Master of the universe chap 7

“He reached for the new doll he had received the previous day. He was just going to stuff its feet in his mouth, wondering if it would taste as well as Winnie, his favorite teddy, when he heard voices. He turned around and at the other end of the garden he saw his wife Martha and Alice, his business partner, walking up to him, holding hands.”

 What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “Master of the universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.


Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a successful Wall Street executive, the world changes when he develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. The specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.


Chapter 2: They got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by Martha he visited a specialized clinic.


Chapter 3:  At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.


Chapter 4:  His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than eve, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she accepted to have sex but to his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate in his diapers.


Chapter 5: Being taking care of by Martha makes him feel happy. But at the office disaster strikes, and he is fired.

Chapter 6:  One year later Anthony has joined a new company run by Alice. He has completely lost control of his life, having become a baby in an adult body. But he can still share his exceptional insights, contributing to the firm’s success.

Chapter 7 :

Those readers that have read the story « Petit Mystère » will recognize most of this (final ?) chapter of Master of the Universe.

Anthony felt great. Martha, his wife, had changed him in a clean diaper and installed him on a blanket with his toys in the middle of the garden. It was the middle of the summer, the weather was hot, but in the shade of the big three it was perfect. He loved the calm of this summer retreat. Absolute bliss. He still didn’t understand what had happened to him but he was happy. Really very very happy.

He reached for the new doll he had received the previous day. He was just going to stuff its feet in his mouth, wondering if it would taste as well as Winnie, his favorite teddy, when he heard voices. He turned around and at the other end of the garden he saw Martha and Alice, his business partner, walking up to him, holding hands.

His happy feelings instantly changed into rage. Furious he wanted to rush up to them. They were not going to get away with this; he was not going to accept to be cuckolded, certainly not by a woman! But he couldn’t manage to get up. At the third attempt he finally got on his feet but after barely 3 staggers he lost his balance and fell on his bum. He didn’t have to get up again as Martha and Alice were already standing next to him.

Alice smiled: “Hi Tony, you don’t seem very happy to see me?” Anthony wanted to tell her what he thought, that he didn’t want to see her in his house again, that he didn’t want any dykes in his house, and above all that she had to leave his wife alone. But the words didn’t come out. He managed only to stammer some incomprehensible stammer: “Ali nauty, Ali nauty”. Alice and Martha broke up laughing: “No no, you shouldn’t say that Tony, that’s not kind. Alice is very nice. Come on, say sorry to Alice now!”

Of course this enraged Anthony even more but he couldn’t express his anger. From pure frustration he started crying. Alice kneeled next to him and dried his tears with a handkerchief: “Scht, scht, don’t cry, you are going to wet your nice little dress” She then turned to Martha asking her why she dressed her husband as a girl anyway: ”Does he like that?” For the second time Martha broke up laughing:”No, not at all, as a matter of fact I think he hates it. But I like it.”

Both women laughed, and Anthony cried, even harder, stamping with his feet on the ground. This time Martha kneeled next to him and putting her hand between his legs stroked him. He immediately felt his member harden a little bit and instantly began making little happy noises: « Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooooooooh ! ».  Martha smiled at her friend. « It’s funny he doesn’t have proper erections anymore and ejaculates almost immediately, but he seems to love it »



When she asked her husband how he felt he was still too much enjoying himself to answer. “Come on then, time for your fruit puree” Tony immediately was alert. He loved his daily fruit puree. But he was ashamed. Ashamed for the scene he just made, and ashamed of showing Alice he liked the puree so much.

He felt the need to justify himself. He wanted to explain it was normal to be frustrated when you discovered your wife was lesbian, or when your wife took your business partner as a lover, especially when that same partner has often flirted with you but always turned you down, – with hindsight no wonder since she turned out to be a dyke -, or when both of them choose to treat you as a baby, or when you couldn’t get your member up anymore, or when you had become so unbelievably clumsy and inarticulate.

But then the thought of the fruit puree compensated everything. He took Martha’s hand and had himself helped to stand up. He smiled to her and simply said: “Tony like fluit pulee” Martha gave him a tender smile in return. He felt all warm inside:”And I like Ma-ma soooooooooo much!” Martha rewarded him with a big hug, and then turned towards her lover: “It’s incredible how much I love him. He is such a darling little baby.” Alice smiled: “Well I always assured you that one day he would make you a sweet little baby, didn’t I?” Both of them broke up in happy laughter.

When they got to the terrace he sat on his chair where Martha attached him with a harness, and bound a bib around his neck. When she left to fetch the fruit mash he noticed that Alice was observing him. He was ashamed and turned red. Alice was on the point of making a mocking observation when Martha came out again.

She placed the puree in front of her husband and wanted to spoon-feed him when Alice interrupted her: “Let him eat alone”. Before Martha could respond she had taken her by the waist and led her inside. Anthony hesitated. Was he going to throw another jealous tantrum or was he going to attack the puree?

The puree won. Using the spoon was a lot more difficult than he remembered. Immediately the table, the bib, his face, everything was covered under the fruit puree. He gave up; putting down the spoon he plunged his hands in the bowl and brought the food to his mouth with both his hands, which didn’t help to stay clean.

Eating with his hands was fun and he got so absorbed by it that he didn’t notice Alice’s and Martha’s return. “Oh no, what have you done? I really can’t leave you alone for a second!” Tony looked at his wife anxiously, but noticing she didn’t seem angry he relaxed and smiled: “Tony big baby, eat all alone.”  All of them laughed. Anthony didn’t even notice that his wife’s hair and clothes were undone.

Martha, taking off the bib, cleaned his hands and face and asked Alice if she could keep an eye on her husband while she cleaned the table. Alice unfastened the harness and helped Anthony to stand up. Then she took him back to the blanket on the lawn. Anthony, his diapers hanging between his legs, waggled next to her holding her hand not to fall.

They were quiet for a moment and then Alice decided to speak: “Listen Tony, I know you hate me for it, but I love Alice. I have decided to move in definitely. She needs someone to take care of her.”

As Alice fell silent for a second Anthony managed to concentrate very hard and to answer coherently:”But I’m here to take care of her” Alice burst out laughing again: “Oh boy, I can’t believe this! It’s because of you she needs someone, someone who can help her to keep a spoiled little brat like you in line!”

Before Anthony could react she continued: “It’s funny. Tow years ago when I arrived at your place I thought you were pretty cool. But I soon realized you were just a spoiled little boy. At least that has become obvious to everybody now. Including yourself, hasn’t it, baby?”

But again she continued before he could form an answer: “You made Martha very unhappy with your selfish childish behavior. Martha wanted a baby but you were too selfish to make her one.“ She laughed again: “But that’s been taken care of now, don’t you think?”  She still didn’t stop: ”Anyway I think Martha is done with guys forever. It’s so sweet she dresses you as a girl. I think it’s such a nice proof of how much she loves you Tony! Or should I say Antonia? I think Martha prefers that, doesn’t she?”

Anthony blushed. Martha had begun calling him Antonia when they were alone, and he kind of liked that, although he would never admit. Certainly not to Alice. Anthony concentrated. He wanted to tell Alice that he was not going to let things be like that. He knew that if he did not concentrate he would again be able to utter only some small baby phrases. But just as he was ready to speak he felt some movement in his bowels. He stopped in panic. ”Oh no, not know, not when he had to put things in their place with that bitch of an Alice”. But he couldn’t help it. He stopped, squatted down, and feeling his face turn red, he pushed. Alice looked at him in horror as he filled his diapers.

Anthony anxious and ashamed looked up at his rival but Alice was laughing again: “Tell me I’m dreaming!” She turned towards the house where Martha was just coming out: ”Honey, your little baby needs a change!”

Martha, from a distance immediately realized what had happened. She sighted deeply, but then after a second of hesitation, she called out to her lover: “Darling, I’m busy. Why don’t you change little Tonia? You’ll have to get used to it one day or the other, no?”






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