A dream come true 6

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Chapter 6

 The next day started as any other Saturday.  After breakfast I mowed the lawn which took me a couple of hours and then went showering. When I got out of the shower Laura was waiting for me. She had me lie down on the bed and diapered me with some extra heavy padding. She then completed my outfit with a short sleeved baby print romper, closing with snaps between my legs. It was the first time I wore this kind of AB outfit. I never felt more babyish.

She told me to go downstairs with her and, directing me to the family computer, she told me to take a long look at the sites she had sent me, and that afterwards we would talk about it.

I took my time and began realizing that what those sides were propagating was quiet drastic. The idea was that men were less competent than women, less disciplined and less reliable, and that for that reason women should be put in charge of family affairs. Both financially as organizational.  To form a happier family, men where to obey their wives all the time in all matters, and the wives promised not to abuse of their new power and to consult their husbands on all important matters. Of course the age-old imbalance in household chores would be redressed in the process, with the men doing most of the household.

Even more intriguing was the central idea of “orgasm denial”: the wives decided when the men would be allowed to have an orgasm, and the promise of being allowed to have an orgasm was the compensation the men would get for their obedience. Put like this it sounds as a complete mad proposition that no man would accept. But the websites where very well made and presented this whole approach as a very winning proposition for most men, who craved to be dominated by their wives. And …  I agreed.

I hurried to join Laura who was sitting on the terrace in an armchair enjoying from a drink in the sun. When I told her I was ready to give it a try she looked at me, amused but not really surprised: “Try? This is not an on-and-off kind of thing, darling. Either we do it, or we don’t, and that’s it.”

I was surprised with that reaction but without much hesitation I told her I was still ready to go for it.  I had wet my diapers already and standing in front of her like that made me feel very small and happy. Making her officially the boss seemed the logic thing to do. But again she stopped me: “Not too fast baby. Let me first point out some of the rules I will impose before you accept.

But before starting to explain the basic rules she had made up she asked me to fetch her a new drink. I fancied a drink too and hurried away to prepare drinks for both of us. When I got to the door she called out saying that I should not prepare a drink for myself, as “little babies don’t drink alcohol”. Her remark of course did annoy me and turning around I wanted to protest but she interrupted me: “Obedience without comments, I suppose you have read about that, no?” I nodded and without further comment prepared her drink. While I was still at it she joined me in the kitchen and filled a baby cup – one of those with a beak – with some juice. I gave her a cross look but at the same time having her treat me as a baby excited me as always.

When we got back on the terrace she sat in the armchair and had me sit on the floor in front of her. And then finally she started pointing out what she had in mind.

The first thing was that she was going to take complete control over the household finances and of my spending. I would have to hand in my cash card and she would give me cash on a daily basis. I could keep my credit cards, but as she would be doing all the payments, she would receive the invoices from the card companies. Although I knew of course that control over the finances was a part of the “female led household” idea, having her point out how she was going to know and control every cent I spend, still came as a shock. She saw the surprise on my face and posed. “Is this not what you expected baby?” Getting cold feet?”

I hesitated. Looking at the floor, thinking very hard, I took a sip of my cup. “You can still pull out. If you don’t like what I’m explaining just tell me and we forget the whole thing”. But I had already decided that I wanted to have her control me in the way she had described. Looking up, I gave her a shy smile and told her it was alright, that I wanted her to be in charge. Again she gave me an amused smile, and then asked me if in that case I was ready for rule number two.

Rule number two came as a complete surprise: She wanted to control my computer use. She would change the access code of my PC, and I was going to be allowed to use it only when she was at home, and with the screen turned towards the room “Just as with an adolescent, preventing you to surf to places where little kids shouldn’t go”.  Seeing my distress she added that I shouldn’t be afraid, that she wouldn’t mind me visiting AB and diaper sites, and I would be allowed to chat with my little AB friends.  Only I could not do it secretly behind her back.

Again I had to think very hard. I observed to Laura that with the screen visibly I would not be able to surf to AB sites when the children where at home. She laughed very hard, and then said that that would be up to me. Again I gave a wane smile, but shrugging my shoulders I said that rule number two was ok with me.

Rule three was about the decision taking process. Laura told me that just as up to then we would make decisions jointly, on a consensual basis. The difference would be that on those rare occasions where we couldn’t agree she would cut he knot. I didn’t hesitate a second over this one, as I was convinced that we always agreed on important matters, and that her having the final say wouldn’t change a thing. How wrong was I! The fact that we had formally recognised that one of us would have he last word, soon changed the nature of our discussions. Laura would ask my opinion, but when in disagreement soon stopped trying to convince me. She would simply acknowledge my “interesting opinion”, and state that she was not convinced and we would do as she had planned.

Rule number 4 concerned household chores. Laura immediately acknowledged that as she had only a part time job it was logic that she would continue to do most of the household. She only asked me to help her to protect her bad back, by cleaning the bathrooms and doing the heavy shopping. This time I tried to protest telling her that on top of mowing the lawn that was going to be a heavy program on Saturdays. Without smiling she answered that in summer I would indeed be somewhat busy. And then smiling ironically she added that on the other hand she would be doing the payments, which I pretended was taking me two half days a month. This time I turned red, realizing that she had always known that when I stayed behind my computer to take care of the “finances” twice a month, I actually was surfing to my secret places on the net. “So we agree that this is a fair switch?” Feeling caught like a little boy I nodded again.

Except for those specific tasks she expected me to be “generally kind and servable”; spontaneously offering to do chores in her place whenever there was an opportunity. There was not much I could object to that. I could hardly tell her I didn’t want to be kind.


Rule number 5 concerned the “orgasm denial”: I was never ever to have an orgasm without having asked her permission first. As this was one of the central ideas on the websites I had looked at, I wasn’t surprised and I nodded in agreement. She gave me a long look and then asked if I thought I was going to able to do it. I hadn’t expected that question and, having the complete wrong reaction, I asked her how she was going to control it. She again looked at me, and then said she was going to trust me on that one, but that if ever she started suspecting me on not respecting that rule she would have to take other measures, such as having me wear a chastity device. This excited me. Trying to hide my excitement, I nodded again in agreement.

But she noticed my excitement and gave me a strange look. “This excites you I know, but it will not always do, and there will be moments you want to get out of it. Be aware I will be very firm, and will have a system of sticks and carrots in place to keep you line”. I asked her to explain what she had in mind.

 “Stick number one of course is not being allowed to have an orgasm. You will serve me, but when I’m satisfied you will have to calm down without reward.”

I nodded to indicate I had understood the concept. Then she went on telling me that as punishment number two she would keep me in diapers 24/7 whenever I had not been respecting the rules. This didn’t seem like punishment to me, and again she noticed my excitement. ‘Don’t think it will be fun having to go to the office wearing diapers” I shrugged my shoulders.

As for the carrots they were heaven. Carrot number one of course was that when I had been a good boy I would be allowed to have an orgasm. “Either making love with me, helping yourself in your diapers, or me helping you.”

The thought of having her helping me masturbate in my wet diapers got me extremely excited. This time I didn’t try to hide it. She gave me a warm smile:”My baby likes that, doesn’t he?”

Carrot number two came as a small disappointment. It was simply that I would be dressed and treated as a little baby. The fact that I would have “to earn” the right to be treated that way came first as a small shock, but then I realised that it had always been something she “granted”  on a discretionary basis, whenever she felt like it.  

And carrot number three was as a wonderful surprise. “When you will have been a really good, obedient, helping, sweet husband, I will dress as your big little sister, and we will play together.” At that moment I jumped on my feet and gave Laura a long warm hug. 

She obviously didn’t have to ask any more if I was ready to go, but she still was not finished. She pointed out that the set of rules was bound to evolve over time, but that as she was the head of the household I would have to obey her in all circumstances, whatever the new rules were. This time she didn’t wait for my reaction, she knew I had accepted.

The two weeks that followed we put in place our new arrangement which was a lot easier that I had expected. The kids made some surprised remarks about me volunteering to do households chores (I ended up doing the cleaning up almost every night) and of the new disposition of the computer, but, as adolescents do, they didn’t really pay attention.

We made love frequently, but in those two weeks I only was allowed to have an orgasm once. Penetrating my wife without coming was quiet hard, but surprisingly rewarding. I suddenly had become a more ardent lover I had ever been.

In those initial weeks I loved every aspect of the arrangement. Even the household chores were not a burden. And having to give Laura every night the receipts of my expenditures of the day, and receiving the money for the next day, was a wonderful humiliating daily experience.

The second Saturday after this new beginning my other secret was suddenly revealed. I had mowed the lawn, had cleaned the bathrooms and had gone shopping for water, beer, and other heavy stuff. When I came home Laura summoned me to join her. She was holding the credit card invoices of some previous months.

She never told me what prompted her to check out those older invoices but she now wanted to know the nature of some transactions. I immediately realized it were girls’ clothes I had bought for myself. For some reason I thought this a lot more embarrassing than wearing diapers and baby clothes, and I answered her I didn’t remember. But she told me in an angry voice not to lie. I then stammered the truth, and she wanted of course to see what I had bought. She accompanied me to my secret hiding place in the cellar.

When she discovered my treasure of skirts and dresses, of pink shirts and panties, of bows and socks, she first looked in disbelief but then roared with laughter.  She carried everything upstairs and had me do a fashion show modelling my collection. After some initial merriment, but also compliments, she stopped me, pointing out that my hairy legs didn’t do my outfits much credit. A few minutes later I found myself completely naked clipping and shaving off all my body hair. It was something I had longed to do for a long time. Having finally the opportunity made me feel good, although at the same time I was worrying about how to go swimming in the presence of the kids, or go to the shower in the tennis club with my friends around. Laura had shrugged off those questions saying that it had become fashionable for men to be completely hairless. And then looking at me in a mocking way she added: “But anyway, I don’t think we can still consider you to be a man, can we?” I didn’t feel insulted. On the contrary.

This happened about a week before little Lucy came over for a couple of hours and Isabel discovered me wearing wet diapers.

It was only the day afterwards, when I had accepted Isabel’s apologies, that I suddenly realized that Laura surely had told her about my girlie outfits too. Again I was more embarrassed by that than by me wearing diapers. When I asked Laura she confirmed – very matter of factly – that of course Isabel knew that I liked to be dressed as a little girl, and also about out special household arrangements. That at first she hadn’t believed it until she had found me in diapers with a bib and face covered under blueberry jam. It seemed she was fascinated by the whole thing.

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  1. Fank yus Clair, and you are a berry clebber writer. You can tell me bedtime stories anytime you like. Giggle. I just love stories, especially bout babies, toys n’stuff.


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