A dream come true 7

My boss looked at me, and then smiled. “Your wife called me.”  I didn’t immediately grasp the meaning, but then blushed even harder. “I know you are punished and that you are wearing diapers.” I thought I was going to die right there, completely unable to have any reaction at all. So she continued. “Laura thinks your diapers must be very heavy by now, and that you probably risk a leak. She gave me the combination of the lock that prevents you from taking off the diapers yourself. She has put a spare diaper in a side pocket of your briefcase, so if you go and fetch it I can help you.”

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Chapter 7

 At about the same time Laura began teaching me to cook. First in the week-ends, but then also on weekdays. Except for some soft boiled eggs or omelets I had never cooked before but she patiently showed me how to clean vegetables and fix a salad, slowly moving up to making soup, preparing lamb shops, and even preparing a piece of cod “au court bouillon”. I discovered I enjoyed cooking.

Before long I was cooking on my own. I would come home from the office, change into easy clothes, and she would tell me what she had brought from the supermarket for me to prepare.

And of course having to cook was a good reason for having to wear an apron. She told me that wearing an apron was a discreet way to publicly acknowledge my new position in the household and she insisted I wore an apron whenever I was doing household chores, which was most of the time. The kids, and their friends, didn’t seem to notice it anymore after a short time.

And then came the big “coming out of the closet” day.

Laura had invited a number of female friends to a scrabble contest, and she asked me to stay home from the office to help her with serving her friends, so that she could participate with the game in stead of having to run around all the time. I couldn’t believe what she was asking. My job had always been above everything, the absolute undisputed priority, and now she asked me to actually take a day off for helping her out with a scrabble contest with women who didn’t have anything more meaningful to do?

I wanted to protest but she had expected that and cut me short. “This is not open for discussion honey. You will take Thursday afternoon off to serve my friends and me while we play. OK?” Still shocked that she had dared to ask this I shrugged but I had no choice. She was the boss.

Thursday I was quiet nervous without knowing why, as nothing special was expected from me. I was dressed in jeans and was not wearing diapers. When the first guest arrived Laura asked me to answer the door. It was Jennifer the wife of a colleague who was surprised to see me: ‘Hi Michael! How come you are home?” I hadn’t expected her to be here. “Euh, well, you know,  I still had quiet some days I could take free and thought it would be nice to help Laura out” She looked even more surprised: “God Michael, that is so sweet. Wish that Steve would do that some times”.

The second guest was Isabelle, who was not surprised to find me home. She had obviously been informed beforehand. Maybe it had been her idea? As the guests dripped in one by one – 10 all together – , and I served them a welcome glass, I was the buzz of the day. The fact that I had stayed home to help Laura was considered to be something really big.

But soon they all got themselves seated behind their boards and started playing. While they were playing I served coffee and cakes and home made pie. As the pies had been made by Laura she got a lot of compliments and my – sensational – presence was soon forgotten. I was very  busy having all of them contented, running to the kitchen to fetch a towel when a cup of coffee was turned over, showing where the bathroom was, turning up the heat, opening a window, all the while preparing some hot and cold snacks to accompany the drink to be served at the end of the afternoon.

As I was preparing the snacks I had put on an apron and I soon forgot to take it off running back and forth wearing it. At first the ladies where too absorbed by their game to notice, but suddenly Isabel stopped me and said the apron suited me. Nothing more, but the friends at her board had heard it and they all began making comments mocking me and complimenting Laura for having such a perfect husband. I felt embarrassed and wanted to run away to the kitchen to take off the apron, but Jennifer came to my defense saying that I was incredible courageous, and that she didn’t see what was so funny.  This encouraged Laura to come to my defense too, telling them that indeed she was so lucky to have me as her attentive husband and not some stupid macho. She explained them in some detail that I actually did most of the household chores. When I added that I liked to show her my love in this way they were stunned. They all agreed this was incredible and the remaining part of the afternoon they all were extremely nice to me.

But the next day at the office Steve, Jennifer’s husband, came over and asked if I had had a nice day off. I answered in some vague way, but soon I was confronted with more inquiring colleagues. If it was true that I had stayed home to help my wife with a woman’s party?, and that I wore an apron? , … I realized that it made no sense to deny it and immediately admitting to it stopped the inquiries and the teasing, so I figured I had escaped it well. But soon I realized that my position in the team had changed. Regularly someone would make some stupid remark that I should serve the coffee as I was used to do that at home, or when there was a discussion, insult me by saying that they weren’t surprised that I took such a wimpish position. It was especially hard when we went out for a drink after hours. I soon began avoiding those occasions prompting more mocking remarks about the wife wanting me to come home to do the dishes

After a couple of months I began hating to go to the office. That’s when Laura suggested I would ask for a transfer to another job. My boss agreed immediately – I probably had become a liability to the team. I was offered a job as assistant manager at the client support team, in charge of the follow up of some large accounts. Not exactly a promotion but it implied I would not have to travel any more, which suited me as I had become quiet wary of traveling so much. I was offered the same basic salary but I lost the  bonus I had enjoyed as account executive.

Despite the loss of money Laura too was very happy with the change. Since she had become used at me doing the cooking and the cleaning up every night, she hated it even more than before when I went on business trips.

The fact that I would work in an exclusively female team with a female boss did apprehend me somewhat. My former colleagues always called the client support department the hen’s house. When, in reaction to a mocking remark wishing me luck in my new environment, I suggested that there would be finally a rooster making some order in the hen’s house, I got a good supportive laugh. But my first day in my new job I realized this stupid macho remark had gotten out. My new colleagues had very thoughtfully placed a box of chocolates as welcome present on my new desk. But it was accompanied by a welcome card featuring the drawing of a skirt-wearing  rooster surrounded by chickens forming a double welcome line inside a cozy hen’s house. Two chickens were closing the door through which one could see a number of fighting roosters in the pouring rain trying to get to the door. The caption read “Capon Michael is welcomed to the hen‘s house”. Clearly one of my new colleagues was a gifted artist.

Of course I immediately understood the gist of the meaning but it was only at end of the day when I looked up the meaning of “capon’” that I fully understood what my new colleagues were telling me. I could have felt very insulted but realizing I had caused it myself, decided not to take offense. The next day I went to the office with a bouquet of flowers and offered each of my colleagues a flower.  

I soon appreciated the less competitive and less chaotic atmosphere in my new job. I was astonished how easily I fitted in. The fact that I would join in their conversations about cooking, and how to combine job with household responsibilities helped of course.  I worked as hard as before but with a lot less stress, thanks to a very supportive team and team leader, who took care of her “family” as a real mother hen.

At home too I was happier than ever before. Laura would sometimes reward me for my good behavior as promised by dressing me as a little baby and then join me wearing childish clothes herself. I was of course very happy having reached both my objectives. Not only was I regularly diapered and treated as a baby, I now enjoyed occasionally the sight of a beautiful diapered woman, something I find extremely sexy (what can’t be said about diapered men)..

Laura being small and slender, fits into dresses for 12 year olds, and she bought some really childish models. I liked very much a red jumper dress –one of those consisting of a skirt with an apron-like frontpiece and braces that cross in the back. But my absolute favourite was a very short yellow flower-printed dress with a smocked body and short balloon sleeves, and a small round collar, closing with a zip in the back and ribbons knotted with a bow in the waist. I loved going out with her when she dressed like that – while I was wearing diapers. –  and having  people gasp amazed and amused at this  pretty adult woman dressed in such childish attire But going shopping for such outfits, having her trying them out in the fitting room in front of a flabbergasted salesperson, was even better.

But if there were rewards there were also punishments.

After she had me shave every single body-hair I stopped my regular Sunday tennis game with friends, pretending to have a sore shoulder. But after a while, encouraged by Laura, I resumed. The first time I had to endure quiet some mockery, especially as my friends knew about some of the changes in our household, and they saw this – rightly – as one more step in my feminization process. But after a few weeks they got used to it, and the mocking stopped.

Usually we played on Sunday mornings and had a single drink after the game before we joined our respective families for the rest of the day. But one day, for some reason I don’t really remember, the one drink was followed by the next, and it was late afternoon before I got home. Laura was mad as hell.

She ordered me to go upstairs and undress. After a few minutes she entered the room and told me I was going to be diapered until she was satisfied I remembered my place. If this was punishment I should be naughty a lot more often, so I could hardly suppress a smile. She diapered me with a thick diaper and some extra padding, had me put on plastic pants, and a bodice that didn’t open between the legs, but closed with a short zip in the back. As the kids were expected to come home she told me to dress in some baggy pants.

Preparing dinner and doing the dishes with the gradually increasing heaviness between my legs was great. When we went to bed she told me to get rid of the wet diapers and to wash up before she diapered me again.

The next morning she checked my diapers and finding them dry told me to dress for work. But she first put a small lock on the zip of the bodice. I understood that I was going to keep the same diapers all day at the office, which excited me.

I had worn diapers at the office before, and it always gave me a good feeling. But this time, not having peed since the night before the pressure build up very fast. As I knew I would have to keep the same diapers all day, I was afraid of leaks, and didn’t wet at first. But by midday I knew my diapers were getting very wet, and my worries about leaks began making me feel very uncomfortably. Just as I was wondering if I should go to the bathrooms and take of the diapers by tearing off the bodice – knowing this would enrage Laura – my phone rang and Jenny – my boss – asked if I could come into her office. Standing in front of her desk while she talked about some problem with a new customer I became very conscious I had badly to empty my bladder some more but didn’t dare too. I was jumping from one foot to the other, until suddenly Jenny asked if I was alright.

Blushing I assured her I was fine. My boss looked at me, and then smiled. “Laura called me.”  I didn’t immediately grasp the meaning, but then blushed even harder. “I know you are punished and that you are wearing diapers.” I thought I was going to die right there, completely unable to have any reaction at all. So she continued. “Your wife thinks your diapers must be very heavy by now, and that you probably risk a leak. She gave me the combination of the lock that prevents you from taking off the diapers yourself. She has put a spare diaper in a side pocket of your briefcase, so if you go and fetch it I can help you.”

I looked at her in total disbelief. My boss was suggesting that she would give me a diaper change? This couldn’t be true, I could never do that. Automatically I .began backing out saying I was fine. When I got to the door and was ready to bolt out, she smiled again: “No problem, if you change your mind I’ll be here.”

Back at my desk I couldn’t concentrate anymore. First because of what had just happened – My wife had told my boss she had punished me to wear diapers and proposed to my boss she would give me a diaper change! No this really was going too far – and secondly because of the pressure in my bladder. One or two hours later I couldn’t resist anymore and had to let go. My already very wet diaper was flooded and almost immediately I felt a wetness running down my leg. I realised I was having a major leak. I first panicked but then, slowly realised what I had to do. I looked in my briefcase and found indeed a dry diaper. Without anybody noticing it I slipped it into a file and then hurried to Jenny’s office.

When I entered she gave me a broad smile: “Changed your mind?” Blushing hard I just nodded and handed her the spare diaper.  She told me to undress. I hesitated: “But what if anybody enters your office?” “I guess that’s a risk we have to take”

I took of my pants and noticed two large wet spots on my bottom. Jenny noticed them too: “You waited too long I see” I blushed some more. When I had taken off the turtle-neck sweater I was wearing and was standing in front of her just in my onesie she came up to me, took off the lock, opened the zip, and helped me out of the bodice which was wet around the legs..

She told me to take off the onesie and the plastic pants. The diaper was really soaked and hung deep between my legs. She looked at it surprised: “God, you really peed a lot. You should have come a lot earlier;” I did as if I didn’t hear her comment and unfastening the heavy diaper, made it drop to the floor. I felt very awkward standing naked in front of my boss. She gave me a long look and then smiled some more: “What a cute clean shaven baby! Laura really takes good care of you, doesn’t she?”

She handed me the dry diaper to put it on. I hesitated, suddenly suggesting I could pass the remaining part of the day without diapers. But Jenny answered that Laura had told her the punishment was not over and she had promised she would make sure I remained diapered. I didn’t insist, putting the diaper on, the plastic pants, and the onesie, on which Jenny put the lock back on.

When I was all dressed again I was in a hurry to leave Jenny’s office and to get back to my desk and to be left alone. I turned to the door but Jenny stopped me. “Michael, next time don’t wait until it’s too late.” I blushed again. I wanted to tell her there was not going to be a next time but she interrupted me. “Listen, I think you really are a great asset for the team, and you have integrated real well. But you still have to learn to trust me more. I’m here to help you, always. Ok?”  Surprised by the way the topic had changed I nodded.

Jenny bent over, took the wet diaper which was still lying on the floor, rolled it into a ball, and then looked back at me, as I was silently watching her, still embarrassed by what had happened. “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of this. You know, I’m your boss, which means I’m always there to clean up behind your back when you mess up. You understand that no?”  I nodded again, while she came up to me, opened the door, and giving me a discreet pad on my diapered bottom, told me to get back to work.

Walking to my desk I had the feeling that all my colleagues where looking at me. I hoped nobody noticed the wet spots on my pants

That evening when I came home I found a number of youngsters there as both my children were home with friends. I always love it when my children’s friends come over, and like to chat with them, but I was conscious that my diaper was getting quiet wet again and I was at risk for another leak.  I succeeded to get Laura’s attention who indicated that she would follow. I left the room and Laura did indeed catch up with me immediately. She put her hand on my bottom, lifted slightly the diaper, and smiled: “Had a “heavy” day at the office I heard?” I smiled too and gave her a kiss. She reached underneath the collar of my turtle-neck and took off the lock. “Ok, go change. And hurry I’ll need some help”.

I hurried upstairs took off my clothes and the wet diaper, and washed up. And then another surprise was waiting for me. When I opened the drawer where I keep my underwear I discovered that all my briefs and boxer shorts had been replaced with frilly girlie panties. I was as thunderstruck, staring at the drawer without moving, when Laura entered the room.

“Ah, I see that you found your new underwear?”

“Come on Laura, you can’t be serious!”

“Listen darling, I have been thinking about what happened yesterday and I think we should have a talk”

She then asked me if I still thought the “female-led household” was a good idea. When I sincerely answered I did she proceeded to tell me that she thought it had been the best thing which had ever happened for both of us. She felt that since I didn’t have to be “the man” in the house anymore I was so much more relaxed, and that serving and obeying her was something which clearly made me feel good.

When I agreed.again she took a pained face to ask me what had then come into me the day before. How could I have been so thoughtless not coming home as expected, but even worse, not even warning I was being late. She figured that although I was not afraid to have my female better side take over most of the time, when I was on my own I was still easily the victim of my stupid irresponsible male side. That’s why from now on I would wear female underwear all the time, to help me focus.

She looked at me with an amused smile. “And then don’t tell me you don’t want to!. You love female clothes, so admit that the idea of wearing panties is appealing, isn’t it?” I blushed and admitted that indeed it did, but then, plaintively I said this meant that I could never go play tennis with my friends anymore. Again she gave me a pained look ” Well, to be honest I think that would indeed be better”. But seeing my sad face she relented: “OK, I kept some of your boxer shorts. If you are really good, I will let you wear them on Sundays, ok?”

I said she was the best wife in the world, kissed her, and then proceeded to choose a nice frilly yellow pair of panties with lace rims. When I had put them on Laura gave me an appreciative look: “Sweet, you look really sweet, don’t you think”. The only response I gave was some giggling. Laura, looking startled at her watch, said she had to hurry as she had promised the girls to drive them to a party. With the door in hand she turned around: “Oh darling, could you iron a couple of shirts for Anthony? He is staying for a couple of days with the Armstrong’s and he said he had nothing to wear.”

Off she was. I looked at myself in the mirror touching the soft feeling frilly panties for a second, before pulling on my pants over them and then hurrying down too.

I put on an apron, prepared some snacks for Anthony and his friends – who were watching a game –  who received them enthusiastically, thanking me loudly. I took out the ironing table and put it up behind the couch where the boys where sitting. As I began ironing a peaceful feeling came over me. I felt happy, protected, and appreciated. And as I thought about the pretty panties I was wearing that feeling intensified

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/a-dream-comes-true-8/






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