. But when she was at the door he stopped her.

“Who told you?”

“Who told me what”? She smiled even more broadly, leaving Anthony speechless. He looked at her while she waited patiently. Finally he told her softly not to mind and she left him alone, completely at a loss.

The next day he found next to the stack of diapers a tube of diaper rash ointment. As he was now almost permanently in wet diapers Martha had advised him to use an ointment. It was the same brand. When Caroline later that day asked him if he had everything he needed, he blushed again. He planned to ask Martha if she had contacted his assistant as this was the only explanation he could find for the stack of diapers. But again he couldn’t bring himself to discuss this embarrassing situation with anybody. So this nagging doubt remained.

On Tuesday Martha accompanied him to his second meeting with Dr Bernstein. When they entered the clinic he presented Martha to Maggie, the pretty receptionist, who greeted her warmly. But then Maggie turned to Anthony and reminded him that he was supposed to leave his trousers in one of the lockers at the entrance. Martha gave him a surprised look but when a couple of minutes later he came back wearing nothing but his diapers under a shirt she couldn’t help but laugh. Maggie also gave him an amused smile but then noticed that his diapers were soaked.

“Gosh, you surely use them, don’t you?” Anthony, who was aware that his diapers were very wet, tried to get out by making a light remark.

“What use in wearing them if you are not allowed to use them”

Maggie immediately responded in kind.

“Quiet right Mr Vice-president”. But then she added that Dr Bernstein didn’t appreciate her patients to come into her office with wet diapers. She suggested that Anthony go change first. Very conscious of the two pairs of woman’s eyes following him he hurried away. When he came back they were immediately ushered in the therapists’ office.

After presentations Dr Bernstein suggested that Anthony would go to the gym while she explained the basics of the treatment to his wife, “Since he knew that part already it didn’t make sense for him to stay”. Surprised, but finding nothing to object to, he stood up and awkwardly left the room.

When he passed Maggie’s office she told him to enjoy himself. Again he didn’t know what to say so he just thanked. When he passed the waiting room for the second time that day he was relieved it was still empty. Passing by the playroom however he noticed a boy of about 12 years old playing a videogame. Anthony hurriedly passed him and began to do some warming up on a bicycle. He had barely begun when the boy showed up at his side.


Anthony looked at him and answered in kind: “Hi”

“I’m David”

“OK” He hesitated fore a second but then thinking is was elementary kindness to present himself in turn, added that his name was Anthony.

“How old are you?”

Again Anthony hesitated but then answered that he was 32 years old

“Wow, and still wetting your pants?”

Before Anthony could react the boy asked if he wanted to join him top play the videogame together. Anthony, relieved that the subject had changed, agreed, adding that he was not really good at those games.

When Maggie entered the room some 20 minutes later she found both of them absorbed in their game.

“David, I’m afraid I’ll have to interrupt your game. Dr Bernstein is waiting for you.”

The boy looked disappointed but got up immediately and took leave of Anthony: “You are good! I hope you will be coming back here? “

Before Anthony could react Maggie answered in his place: “Sure, Anthony will be here every Tuesday.”

Coming up to David she put her hand between his legs: “How are you doing? Still dry?”

Anthony only noticed then that the boy was wearing a strange garment. It was a kind of bodice that closed between the legs with 2 buttons – He would soon learn that it was called a “onesie”, and he immediately realised it was quiet handy to keep the diapers in place.

Maggie, satisfied with the result of her inspection, told David to hurry, giving him a friendly tap on his protected bottom. Turning next to Anthony she explained that Dr Bernstein didn’t think it was necessary for him to see her this week, that next week they would start more specific exercises, but that now he could go.

Anthony was of course very surprised and annoyed with this announcement but realising there was nothing he could do about it followed Maggie to the waiting room where Martha was already waiting for him.

When they were alone in the taxi Martha told him she was impressed by the professional approach of the clinic. When Anthony answered that he hadn’t seen any treatment yet she reacted in a serious but friendly, motherly, way, telling him that he should have followed the instructions. Annoyed Antony asked what instructions she meant. She bended over to him and, in a low voice so that the taxi driver couldn’t hear them, she told him affectionately that from now on she was going to take care of him, adding with a friendly smile: “no more trousers in house darling.”

To his surprise Anthony was not offended or annoyed by this remark. On the contrary it gave him a happy feeling and he gave his wife a small kiss. It was Martha’s turn to give him a surprised look, but seeing his happy face she put her hand on his diaper and pressing slightly whispered in his ear: “My sweet little baby.” Anthony felt all warm inside but didn’t say anything.

When he entered his office, Caroline asked him how the treatment had gone Anthony, blushing hard, stammered something unintelligible before he remembered that he had told her he was seeing a physiotherapist every Tuesday for his back pain. Caroline looked at him in an amused way. She was a bright, young, very handsome, university graduate, who had been impressed by his “golden boy” aura. For that reason, and the good pay, she had accepted to become his personal assistant although she could have gotten a job with a lot more prestige.

She had always been in awe for her genial boss, and his “savoir-vivre”. Lately however Anthony thought he sensed a change of attitude. The way she now looked at him seemed almost mocking to him. He wanted to make a remark that would restore his authority without sounding bossy, but before he could think of something his assistant made a remark in a low voice.

“Sorry boss, but I think you dressed a little bit hasty, your shirt is coming out of your trousers.”

Frightened he looked down, and although he noticed there was just a small part of his shirt hanging out of his pants,  having the attention draw to that part of his body was horrible. He didn’t answer anything and stormed in his office.

That evening when he got home Martha was waiting for him. She welcomed him very warmly putting her arms around him and pressing him to her body. She hadn’t done that for years. She whispered in his ear that she loved him and then she took him by the hand and headed for their bedroom, where she pulled him to the bathroom and began unbuckling his pants.

Before he realized what was going on she had taken off his pants and wet diapers. She took his penis in her hand and told him she was going to wash his little bird. He was immensely aroused by the situation which amused and inspired Martha. She told him to put his hands on his head and began washing his private parts with warm water and soap, taking quiet some time. He had to spread his legs so that she could reach his anus. When her finger, covered with a warm, wet, soapy handkerchief, pressed to enter his tight anus, he couldn’t hold out anymore. He took her in his arms, carried her to the bed, and they made love as they hadn’t done for a very long time.

When it was over, and both of them had recovered, she told him she was going to take care of him. She went to the bathroom and came back holding the tube of ointment and a diaper. She applied the ointment very slowly all over his private parts witch caused a new erection but she told him to be quiet and fastened the diaper tightly over his thing. And then, giving him a long kiss, told him to wait because she had done some shopping and had a surprise for him. A minute later she came back holding a stack of shirts in her hand. She put them down on the bed and unfolding one he realised it was the kind of shirt David had been wearing in the clinic, closing with buttons between the legs.

Anthony didn’t know how to react. His wife was being so gentle and sexy, he didn’t want to upset her. And besides if one had to wear diapers those things were probably not a bad idea. Taking a solid white coloured one from the stack he put it on. Martha fastened the buttons and taking him by the hand, putting him in front of the mirror, exclaimed: “Oh, Anthony you look so cute, don’t you think so?”

Not wanting to disappoint her he smiled meekly, and when she pulled him by the hand again, he followed her to the kitchen. In the mean time Alice had come home. When she saw him with his new attire she burst out laughing.

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  1. better and better ! i started to read first chapter and finally i think i will read the whole chapters story !! thank you a lot for this story!

  2. I’m a female Ab you know me on Facebook. I always love your stories. this gets me as a woman, the wife gets her way, and as a baby, the boy baby gets a fun time. I love the way the relationship between them is developing.

    • Hi Clare,
      I hadn’t recognized you under the name Clarie or Claree Shepperd…. . I think I lost you on facebook. I will try to re-link.
      Writing this particular story I do try to look at it from the female side: what’s in it for the women ? So I’m glad that you brought up that aspect. Thanks

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