A dream comes true 8


I looked straight into the eyes of my 14 year old daughter, conscious that I was sucking on a pacifier, sitting on the floor with my legs open, wearing a very short light blue dress over white tights with underneath a thick diaper, holding a doll in my arms.

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 Chapter 8

 The kids had become completely accustomed to me walking around the house wearing an apron, and doing a big part of the household. They also had learned very quickly that I was not in charge anymore and that if they wanted anything it was no use asking me as I would refer them to their mother anyway.

Of course they had had questions about why this was happening, and Laura had explained to them that we had jointly come to the conclusion that women were more suited to be in charge than men. Anthony had strongly objected to that, so I had corrected Laura saying that maybe we shouldn’t generalize but that in our case I was convinced that Laura was a better head of the household than me.

Anthony had shrugged and asked why Laura didn’t go working then, because now I was the breadwinner of the family and I did most household chores. I explained that being in charge didn’t mean having to be breadwinner, and as for the household chores, I liked doing it. I liked cooking and I liked pleasing my wife, and also my son and daughter. It made me feel good. Anthony had given up.

Both he and his sister accepted that Laura had the last word on every question. Sometimes they would come to me and ask my opinion, and when that opinion was favorable to their petition they would ask me to put in a word with their mother, but Laura was the uncontested master in the house.

She kept me openly on a short lease and didn’t accept any transgressions. When she taught it necessary to correct me she didn’t hesitate. Her favorite reprisal when she taught I had gone out of line was humiliating me – in private or publicly –. But she never humiliated me in front of the kids. They didn’t know for instance that she made me wear female underwear. And of course they knew nothing about our baby-games.

Some time after the scrabble party, but before the day that Laura had made me go to the office wearing diapers, Tom, Isabel’s husband called. He had been offered 4 entrances to a Bruce Springsteen concert in a city some 300 km from where we lived. He knew Laura was a huge fan of “the boss” and so he asked if we would like to come along. I’m not much of a concert go-er but of course accepted for Laura’s sake. Tom explained that Isa didn’t want to come. She didn’t like Bruce so much, and having to drive 300 km back and forth, and having to arrange for a baby-sit, didn‘t seem worthwhile to her. So Tom asked if Anthony might like to get an entrance.

When that evening I asked Anthony if he would like to come with us he accepted enthusiastically. But to my surprise his sister became very jealous, asking why it was always Anthony who got such treats. She really made a big fuss so that after a couple of minutes I told her she could have my ticket, as I didn’t care, and so it was settled that the 3 of them would go to the concert with Tom.

When the day of the concert approached Tom and Laura began arranging the practical side. They were going to go by car, but they didn’t feel like driving back at night, so they would stay over for one night. And the next day they would visit the city or some exposition, making it a small week-end trip. By coincidence Tom’s two boys were invited to stay with friends that same week-end, and Isabel would be alone with little Lucy. Laura and Isabel decided it would be stupid for Isabel and me to stay alone each one on its own. As our house was in the direction of the city of destination they decided Tom would drop off Isabel and Lucy, as he picked up the 3 others, and the two of them were going to spend the week-end with me.

This was shortly after the day Laura had made me wear diapers to the office and then had me ask my boss to change me. That incident had excited me a lot and I began secretly hoping that the week-end with Isa would be similar.

On d-day Tom, Isabel and little Lucy arrived in the middle of the afternoon. Tom was immediately anxious to be on his way as they still had a long road to do. As my family was ready a few minutes later the bags had been charged and they were ready to leave.

Laura put her arm around her friend and turned to me:”Michael, you take good care of Isabel. She is tired and I promised her you would take care of her, so that she can completely relax and rest, ok?”  My heart sank in my shoes. I had hoped she would take care of me, not the reverse. But understanding what had been planned for me I nodded obediently.

A few minutes later the three of us found ourselves alone. I turned to Isabel and told her I would indeed take care of everything, she could ask me anything, so that she could completely relax. She looked at me and without any further hesitation said that that sounded wonderful. And after another second told me it was time for Lucy’s afternoon snack and asked if I could prepare the fruit mash. I nodded affirmative, hesitating to ask if I could prepare some for myself but decided against that.

I went to the kitchen, put on an apron and began preparing the mash. When I went back to the living I found Isabel reading a magazine with Lucy sitting next to her looking at a book.  I told Isa the mash was ready. She looked up from her magazine, turned to her daughter and told her she could go to the kitchen with me to eat her mash. The little girl smiled, jumped to the floor and followed me to the kitchen, while her mother told me to put a bib on her daughter when I fed her, and then turned back to her magazine.

It had been almost a year since Laura and I had babysat on Lucy, or I should say when Laura had babysat on Lucy and me. The little baby, who was now 1,5 years old, had changed a lot. She had grown into a cute little toddler girl. She followed me to the kitchen, climbed on the chair and before I could intervene, grabbed the spoon and brought a dripping spoon to her mouth. I was just in time to stop her, to put on a bib, and to start spoon-feeding her. I enjoyed watching how she eagerly swallowed spoon after spoon, although I felt slightly jealous.

While we were busy Isa came over to look if everything went well, and seeing that I was managing quit well, filled a baby-cup – one of those cups with a beak – with water, and told me Lucy could drink that after she had finished her bowl.

When bowl and cup were empty I washed her hands and face, took off the bib and taking her by the hand led her back to the living room. Isabel took her in her arms and asked if she had liked her mash. While the girl was still answering Isa turned to me and told me she would love to have some fruit too. Understanding that she wanted me to get it I asked what she fancied. To my amazement she ordered without hesitation a fresh orange juice and asked what other fruits we had. When I told her that between other we had peaches, she got a big smile: “I love peaches, but I always hate to peal them.” 

While she played with her daughter I was off to the kitchen again to prepare an orange juice and to peal a peach. When I got back she thanked me very sincerely but then told me she was afraid that her little baby had filled up her diapers. I had always hated to change messy diapers and when our kids had been babies had always led Laura take care of that chore. I gave Isa a desperate look but she didn’t seem to notice.  Taking Lucy in my arms I brought her upstairs. As I opened her diapers and began clumsily cleaning her I found out that it was not as bad as I had thought. Again I felt a pinch of jealousy. But, no – smiling to myself – I realized I could never soil my diapers and ask Laura to clean me up. She wouldn’t even change a simple wet diaper.

When Lucy and I got back downstairs I got an appreciative smile from her mother: “Thanks Michael! Tom hates to change dirty diapers, don’t you? ” I blushed. “Oh that’s all right.” She looked amused: “I like watching you wearing that apron. You never take it off?” I blushed harder, and stammered. “Euh, Yes I do, I only wear it when I’m at home.” She burst out laughing, and realizing what I had said, I laughed too.

 I cleaned up the kitchen and went back upstairs to install the baby crib and to make up a bed for Isabel, while she played with her daughter. When that was done I realized it was time to start preparing dinner. After a while Isabel and Lucy joined me in the kitchen where Isabel fed her daughter and then told her to give me a kiss as it was time for her bath and then to bed.  

When half an hour later Isabel re-entered the kitchen, dinner was almost ready. She came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek: “”You really are the perfect housemaid!” I never had thought of myself as having the role of a maid. I was just a normal husband in a female-led household. But when she said I was the perfect housemaid, I knew she meant it in appreciative way and liked the compliment. I smiled, while she continued: “Well, almost perfect” I looked at her surprised: “Michael I have a present for you. Go get it; I put it on your bed!” I hesitated for a moment wanting to ask what is was but then decided to go and have a look. Wondering what she had in mind I was excited as a kid who is opening a present but I felt also a little bit anxious, fearing maybe I might not like it.

When I got in my room I found a cute maids’ uniform laying on the bed: a short black dress with short sleeves, a small white apron with lacy rims and ribbons to be knotted in the back and a short bib that was pinned to the dress, accompanied by white lace-rimmed panties and garter belt and black stockings. I loved it! I had never before worn a garter belt but had wanted to for a long time. I put the whole outfit on as fast as I could and hurried back downstairs where Isabel was waiting for me. Upon entering the room she gave an appreciative whistle, but then, without saying a word, she made me sit down and told me to wait. Two minutes later she was back and, to my ever growing excitement, proceeded to paint my lips and to apply eyeliner and eye shadow to my eyelashes. The whole process took only a couple of minutes after which she told me, with an appreciative chuckle, to go and have a look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t wait.

I hurried to the hall and was overwhelmed by what I saw in the big mirror. I looked good in the short black dress revealing a pair of very nice legs to witch the stockings did good credit. But before all I felt really sexy: the cute little apron confirmed my submissiveness, the pink lipstick and my very lightly painted eyes made me look a little slutty but at the same time there was also some innocence to it.

Conscious of wearing a garter belt I wanted to lift my dress to have a look when I heard Isabel laughing behind me: “Now you really are a perfect housemaid”. I turned around with a happy smile, and as if she was reading my mind, she lifted my dress and bust out laughing when she saw my stiff member in the lacy panties. She immediately dropped the dress again: “Ugh, something doesn’t look quiet right don’t you agree?”

I felt so feminine that I did agree and shyly turned even redder than I was already.

I finished preparing the meal dressed in the cute maids’ uniform and we had a cozy dinner together. Afterwards I cleaned up while Isabel watched TV. When I was ready to join her she asked me to give her a foot massage, having heard from Laura I was good at that. I sighted but put myself at her feet and gave a long massage. When she was finally satisfied she thanked me, saying she had had the most relaxing afternoon ever. She bent down to me, gave me a short kiss on my mouth, telling I looked sexy, and then was off to bed leaving me alone, with a warm, happy feeling.  A few moments later I went upstairs too but before going to bed placed myself in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and admired myself for a long time, finishing with satisfying myself watching myself in the mirror. Putting on a diaper I went happily to bed.


The next morning I woke up because of the noise in the bathroom and realized that Isabel and little Lucy were up already. I was immediately aware of the comfortable thickness between my legs and automatically put my hand down. Feeling the slight heaviness I remembered I had somewhat wet my diapers before going to sleep. As always when I wake up I felt the pressure in my bladder and didn’t hesitate for a second. Having the warm wetness spreading felt great as always. I then turned around with the intention of dozing off some more.

A few minutes later however Isabel irrupted in my room, with Lucy following her by the hand:”Time to get up!” I looked up annoyed and wanted to protest, but Isabel had already pulled down my cover:” Today it’s my turn to take care of you. Yesterday you were very good to me, now I will pay you back.”  Understanding what she was saying I became very excited and jumped out of bed. She immediately noticed my soaked diapers, and turned to her little daughter: “Look Lucy, Mickey has done a big peepee too. Mommy should go wash him too before we go down, don’t you think? “The little girl didn’t seem to be surprised and nodded gravely.


Somewhat awkwardly I followed them to the bathroom where Isabel without any hesitation began unfastening my diapers, and helped me to pull my t-shirt over my head.  Feeling my penis erect again I felt very naked standing like that in front of my wife’s best friend, but she didn’t seem to notice anything special, and simply told me to get into the bath. My member had grown very big. Although I was proud of its size I felt embarrassed and held my hands in front of it. Isabel smiled:” I can’t wash you like that Michael. Could you put your hands on your head, please?” I turned red but did as asked. She proceeded to wash me from top to toes, including my member, while I was standing in the bath holding my hands on my head. I had never felt more naked. Next she had me sit down so that she could shampoo my hair with baby shampoo making sure that I was covered with foam. When she was done she gave me some bath toys and, taking my hand brought it to my still erect penis: “Now you can play with your wheezie” She looked in my surprised eyes and added that otherwise she was not going to be able to diaper me. Understanding she was telling me to masturbate I blushed even more. She smiled and, telling me she would be back in a minute, took Lucy by the hand and left me alone.

I couldn’t believe this was happening but, although very self conscious and ashamed, I took my member in my hand and began rubbing it. The water splashed all over the place and a few moments later I spouted a big jet. Sinking deeper in the water to keep warm I waited patiently for Isabel to come back. By the time she returned my penis had shrunk to a mere 3 cm. She immediately noticed it:”Ah Michael, I see you have followed my advice and had a good time? Ready to be diapered then!” Again I blushed but obediently climbed out of the bath and had me dried by her. When I followed her back to my room I realized that Laura had given her the key to the special wardrobe with my baby stuff.  She had taken out a disposable diaper and one of my baby print plastic pants and had put a plastic cover on the bed. She ordered me to lie down on it, slipped a diaper under my bottom and then copiously applied baby powder.  Laura had never done that and I loved it. I loved the smell and the soft texture when Isabel spread the powder gently on my private parts.

When I was safely diapered, Isabel went to the wardrobe and took out a pair of pale blue tights. I love to wear tights and gladly had her help me into them. Next she pulled a girlie T-shirt over my head and told me I was all set. I was a little bit disappointed she hadn’t taken out a pretty dress but was certainly not complaining. When Isabel told me to go down I put on my glasses but she immediately took them off: “You won’t need those today.” I wondered if she had thought of it herself or if Laura had given her specific instructions.

We went to the kitchen were she put a bib on both of us. This amused Lucy and she laughed out loud. But Isabel told her there was nothing to laugh as babies always wear bibs. The girl looked puzzled but stopped laughing. Isabel served both of us a plate of oat-food which Lucy began clumsily eating with a spoon. I did the same while Isabel prepared two baby-bottles with milk. Lucy soon gave up eating with a spoon and continued with her hands, covering her face, her bib and the table. I again copied her. At that moment Isabel realized the mess we were making and intervened. She took away my plate, handed me a bottle and telling me she would help me with the oatmeal when Lucy would have emptied her plate, began spoon-feeding her daughter.

I happily sucked on my bottle waiting excitedly to be spoon-fed by Isabel When both of us has finished our plate and bottle she washed our hands and faces and told us to sit on the floor to play while she cleaned up the kitchen. She gave us a couple of Bratz dolls, and some Play Mobil to keep us quiet. I was happy that Lucy wanted to play with the Play Mobil as I love to dress and undress Bratz dolls.

Both of us were still absorbed with our toys when Isabel announced we were going for a walk as she wanted to get some fresh air. I thought she was teasing me and gave her a big smile, but when a minute later she came back holding coats for both of us I jumped to my feet telling her she couldn’t be serious. But handing me the old ski anorak I use to go walking in the woods she told me in a stern voice to be quiet. If I liked to be treated as a baby, I had to be obedient. When my mommy wasn’t there she was the boss.

Her angry voice saying she was the boss turned me on. Smiling shyly I took the red anorak and told her I would be ready in a second. I wanted to run upstairs to pull on a pair of pants, but she stopped me asking where I was going. When I told her she shook her head: “No no, no jeans for our little babies. Just pull on the anorak and you will be fine.” I looked again in disbelief, but at the same time the idée of going out wearing diapers covered only by pale blue tights and a red anorak suddenly excited me.

As I pulled on the anorak she helped dress Lucy and put her in the carriage. She pushed the carriage and made me walk besides, holding onto it. I was in deep fear of running into a neighbor but at the same time I wanted to be discovered… When at the end of the street we tuned towards the little wood that lies next to our neighborhood I was relieved and disappointed simultaneously. It was an early spring day and except for some joggers there was very little chance we would meet someone there.

After a while Lucy wanted to walk and Isabel helped her out of the carriage. It didn’t take long for the girl to get tired and to sit down in the dirt to play with some twigs and rocks. I hesitated for a second and then sat down next to her and did the same. We began building little towers with what we found. Then Lucy began putting dirt in her mouth. She seemed to like the taste of it and continued. I looked at her amused as her mouth got very dirty. When the little girl noticed me looking at her she came over and with a big smile brought a handful of dirt to my mouth. I again hesitated but then opened my mouth and let her put the dirt in it. As she ate more of it herself I did the same realizing my face was getting as black as hers. All the while Isabel had been looking on in disbelief and then, laughing very hard, told us to look at each other faces. We all laughed very hard.

Back home Isabel made us undress in the kitchen and washed our hands and faces before she told us to play some more, wearing nothing but our diapers and a shirt, while she prepared dinner. Dinner consisted of a vegetable and meat puree, which I hated. But I emptied my plate obediently and then had some yoghurt as desert. After dinner Isabel took us upstairs, changed our diapers and told us it was time for a nap.

I didn’t really fall asleep but waited patiently for Isabel to come back and tell me I could get out of bed. When an hour later Isabel came into the room and checked my diaper – which was dry- I realized I had to poop. I was ashamed but saw no other possibility but to ask her to go to the bathroom. She looked at me with an amused smile: “Little babies don’t use the bathroom. That’s why they wear diapers.”

I looked back at her anxiously: “No? You can’t mean that!” But she did. I could not imagine filling up my diapers so decided to hold out. I watched as she dressed Lucy in a nice little dress, hoping she would choose me a dress too, however didn’t dare to ask.  When Isabel was ready with her daughter she explained to me she was going to dress me after she would have changed me, but that she wasn’t going do that before I had used my diaper. The urge was increasing rapidly and causing me cramps. But I was not prepared to shit in my diapers. I looked unhappily at Isabel but she laughed in my face.

She went over to the wardrobe and came back holding my favorite dress: a pale blue velvet dress, with a small white collar and short balloon sleeves, with ribbons that were knotted in the back. “Come on Michael, we don’t have all day! Just do now what you have to do, and then we can dress you and we can all go downstairs.” 

Understanding she wasn’t going to relent I began pushing and almost immediately felt a soft pack spreading in my diapers. It was the first time I had pooped in my diapers – since I was a real little baby that is – and I was surprised to notice I liked the feeling.

Isabel encouraged me while she spread the plastic cover on the bed again, and then went to the bathroom to fetch more things. When she came back she looked at me and noticing I had relaxed asked if I was ready. Looking down I nodded yes. She led me too the bed and made me lie on my back. She opened the diaper and, as if this was completely normal, she began sweeping me clean with moist tissue. I liked the feeling of the cold moist tissue and shyly looked up at her. She smiled: “Little Mickey likes this, doesn’t he?” 

I suddenly realized the difference with Laura. When Laura and I played baby games she made me do babyish things only to affirm her position by humiliating me. Isabel however treated me as if I was really a baby. Realizing this made me feel very little and gave me a good feeling in my belly.  Without thinking I swung my arms around her and hugged her. She laughed but told me to be still as she was not ready yet.

She gave me a very nice smile: “You know Michael, I think Laura is so lucky. Soon my little Lucy will go to school, and then she will be a teenager, and soon afterwards she will want to fly on her own wings, but Laura will always have her little baby, needing her. I think that’s so nice, it almost makes me cry.” I did see some moisture forming in her eyes and, putting my arms around her neck again, gave her a soft kiss on each eye.

When I was clean and diapered again she helped me dress in white tights and the blue velvet dress. Feeling good I took one of my baby dolls and we all went down where she installed her two baby girls in front of the television on the kitchen floor to watch some toddler program while she prepared a fruit mash. The two of us were soon completely absorbed in it.

As Isabel was mixing the fruit nobody heard the car stop and the doors slamming but suddenly Carol stood in the kitchen. Later I would learn that in the hotel they had met the family of a school-friend of Carol, who were there also for the Springsteen concert. Carol had preferred to come home with them in stead of spending the day with her brother, mother and Tom, who she had never liked very much.

When I saw her enter the kitchen I froze. It was as if everything began moving in slow motion. I looked straight into the eyes of my 14 year old daughter, conscious that I was sucking on a pacifier, sitting on the floor with my legs open, wearing a very short light blue dress over white tights with underneath a thick diaper, holding a doll in my arms. Her eyes went wide open, she gasped, and then cried out:”What the hell?” I spat out the pacifier and wanted to get up, but Isabel had turned around and putting her hands on both my shoulders pressed me down. Taken by surprise as much as I Isabel instinctively reacted in the right way. She gave a broad smile to Carol: “Hi sweety! Want to join us? We do some role playing. Don’t you think your daddy looks just so cute as a little baby girl?”

At that moment everything seemed to fall in place again. Carol came up to me and began laughing very hard: “Wow, this is something! Can’t believe what I see!” I relaxed and gave her a shy smile. Isabel continued recovering the initiative after her initial surprise: “Want to join us? You can help me feed those little babies, or maybe you prefer to play baby yourself?” Carol continuing to laugh very hard answered that no, she didn’t want to be a baby but would love to help with the feeding.

Isabel handed her a bib indicating she had to put it around my neck. A few minutes later I was happily being spoon-fed by my daughter. She seemed to like it. I loved it!

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  1. Dear Clairodon
    Thank you so much. i really look forward to reading it. i hope it won’t be too long coming!

  2. Is there going to be more please? Like Billy, i just loved it and would be delighted if it moved on so that his daughter joined his wife in babying him (and Anthony?)

    • Yes there is more to come. My next story will be part 2 of La revanche, an,d then I’ll work on the next chapter of Dream come true. Thanks for likong it.

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