Master of the universe Chapter 6

What happened before.

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 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a successful Wall Street executive, the world changes when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. The specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped those cessions, but immediately his insomnia came back. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by Martha he went to the specialized clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach but agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3:  At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

 Chapter 4:  The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than ever and she was very affectionate, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she decided to put him on his place. After another relaxation cession she accepted to have sex. To his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate in his diapers.

 Chapter 5: The next day Anthony had coordination problems which caused him to spill his drinks and food. He cancels a lunch as he is afraid of making a fool of himself. He feels miserably at the office and goes home where he cries in the arms of his wife. She takes him upstairs to wash and diaper him but again he can’t have an erection. However being taking care of makes him feel happy and the next day he feels on top of the world. But at the office disaster strikes, and he is fired.

 Chapter 6

When Anthony woke up he was slow to realize where he was. This had become a common feeling as he always slept very deep now. He felt the heavy wet diapers between his legs and this gave him the usual feeling of well being. He put his hand underneath the diapers and lifted them slightly. But when he tried to get out of bed he was stopped by the harness. He was not yet used to the fact that since he fell down from the stairs he was always attached to his bed.

To wait until Martha or Alice would come to help him out of bed he reached with one hand for the stuffed bear which had become his favourite companion, and with the other he put the pacifier that was hanging with a ribbon around his neck back in his mouth. Feeling contented this way he reflected how his life had changed since he had been fired by his previous employer about a year ago. But as always he soon lost the thread of his thoughts as feelings of the present pushed the memories away. He was feeling quiet hungry, and the wet diapers, which felt great two minutes ago, now began to make him feel uncomfortable.

Why did ma-ma Martha not come? He was slightly embarrassed thinking about Ma-Ma. As he had often difficulties forming certain words, and the “R” was an especially difficult letter, he always stumbled over his wife’s name. Little by little he had become used to call her Ma-Ma. Where was she now? He began to wean a little although he knew she hated that and would scold him if she found him weaning in his bed. At that moment he heard the door open and, immediately stopped with weaning. He gave his wife a big smile: “Ma-ma, Ma-ma, Ma-ma”.

She unfastened the harness, helped him out of bed and gave him a big hug. He grasped her hand and waggled next to her as she led him to the bathroom. As summer was approaching and last evening his room had been rather hot, Martha hadn’t put on his footed pyjamas but a pretty Disney-print onesie covering his heavy diapers and plastic pants. Martha undressed him, washed him, brushed his teeth and shaved him.

All the time he was absentmindedly sucking on his pacifier and playing with his teddy bear. When suddenly Martha interrupted his dreaming: “Ready for the big day darling?” He looked at her inquisitively. He had no clue why this was not going to be a day such as all the other ones. Martha looked at him unbelievingly: “Don’t tell me you forgot all about it?” When she noticed he really didn’t remember she gave a short, happy, laugh: “Lucky soul! Well I’m sure they’ll remind you when it’s time”.

As she went on diapering him he was getting slightly worried: What was he supposed to do that he forgot? He tried to concentrate but every time he got distracted by his wife applying the anti-rash ointment. Feeling the slow movement of her soft long fingers all over his private parts was always one of the highlights of his day. When she began dressing him – jeans under a plain shirt and sweater – he suddenly remembered: They were giving a press conference at the office, and he was taking care of an important part. He felt relieved that he had remembered and he smiled: he was ready.

After breakfast – cereals that Martha spoon-fed him and a cup of milk which he drank from a cup with two handles and a beak- Martha took off his bib and washed his face and hands. He was all set to go to the office. Alice took him by the hand and he waggled with her to the taxi that took them to the office as always.

In stead of driving down-town to Wall Street the cab  took them to Harlem. The drive was real fast and in less than 15 minutes they stopped in front of a big brick house. It was painted in bright sunny yellow, and had next to the door a colourful sign reading “Venus Assets management”. As Anthony, still holding hands with Alice, entered the office he smiled. He loved to come here. How different from all the other offices he knew. Martha had done the decoration and it was all light pastel hues combined with playful bright colours. Every office had its own character but all were clearly very feminine and happy. More like a dolls house that an office. But that was why he liked it of course.

He was the only male staff member, and he loved the soft female environment. And he loved being surrounded by his beautiful female colleagues. Alice led him to the reception desk where Maggie greeted him with a big smile. As always she seemed genuinely pleased to see him. As she came from behind her desk Anthony saw she was wearing a very short skirt revealing her long tanned legs. “Morning Maggie, You are more than ever the most valuable asset of Venus Assets”.  She smiled at the compliment and gave him a hug and a kiss, teasingly missing his lips by just so much.

Hiring Maggie – Dr Bernstein’s pretty receptionist – had been Martha’s brilliant idea. Officially she had been hired as receptionist, but unofficially she combined that job with being Anthony’s nurse. A very important post at Venus Assets! And today was going to be one of her toughest days. ”Hi Tony. – everybody at Venus Assets called him Tony – Ready for the big day?” It took him one or two seconds before he remembered why this was going to be a special day. But then he smiled broadly. This was going to be the day on which he showed the whole of Wall Street what an exceptional financial strategist he was! He looked briefly from Maggie to Alice: “I’m ready! How about Tony’s Angels? Ready for battle?” The two women gave each other a surprised look. They hadn’t seen Anthony so cocky in a very long time. Alice raised her eyebrows as to say “Oh no, not today”. But Maggie winked at her and taking Anthony by the hand led him past his office to the nursery.

Venus Assets Management was organising a press conference at the occasion of its first birthday. The press conference was still some hours away, but Alice, as Managing Partner, was getting nervous already. She looked back proudly at the past year. When somewhat more than a year ago Anthony was fired from his position as vice-president at one of the major investments banks from Wall Street, she had proposed him to join her and another partner, in starting a new investment company. To her surprise Anthony had accepted. But that was more because of the lack of alternatives than out of enthusiasm.

The third partner, Elise Lawson; was a very respected and experienced portfolio manager. From the beginning Alice had made it clear what each role was going to be: She was Managing Partner in charge of client relations, Anthony, as Chief Economist, would elaborate investment strategies, but Elise, as Portfolio Manager would make all investment decisions. Anthony had thought it was ridiculous to have both an economist and a portfolio manager in a starting firm but she and Elise had prevailed.

The beginning had been very difficult. Especially when there had been a smear campaign going around Wall Street about Anthony having left a huge financial hole at his previous job. They had had to downplay his role in the new outfit for a while and then, suddenly, Anthony had been vindicated. The commodities market had suddenly, against all predictions, started to recover in a dramatic way. Anthony had been betting on that for a long time, buying stocks in unprofitable mines. Some of them had been on the border of bankruptcy when the market finally shifted. If his previous employer hadn’t fired him and had maintained his strategy, they would have made millions for their clients.

Alice and Elise made sure the word got out. The message had been that wonderboy Anthony had exceptional analytical and strategic skills, but was too inclined to take large risks. That’s why at Venus he was doing the analysis but not making the decisions. From then on they had really taken off, and today they were going to show the world the exceptional return on the assets they managed. The press conference could launch them into a new dimension.  All major financial media where going to be present. Alice’s only worry was Tony of course. How was he going to hold out during the press conference?

But she told herself that Maggie and Caroline would manage him as usual. Caroline was Anthony’s former assistant and when he had been fired she had contacted Martha to tell her she really liked to work with Anthony. Alice had decided to meet her and immediately realised the immense value she could have for the new venture. She came on board as Assistant Chief Economist. She too was going to be tested today. Anyway Alice had not much of a choice; she would have to trust the two girls. Best thing to do was to go over her own presentation once more.

As every day Maggie opened the wardrobe in the nursery to choose how she was going to dress her little protégé. She loved doing that, taking out several outfits and showing them to Anthony. “What are we going to wear this morning? You like this pretty little shirt with the elephants on it, don’t you?”  She came up to him to show him what she was referring to.  Anthony was still feeling cocky. When she was next to him he tried to make a pass. “Lovely skirt. You know you are the hottest chick in the office, don’t you?” She smiled and gave him another kiss on the corner of his mouth. “You are such a sweet little bastard Tony”. He felt encouraged and putting his hand in her neck pressed his lips to hers. She pulled slightly back, grabbed him in the waist and unbuckled his pants. He responded by pulling her towards the changing table that was standing in one corner of the room. “Hey lovely, lets make this a very special day, ok?”

But she knew exactly what she was doing. She dropped his pants on his ankles and putting her hand in his diaper grabbed his penis, which was as tiny as ever. “Hey baby, what are you thinking? This little thing is no use to any girl, you know that, don’t you?”. Being brought back so brusquely to his new world made him freeze. Maggie held his little birdie between her fingers and squeezed is softly “Come on baby don’t be sad. If you are good today I’m going to make you really happy.” She robbed his little ting between her fingers “Just be quiet now, and I will help you later, you like that don’t you?”

The prospect of having her help him masturbate in his diapers made little Tony smile, and he nodded. She gave him a kiss on the front before continuing to undress him. A few minutes later he was lying on the changing table where she got him in new diapers with some very heavy extra padding. Then he was dressed with the shirt with elephants underneath a short romper.

When he was dressed like that he became a complete docile baby. Maggie led him into his office where she put on a baby harness that she fastened to a pipe of the heating system and she told him to be a good baby and play a little on his own. He was sitting on the floor in the middle of his office surrounded by toys. Except for a large desk in the corner with a big computer screen – both beyond his reach now – his office looked like a children’s playroom.

Normally he was immediately attracted to the bright toys but today was different. When Maggie wanted to leave the room he stopped her: ‘No play. Tony work”. Maggie looked surprised. “You play a little bit and then Tony can work later.” But he didn’t relent: ‘Tony work”. She looked somewhat worried, but decided not to upset him. Today was not the day. “OK baby, I will tell Caroline you are ready and waiting for her.”

Caroline’s normal task was to prepare and present all relevant information for Anthony so that he could get straight to the point without having to do the tedious studying. As Tony’s span of attention had become notoriously short this was quiet essential. She had soon realised that if she presented the information in colourful graphs she could maintain him at his task longer, even getting him so interested that he would work for over half an hour without being distracted. But today her task was different. She had made his presentation, and had gone over it with him many times. Today her task was to get him “to stay with it” just for the duration of the press conference, or at least for the duration of his presentation. The rest of the day they didn’t need him.

So when Maggie told her Anthony wanted to work she was worried. She knew that if he was going to work now the chances that he would still be interested when the conference took place were rather slim. But when she went quietly into his office she found him, as she had hoped, absorbed by his toys. He was so concentrated playing with building blocks that he didn’t even notice Caroline. Relieved she left as quietly as she had come.

Shortly before the conference was to start Maggie took Anthony back to the nursery. She changed him with a less bulky diaper and dressed him with a dress shirt (but one that like a normal onesie covered his diapers closing with three buttons in his crotch), and black jeans under a Tommy Hilfiger jacket. He looked real smart and businesslike. Not exactly a pin-striped suit, but Venus Assets was different after all.

Maggie changed into a nurse’s uniform. She had discussed that with the others and opinions had been divided but Alice had been in favour. She looked very sexy with the short white nurse’s blouse. She didn’t wear a cap but had her hair in a pony-tail bound together with a white elastic. To hide his stagger Anthony was put into a wheelchair and Maggie rolled him in the conference room. Their entrance had a tremendous impact. Not clear what impacted most, the financial wizard in a wheelchair, or the long legged nurse.

The conference went as clockwork. In no more  than 5 (colourful) slides Anthony made clear why his strategy had been daring but logic, resulting in an exceptional high return. And, without mentioning his previous employment, the initiated understood that he had been on something very big there too. After he delivered his presentation – to a spontaneous applause – his thoughts immediately wandered to other spheres, and he began drawing little figures.  Maggie held a close watch, ready to get him out of there at the slightest alarm. When he began reaching out for the bottle of water in front of Alice, she immediately reacted. She went up to Alice and said something in her ear. Alice interrupted Elise’s presentation, and announced that Dr Pavinsky – Anthony held a PhD and so was technically a doctor – had to leave them, so if anybody had a question for him they should ask now.

The audience murmured for a second and then the journalist of the Wall Street Journal put up his finger: “Dr Pavinsky, as this company is putting so much faith in your analytical prowess I was wondering if you could give us some information about your physical condition?” Before Anthony could react Alice answered that to protect the privacy of its employees Venus Assets did not want to elaborate on the health of its employees but, understanding the concern behind the question, Miss Britton would comment very briefly on that question.

Maggie’s answer had been carefully prepared: “Without getting into any details which would infringe on the privacy of Dr Pavinsky, I can assure you that his condition is completely under control and there is no danger that Dr Pavinsky should not be able to continue for a long time in his actual responsibilities… His condition has indeed strongly improved since I started working here, as he would without doubt confirm if he was asked. But if you would please excuse us now, Dr Pavinsky is getting tired”

Without further hesitation she started rolling him out. Everybody seemed to be satisfied with this non-answer about Anthony’s condition. Looking at the incredibly sexy long-legged nurse rolling out her patient, 90% of the journalists present were thinking that they would gladly exchange for “Dr Pavinsky’s condition”. Alice had to suppress her smile as she asked Elise to continue.

Out of sight and earshot Maggie bend over to Anthony and gave him another kiss: “Well done, baby. You did really good”. He smiled at her. She kneeled next to him and put her hand on his crotch: “I think you deserve a big reward. Let’s go change and Maggie will take care of you”. At that very moment they were joined by Caroline. She looked amused at Maggie but at the same time looked annoyed: “I see. I assume you don’t need me to be there for that?” Maggie was unfazed: “No, but you are welcome if you want to”. Bending over to Anthony Caroline just said two words: “Well done master”. She obviously hoped he would return the compliment but he just smiled at her. ”Ok baby, then I’ll leave you alone with Maggie. Have fun you two”. It was the first time she called him baby.

Caroline and Maggie had become close friends but that didn’t mean there was not some form of rivalry between them, both competing for baby Tony’s attention. Caroline knew she couldn’t win but that frustrated her anyway. Maggie looked at her friend and noticed her disappointment. She went up to her and took both her hands in hers: “Don’t you care. You did a great job; we all know that, except maybe for this spoiled selfish brat”. Caroline, really appreciating this reaction, smiled and kissed her friend. They fell in each other’s arms and held each other for a while

But baby Tony was growing impatient and he knew how to get the attention. He began pushing very hard, soiling his diapers. When Maggie noticed what was going on she cried out “ Of no! You filthy little baby!” and then immediately carried him away, smiling apologetically over her shoulder to Caroline.  As she spirited him away he smiled contently. Maggie was going to take care of him.

Caroline watched as they disappeared in the nursery. She decided she preferred her job to Maggie’s. Why did she want to be liked by him anyway? He was just a pathetic little baby in the body of an adult.

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