A different Schoolgirl chap 7

“Euh wait, I like diapers but I’m not AB”.  She looked at him surprised, and hesitated for a short moment, but then laughed: “Oh, but you are now baby! You are my little baby brother.”

 You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “Master”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 What happened before?

Chapter 1: Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing diapers underneath a short and infantile dress. Isabel, to the glee of her 12 year old slightly jealous sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control problems herself,  to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise, enjoyed wearing the diapers and the younger looking dress..

 Chapter 2: At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy. After that first day she had decided that she would never again be humiliated this way. But she had not been able to resist causing new “accidents”, meaning she would still regularly have to wear diapers but would take care that nobody outside her family would notice.

 Chapter 3: When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once. During the yearly family holiday at the seaside she fell in love with hers, and Emily’s, 14 year old childhood friend Michael, having little trouble turning him for two weeks into her little loving baby sister.

 Chapter 4: Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from baby-bottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harness and even forces her to mess up her diapers… But without any effect. On the contrary, Isabel gets more and more attached to this lifestyle assuming two personalities: a dependent baby when at home and a nice schoolgirl when going out, but of course, always wearing diapers.

 Chapter 5 The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way. Until the day that Isabel pooped in her diapers and Martha took her shopping like that. This painful experience led Isabel to stop the whole baby thing.

 Chapter 6: When Isabel goes to college she soon rediscovers the joy of diapers and baby games. And when Emily has a little baby girl, Lizzie, Isabel enjoys being treated by her two sisters in the same way as her little niece.

Chapter 7: In love

 The year Isabel started her master classes she was asked to take care of a seminar class for students in their first year at uni. Being asked to do that was an indication of the appreciation of her work, and might even lead to an invitation to do a PhD after her master, so she happily accepted. The first day however she was rather nervous sitting in the class room waiting for “her students” to arrive. As they came in, all 6 of them together – 5 girls and one boy – at exact the same time, she immediately felt a lot more relaxed. She was surprised to see how young they looked  Had she looked that young 4 years ago when she had started university? It seemed hard to believe.

Especially the boy looked very young. She would soon learn that, being one year ahead of his peers, he had only turned 17 very recently. But if she had met him on the street she would have thought him younger than David, her 15 year old brother. He was good looking with curly blond hair, and a kind, open, smiling face. He had a nice body-build without being too muscular, and, as a sailing enthusiast, he was always much tanned. From the very first day Isabel was strangely attracted by his angelic looks, her eyes all the time automatically turning to him

The attraction grew stronger as she learned to know him better. He was very shy but had a great sense of humor. He would make the most unexpected under-cooled remarks and then, when everybody started laughing, turn all red. Despite the fact that his humor fell on a receptive soil his shyness remained. His intelligent and witty remarks came only at unexpected moments when nobody paid attention to him. When he was addressed a direct question he would turn red, look at the floor, and stammer some banality.

Isabel would not admit it to herself, saying he was just a little boy, but she found him very sexy.

The 5 girls soon divided into two separate groups. On the one hand there was a group of three whose main interest seemed to be their looks and boys. They dressed smartly, brought fashion magazines to class, and would make double-meaning remarks that where of such an immature nature, that in general except for the 3 of them giggling, nobody else had the faintest idea what the meaning was supposed to be.

The two other girls, although even more childish, were totally different. They came from the same small village and having been best friends since childhood they knew each other very good.  They obviously found that the generally accepted dress and behavioral codes of their peers didn’t apply to them. They dressed very plainly in loose fitting short-alls and jumper dresses with short colored socks in sandals. Or in winter they would sport dungaree pants or pleaded skirts over woolen tights underneath a baggy sweater. They wore their hair in a pony tail or with two braids, and had never seen make-up from anywhere near.

Of course they became the object of constant giggling remarks from the 3 “fashion queens”, who would call them “our little peasant girls”, but that didn’t seem to perturb them in any way. And both of them had very good brains keeping up with the group exercises at least as good as the rest of the group.

One day when Isabel arrived at the class room she found Jeremy – that was the angel’s name – reading some posters in the corridor. He was absorbed by his reading and hadn’t noticed her arrival. When she said hello he was so surprised that he dropped his books on the floor. Turning red and stammering some excuse he bent over to pick up his books. It was only a fraction of a second but Isabel was almost sure she had seen the rim of a diaper. But Jeremy was standing up already and had pulled his shirt down again. She looked at him transfixed wanting to say something but not knowing what, when the 3 fashion girls arrived and they all entered the class room.

Isabel had a hard time concentrating on the exercises as her attention went even more to Jeremy as usual. She was annoyed by her obsession and couldn’t help but embarrass him by asking him direct questions even as she knew that this way she only got some embarrassed stammering reactions. But she couldn’t help herself and put him in that awkward situation over and over again, until the whole class began to feel annoyed.

At the end of the class she asked Jeremy to stay. When they were alone she told him that she had the impression that he had some difficulty to keep up with the material they were covering. She knew this was not to true but as she had anticipated he agreed. Taking advantage of the opening she had created she suggested she could give him some private coaching. Again he didn’t dare to refuse so they agreed that he would come over to her place the next day;

The next day she was very excited, as she had convinced herself more and more that what she had seen the previous day was a diaper, and she had thought very hard about how to proceed to make him reveal his secret. She was all prepared. They had barely begun working when she made her pencil roll behind the fridge. When Isabel asked him if he could retrieve it for her he kneeled next to the fridge pulling down his shirt in a way that convinced Isabel he was hiding something. She got even more excited. As he couldn’t reach the pencil she suggested they should pull the fridge away. As he put his arms around it and started pulling his shirt lifted and she could now clearly see that he was wearing a diaper.

She feigned surprise: “Eek, are you wearing a diaper?” As he turned around his face was even redder than usual. Pulling down his shirt he looked to the floor and nodded a weak yes. “Why do you that?” Jeremy was completely lost. He did not dare to tell her he liked to wear diapers so after a short hesitation he stammered that he was incontinent. That was exactly the answer she had hoped for: “What do you mean? You pee in your pants as a little boy?”  Jeremy, realizing that he was caught in his stupid lie, nodded yes again. But Isabel couldn’t resist anymore. She took him in her arms telling him she found him incredibly cute. Surprised he looked up but before he could react she pressed her lips on his and kissed him passionately. Jeremy who had never kissed a girl before, after his initial surprise, let himself be deported to heaven. This was truly his wildest dream come true.

When she stopped kissing she told him she wanted to see his diaper and unfastened his pants. A second later he was standing in front of her with his pants dropped on his ankles. He was still looking shy and embarrassed when she took his hand in hers and brought it underneath her skirt to pad her bottom. When he felt the soft thickness of her diaper he took a step backwards and looked unbelievingly at her smiling face as she lifted her dress to reveal her Teddy Bambino diapers.  

It didn’t take long for them to be lying on her bed kissing, caressing and fondling each other. Gradually they undressed each other until both of them were wearing only their diapers. She put his hand in her wet diapers and felt his hard cock through his. As he groaned from pleasure she couldn’t resist anymore and ripped of his diapers. He looked at her with a delighted but at the same time frightened look.

She suddenly realized why. “Is this your first time?” With a pinched voice he said yes. “Oh God, I shouldn’t do this!” She smiled maliciously and continued:”This is child molesting. And on top of that I’m your teacher, … well kind of.” 

A few moments later she was lying underneath him and she helped him to get inside her. But before she could get aroused she heard a big sigh and realized he had come already. She laughed and told him she would teach him to do a better job. She rolled him over on his back and began to lick him all over. When she came to his private parts the smell and taste of his pee was marvelous. She licked and sucked telling him how good he tasted and she soon had his cock all hard again. She helped him penetrate her for a second time but this time she remained on top and riding him slowly she managed to make him hold out real long until they finally came together in a wild ride

They remained lying in each other arms for a while until she took him by his hand and led him to the bathroom and ran a hot bath. Sitting in the hot tub with her little angel between her legs and her arms around him, giving him kisses in his neck, made her feel happier than she had ever been. She made him stand up and washed him from top to bottom. He led himself being washed without moving. But when she got to his private parts and softly washed his thing it rose again. She laughed and said that he was the sweetest little baby in the world but that they couldn’t go on for ever.

He wondered why not but didn’t react. She dried him and then leading him by the hand again to her room made him lie on the bed. She got out a dry diaper but before fastening it she softly applied baby oil. While her fingers glided over his cheeks, and between his legs, and over his balls, he felt in heaven. Finally she closed a cute Bambino diaper around his legs and helped him put on his T-shirt. He felt somewhat awkward being helped to dress but before he could react she had pulled his shirt over his head and as he finished putting it on, his attention was drawn to Isabel taking out another dry diaper. He wanted to help her but she told him to remain quiet and watch. The sight of Isabel softly applying the baby oil to herself was awesome. 

He could still not believe what was happening to him. He had been attracted to diapers for a long time, but it was only since he was at uni that he had begun wearing them. First occasionally in his room, and then more and more regularly. Although he had visited diaper sites and knew he was not alone with this attraction he had never dared to dream of meeting another fan. And now, the beautiful Isabel, this woman with whom he had secretly fallen in love from the first time he had seen her, but whom he had considered to be way out of his league, was not only making love to him, but she liked diapers too. The world was perfect after all.  

As he was dreamingly watching Isabel preparing herself she suddenly took him by the hand again and led him to the kitchen. “I’m always starving after making love, aren’t you? “ He realized he was indeed hungry and agreed. She got out a bowl and filled it with cereals. He hadn’t expected the next event. As she got out a bib and wanted to fasten it around his neck, he stiffened and stopped her.

“Euh wait, I like diapers but I’m not AB”.  She looked at him surprised, and hesitated for a short moment, but then laughed: “Oh, but you are now baby! You are my little baby brother.” It was his time to be surprised as she proceeded to fasten the bib around his neck and to spoon-feed him. At first he felt terribly stupid especially when every two spoonfuls she took the rim of the bib to wipe his mouth clean, but after a while he settled in and decided it was kind of nice being taken care of in this way. Even her telling him that he was such a big boy eating so well felt good. The fact that she sat next to him and softly caressed his thing through the diapers while she was feeding him, of course helped his well feeling

It didn’t take long before they were kissing and fondling each other again. She couldn’t keep her hands of her lovely little baby. It was unbelievable they had known each other for months and had only found each other now. She suddenly felt so happy and she wanted to share her happiness with the world. She took her cell phone and wanted to call a good friend because she had to tell somebody she was madly in love. She stopped before calling.  She looked at the beautiful little diapered angel, with his baby-face and his blond baby-curls.  No, she couldn’t tell her friends she was in love with this little kid. They were going to make hopelessly fun of her. They wouldn’t understand.

She felt disappointed, not knowing what to do, when she suddenly had a bright idea: the little peasant girls, Benny and Polly – their real names were Pauline and Benjamin but they introduced themselves always as Benny and Polly. Without thinking further she looked for the number. The first she found was Polly’s. They had never met outside the class room so the girl was rather surprised to have suddenly Isabel on the line who wanted to meet her “to announce really big news”. Jeremy too thought it rather weird when he heard they were going to meet up at the faculty cafeteria in half an hour. But Isabel’s enthusiasm was contagious so when she told him to hurry, as they still had a twenty minute walk he jumped to his feet.

She stopped him in front of the mirror and taking off his bib she stood next to him and asked him if he didn’t think both of them were super cute. He liked the feeling of wearing diapers and of wetting them, but he never had thought the sight of them to be cute or sexy, not on boys anyway. But now watching both of them wearing the same Teddy Bambino diapers under a simple white T-shirt he agreed that they looked good together. She handed him his jeans and pulled on a pair over her diapers too, before taking him by the hand to hurry to their appointment.

She ran almost all the way without letting go off his hand. When they burst into the cafeteria still holding hands, Benny and Polly where already waiting for them – they lived next door – and looked at their radiant faces in surprised anticipation. Isabel put her arm around Jeremy’s shoulders and without any introduction burst out: “We are in love!” For a second the two girls were so taken by surprise that they didn’t react, but then they jumped to their feet and began yelling and shouting and hugging both of them. The cafeteria was always a rather quiet place so the few people present looked at them and some of them began hissing for them to be quiet. They immediately lowered their voices and sat down. Isabel let herself drop on a bench and taking Jeremy by the shoulders pulled him down with her, making him sit between her legs with her arms around him.

Polly looked at them amusedly while Benny, always the enterprising one, asked what they wanted for drinks. Polly and Isabel ordered an orange juice but when Jeremy asked a beer Isabel interrupted him and told Benny that Jeremy was taking an orange juice too. When he turned his head towards her and gave her an annoyed look she bent over and whispered in his ear, but hard enough for the girls to understand, that “my little baby doesn’t drink beer”.  While both girls looked annoyed but amused at the same time Jeremy turned red and shut up. She smiled: “Isn’t he the cutest thing?”, and covering his face with kisses she continued talking to Polly: “I’m so happy. It’s so strange; we are sooo made for each other. We are so lucky to have found each other.” And then turning to Jeremy she asked: “Don’t you agree baby?”

Although Jeremy completely agreed of course he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable, fearing she was on the point on revealing their secret. He turned red but at that moment Benny arrived with their drinks. Trying to avoid having to answer the rhetorical question from his girlfriend Jeremy raised his glass to drink. To his astonishment Isabel stopped him with one hand and with her other hand brought his second arm towards his glass, saying in a soft but clear voice “Could you please drink with both hands baby, we don’t want to soil your white shirt do we?”

As Jeremy turned even redder but did as he was asked, Polly and Benny looked flabbergasted. Isabel put her hand on his crotch and pressing softly on his diaper smiled at the girls: “He is such a clumsy little angel!”  She again kissed and caressed him and this time he responded by doing the same. This soon annoyed the two others. Although they felt genuinely happy for the new couple, it was kind of embarrassing having to watch them fondle each other right in front of them. After a few minutes Benny decided to make an end to it: “Hey love birds, I think the two of you need to get rid of some overflowing energy. Let’s get outside and have some fun.”

A few minutes later they had paid their drinks and went outside. Benny immediately took Polly by the hands and the two of them, keeping their feet close together, began swirling around faster and faster: “Olé! This is what we do when we feel happy. Yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo-hooooo” Isabel and Jeremy looked at them for a second and then did the same, yelling even louder. Suddenly Benny and Poly stopped and tried to take some small steps forward, but dizzy from the swirling they almost immediately fell down. Soon the four of them were all lying on the lawn one on top of the other, laughing and giggling. “Isn’t this fun?”

Barely recovered Benny jumped to her feet and pulling Polly up by her hands suggested the next game: “Let’s leapfrog to the other side of the lawn!”  It was obvious they had done this before but as Isabel and Jeremy didn’t know what to do, they had to show them. Benny bent over and Polly, taking a few steps back, ran towards her friend and, putting her hands on her back, jumped over her with her legs wide open. Then she stopped, bent over in her turn, as Benny ran up to her and jumped. “We start together and the ones who are first at the other side of the lawn have won!”

Benny and Jeremy bent over standing a few steps apart from each other, and Polly and Isabel aligned to start the game. Just as Benny began to give the count-down Polly made him stop. She was wearing a skirt and that had obstructed her somewhat while jumping. Now that it was a competition she didn’t want to take any chances. In a few seconds she had pushed the skirt into her panties, pulling the panties high up. Benny immediately imitated her. Both of them were wearing traditional white cotton children’s panties with a high waist and fitting in their skirts was not too difficult. As Benny restarted the countdown Isabel saw from the corner of her ear a couple of boys staring at them in amazement. Isabel felt suddenly very self-conscious but just as she wanted to stop the game, she heard Benny yell “Start!” and without further thought she was running towards Jeremy and jumped over him.

Halfway the race, when Jeremy was jumping over her, he accidentally pushed Isabel to the ground. The time to recover the other two were far ahead and easily wan the race. Jeremy, who was really coming into it, demanded revenge. So they leapfrogged back to the other side where the two boys were still watching. Polly and Benny wan again but this time with a very small advantage. As the 4 of them, exhausted from the race, sat on the lawn, puffing and sighing, the boys applauded amusedly. Isabel looked up and although she didn’t know them personally she recognized them, knowing that they were master students just as herself. She decided not to feel embarrassed and gave them a smile.

They clearly recognized her too and wanted to make a mocking remark but Polly and Benny were already recovering and wanted to do another game. Benny took a large elastic band from a pocket from her skirt. Turning her back to the boys Isabel joined the others where Polly told her and Jeremy to stand a couple of meters from each other with the elastic around their open legs and she and Benny began making elaborate jumps making complicated figures with the elastic band. After a while the roles were reversed and Isabel and Jeremy learned to do the jumping. As this was complicated they kept at this game for a long time. Occasionally attracting small groups of spectators. Especially the fact that the two younger girls still kept their skirts tucked in their panties drew attention of course, but Isabel soon was as oblivious of her surroundings as the other ones.  They had a great afternoon.

Suddenly Polly stopped and noticing that it was getting late, and that they still had to prepare their exercises for next day’s seminar, she and Benny left the other two. Jeremy hesitated a few moments but then he said he would better go home to work too. Bending over to Isabel he wanted to kiss her good bye but that was not was his new girl friend had in mind. “What a nonsense! A little baby boy can not stay all alone. From now on you live with me, and I’m not leaving you alone for a second my little angel”. Once more he was amazed, but also delighted by the prospect of sharing rooms with his girlfriend of course. She took him in her arms and they kissed more passionately than ever. Still kissing she put her hand on his crotch. “Have you wet?” He nodded negatively and putting his hand on her crotch asked “Have you?” She too nodded no, and laughed. “What are we waiting for?” A few moments later, still holding each other, both felt the warm wetness spread in their respective diapers. Moaning together they kissed some more. Finally she suggested to fetch the necessary things in his room and to hurry to her place to change, eat, and … make love.

She had never been to his place but the examination of the room took her only a few moments. She decided that except for his PC and some books there was nothing they should bring to her apartment. When he expressed surprise and suggested he should bring at least a change of clothes she told him she couldn’t wait any longer and that they could come back later. On the point of leaving she noticed a bump under his bedcover. She pulled down the cover and found, as she had expected, an old plush dog. “Oh, we can’t forget him, can we?  What’s his name?” Jeremy looking embarrassed and delighted at the same time, turning red as usual, stammered:”Woof”. “Just Woof? OK, Woof are you coming? ” She took the dog, pushed it in his hands, and went for the door.

When they got to her apartment, not wasting a second, she put her hand between his legs: “I think we need an urgent change, don’t you agree?” She took him by the hand and wanted to go to the bathroom but he stopped her. “Euh darling, I‘ll do it myself this time.” She gave him an amused look: “You what?” Jeremy sensed that something was going wrong “But darling, remember I told you I’m not an Adult baby?” She smiled harder:”Of course you are not an adult baby, I know that. You are a real baby, my little baby brother.” He looked at her not understanding, but had a sudden inspiration. “Isabel, listen, I will change you. You’ll love that;” This time she really burst out laughing: “My little baby is going to change his big sis?” She gave him a kiss on the front “How sweet”. But then, as if he had said nothing, she took his hand again, and pulled him to the bathroom again” Come on  be a good baby now, and let me help you.”

Jeremy was getting annoyed but before he could protest she interrupted him. “Ooh angel, I love you so incredibly much! Do you think you will love me just a little bit?” Jeremy of course immediately protested, “But baby, I do love you very very much” Putting on a pained face she put her arms around him “But you hurt me, you don’t trust me! How can you say you love me if you don’t trust me”? He didn’t understand what she was getting at. “If I tell you you are my little baby brother, why don’t you want to be my little baby? “ Jeremy didn’t know what to answer, but seeing her anguished face he hugged her very hard. She smiled. “Are you not going to hurt me anymore angel?” He shook his head. “Are you going to trust me completely? Just as a little baby trusts his parents? Promised?” Jeremy whispered “I promise” in her ear.  She covered him with kisses “Oh I love you, love you, love you, you are such a beautiful sweet angel; you make me so happy baby”. As he followed her to the bathroom he realized he had made a fundamental concession. But she looked so pleased and happy that he too felt all warm inside.

She unbuckled his pants and helped him step out of them, and then took off his diapers which she rolled into a ball. He got excited anticipating she was going to wash his private parts for the second time that day, but when he was standing with his naked bottom in front of her she looked at him and asked an unexpected question: “Does my baby have to do a poopoo?”

Blushing, he realized that indeed he would have liked to relieve his bowels, but being asked by Isabel felt embarrassing. He was on the point on telling her he didn’t need to go, but again she was too fast. “Come on baby, you promised to trust your big sis, didn’t you? Big sis knows Jamie needs to do poopoo” A second later he was sitting on the toilet. After saying that he was a good boy she turned around and took off her pants and diapers, rolled them up, and proceeded to wash herself. Partly because he was captivated by the sight of his beautiful girlfriend undressing and washing herself in front of him, partly because her presence intimidated him, he couldn’t start pushing. Probably realizing this she told him to take his time, that she was going to be right back.

When she had left the bathroom he concentrated and soon felt the poop coming out and falling with a soft splash in the toilet. After a while he felt relieved and wanted to wipe himself clean but discovered there was no toilet-paper. He first looked all around him to see if there really was nothing with what he could wipe himself clean. He considered using a handkerchief but he began realizing that there not being toilet-paper was not a coincidence, and hesitated what to do. Isabel wanted him to trust her… He was still thinking when she came back.

As he looked up to her his mouth fell open in admiration. She was wearing a cute baby print onesie over her diapers and had a paci in her mouth.  She immediately smelled that he had done as asked, and taking the paci from her mouth, she complimented him for waiting for his big sister to clean him up. As Jeremy looked at her kind smile he felt in heaven gain, and was so happy that he hadn’t tried to clean himself.  

She told him to come of the pot and to bend over. The touch of the cold, moist baby swipes made him first jump up, but then he loved the soft feeling. Next she took a handkerchief and washed his private parts with a lot of soap. As she cupped his balls and softly washed his member it began to rise again. Next he felt how the soapy handkerchief glided to his back and softly parted his cheeks. And then he felt how she pressed his little hole open and introduced her finger really deep. His member rose as it has never risen before. It was standing real tall and it felt as if it was going to explode. He felt his knees weaken and put his arms around her to steady himself. Smiling she helped him sit on the rim of the bathtub and gliding to her knees she put her mouth wide open over his dick, softly sucking it as if it was an ice-cream cone, all the while softly caressing its base. With this treatment he immediately began spouting. She closed her mouth over his thing and felt the tasty juice fill her mouth. She had never given a blow job before, and had always thought it to be kind of gross. But tasting her little babies’ juice was not gross at all. When she finally pulled back the cum dripped from her mouth over her chin. Jeremy bent over and licked her chin and mouth clean.

After that treatment he was as meek as a little lamb. She had him lie on the bed to softly apply the baby oil.  His thing had completely shrunk and was dangling between his legs. When she softly rubbed the oil over it felt simply perfect. She then closed the Bambino diapers with some extra padding snuggly around his legs and made him dress in an almost identical onesie as the one she was wearing.  Once ready she led him to the table were she fastened the stained bib around his neck – this time he didn’t protest anymore – and served a couple of bread and jam sandwiches of which she had cut the crusts and which she had cut in small pieces so that he could eat them one by one with his fingers. To finish the meal she spoon-fed him a bowl of baby fruit mash. It tasted delicious. Next she served him water in a cup with a beak and then decreed that it was time for both of them to prepare the exercises for next day’s seminar.

Sitting next to his adored “sis”, wearing the same cute outfit, and feeling the comfortable diapers between his legs, Jeremy felt so good that he initially couldn’t concentrate on his work. From time to time Isabel would glance at him and seeing that he didn’t work she would softly stroke his hair and encourage him to work, promising that if he worked well he would get some reward. That helped and in less than an hour he was ready. She had finished before him but had some other work to do. She told him to sit on the floor where she gave him some building blocks – he was more and more surprised to see how well equipped she was. But the blocks couldn’t quiet capture his attention so after a while he began asking when he would get his reward. She put his PC on the floor on which she played a Disney DVD. He hoped this wasn’t the reward, but didn’t dare to ask.

After a while she sat next to him on the floor to watch the DVD with him. She stroked his hair and gave him small kisses in his neck before pressing her hand underneath his bottom “Has my baby wet his diaper?” He nodded. “Sis too. Let’s get ready for the night”. She pulled him up by the hand and off they were to the bathroom again. One more he was washed and changed. When both of them were all dry and ready for the night she handed him a baby-bottle with milk “I put in some honey, that way my little baby will sleep well”.

Sitting in bed sucking on the baby-bottle seemed completely natural. It made him feel very calm and satisfied. Between him and Isabel sat Woof who had been introduced to his new friend, Plushy, Isabel’s old worn out rabbit. While he drank his bottle he watched his “sis” who was reading a children’s book while sucking on her paci. “What are you reading?” “A book about Martine. You want me to read it for you?” He nodded and was soon absorbed by the trip of little Martine going to the US by boot. When his bottle was empty she gave him his paci and turned out the light.

As they fell asleep in each other arms they were the happiest pair on the earth.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/a-different-schoolgirl-8/

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