A dream come true 5

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Chapter 5

As you will probably remember the previous chapter ended when I was caught by Isabel, my wife’s best friend, with a jam-stained face and bib, wearing diapers. Utterly embarrassed I had pulled up my pants and had run away. That evening I had a big scene with Laura, my wife, telling her I was very disappointed in her for telling our secret to Isabel, and that I didn’t want to see Isabel ever again. The next day I received an e-mail from Isabel apologising for embarrassing me and, telling me that I was a very dear friend, she assured me she would keep it completely secret. She would not tell her husband Tom, or any of our friends. She had heard that I was mad at her and didn’t want to see her again, which she regretted as she wanted to remain friends, a friend I could rely on. However if I didn’t want to remain friends she would understand. She concluded that she was sure we would continue to be friends and she would keep our secret.

I was completely puzzled by her message. Was she blackmailing me, threatening to tell her husband and other friends, if I choose not to be friends anymore? I had Laura read the mail and she assured me there was nothing in it, it was just friendly Isabel apologising. I decided to play it safe however and answered that I valued our friendship too, and for that reason I accepted her apologies.

But before I continue to tell what happened from then on I have to tell about another fetish I have. Except for diapers I am, and always was, very attracted by girls’ clothes too. To wear them, touch them, watch them. As with diapers I only have a few related childhood memories. When I was maybe 7 or 8 years old I remember being jealous of the pretty dress of the 3 year old little sister of my best friend. I remember the dress very well. It was a simple, red, A-shaped summer-dress without waist, closing with a row of buttons in the back and a single green sewn-on-pocket in the front. So short that it barely covered her panties. As I was a boy I knew I could never wear such a pretty dress, I couldn’t even talk about it, and it felt unfair to me.

Another similar memory concerns my best friend 4 or 5 years later, we must have been 12 or 13 years old, wearing bright green girls’ shorts, with an elastic rim without zip.  I had seen his younger sister – not the small one of the red dress but one who was just one year younger than us – wear those shorts before. Tucked in the shorts he wore a pale coloured polo shirt and the outfit was completed with white socks. I’m sure that if my mother had asked me at that time to wear such an outfit I would have refused categorically, but at the same time I would probably have loved it.

The next memory is something I related before. When I was about 15 years old, babysitting with neighbours. I searched the wardrobe of their 6 year old girl and tried on a pair of yellow shorts, which of course didn’t fit. I also explored my older sister’s wardrobe but wasn’t attracted to any of her clothes. About a year later, when I was 16, we had an American 17 year old girl staying with our family for the summer. In her wardrobe I found a pair of dungaree shorts which I once tried on.

As with diapers I don’t remember being interested in girls-cloths for the next 20 years or so. But around the same time I started putting on the cotton diapers I had found, I also discovered the pleasure of trying on clothes of my wife and, as she grew up, of my daughter. My favourites were a short denim skirt opening with a row of buttons in the front and a black and white chequered pleated skirt with an elastic rim. On a few occasions I bought a skirt or a dress. (However since my preference goes to girlish models it is hard to find dresses that will fit). In contrast to my ignorance regarding other Adult Babies I knew of course about cross-dressing but identified it with homosexuality, wondering from time to time if I had homosexual tendencies (which I definitively don’t have)

When we had started with the AB thing and diapers I hadn’t dared tell Laura of my other fetish. And before Laura had become conscious of her taking pleasure in humiliating me, I had been careful not to make diapers a required part of our sex.  Sometimes I tried to respond to Laura’s fantasy of a strong male wearing tight fitting T-shirts and boxers. However since I’m not exactly broad shouldered or athletically build this didn’t really produce the desired effect. I figured that this fantasy was based on her desire to be submitted to a more dominant male than I could pretend to be. If I couldn’t seem more impressive why not make her seem smaller, more dependent? So I continued to ask her to wear younger looking short skirts and dresses which never failed to excite me.

At first I continued to ask her to wear the short pleaded skirt of my daughter, even convincing her once to go to the movies wearing it.  The next step was a short black polo-dress I bought in the adolescent’s section of a department store. Laura being small and very elegant easily fitted into this dress for 16-year-olds. It even was a little long for my taste. Shortly afterwards Laura surprised me by putting on a beige dungaree dress. This one too was somewhat too long but the important thing was that she had bought this childish dress herself. Next we bought a dress together. It was an extremely short, dark blue, straight summer dress with two narrow braces. Laura looked really good, sexy and young in it and agreed to wear it to the swimming pool, even knowing it barely covered her bikini pants. She reaped some rare compliments from our daughter.

One day I brought the black polo dress to a knitting service and had it shortened at least 15 centimetres. Of course that way she couldn’t make a move without showing her underpants. At first I had her wear it with black panties but then asked her to wear the dress with short white socks, which she did, knowing it really turned me on.

Then I wanted to make my big hit. I bought a grey jumper dress. It was a childish A-shaped model, size 14. It had discreet embroidery on the front reading Big Heart and a martin-gale in the back. I presented it with a white blouse and a dark blue tie before the mirror and it looked wonderful. I planned to have her wear it with blue knee-high socks, which would make her really look like a schoolgirl. The only problem was that I didn’t dare to ask her to wear this outfit. Sometimes when I wanted her to wear something new I blindfolded her while I dressed her. This way she couldn’t comment on the dress until we were ready which somehow made it easier to move on, and she never objected to this. On the contrary the guesswork about what I was dressing her in and the expectation seemed to turn her on. But this time I couldn’t. I realised I would be giving away my intention of turning her into a little girl, and I was afraid that it would make her mad or, even worse, sad.

So I decided to delay and use an intermediate step. I bought a short blue and green tartan kilt, blindfolded her, dressed her in the kilt and then put on all the accessories that I had planned for the jumper dress except for the tie: first the white shirt, then the blue socks, finally a navy blue sweater. She looked heavenly sweet.

She got used to wearing these childish clothes but always a little reluctantly. It was obvious she did it for me. Her heart wasn’t in it, but she went along, even agreeing to wear them out of the bedroom, when the children weren’t home.

And after I had introduced my diapers in our relationship she became even less enthusiastic about wearing the younger looking clothes. Did she sense my ultimate goal and objected to it, or was she afraid of it? Some time later I would understand that she was rapidly learning to become the dominant partner, and wearing childish clothes didn’t square with her new feelings. But at the time I didn’t know that and without letting her lack of enthusiasm discourage me I decided to move slowly.

I also began buying girls clothes for myself on a more regular basis. I soon had a whole secret stack of skirts, dresses, thighs, socks, panties, and shorts. I only wore them when I was home alone, which was very seldom. On several occasions I was almost caught by someone coming home unexpectedly, but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

But let’s go back to my plan to have Laura wear girls’ clothes, and tempt her in a more childish role. One night, after I had asked her to dress in the shortened black polo dress, I asked her to lie down and taking out a diaper, slipped it under her bottom  She jumped up protesting furiously as I had expected. I took her in my arms pleading gently and after a while she relented. I took care to fit the diapers real tight and then started kissing and caressing her very gently. When I felt she relaxed I asked her to stand up. Having the diapers visible underneath the very short dress excited me enormously, and the fact that she seemed somewhat shy standing diapered before me made it even sexier for me. I pulled her back on the bed and while she was lying next to me, very gently introduced my hand in her diapers. Feeling she was aroused I pulled my hand back and rolled her over so that she was lying on top of me. She didn’t need any encouragement to start moving up and down and soon she was coming without taking off the diapers.

This excited me. Having her masturbate in her diapers pressing down my dressed penis was heaven. I wanted to last it for ever and resisted coming myself.

She realised that I was not coming and wanted to take off her diapers to permit me to come into her but I told her not to. I didn’t have to come to be satisfied that night. She soon started to rub her diapers on my penis again and came a second time. This went on for quiet some time until we both fell asleep in each other arms, something that had never happened before.

After that night I thought I had reached my objective and was already dreaming of the two of us playing little babies in our diapers. But I would soon discover how wrong I was.

The next day when I got home from the office Laura received me wearing another very short tartan kilt, this one pale blue and brown. She wore it over pale blue tights and underneath a pale blue Hello Kitty t-shirt. I was very surprised to find her downstairs, with the kids at home, in such a childish outfit, but was of course immediately aroused.

We embraced passionately but when she felt my hands moving up her legs she stopped me and whispered in my ear to wait for later. She then suggested I go change out of my business clothes as I do every night coming home.

When I was still undressing she came into the room and told me to lie down on the bed. I immediately understood what she was up. Very excited, but at the same time anxious, I asked about the kids. She told me not to worry, that they wouldn’t notice anything. I wasn’t convinced but couldn’t resist. While she slipped the diaper underneath me I had of course a huge erection. Laughingly she scolded me telling me that her little baby should calm down otherwise the kids would indeed notice something. She fastened the diaper, tightly snuggling my thing in. She kissed me tenderly on the forehead but when I tried to pull her on the bed, she again stopped me. She handed me a pair of, not too tightly fitting, jeans, and leaving me alone, told me that dinner would be served in 10 minutes.

I hesitated for a couple of minutes but then pulled the jeans over my diapers, put on a sweater, and went downstairs. Dinner that evening was weird. Wearing diapers for the first time in the presence of my kids was putting me ill at ease. But even worse was Anthony, my 15 year old son, making fun of his mother’s outfit. Contrary to what I expected it didn’t bother her. She laughed and gave me secret smiles. And my daughter, 13 year old Carol, was defending her, telling her brother she thought her mother’s clothes were cute.  

– “Exactly! A cute little girl”

Laura laughed again: “A cute little girl for a cute little boy”. I almost choked on my food and couldn’t help turning all red. Laura laughed even harder while the kids looked at me wondering what was going on. I recovered my spirits and, stammering, explained I had choked but that it was over now.

Later that night she jumped another surprise on me. She asked if I had enjoyed our love making of the day before. I of course, emphatically told her I did. She looked intrigued. “Even if you didn’t come?” “Oh darling, I didn’t have to come, your pleasure was more than enough excitement”. “Serious?” I agreed again. Without further hesitation she pulled up her short skirt, pulled down her tights and panties halfway, opened her legs and pushed me down. “OK here is more excitement for you, please lick me.”

Although completely surprised by this I got very very excited and letting me slip to the floor I put my head between her legs and gave her the best tongue job I had ever done. I felt my member swelling in my diapers but again decided not to come to make it last.

I licked for ever and Laura groaned with pleasure. Suddenly we heard someone coming down the stairs. Laura had just the time to pull up her panties and thighs when Carol entered the room. I was still sitting on the floor at Laura’s feet with my face all red. Carol looked surprised but I think she immediately understood what had been going on and smiled. I wanted to get up but Laura lightly pressing on my shoulder indicated she wanted me to remain sitting at her feet. I did, all excited, faking that I was absorbed by what was going on on the TV.

I wondered what all this meant. Of course I was used to being humiliated and treated as a baby by Laura. But this was something else.

The next couple of days Laura acted in the same way. Very often she would dress in a way that she knew would turn me on. She also had me wear diapers every evening, putting me on the edge all the time when the kids were around. As for sex she would only let me caress and lick her but most of the time back off from any intercourse. Once or twice she encouraged and even helped me masturbate in my diapers, but usually she was the only one to climax.

And then one day while at the office I got a very loving mail from Laura, telling me I was the sweetest man on earth. The message went on suggesting I had a look at two websites: http://www.aroundherfinger.com and http://www.cair4.com

When I found the time to have a look I was overwhelmed. Both websites were about “female led relationships”, “caring dominance” and loving female authority. I hadn’t time to really explore the sites but I immediately knew I had found something big for me.

That evening when I came home I thanked her for her message. She asked me if I had really read the sites and when I said that I hadn’t had much time but that I was convinced it was a marvellous idea, she answered that we would calmly discuss it the next day, which was a Saturday. I went upstairs to change and, as was becoming a custom, she joined me to diaper me.

When we had finished dinner Laura came over to me and told me she was tired. Lightly patting my bottom, she asked if I could do the cleaning up. I looked at her in surprise and almost automatically answered I had had a heavy day too, when I felt her hand pressing harder on my diapers. Was it a threat or a promise? I didn’t know, but immediately told her that of course I would clean up. The kids, as usual on Friday nights, had disappeared to their rooms to change before going out with friends.


When I had finished cleaning up, and both kids had left, she lifted her skirt and asked me to kneel in front of her and to give her a long tongue job. As usual she couldn’t get enough of it, and had me go on and on for a very long time. But then she told me to take of my pants and told me to wet my diapers sitting on my knees before her. She held her hand underneath and when she felled the heaviness forming whispered in my ear that I was a good boy. When I was finished she told me to lie down on the carpet and she lied down on top of me and then “made love” without taking of my diapers. My member being squeezed in the wet diaper was just heaven. I came almost immediately which made her laugh: “Lucky I had my pleasure before.”

What happened the next day will be for the next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/a-dream-come-true-6/

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