A different schoolgirl 8

A few minutes later they were dressed in their identical short-alls. The shorts fitted tightly over their diapers. For a few seconds Isabel hesitated again, fearing that everybody would see she was wearing diapers but looking at Jeremy she decided that if you didn’t know you wouldn’t notice. All excited they went to their respective classes.

 What happened before?

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “A different schoolgirl”,  with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

Chapter 1: Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing disposable diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress. Isabel however, to the glee of her 12 year old sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control problems herself, to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise, enjoyed wearing the diapers and the younger looking dress.

 Chapter 2: At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy. After that first day she had decided that she would never again be humiliated this way. But she had not been able to resist causing new “accidents”, meaning she would still regularly have to wear diapers but would take care that nobody outside her family would notice.

 Chapter 3: When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once. During the yearly family holiday at the seaside she fell in love with hers, and Emily’s, 14 year old childhood friend Michael, having little trouble turning him for two weeks into her little loving baby sister.

 Chapter 4: Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from baby-bottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harness and even forces her to mess up her diapers… But without any effect. On the contrary, Isabel gets more and more attached to this lifestyle assuming two personalities: a dependent baby when at home and a nice schoolgirl when going out, but of course, always wearing diapers.

 Chapter 5 The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way. Until the day that Isabel pooped in her diapers and Martha took her shopping like that. This painful experience led Isabel to ask to stop the whole baby thing.

 Chapter 6: When Isabel goes to college she soon rediscovers the joy of diapers and baby games. And when Emily has a little baby girl, Lizzie, Isabel enjoys being treated by her two sisters in the same way as her little niece.

 Chapter 7: In college Isabel meets a cute, good looking, shy, freshman, Jeremy. When she discovers he wears diapers she completely falls for him. She insists he come to live with her in her flat so that they can share their secret baby lives together

Chapter 8 Going public again

 The next morning when the alarm clock went off she told Jeremy gently to remain in bed while she prepared breakfast. He didn’t make her repeat that and turning over went right back to sleep. Some time later she pulled down the blankets and putting her hand between his legs asked if he had wet his diapers. She was disappointed to notice this was not the case, but she told him happily that in that case he could come and have his breakfast right away.

Again she had him wear a bib, but by now he was expecting it, and was beginning to find it normal. Breakfast consisted of a bowl of cereals for both of them and she had him eat by himself while she ate hers. After breakfast she took him to the bathroom where she helped him out of his onesie,  and then standing next to him in front of the mirror she told him to wet his diapers, doing the same herself. Holding her hand between his legs, feeling the pee spreading in the diapers and watching the diapers getting heavy was wonderful.

He felt a little disappointed when she told him to get himself washed as he had hoped she would do that, but he realized time was running and both of them had to get ready for classes. After he had washed up and brushed his teeth she helped him into new diapers and then handed him a girlie T-shirt and a pair of denim short-alls. He didn’t know how to react. On the one hand he loved the idea of wearing such a childish outfit but on the other hand he couldn’t possibly wear that to go to class. But when he protested she cut him short saying that he would look lovely in it. He was tempted and after a moment of hesitation dressed himself in the short-alls.

He liked the way he looked but again realized he couldn’t go out like that. When he said so she didn’t relent. After a short hesitation Jeremy went over to her wardrobe, and looking for a few seconds took out a short denim jumper dress. Handing it to Isabel he told her he would wear the short-alls if his big little sis would wear that dress.

She blushed. It was one of her favorite dresses that she wore over her diapers when she was alone at home. It was rather short barely covering half her upper legs. She realized she was caught at her own game. If she refused she could hardly force Jeremy, but she had made up her mind she wanted to treat Jeremy as a little kid all the time. She shrugged, and thinking that a short jumper dress was not anything that would attract too much attention, she smiled and told Jeremy she would wear the dress.

Ten minutes later both of they were ready to leave. They looked at each other and both laughed nervously. Isabel realized the dress was very different from her normal fashionable sporty look. But she shrugged although she was well aware she would have to move very carefully not to reveal her diapers. As for Jeremy, being dressed in a pale green T-shirt underneath short-alls, he knew he was in for some very heavy teasing. He was not sure he liked it. But at least his diapers were well concealed.

They went downstairs and after a passionate kiss and hug, both went to their respective classes.

Isabel immediately got some teasing remarks from her surprised friends. About her being in summer mood and so on. Nothing nasty. She knew it would go over eventually. At least if her diapers weren’t revealed. She even liked somewhat the extra attention. It had been several years that she hadn’t worn diapers in public and she was pleased, but also embarrassed, to note that the chance that she could be discovered excited her in the perverse way it had always done. 

Everything went fine and in the afternoon she had to join Jeremy and the girls in her seminar class. She was a little late and couldn’t really hurry because of her fear to reveal her diapers. When she arrived in the classroom she found the 5 girls standing around Jeremy making fun of him. Upon her entering the room they all turned around and then fell silent staring at her. She suddenly felt naked, and nervously pulled down the rim of her skirt.


One of the “fashion queens” was the first to burst out laughing: “What is this? A little peasant girls’ convention?” The two others laughed too and Isabel, noticing that Benny and Polly were wearing similar jumper dresses, blushed very hard. She immediately sensed that her authority that had already suffered from her unreasonable treatment of Jeremy in class was in danger. She tried to regain control by saying in her usual voice that they should start working because there was a lot to be done. But it was immediately obvious this was not going to work. One of the fashion girls asked in a loud voice what kind of work the girls wanted to do, drawing, coloring or make a collage? One of her friends, shrieking with laughter, suggested to do paper folding. Isabel didn’t know how to react, and after a moment of hesitation, decided not to insist. She told them the weather was too nice to work and they would take a day off. They all looked at her surprised, but then loudly agreed. A few moments later Isabel was standing outside, still nervously pulling down her dress, surrounded by Polly, Benny and Jeremy. The girls suggested the 4 of them go and sit on the lawn to enjoy the sun and she didn’t have anything better to suggest.

As they sat down Polly commented on the fact that the 3 of them were wearing denim jumper dresses, being like 3 sisters. Benny remarked that if they wanted to be sisters Isabel should wear her hair in the same way as they did. Benny and Polly had put there hair in braids that day as they often did. Isabel hadn’t had braids in 6 or 7 years but smiling she shrugged. Benny didn’t need more encouragement and immediately began putting braids in Isabel’s hair. When she was ready Isabel had a strange urge to be seen by others and suggested to go and have a drink at a terrace. The others immediately agreed and the 4 of them got up and walked together over campus. Isabel realized that walking with the two other girls wearing similar denim jumper dresses and braids, holding hands with a shy boy in dungaree shorts, she had to attract attention, but she was happy and wanted everybody to see that.

When they arrived at the terrace there was no free table. They hesitated what to do and Isabel felt people gazing at them. She suddenly realized that some of her best friends were sitting there and were staring at her and her childish friends. She wanted to disappear but it was too late. Leaving the others she shyly walked up to the table with her friends and, holding the rim of her skirt, bent over to give each of them a kiss. As she kissed Brett, the sexiest guy from her class on whom she used to have a crush, he took her by the arm: “I like your new look;” She didn’t know if he was making fun of her or making a compliment. She blushed and before she could answer Mary, Brett’s girl friend, joined in: “Yeah, what’s up? Are you guys going to a costume party? Who are your friends anyway?” Isabel began to get worried and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. She put up an apologetic face:”Oh, those are my “students”, and I promised to have a drink with them. I’m afraid I can’t escape from that” Mary gave her a strange smile: “Why are you all dressed in the same way?” Isabel blushed again but she had a sudden inspiration: “Oh that? A silly bet.” Mary seemed to believe her: “I see. Why don’t you join us?” Isabel looked around and to her relieve didn’t see how they were going to find 4 empty chairs on the crowded terrace. Pointing out the problem she hastily said good bye to her friends and joined the others who were still waiting for her. Walking up to them she felt guilty, because she felt as if she had betrayed them by saying in a disdainful way that they were just her students.  Seeing sweet Jeremy looking at her with his angelic smile she was overcome with tender feelings. Realizing very well that her friends were still watching her she walked up to her boy friend and wanted to kiss him and take his hand, but she didn’t dare to. She just walked away with Jeremy and the peasant girls following her.

As they walked towards another bar some 15 minutes away one of them suggested that that terrace was going to be packed too. They stopped to discuss what to do. Soon they had agreed that it wasn’t worthwhile to continue and sat down in the grass next to the sidewalk. After a few seconds Benny got up, and taking a chalk from her pocket, drew a number of boxes on the sidewalk. Soon they were playing hopscotch. While jumping Isabel was holding her skirt, but when she had to bend over to pick up the little stone she almost fell and to recover her balance had to let go of her skirt. Polly immediately began screaming, clapping in her hands, and laughing very hard: “You wear diapers? Isabel wears diapers! Benny look, Isabel wears diapers!”

Isabel froze and turned red as a tomato, as the two girls approached and still shrieking with laughter wanted to lift her skirt. As defense Isabel cried out that Jeremy was wearing diapers too. As all attention turned to him, it was his turn to blush. When everybody had calmed down Jeremy and Isabel hadn’t any other possibility but to start explaining. How they liked to wear diapers, and to drink from a baby-bottle, and how they slept with a pacifier, and Isabel told how the day before she had taken care of her little baby brother, how at first he had protested but then liked it. Polly and Benny were delighted, commenting all the time how cute all this was. The result can be guessed: Polly and Benny wanted to see all the baby stuff and proposed to go to Isabel’s apartment to baby-sit on the two of them.

Jeremy seemed embarrassed and protested that the weather was too nice to go inside but Isabel was immediately enthusiastic so that, 3 against 1, they decided to go. Once at home Isabel showed all the baby stuff and clothes to her delighted friends. While Jeremy, pretending not to be interested, played on the computer. After the “guided tour” Benny decided it was time for action. Benny and Polly took the two others to the bathroom and helped them undress and take off their soaked diapers and plastic pants. At first Jeremy protested again telling that he could undress alone but he was overruled by the others and didn’t insist. They were told to get into bath were they were washed each. Standing naked in front of their friends felt awkward, even Isabel didn’t know what attitude to take. But Benny and Polly proceeded very naturally as if they were treating real babies seemingly without any second thoughts. Isabel loved it, and little by little Jeremy entered into his role too. When they were all “clean” they stayed in bath to play as they had done the day before. Completely into her role Isabel made Jeremy sit on her lap and played with his little bird which immediately dressed itself to the delight of the other 3. But when Isabel continued to stroke his member Polly in a severe voice told her to stop playing with her “little brother’s wizzy”. Surprised Isabel obeyed.

It was obvious that Benny and Poly enjoyed the game enormously. They dressed their little protégés in clean onesies, had them wear bibs, fed them, and read from one of the children’s books from Isabel’s collection.  They put them into bed and then giving them a good night kiss left them alone.

Once alone the fell into each others arms and Isabel’s hand slipped into Jeremy’s diaper resuming the came were Polly had made them stop. They were soon making passionate love.  When they finally were ready to go to sleep Isabel fetched new diapers and despite Jeremy’s protests insisted to put them on for the night.

The next day, after she had changed and washed her little lover, she served both of them the same breakfast as the day before, of course both of them wearing a bib. But when it was time to get dressed Isabel dressed in smart pants and a jacket. She had an appointment with one of her teachers and anyway she didn’t want to have more explaining to do to her friends. Jeremy too wanted to dress in normal clothes but they realized all his clothes were still in his apartment. Smilingly she handed him another girly t-shirt and loose fitting pale green girl shorts to wear over his diapers. He didn’t protest but after leaving he hurried to his own apartment and, relieved that he hadn’t met anybody on the way, changed into jeans. He hesitated a moment but then decided to keep his girl friend’s t-shirt. Wearing her clothes turned him on.

They didn’t see each other before the end of the day when they went to the supermarket together. Passing by the clothes section Isabel’s eyes fell on a pair of denim short-alls. They were shorter than the one she had Jeremy wear the other day. Too cute to resist, they each bought a pair without trying them on. They couldn’t wait to get home to put them on.  They were surprised to discover that they were somewhat tight fitting so that there respective, diapered, bums, stood out. Wearing respectively a Hello Kitty and a Disney Princess T-shirt underneath, they loved their new outfits.

The next morning when it was time to dress Isabel looked at the short-alls but decided she was not up to other mocking remarks from her friends. Jeremy who had noticed Isabel’s hesitation, glanced at the short-alls too, but when he saw his girl friend putting on denim pants over her diapers he too reached for his pair of jeans. But he smiled hesitantly to Isabel: “No more kiddy clothes?” She looked up, surprised, and gave him a smile too: “I don’t know? Do you want to?” He blushed and shrugged: “I don’t know”. She hesitated for a moment and then resolutely pulled down her pants. A few minutes later they were dressed in their identical short-alls. The shorts fitted tightly over their diapers. For a few seconds Isabel hesitated again, fearing that everybody would see she was wearing diapers but looking at Jeremy she decided that if you didn’t know you wouldn’t notice. All excited they went to their respective classes. On her way Isabel noticed the strange looks she was receiving and suddenly realized she was making a fool of herself. She and her friends always respected a specific dress code: fashionable sporty but not too casual .They looked down on people who “didn’t know how to dress in an appropriate way”. Shorts were a transgression of that code of course, so was the denim jumper dress she had worn too days ago. That was good for holidays but not to go to class. A denim short-all was of course even more out of line. She stopped and decided she couldn’t go to class dressed like that. She turned around and remembering she still had work to do decided to skip class and go to the library.

She worked all morning very concentrated completely forgetting the time, until she realized it was time to go her seminar class. She looked at her watch and hesitated once more. But it was too late to go change at home, and anyway she didn’t want to betray Jeremy, so she decided to confront the “fashion queens” with her childish T-shirt and short-alls.

She arrived a little early and waiting for the others to arrive went over the subject they were going to discuss. The first to arrive where the “fashion queens”, all three of them elegantly dressed as always. Isabel, suddenly very conscious of the horrible situation she had placed herself in, blushed, and nodding with her head in sign of a greeting, bend over her papers as if she was absorbed by her work. She felt the 3 girls gazing at her but before they could react Jeremy entered the room and suddenly everybody began shouting and laughing.

They had immediately seen that Isabel and Jeremy were wearing identical dungaree shorts and loudly commented how silly they looked, asking if they were going to a playground together. Both Isabel, who was standing up by now, and Jeremy, turned red. One of the girls suggested they should participate in the un-cool person of the year contest. At that moment Polly and Benny entered the room too, and after overcoming their initial surprise, began defending the two others by saying they looked cute, which made Isabel feel even more embarrassed.

She tried to get control over the situation again by saying they should start working because they had to make good for the time they had lost two days earlier. But the girls just continued to laugh in her face. One of them, sensing her disarray, went for the kill: “I think today we should discuss what is meant by the school handbook where it says that students should always attire appropriate to success, reflecting the standards of the institution, and that all students should be aware that the way they dress will be rightly interpreted by others as how they feel about their position in society.”

This dress code didn’t prevent a large number of students to come to school in shorts and t-shirts, but that differed from faculty to faculty. And in Isabel’s faculty the dress code was taken seriously, making girls like Benny and Polly who didn’t respect it, to be looked down on, despite their intellectual capabilities.

Isabel was completely lost by the direct attack and, not knowing what to say, just laughed meekly. The fashion girls continued to laugh in her face: “Judging by the way you dress I don’t think you consider your place to be in front of a class-room, do you?” Isabel still smiled silently but the fashion girls insisted: “Do you?” Completely taken aback she shook her head. The girls irrupted in laughter again: “Right! So from now on we will lead the class!” Looking at Isabel, Jeremy and the two peasant girls they continued: “The 4 of you just listen while we work. When we want your opinion we will ask, ok?”

The next half hour the fashion girls went rapidly through the material of that day. Sometimes they would hesitate and turn to Isabel to ask if she agreed. When Isabel wanted to elaborate on the subject they interrupted her by asking to answer with a yes or a no. This way in half an hour they went through material which normally would have taken them at least two hours. When they arrived at the last page for the day they looked at Isabel and her 3 little friends:”Done! Admit this is a lot more efficient, isn’t it? Aren’t the 4 of you happy too? Now you can all go to the playground and have fun with the other little kids “

When the 3 fashion queens had left them alone Isabel began crying from frustration. The 3 others told her not to be sad, but that didn’t make her feel better. Only when Jeremy sat on her lap, put his arms round her, and whispered in her ear that he loved her very much, did she wipe her tears and smile. Seeing this Benny jumped on her feet and suggested they go out to play. A few minutes later the four of them were playing hopscotch. At a certain moment, when Benny was jumping and the 3 others were looking on, Polly came up to Isabel and Jeremy and softly tapping on their bottoms asked if they didn’t need a change? Isabel blushed lightly – but this time in a happy way – and the 4 of them went off to Isabel’s apartment again for the remaining part of the day.

The next couple of days Isabel and Jeremy dressed in a normal way and even stopped wearing diapers. But the day of the next seminar class, for some reason she couldn’t explain to herself, she dressed both of them in short-alls again. Isabel even put her hair in braids. The fashion girls were at first very surprised but when Isabel sat down and waited for one of them to start the class they didn’t hesitate. They finished even faster as the last time and in no time Isabel found herself happily playing hide and seek with her friends. At a certain moment she was hiding behind a tree when Brett, Mary and some other friends from master classes came by and looking at her outfit, stopped to ask what she was up to. Isabel blushed slightly and was looking for an appropriate answer, when Polly popped up from behind the tree and crying out “Isabel I have seen you” began sprinting towards the post where they had to tick off. Isabel hesitated a fraction of a second but then, without paying any more attention to her friends, ran after Polly in the hope of beating her to the pole. She didn’t succeed and when she turned around she saw her friends gazing at her from afar. She gave them a shy wave, and then closing her eyes began the count down for the next round of the game.

That evening Isabel realized there was no way back. This was the second time she had been seen by her friends in her childish outfit with her childish friends. And this time she had been seeing playing a children’s game with them. The next morning she went to her class wearing diapers underneath a short jumper dress with a small bib and braces crossing in the back.

From then on she would wear that kind of outfits every day. In the beginning her friends told her she shouldn’t do that, but after a while they didn’t bother anymore. Of course, she was considered to be weird. That became even worse when her friends understood that little angelic Jeremy was her boyfriend. Gradually she saw her friends less and less and she understood that they were ashamed being seen with her. She spend all her time with Jeremy and the little peasant girls. Isabel dressed Jeremy too in childish outfits and Polly and Benny wore their usual careless clothes. The 4 of them were soon known by the whole school for their looks, and even more for their childish behavior, but Isabel couldn’t care less.

Towards the end of the school year Isabel was approached by the promoter of her final paper. It was thanks to him that she had been given the opportunity to give seminar classes. She knew he was impressed by her work and hoped he would offer her a teaching job at the university and the opportunity to do a PhD. She was nervous for the interview as she had noticed his attitude towards her had changed lately. She was relieved when he began complimenting the quality of her work and he did offer her a job. But as a research assistant in the lab, without a teaching assignment. She had known that the fact that she was dating Jeremy had made it very unlikely she was going to get a teaching job. Although strictly speaking it was a relationship between two students, he had been a pupil in her seminar class, and she knew she should have kept her distance. But Isabel was disappointed her promoter didn’t talk about the possibility for preparing a PhD any more. He didn’t mention her strange behavior or the way she dressed – if he had done she would have felt very awkward – but she knew that had to be the reason, and that angered her somewhat

Nevertheless she was happy she would be coming back to the university and could continue to live with Jeremy, her little lover brother.

She hadn’t any plans for summer except to accompany her sister Emily – and little Lizzie – to the seaside for a week So when Benny invited her and Jeremy to spend the second part of the summer on her parents’ farm both of them accepted immediately.

Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/a-different-schoolgirl-9/


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