Master of the universe chap 5

What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “Master of the universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of exhaustive examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped the treatment, but almost immediately his insomnia’s came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the specialized clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he could be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3.

In the taxi driving from the incontinence clinic to work he wanted to cancel the further treatment but when he wetted his diapers again he changed opinion. At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic -as the therapist had requested – where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

 Chapter 4

The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than ever and she was very affectionate, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she decided to put him on his place. After another relaxation cession she accepted to have sex. To his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate without having an erection in his diapers.

 Chapter 5

 The next morning when he was getting dressed he had some difficulties closing the buttons, first of the onesie between his legs, and then from his shirt. He had to concentrate to get his shirt closed and when he was almost ready he noticed he had closed it unevenly and had to start all over. He thought this strange but assumed it was due to his anxiousness concerning certain developments on the financial markets which threatened to bring his whole investment strategy tumbling down.

At the breakfast table he had to concentrate on bringing his cup of coffee to his lips and had to grab it with both hands to avoid spilling it all over. Martha asked if he was alright and he shrugged her off. But then, when he took a large sip from his cup, he closed his mouth too late having the coffee drip all over his chin and shirt. He was so surprised by what happened, and, wanting to hold the dripping coffee with his hands, he tried to put down his cup as fast as possible and reversed the complete contents over the table in the process.

Martha looked astonished at the mess but Anthony didn’t wait for her comments. He bolted to his room to put on another shirt which took even more time. When he got back down Martha had cleaned up the table and poured him a new cup of coffee. She looked intently as he tried to lift the cup without dripping but this made him nervous and he couldn’t manage. She gave him a strange look, but probably not wanting to upset him more, she simply said:”Let me help you”.  She took his napkin, knotted it around his neck, and gently brought his cup to his lips and helped him drink.

He didn’t resist and drank the whole cup with her help, before asking in a plaintiff voice “What’s happening to me?” She gave him a reassuring smile telling him it was probably just the stress and nerves, but that maybe he should talk about it to Dr Bernstein, “Just to be reassured”. The prospect of having to explain his new symptoms to his therapist didn’t appeal to him. He didn’t react and Martha dropped the subject. .

He left for the office in taxi as he always did. When het got out of the lift and had to walk through the corridor and through Caroline’s, his assistant, office to reach his own office, he noticed he was walking somewhat hesitantly as if he was afraid of losing his balance. Caroline said good morning with her usual radiant smile, but he was rather self conscious about his walk and thought to detect some mockery in her smile.

He was glad to get to the privacy of his office and, but when he had started up his computer and began reading the latest extensive market analysis, he worried even more. Everything seemed to go the wrong way. He began drafting the usual short report to the executive board but noticed he missed more keys than usual. He really had to type very slowly, letter by letter. So even the short report took him the rest of the morning to finish.

At midday Caroline reminded him he had a lunch meeting with a colleague. With all the worries about what was happening to him he had completely forgotten, and, worse, he didn’t feel up to it. What if he dropped his drink and food again? So he asked Caroline to cancel the meeting as he had too much work. She looked surprised: “But Anthony, there are no eminent death-lines, as far as I know of”. He gave her an annoyed look and curtly told her he had quiet some reading to catch up with. Unfazed by his rudeness she smiled and said she was cancelling the appointment already, and asked if she had to fetch him something to eat, which he accepted.

When a little later she put a plate with a club sandwich and a coke on his conference table he thanked her but at the same time panicked. How was he going to manage?

He tried to cut a piece of the sandwich but he put way to much force in it and the sandwich jumped out of his plate, with the fries and salad flying in all directions. Luckily he was alone and he decided to eat with his hands, tearing the sandwich in pieces. He liked his French fries with Ketch-up but couldn’t manage to tear open the small plastic bag. He tried to tear it open with his teeth and the thing suddenly gave way spilling the Ketch-up all over his face and shirt.

He nevertheless managed to finish the plate and wanted to drink. When he looked at the glass, filled to the rim, he again realized this was going to be a challenge. He tried to lift it but immediately spilled a large amount on his desk. He bent forward and holding the glass with both hands drank from it without lifting it from the table.

When he had finished his lunch he looked with dismay at the state of his table. He went to his private bathroom and taking some toilet paper tried to clean up, but the only effect seemed to be that he spread the coke, the grease and the Ketch-up all over his desk. At that moment Caroline came in, and, after an initial surprised second, she burst out laughing. He looked again annoyed but she came over and taking him by the hand led him to the bathroom. When he looked at himself in the mirror with his face and shirt covered with Ketch-up he wanted to run away. But she wetted a towel and gently helped him clean up as well as possible.

But the humiliation was not over. She put her hand on his bottom and smilingly – this time there was no more doubt her smile was clearly mocking – asked if he didn’t need a change. It was the first time she openly acknowledged she knew he was wearing diapers. He blushed and answering in a low voice that he was alright, went to his office and put himself behind his desk. Ashamed he looked on as Caroline cleaned up his conference table. When she was ready she looked at him and said in a happy voice “OK, all clean again. We can start the afternoon”, and she left him alone.

He tried to concentrate on his work but couldn’t. He felt very tired and after a few minutes decided not to resist anymore. He immediately dozed off in a healthy nap. When a couple of hours later Caroline knocked on his door he came out of a deep sleep. Automatically he called to come in but when she entered she immediately noticed he had been sleeping. She smiled once more. “Oh, we have had a refreshing nap, haven’t we?” He turned red once more and mumbled that he was not feeling very well. She looked at him amused and said that in that case he should go home. He decided to do just that, closed his computer and put on his jacket, and hesitantly walked towards the lifts.

When he got home he was looking for someone to comfort him but found nobody there. He sank into a chair thinking he should tell his therapist. But how was he going to explain what was happening to him? At that moment his mobile phone rang. It was Martha. She said that Caroline had called her to warn her that he had gone home not feeling well. She was sorry she wasn’t there but she was on her way. When she arrived she took him in her arms and he started sobbing feeling so utterly sorry for himself. Martha tried to console him and, noticing his stained shirt, took him by the hand to lead him upstairs.

She helped him out of his clothes, took of his diapers, which were soaked as he hadn’t had a change since that morning, and began washing him as had become there routine. But to his dismay he didn’t get an erection. Martha went on stroking him, but to no avail. She too was disappointed and, just at Alice had done, made his little bird waggle with her fingers: “I guess this little one is not going to do me any good.” But seeing Anthony’s distressed face she smiled, and taking him in her arms told him she loved him very much, and that she was going to take care of him.

While she took him by the hand to lead to the bedroom Anthony felt happier and more relaxed than he had in ages. She was going to take care of him. It was as if an immense weight was lifted from his shoulders.

As she slowly applied the ointment he closed his eyes and wanted her to go on for ever. But she closed the diapers and, then taking him by the hand, pulled him up. When he was standing next to her she took his hand in hers and brought it down to his crotch and pressing hard began to rub his little birdie through his diapers. As with Alice he liked that and almost immediately ejaculated without even having an erection. When Martha sensed he had come she smiled again and gave him a kiss on his cheek: “You see, I promised I would take care of you”.

He had indeed liked it but was ashamed of admitting it. He looked at her somewhat sheepishly as she went on in a friendly, soothing voice: “Baby, I ‘m sure that now that you have a problem getting your little thing up you will be somewhat less inclined to go after my friends? I think that will help your peace of mind, don’t you agree?”  He felt quiet insulted and wanted to protest that it was not because he failed that evening that that was going to repeat itself. But then he realised it was already the second time. And anyway he didn’t want to admit that he was indeed going after her friends. All those ideas jumbled in his head and he couldn’t seem to formulate a coherent phrase to answer:


“Wha- what, you- you mean, Ma-Ma,  …”. Martha burst out in laughter: “You call me mama? Oh, that’s so sweet!’ She gave him another kiss, and put her hand on his crotch: “I think that you are really sweet with your diapers and your little thing between the legs. Just let mama take care of her little baby.”  With that she turned around and left him alone


Anthony felt devastated but at the same time incredibly happy. Yes, ma-ma Martha was going to take care of him. No more worries. Finally he could relax. He put himself in bed and slept through the night


The next morning he felt completely refreshed and full of energy. He felt even better when he noticed that the coordination problems he had had the previous day had gone. Well not completely gone, but much better. When he opened his mobile phone and listened to his voicemail messages he found a message from Caroline, his assistant, telling him that he had an urgent meeting that morning at 8 am with his boss. Having an urgent formal meeting request from his boss was very exceptional. That wasn’t very reassuring. But he had always gone on well with his boss, and he was sure that whatever the problem was he would be able to fix it as always.

When he got to the office he felt on top of the world and went straight to his boss’s office. And ….  the ceiling came down on him. It seemed that the colleague with whom he had cancelled the lunch meeting the previous day had wanted to warn him he was going to report his positions that were way out of the acceptable practices. When Anthony had cancelled the meeting his colleague had suspected – not without reason – that this was another stalling manoeuvre, and he had decided to act.

Anthony got fired on the spot. A security guard escorted him to his office where he was asked to gather his personal things and then leave the office. It took him less than half an hour to put his things in a box. Just as he was ready to go the guard opened the door to his private bathroom and asked if there was nothing in there. Anthony froze, realizing he was in an impossible position. Either he answered there was nothing and when he would be gone they would discover his stack of diapers, or he had to go in there now, and put them in a box while the guard looked on. Unable to take a decision he stood still looking at the guard as if he had seen a ghost, when suddenly he heard Caroline answering in his place that there was nothing in the bathroom. He turned to her as she came up to him. She put her arms around him and wished him good luck. She kissed him and then whispered in his ear “I took care of it”. He understood that she was referring to the diapers. Gratefully he thanked her and then, as in a daze, followed the guard who was carrying his box to the taxi that was waiting for him.

In the taxi it downed on him what had happened. He felt devastated again, but at the same

time elated, relieved. He smiled and called Martha but got her voicemail. Still unable to think properly he left a message in which he told her he got sacked. At home he took the papers and, feeling for the first time in years that he was not in a hurry, he brewed himself a coffee and got out on the terrace to enjoy the spring sun.

He was unable however to concentrate and except for the comics couldn’t read a word. When a couple of hours later Martha came home he was sitting idle on the terrace. She took him in her arms saying “Poor baby”. This opened the flood gates. For the next half an hour he cried with big sobs as a little baby while she consoled him holding him tight in her arms. When he finally calmed down he felt empty but strangely light hearted and happy

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