Master of the universe 4

What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories”  under “Master of the Universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him, aren’t making him sleep too deep, causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped them, but  immediately his insomnia’s came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions. The specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he would be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3:  In the taxi driving from the incontinence clinic to work he decided to cancel the treatment but when he wetted his diapers again he changed opinion. At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic, as the therapist had requested, where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

  Chapter 4

 The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. He wore now a “onesie” all the time and found it quiet comfortably. Also to go to the office he wore it underneath his business clothes as it concealed his diapers in case his shirt came out of his pants again.

From time to time Caroline would make a remark that made him blush. He “knew” she knew, – it had to be she that put the diapers in his bathroom -, but neither of them ever made an open remark about it. And at home Alice even stopped using making mocking remarks. As for Martha she was as much in love again as she had ever been. She was incredibly affectionate but at the same time making all the time provocative suggestions, so much that Alice would jokingly tell her to stop it, as she was getting jealous.

This last kind of remarks rekindled Anthony’s hope to seduce his wife’s best friend, because despite the renewed passion in his marriage he still hadn’t put Alice out of his mind.

One evening, Martha had gone to one of her meetings again, he found himself alone with Alice. They exchanged their usual flirting remarks. Alice didn’t mean anything with it but Anthony felt encouraged. His suggestive remarks became more and more explicit. Alice sensed the danger coming and tried to stop him without hurting his feelings, but he didn’t hear her. She got irritated and decided to make him feel he had gone out of line again.

She changed the subject to his diapers, asking if he didn’t feel awkward sitting with his diapers in front of her. Anthony completely misread this remark. He responded by jumping on his feet and saying enthusiastically that it didn’t embarrass him at all, on the contrary, it was a great way to show off his sexy legs. Although he did have sexy legs Alice couldn’t imagine why anybody would think a man in diapers to be sexy. She burst out laughing and told him not be ridiculous. Again he thought she was just playing hard to get so he responded by saying he knew she found him sexy wearing diapers as she had told him before.

Incredulous she corrected him saying he was confusing cute with sexy. Taking this as further encouragement Anthony walked over to her, took her hand and pressed it to his crotch: “I’m sure Martha has told you how incredibly erotic changing my diapers can be”. She was shocked by this direct invitation from her best friend’s husband. On top of that the feeling of the heaviness of his wet diapers was off-putting.

But she decided to conceal her anger. She pressed his diapers harder and whispering in his ear asked if the little baby wanted to be changed by “aunt Alice”. Anthony couldn’t hide his excitement. Finally she was falling for him. So he whispered back he couldn’t wait.

At that moment, having him where she wanted him to be, Alice pulled back. “Anthony we shouldn’t do this.” He was surprised and disappointed with this sudden reversal. He insisted, adding that he had longed for her for ever, that he really loved her, that he loved Martha very dearly too, but that it was not his fault that he loved two women , that he knew Alice loved him too, that Martha didn’t need to know,…

As Anthony got more and more excited Alice got madder with every word, but continued to perfectly hide her feelings. Finally she seemed too give in, but she put a condition: She wanted her lover to be very gentle and sweet. All excited he agreed immediately but that was not enough. Alice told him that he had himself worked up all too much; it didn’t seem he was going to be able to calm down so easily. So she proposed they would have first the relaxation cession they had planned to have later that night anyway. Anthony, disappointed again, first insisted that he couldn’t wait, but that of course was adding arguments to her suggestion. Understanding that it was non-negotiable Anthony agreed.

The relaxation cession went perfect as always. Her soothing voice calmed him down immediately, he felt his mind leaving his body and came out of the cession completely fresh and reposed. And as always he didn’t remember anything of what had happened or being said during the cession.

Feeling great, he jumped up, took Alice’s hand and pressing it again to his diapers, told her to follow him to his room. When they got to the bathroom he slightly opened his legs waiting for her to open the buttons in the crotch of his “onesie”. She gave him an amused smile, but then did what he was waiting for. After she had made the diapers drop to the floor she went to the washing table, took a hanky, put it under warm water and came back to him to wash his private parts.

When Martha did that he always got a huge erection which excited them both. Martha loved to have the anticipation last and would wash for ever. She would completely undress him and wash him from top to toes. She had discovered that washing his ass, pushing her finger into his rectum, got his erection even bigger.

But when Alice came up to him he noticed to his huge embarrassment that his penis was about an inch long, dangling between his legs. She looked at him in an inquisitive way. Taking the little thing between her fingers she began washing it. “Is this the thing with which you make Alice so happy?” she asked with a mocking smile.

Anthony was too confused and embarrassed to speak. He stammered that that had never happened before. Alice responded with a single “Sure”; put the hanky back on the washing table and touching his little thing with her finger making it dangle, she told him to follow her to the bathroom. “Let’s get our little baby diapered again before he pisses all over the floor”.

At that moment Anthony got out of his freeze. He told her to stop it. When she looked at him with a mocking smile, curious about what would follow, he looked at her in a furious way. “I’m sure it is because of the relaxation cession, you made me too relaxed. And I’m sure you knew that this would happen.”

She stopped smiling and gave him a long look. “Oh I see. I had forgotten. It’s also because of those cessions that you became a piss-boy no?” Anthony, all worked up, wanted to confirm, but she stopped him immediately. “Oh yeah? You haven’t forgotten that when we stopped the exercises you didn’t stop pissing in your pants, have you?”

He looked confused and distressed, but she was not going to stop there. “You know, I think you are just a little boy who has not been potty-trained”. This was so unfair. Until a couple of months ago he had never wet his pants or his bed. But before he could protest she took him by the hand and pulled him in the direction of the bathroom again. “Let’s start the potty training right now. You are going to take a leak before I put you back in diapers”.

Anthony stopped, and told her she had to be out of her mind to think he was going to do that. She turned to him and in an icy voice she asked him if he wanted her to tell Martha how he had begged her to have her change him, and how he had told her he loved her, and that Martha didn’t have to know ?

Defeated he looked at his feet and in a small voice said no, that he didn’t want that, that he would do as she asked. Triumphing she took him by the hand again, led him to the toilet, waited until he had peed, wiped his little birdie clean, and then led him to the bed again to be diapered.

He lay down on the large towel that she had spread out on the bed, and she began applying the ointment very delicately. With Martha this was a very sensual massage and he always got another erection, and felt proud of his manhood standing tall and stout. Now with his little thing dangling between his legs it felt different. He felt vulnerable and naked. But when Alice took hit tiny penis gently between her fingers and started rubbing the ointment in, he felt immediately strangely aroused. Although he didn’t have an erection it felt heavenly and he wanted it to go on forever.

But that was not what Alice had in mind. After a mere 30 seconds she closed his diaper tightly around his legs and helped him stand up. He felt very disappointed and although he didn’t dare to say so she noticed it immediately. “Oh, come here my little baby, let auntie Alice help you”. She stood behind him and putting her arms around him put her hands on his crotch and helped him masturbate across the thick diaper. He was again aroused and almost immediately ejaculated without having an erection. She sensed instantly that he had come and stopped rubbing. .“Already?”  He didn’t want her to stop so he groaned softly “More, more.”  She hesitated for a second but then she grabbed the little thing through his diapers and started squeezing. His ejaculation went on for some 10 or 15 seconds more but then he sighted deeply. It had been short, very short, but somehow it felt as good, no better, as all the orgasms he had had in his life. Happy and satisfied in a strange way he followed her downstairs.

He didn’t know it at the time but this was the only kind of sexual satisfaction he was going to get from then on.

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