A different schoolgirl 9

With her legs slightly apart she watched how wet streams ran down her sand-covered legs, to form a large wet spot in the sand. When she was ready she felt relieved and, noticing the large dark area on her bathing suit, shrugged, thinking it would dry just as the sea water had dried that morning. She sat down again and resumed her play.

 What happened before?

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 Chapter 1: Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress. Isabel however, to the glee of her 12 year old sister Emily, to the delight of 5 year old Christina who lately had had some control problems herself, to the indifference of 7 year old David, and to her own surprise, enjoyed wearing the diapers and the younger looking dress.

 Chapter 2: At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy. After that first day she had decided that she would never again be humiliated this way. But she had not been able to resist causing new “accidents”, meaning she would still regularly have to wear diapers but would take care that nobody outside her family would notice.

 Chapter 3: When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once. During the yearly family holiday at the seaside she fell in love with hers, and Emily’s, 14 year old childhood friend Michael, having little trouble turning him for two weeks into her little loving baby sister.

 Chapter 4: Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from baby-bottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harness and even forces her to mess up her diapers… But without any effect. On the contrary, Isabel gets more and more attached to this lifestyle assuming two personalities: a dependent baby when at home and a nice schoolgirl when going out, but of course, always wearing diapers.

 Chapter 5 The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way. Until the day that Isabel pooped in her diapers and Martha took her shopping like that. This painful experience led Isabel to ask to stop the whole baby thing.

 Chapter 6: When Isabel goes to college she soon rediscovers the joy of diapers and baby games. And when Emily has a little baby girl, Lizzie, Isabel enjoys being treated by her sister in the same way as her little niece.

 Chapter 7: In college Isabel meets a cute, good looking, shy, freshman, Jeremy. When she discovers he wears diapers she completely falls for him. She insists he come to live with her in her flat so that they can share their secret baby lives together

 Chapter 8: Jeremy and Isabel, encouraged by their friends Benny and Polly, behave and dress more and more as kids publicly. Isabel’s other friends, embarrassed by her behavior, take distance from her, but she is too happy to notice or to care


Chapter 9 Another innocent summer

 Isabel hadn’t seen little Lizzie, her sisters little baby girl, for some time and was surprised to see how the baby had grown into a cute little toddler girl. Although still somewhat young Emily thought she was ready to be potty trained, and had put potties on different strategic places. From time to time Lizzie would go sit on one and do what was expected. Probably more by coincidence than by design, but still each time she was loudly acclaimed. As the weather was hot Emily kept the little girl dressed with nothing but a short shirt, so that there were no unnecessary delays in getting to the potty on time, and whenever she was too late anyway, she didn’t wet any clothes.

Isabel immediately wanted to be potty trained by her sister too but didn’t dare to ask. That night when she gave the little girl her bath she could hardly resist to jump in the tub too to play with the little ducks and other floating toys and when afterwards she was diapering the baby her thoughts went out to Jeremy. Oh, how she wished her little baby was there, so that she could pamper him and then, after having put on her own diapers, could coddle up to him. She was so absorbed by this thought that she hadn’t noticed Emily entering the bathroom. Emily must have seen something on her face because out of nowhere she bent over her sister and whispered that she would diaper her later. Isabel gave her a shy but happy smile.

The next day when she noticed her little niece running around wearing again as only garment a short shirt she couldn’t resist. She took off her clothes too and wearing nothing but her hello Kitty shirt sat down on one of the potties and made a big pee, waiting to be congratulated. Emily, after her initial surprise, congratulated her loudly, telling Lizzie to clap in her hands because her auntie had done a big peepee.

And of course the rest of the week Isabel, whenever they stayed at home, just like baby Lizzie, would wear only a short shirt, and use the potties to pee. Being congratulated by her sister and little niece every time she peed really made her feel happy

But she missed her little baby lover badly. They mailed, texted and spoke on the phone several times a day, counting off the days remaining before they would go to Polly and Benny together.

Finally D-day arrived. Isabel had to leave very early to catch a train. After a train ride of a couple of hours she would get to the hometown of Jeremy where they would meet at the station to continue the journey together. Isabel dressed with a simple plain colored T-shirt over a plain not-too short skirt and short white socks. Looking in the mirror she was happy with the way she looked. Although not conspicuously childish, she didn’t exact look her age either. Especially not with her hair done in braids and the pink Disney Princess backpack in which she had put her hand luggage. Anybody who would have been asked her age would have had a hard time.


When Isabel got off the train she immediately saw Jeremy who was waiting for her on the platform. He was standing next to a kind looking lady and Isabel understood it was his mother. Jeremy was wearing a white T-shirt over tight fitting jeans. Isabel immediately noticed he was not wearing diapers. He was very tanned, his hair was even blonder than before, and Isabel was overwhelmed by his beauty. 

But his mother being present intimidated her. A little shy she walked up to them and kissed Jeremy awkwardly on the cheek. When she turned to his mother she received a kind smile:”Hi Isabel, nice to finally meet you. You must be very special for Jeremy to cancel his sailing camp to go on holiday with you.” Isabel blushed. She turned to her boyfriend and casting down her eyes, shifted from one leg to the other: “Oh, that’s so sweet! Next time we will go on the little boats baby. But you know on the farm they have little lams, and cute little piglets.” She glanced sideways and saw the surprised look on the mother’s face and could hardly suppress her smile. Jeremy too had problem not to laugh, and as he glanced at his mother too his eyes were sparkling with fun “I can hardly wait to get here.” Then they both burst out laughing. Jeremy’s mother too laughed although she wasn’t quiet sure what was going on between the two of them. But they didn’t have much time and taking leave from his mother they hurried to the platform where the next train was going to leave.

From the moment they were alone sitting in the train they embraced passionately. Isabel whispered in his ear: “Poor baby, you don’t wear any protection for the journey? “ Jeremy looked at her smiling: “Do you?” She opened her legs and lifted her skirt a bit so that he could see a glimmer of the pack between her legs. He kissed her again touching her diapers. Showing her back pack Isabel whispered again in his ear: “Don’t you worry, I have taken precautions. I will take care of you in a minute.” Jeremy blushed happily.

Immediately after the train had left the station Isabel grabbed her bag and taking Jeremy by the hand left for the rest rooms. In front of them she hesitated to pull him inside the ladies room with her but noticing people were looking at them she opened her bag and pushed a small blue bunch in his hands. He looked at first surprised but then understood she was handing him one of the pairs of denim short-alls they had bought together. He wanted to protest but she pushed him towards the men’s room: “Can’t wait to see your tanned legs baby! Hurry up. The diaper is rolled in the shorts.”

He hadn’t worn diapers for several weeks and putting them on felt great. And when he pulled the short-alls over them and fastened the braces to the bib he thought about how much Isabel liked to see him in that outfit and that made him feel all warm inside.

Getting back to the compartment where Isabel was waiting for him he got some amused looks and even heard some girls giggling in his back. But as he had expected Isabel received him enthusiastically telling him how cute, beautiful, lovely, handsome, he was.

When they got to the little town where Polly and Benny lived, both girls were waiting for them at the station. After a warm welcome, during which both girls complimented of course Jeremy for the way he was dressed, Benny told them they should be going. They said goodbye to Polly who stayed in town, but promising they would all get together the next day.

The three others got into Benny’s car for a 10 minute drive to her parents’ farm. Benny was the youngest of a family of 5 siblings. Her youngest brother was 7 years older than she and her oldest sister 12. The 3 oldest children had left the family home and swarmed out. Her youngest brother helped running the farm but spend most of his leisure time with his girlfriend in town. Benny had always been treated as the little one and had been exempt from helping with the household our farm work. And now that she had become almost the only child she continued to take advantage of her status as the youngest.

Isabel and Jeremy after having been presented to Benny’s mother  – a warm hearty women – and having been shown their room, had been given the time to fresh up. It was the first moment they were alone since a couple of weeks and didn’t hesitate to make up for the lost time. As usual their play of kissing, stroking, fondling started out with changing their wet diapers. They were still naked lying on the bed making out when there was a knock on the doors and Benny entered the room. Laughing very hard she told them they were naughty little babies. They were told to hurry up because Benny wanted to show them around and then it would be time for supper.

Isabel and Jeremy, although they would have preferred to stay in their room, jumped up and promised that they would hurry. They both put on new diapers and Jeremy dressed in the same short-alls he had worn to arrive, and Isabel put on identical ones. Holding hands they went downstairs where a delighted Benny was waiting for them to give them a guided tour of the farm.

They were still watching the newly born piglets when a loud bell rang, which was the sign dinner was served. When they got to the table they were introduced to Benny’s father who gave them an absent minded welcome. The mother came in carrying a pot of hot soup, and immediately noticing that her daughters guests were wearing identical short-alls, smiled, telling them they looked cute. Jeremy turned red, but Isabel smiled happily. Cute was her favorite compliment.

The meal was simple but very tasty, and both Jeremy and Isabel enjoyed the friendly, uncomplicated attitude of Benny’s mother. Isabel recognized her friend in this and immediately felt completely at home. At the end of the meal, Isabel wanted to help cleaning up, but Benny’s mother stopped her: “Little kids don’t have to help in this household. Benny why don’t you go upstairs and show Isabel your dolls? “Isabel wasn’t sure if this was a serious suggestion or a teasing remark. But Benny immediately protested that she didn’t play with dolls anymore. Her mother turned around and smiled kindly:”I know that since you left for university you think you are too big to play with dolls, but I’m sure both your little friends love to play with them.” And then looking at Isabel added: “Isn’t that so, Isabel?”

Isabel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She gave a big smile to the mother and happily nodded yes. The mother answered her smile:”You see? Off you go then!” While the 3 were on the point of leaving the kitchen they were stopped: “In one hour it’s bedtime, ok? “ Benny protested again, but her mother told her little friends had had a tiring journey and had to go to bed in time otherwise they weren’t going to enjoy the next day. “Benny shrugged and turning around wanted to leave without answering, but again they were stopped: “Benny, can I count on you to put out the lights in one hour?” Benny sighted, but this time promised she would take care of that.

They went to Benny’s room and Isabel, delighted with the large collection of dolls, was immediately completely absorbed, showing Jeremy how to play with them, while Benny looked on smiling. After about half an hour Benny told them it was time for them to prepare to go to bed. She showed them the bathroom and told them to undress. Isabel and Jeremy hesitated to undress in front of their friend but then Isabel shrugged and unbuttoned the short-alls and let them fall to the floor, with Jeremy following her example. A few minutes later they were both standing poodle naked in front of Benny. Just as the first time when Benny and Polly had taken care of them at uni. They felt awkward but of course for all of them this had been implicit in the invitation to come over. Benny moisturized and soaped a hanky and proceeded to wash their private parts, as the 3 of them giggled nervously.

When they were washed and dried Benny handed them two identical Hello Kitty shirts which she had found in Isabel’s bag. Dressed only in the short shirts they were told to go to their bedroom and lie on the bed so that Benny could diaper them. While Benny applied baby powder to Jeremy’s private parts, and he sighted deeply, Isabel looked on, and could hardly wait for Benny to take care of her. A few moments later Benny popped a pacifier in their mouths and kissed them good night. Before Benny had even reached the door the two cuddled up to each other. With the doorknob in her hand Benny turned around and saw how her two babies were already stroking and kissing each other. Smilingly she told them to take care not to tear their diapers and then opening the door added it was baby-bedtime anyway. When Benny had left them alone they continued stroking and kissing each other passionately, but didn’t dare to touch their diapers. They finally fell happily asleep in each other’s arms

They next day they were still sleeping when Benny interrupted in their room and, opening the curtains to let in the bright sunshine, told them it was time to get up and enjoin the beautiful day. She immediately added that they had to hurry otherwise there would be no breakfast left. Of course both Isabel and Jeremy had completely wetted their diapers and Isabel wanted to take them off before going downstairs, but Benny told them there was no time and handed both of them a school-smock, telling them to put them on, so that they would cover up their heavy diapers.

Isabel, curious, took the smock from Benny’s hands. It was a traditional, ironed and starched, blue and white gingham apron with long sleeves. As she unfolded it she noticed it had a row of buttons from top to bottom in the back and two sashes to be knotted in the waist. She immediately loved it and put it on. Benny helped her closing the buttons in the back and knotting the sashes in a nice bow. Jeremy, who had followed the example of his friend, was helped by Isabel. The smocks were a little bit small, fitting tightly over their chests – especially for Isabel -, and covering barely the upper half of their legs. Isabel was delighted.

Going downstairs to the kitchen they found a rich breakfast table dressed for 3. Benny’s mother, occupied with different household chores, gave the 3 of them a warm kiss and told them to hurry because in 10 minutes she would clean the table. Of course she noticed the smocks and smiled approvingly: “I see Benny is introducing you to the customs of this house. As far as I remember all kids on this farm have worn those aprons” She smiled and turned to her daughter who was wearing a shirt over shorts: “Two years ago, on het sixteenth birthday Benny decided she was too old to wear an apron, but I always say it is not about how old you are or how you dress, it’s about how you feel and behave. And I know that my little Benny is going to be my little girl forever. And I’m happy to see she has found some nice new little friends.”

After breakfast they went back upstairs where Benny took them to the bathroom again, and took off their wet diapers. They had to hold up the smocks so that Benny could wash them and then back to the room to be diapered again. When they were ready they went out and they all got into rubber boots to go to the pig’s barn where they were shown how to feed the little piglets. They spend the rest of the morning watching and playing with some other animals, and then the bell indicating dinner time, went off already.

They hurried back to the farm house meeting Benny’s father and one of her brothers at the door. The father again seemed barely to notice them, but the brother was clearly intrigued by his little sister’s friends. For the first time since arriving at the farm Isabel felt self-conscious. She realized the brother was about her age, maybe 2 or 3 years older. He was quiet handsome, well built, wearing a tight fitting shirt over his broad chest and showing a pair of strong muscled arms. He looked at her with kind dark eyes, and a hesitating smile.

When Benny introduced Isabel to him she couldn’t help turning red. Conscious that with her hair bound in two braids with bows, her short little apron, and her rubber boots, she cut a strange figure. He would never guess that’s she was 23, but of course he knew she wasn’t some 10 or 11 year old little girl either.

He hesitated a moment, clearly at a loss what to say, but Benny was already introducing Jeremy, which made his eyes widen even more: “Jeremy? Isn’t that a boy’s name?” Jeremy turned even redder than Isabel, as Benny burst out laughing: “Come on Michael, I told you about Isabel and Jeremy, Polly’s and mine best friends at uni ? Jeremy is the nicest boy in the world, and Isabel was our tutor?”  Brian looked at them incredulous but then decided his sister was pulling his leg:”Sure, and I am going to be grandfather next month.”  But still unsure he gave a last glance at Isabel before hurrying inside.

During dinner Isabel couldn’t help giving glances at handsome Michael across the table. But each time she looked at him she caught him looking in her direction and, feeling ever more self-conscious, she cast her eyes down. Keeping her legs together she nervously pulled down the smock to make sure her diapers were covered. When dinner was over and Michael and his father left to continue their work in the fields Isabel was relieved but at the same time, the fact that he had left without comment, or without even looking at her, had disappointed her in a strange way.

 But there was not much time to reflect on that as Benny had decided that they were going into town to meet Polly, and had to change into other clothes. She told her two guests to wait while she changed and she would then help them to change too. When a few minutes later Benny reappeared she wore a short yellow flowery print dress, with short balloon sleeves, a tight fitting bodice closing in the back with buttons, a small Peter-Pan collar, and an ample skirt falling just above her knees. Although she wore it in her usual careless way over short socks and sneakers, she looked different. Isabel told her she looked marvelous, which seemed to please Benny very much: “You like the dress? That’s great, Polly made it with her mother, and they have made exactly the same for you!”


When Benny handed Isabel her dress, it looked much too small, and indeed when she tried it on the waist was very high and the skirt extremely short, barely covering her diapers. Isabel, although loving the cute dress, was disconcerted by the idea of having to go to town dressed like that. Benny seeing how she was looking at herself in the mirror smiled and handed her baby-pants in the same yellow flowery print. Isabel pulled them up, loved how they looked, but was not really reassured about wearing that outfit in public. But she hadn’t time to protest as Benny was now taking care of Jeremy.

She had him put on a blouse in the same print fabric with the same balloon sleeves and Peter Pan collar. She then handed him a pair of ample plain yellow girl shorts, – the ones with an elastic waist and no zip nor pockets – to wear over his diapers. She had him tuck the shirt in his shorts and, patting them on his bottom, declared the party ready to leave to visit Polly in town.

Polly was the sole  daughter of the town’s pharmacist. When they got there her father was helping a client. Benny went up to him, greeted him with a fast kiss, and then indicated to her friends to follow her to the house behind the store. Isabel felt the puzzled looks both of the pharmacist and the client in her back as they quickly passed through the shop. Behind the store they passed through the reserve and, entering a large, bright, sitting room, they ran into Polly.

Polly was wearing exactly the same blouse as Jeremy, but had it tucked in a plain yellow pleated skirt, that just like Benny’s dress fell just above the knees, and which she wore with half long white socks. The outfit was not so different from what she wore in general but still it looked prettier than usual. Isabel complimented her too on her looks but was suddenly very aware that, with her too short dress and diaper-pants, she looked most babyish of all 4. She loved it but also felt a little bit discriminated. Why was Jeremy not wearing baby-pants?

But at that moment Polly’s mother entered the room and they were introduced to her. As she and Polly had sewn all the clothes she wanted to have a close look and had each of them turn around so that she could judge her work from all angles. She was laughing very hard all the time, telling how cute all of them looked. She obviously thought they were having a kind of costume party and wondered in a kind of challenging way if they dared to go out dressed like that. Isabel was still not sure but Benny and Polly didn’t hesitate: “Of course, we are going for a walk to show our nice little town to Isabel and Jeremy!”

Polly was a good guide and loved showing them all the sights of the little town. Obvious Polly and Benny were known by a lot of people and greeted many passersby. Isabel was conscious of the looks she was attracting but after a while she didn’t care anymore. Most of the time she was holding hands with Polly as Jeremy and Benny were running ahead of them. Once again she had been relegated to the role of youngest of the family and loved it.  She soon couldn’t resist wetting and loved the feeling of the sagging diapers.

When they passed an ice cream parlor Polly proposed they all have an ice-cream which of course was received with enthusiasm. At the other side of the street there was a café and a small group of young people was hanging out in front of it, leaning on their big bikes. The girls wore tank tops and shorts, the boys jeans and leather jackets. When Benny noticed them she reacted enthusiastically, calling out to Polly to cross the street to go greet them. Polly seemed a little bit apprehensive but as the others by now had noticed them she grabbed Isabel by the hand and the 4 of them crossed the street, while Benny explained the girls had been their classmates in high school. Benny was the first to reach the other side, and when the other arrived she was already high-fiving her former classmates in her usual expansive way. One of the girls looked her up and down and gave her a broad grin: “I see you are still as fashion conscious as ever!” It was said in a teasing way but without being malicious. Benny responded with a loud laugh:” Sure, at uni the 4 of us are big trend setters!”

The girl looked now at the others and Isabel was suddenly very conscious of the heavy sagging diapers, and in a bad- inspired reflex reached underneath her skirt to pull up the baby-pants. It took only a second but Benny’s friend had seen a glimpse: “Hey, are you wearing panties assorted to your dress? That IS cool!” Isabel, all red again, nervously pulled down her dress, but the girl had already shifted her attention to Jeremy and Polly:”Nice shirts! I see your mom still likes to sew!” Polly didn’t know how to react and laughed nervously. The girl was on a roll now. She was obviously enjoying herself making fun of the 4 of them in front of her cool friends, but again without any malice: “Aren’t you going to present your friends?” When Benny presented Isabel and Jeremy the girl had another broad smile:”Oh, so you are a boy?” She suddenly lowered her voice: “Don’t tell that to the guys behind me! You don’t want to know how they treat little sissies like you!”  At that moment one of the guys approached them: “Sabrina, who are those cute little girls? They shouldn’t be hanging around in this part of town. You want me to bring you back to your mommy? “ Sabrina laughed but even Benny got nervous now, and they hastily said good-bye. As they walked away they heard the whole group laughing behind their backs.

They finished their visit of the town and went back to Polly’s home where her mother wanted to know everything that happened during their walk. When they got to the part where they had met their former schoolmates the mother, who knew them of course, looked upset: “Girls, you really shouldn’t talk to them! They always were trouble, and since they left school, it got worse. The only thing they do is hang around with those drug dealing motor gang guys!”

A little bit later Benny, Isabel and Jeremy took leave and drove back to the farm. Both Jeremy and Isabel needed an urgent change. When they got out of the car Isabel noticed some dark spots on Jeremy’s shorts, indicating his diapers were leaking. She put her hand between her legs and noticed the baby pants were wet too. She wanted to hurry to their room but at that moment ran into Michael who greeted them heartily. When Isabel saw him she became all shy and, turning red, casted down her eyes, and tried to run past him. Noticing their outfits his eyes widened, and he stopped her by putting his arm in front of her: “Have you been to town dressed like that?”  Feeling his hand on her body felt like a lightning was going through her body. She looked up at him, meeting his dark kind eyes. He was the most handsome boy she had ever seen, and he seemed so strong. She felt like flinging her arms around him and kissing him, but of course didn’t do so. Seeing her amorous gaze surprised him. He dropped his arm and smiling hesitantly, at a loss for words, he stammered something like:”Pretty dress”. Isabel, turning red again, ran upstairs where she was soon joined by Jeremy and Benny who helped them change into new diapers. Noticing they both had leaks Benny decided that from then on they should wear plastic pants over their diapers. She had of course seen that Isabel had brought some cute printed plastic pants in her bag. Giggling they pulled the plastic pants over heir diapers and both wearing the white and blue gingham aprons again, went downstairs.

When they entered the kitchen Isabel immediately saw Michael sitting in one of the big seats at the other end. He was playing a game on his cell phone, but when she entered the room he immediately looked at her and gave her a big smile that almost swept her off her feet. At that moment Benny’s mother entered too and seeing her son sitting there seemed surprised:”Still here? Marina is going to wait for you!” Michael seemed annoyed with his mother’s remark and answered that Marina was going to come late home that night, so he still had time. With that he went back to his game. Isabel tried to think about something to say, when Benny asked if they wanted to look if the piglets had grown. Jeremy agreed but Isabel answered they could go without her as she was too tired. While she said this she looked in Michael’s direction. He looked up and seeing she was watching him smiled at her.

Once again she was struck by how handsome he was. The other two tried to get her to come along but she didn’t let them change her mind. When they were gone she approached Michael and shyly asked what he was doing. He looked her up and down – used to wearing the little apron by now this didn’t bother her anymore, but still she pulled it down, fearing he would discover her plastic pants – and told her he was playing a game:”Want me to show you?” She eagerly nodded yes. He made room in the seat by pushing himself aside and she pressed herself between him and the side of the seat, again taking care the apron covered her pants. Feeling her body against his, smelling his musky aftershave, and having his face next to hers gave her butterflies. She suddenly realized she had a huge crush on him. And she loved the feeling

He explained and showed her how to play the game but she hardly listened. Her heart was pounding away so hard that she thought everybody could hear it. And when he wanted to hand her his phone telling her to try it, instead of taking the phone she put her arms around his neck and gave him a fast kiss on his lips. He didn’t seem really surprised. He smiled, and bending over to her, gave her a big kiss on her forehead. He then stood up and said he had to go. Noticing her disappointed look he said they could play some more the next day, and then, bending over to her, whispered she was a very lovely girl. She watched him walk away thinking she had never felt happier in her life.

For some moments she remained seated trying to prolong the happy feelings by imagining Michael was still sitting next to her. But it didn’t work and feeling lonely she left the house, crossed the yard and entered the pig barn. When she saw beautiful blond angelic Jeremy sitting on the ground holding a cute piglet in his arms she was overwhelmed by love and suddenly felt guilty about what she had felt towards Michael. She rushed up to Jeremy and with tears running down her cheeks she covered him with kisses. He was first surprised by this emotional outburst but then responded as warmly. When Benny walked into the barn she thought the sight of the two little kids dressed in their identical short smocks, passionately kissing each other, with the little piglet still in Jeremy’s arms, quite touching but funny at the same time.

The next day Benny and Polly had planned a trip to the seaside, a 15 km drive over lovely country roads. Polly and her mother had prepared other outfits for the whole little group. Of course they were all made in the same fabric again, another flowery print, but pale blue this time.

For Isabel, Benny and Polly they had made sleeveless dresses. Isabel’s was extremely short again, A- shaped, with assorted baby-pants of course. Benny’s and Polly’s had a waist and ample skirts, falling halfway their knees. The surprise was for Jeremy as they had made a baby romper with a top part identical to the dresses but an elastic waist and elastics at the leg openings, closing with buttons between the legs. Jeremy was at first a little apprehensive about going out dressed like that but the others were so enthusiastic that he soon relented

When they arrived at the seaside it was obvious that Benny and Polly knew where they had to go. After parking the car they had to carry all the stuff they had brought for the day across a small path through the dunes but when they arrived at the beach there were a number of families and small groups sitting all over the beach but it was not crowded at all.

They found a spot that was not too close to anybody and spread out 4 large beach towels. Benny and Polly, who were clearly used to doing this, sat down on their knees and pulled down their panties, took them off one leg at the time, and then pulled on their bathing suit underneath their dress. Once they had done that they unbuttoned their dresses, pulled them over their heads, took off their bras, and pulled up the swimming suits. It all took only a few seconds and nobody seemed to have noticed. When they were ready they turned to Isabel and Jeremy telling them they were going to help them put on their swimming suits too.

They both had to lie down and, as Polly opened the buttons in the crotch of Jeremy’s romper, Benny pulled down the baby-pants of Isabel. Isabel was embarrassed lying with her diapers exposed on the beach, but at the same time the fact that someone might see it, excited her. She looked around to see if anybody was watching but Benny had already taken off the diapers and pulled on her bathing suit. Next she had to sit and Benny took off her dress and bra and pulled the bathing suit over her arms. In the mean time Jeremy had been changed too.

They looked at each other and agreed they all looked cute. Benny and Poly wore similar bathing suits with a deep cut back and a small pseudo skirt in the waist, and ruffles on the shoulders. Isabel’s was a model with braces crossing in the back, and a bow on each side in the waist. It was pink with a Disney Princess print in front. She loved it. And Jeremy got a simple brief-type bathing suit, with an elastic waist and elastics around the legs. But it was very ample so that it would have been possible to wear a small diaper underneath. And what made it really cute was the pale blue fabric with little teddy-bears on it.

Led by Benny they ran towards the water. Benny, Polly and Jeremy immediately got into the sea, but Isabel, surprised by the cold, needed a lot of encouragement. But after a while the 4 of them were enjoying themselves running, jumping and splashing around. They stayed in the water for a long time and when they finally got out they continued the wild games,  – cart wheeling, leapfrogging, rolling in the sand.- that Polly and Benny always enjoyed so much.

After lunch – a picnic of sandwiches – they all calmed down for a while, resting in the sun. But as always Benny couldn’t stay calm for long. A group of slightly younger kids – 14, 15 year olds – , had set up a net somewhat further and started playing beach volleyball. Benny asked if she could join them, and Jeremy soon followed. His cute bathing suit immediately drew mocking remarks and laughs from some of the girls but that was soon forgotten once they began playing.

In the mean time Polly was reading a magazine lying on her stomach and when she noticed that Isabel seemed to be bored she opened a bag and, taking out a small plastic bucket and a number of plastic forms, teasingly asked if Isabel wanted to play with them. Memories of very long ago rushed up and Isabel, blushing slightly, eagerly said she would indeed.

She took the bucket and ran to the sea to fill it. When she came back she put the water in a small hole she had dug, were it immediately disappeared, but leaving behind some wet sand that Isabel used to “bake” little pastries with the forms. Polly observed her friend smilingly and, as if she had been expecting this, took out a pacifier from another bag and presented it to Isabel. She hesitated for a moment, but then opened her mouth and let Polly pop in the pacifier.

She was conscious of being on a public beach playing with little forms and sucking on a pacifier, but she couldn’t care less. This was pure happiness. After a while Polly too had joined the volleyball players and Isabel had continued playing on her own, going back and forth to the sea to fetch new water, when suddenly she felt the need to pee. She stood still and hesitated to run to the dunes looking for a spot where she could pee hidden from public sight, but the dunes looked to be so far away. Without much thought she just let go. With her legs slightly apart she watched how wet streams ran down her sand-covered legs, to form a large wet spot in the sand. When she was ready she felt relieved and, noticing the large dark area on her bathing suit, shrugged, thinking it would dry just as the sea water had dried that morning. She sat down again and resumed her play.

But by that time the afternoon had advanced and the volleyball players were taking down the net. Polly was the first to rejoin Isabel. She almost immediately noticed the wet lower part of the bathing suit and understood what had happened. She scolded her gently, saying she should have asked to go peepee. Isabel, very much in her role, looked down and nodded shyly, which of course made Polly laugh. She told her to stand and helped her out of the wet bathing suit. For a moment Isabel was standing completely naked but then Polly told her to lie down and proceeded to clean her with a small cold wet towel, which made her giggle. Just as Polly was ready to slip a diaper underneath her, and she was lying with her legs wide open, a couple of the volleyball kids passed by and stopped to say good bye to Polly. Their mouths fell open and they looked with big eyes at the scene. Isabel not knowing where to look put her hands over her private parts. But Polly calmly explained that she was taking care of “her cousin”, and said good bye. The kids not knowing how to react quickly walked away.

While Polly helped Isabel into the baby-pants and her little dress Benny told Jeremy to go to the dunes to take a leak. But when he got back Benny insisted on diapering him, as she was not going to take any chances. Jeremy protested a little bit but soon gave in and let himself be diapered and put the romper back on. When they were ready, all dressed in the blue flowery prints outfits, Polly suggested they go to the small resort town for an ice cream Jeremy, embarrassed to have to go walk on the promenade dressed in a romper said he was not hungry, but Isabel was enthusiastic and carried the day.

They carried all their stuff to the car, drove for about 2 or 3 kilometers and parked the car close to the sea promenade. It took some convincing to make Jeremy leave the car, and it was only when Isabel insisted that he finally gave in. Isabel, all excited, walked at the hand of Polly and Jeremy, while Benny got ahead as usual.

There were a lot of people on the promenade at that hour and the little group attracted much attention. An angelic looking boy, dressed in a romper, and a tall young woman, dressed in an extreme short dress over baby-pants, having a pacifier in her mouth, both holding hands with another young woman, in an assorted dress, could hardly go by unnoticed.

When they had received their ice cream cones Polly pulled a pair of bibs out of a sack she was carrying. Isabel, delighted, let her put on the bib without hesitation, and then began slowly eating her ice. Jeremy however protested and Polly didn’t insist. As they ate their ices people continued to look at them in very different ways, some laughing thinking it was a costume party, other looking away embarrassed; probably thinking it was a group of mentally retarded persons. Isabel deliberately ate very slowly, and soon her face, hands and bib were covered in smelting chocolate ice. As Polly looked at her she burst into a big laugh. This made Isabel laugh too. She was having a wonderful day. She felt so grateful that she ran up to her friend, and before she could react, Isabel had put her arms, with her ice-cream covered hands around her neck, and giving her a big hug, covered her friends face with ice cream.

Towards the end of their holiday, a Saturday, Benny’s oldest sister came over with her two little daughters to stay at the farm for the week-end. Marie and Stephanie were respectively 7 and 9 years old. Benny, Jeremy and Isabel had been on their daily tour of the farm when they had arrived and when they got to the kitchen, they found the two girls already dressed in the mandatory aprons.

It was immediately obvious to Isabel that the two little cousins considered Benny as a friend and not as their aunt, although they called her mockingly “auntie” Benny. This was confirmed when little Marie asked Benny why she wasn’t wearing a smock. Benny told her she was a grown-up now, and following the gaze of the little girl, she answered her unspoken question by adding that Jeremy and Isabel were still little kids. Marie nodded seriously but Stephanie looked at them both, and asked how old they were then. Benny explained it was not a matter of age but of how one felt and behaved. Stephanie gave this remark some thought and then looked at Isabel:”You like to play with dolls?” Isabel immediately answered she loved it, and ten minutes later they were carrying outside Benny’s large collection of dolls and accessories, and installed themselves on the lawn to play. At first Jeremy felt a little awkward but coached by Benny he soon joined in dressing and undressing dolls. If Jeremy and Stephanie preferred the Bratz dolls, Marie was more attracted by the Barbies. As for little Isabel, she got all carried away washing, dressing, feeding and walking the life size baby dolls.

A couple of hours later Michael arrived accompanied by his fiancée Marina. When they saw their favorite uncle the two girls sprang up and ran towards him to jump in his arms. Michael lifted them to kiss them and, carrying both his little cousins simultaneously in his arms, walked up towards the others. He was wearing his eternal white T-shirt and tight jeans which suited him so well. Marina was a good looking, long legged, dark haired, sexy girl. She too was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt, over small denim shorts.

When they had arrived Isabel had jumped to her feet too but hadn’t known what to do next. She had felt the curious look of Marina on her, and had returned it by looking her up and down. Marina was about her age, but cut a much smarter figure. She suddenly felt very self conscious in her little smock But her attention had been attracted by the two little girls in Michael’s arms which gave her a sting of jealousy. Did Michael sense what she was feeling? He walked up to her, deposed the two others and, smiling at Isabel, he opened his arms. She didn’t hesitate a second, jumping around his neck, putting her legs around his waist, completely forgetting she was wearing diapers and plastic pants. He kissed her on the forehead again and then returned her to the ground. Safe back on her feet Isabel realized the risk she had run and was relieved nobody seemed to have noticed anything.

The two other girls began now to pull at his arms and to jump on him again. The 3 of them were soon running, jumping rolling in the grass, and tickling each other. Of course Isabel was jealous but didn’t dare to join them, until Michael asked if she didn’t want to play with them. She hesitated for a second, but then couldn’t resist anymore. She ran up to him and jumped on his back. This time Stephanie immediately noticed her plastic pants: “Eek, what’s that? Why are you wearing plastic pants?” Everybody fell silent, watching Isabel, who led herself drop to her feet again. She looked around, and then, slowly lifted the rimof the apron revealing the pants and diapers, while looking at her feet. Benny immediately came to her rescue: “Isabel and Jeremy like to wear diapers, so what? What’s wrong with that? That’s doesn’t make them less nice, does it?” Jeremy came up to Isabel and standing next to her lifted his smock too revealing his plastic pants at his turn, defiantly looking at the others. Isabel looked at him gratefully and put her arm around him. Michael was the first to overcome his surprise. He laughed and simply said he thought they both looked very cute. Now everybody began laughing and a few moments the games had resumed!

Isabel, now completely inhibited, was all over Michael, not leaving him for one second anymore. And Michael gradually paid less and less attention to the other two. At one moment Michael was laying on his back and Isabel was sitting on him with one leg at each side of him, tickling his belly, while the other girls were playing on their own. Isabel stopped tickling, slowly pushed up his shirt baring his broad chest, softly stroking his chest hairs, and then bending over him began kissing his chest. This made him giggle and she felt how he put his strong arms around her. Just as she was closing her eyes in perfect bliss she heard an angry voice:”Hey, what’s this? Will you cut that out?” Next thing she knew was that she was being pulled off Michael by Marina. Annoyed Isabel resisted but Michael pushed her aside and, jumping to his feet, tried to put his arm around his fiancé: “Come on baby, what’s wrong? It’s just a little girl”. Marina looked at Isabel: “Just a little girl eh? Well, time to stop annoying the grownups then! If you like so much playing a little baby then go play with the other kids and leave us alone!” Grabbing Michael by the hand she turned around and then the two of them walked away. Isabel waited for Michael to turn his head and smile at her but he didn’t.

The next couple of hours Michael and Marina were nowhere to be seen. Isabel was disappointed and when Jeremy, seeing she was sad, tried to console her, she told him to leave her alone. But little by little she calmed down, and feeling guilty towards Jeremy went over to him and coddled up in his skinny arms. And soon the 4 of them were playing with the dolls again with Benny looking on and joining in from time to time

Towards diner time Michael and Marina showed up again and Marina helped Benny’s mother to dress the table while Michael started up the BBQ. Marie and Stephanie immediately ran over to watch him work and Isabel followed them. But as Michael barely acknowledged her presence she tried to grab his hand. Needing both his hands to work he shook her off. At that moment Marina – who had changed into a short, very sexy white summer dress, – came over too. Had she seen what had happened between Isabel and her boyfriend? She didn’t say anything, but looking at Isabel, she put her arm around Michael’s waist, who turned towards her, and interrupting his work, put his arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. All the while Marina kept her eyes fixed on those of Isabel, who, red of frustration, turned around and walked away.

As she walked towards Jeremy she looked over her shoulder hoping to see that Michael was watching her, but he was absorbed by his work. Marina however was looking at her with a victorious smile. She suddenly wanted to stop being a little baby. She went upstairs, took off the little apron and the diapers, and changed into the clothes she had worn on the day of her arrival at the farm. When she looked in the mirror she was disappointed. The pale blue t-shirt over the plain green pleated skirt, falling almost to her knees, was not really a sexy outfit, with which to compete with Marina. But she had not really an alternative. She looked for some make-up in her bag but couldn’t find any except for some pink lip-stick. She hastily applied some before rejoining the others.

When she got back to the party Marina was the first to see her and she immediately smiled very broadly: “Oh but look! Isabel has made herself beautiful!”  Everybody looked at her but she didn’t care.  She only looked for Michael and when she met his gaze to her horror she read surprise and amusement. Marina, seeing Isabel was looking at Michael, walked up to him, put her arm around him and whispered something in his ear. Still looking at Isabel Michael irrupted in a loud laugh.

Isabel wanted to run away but right at that moment Michael announced they should get seated as dinner was ready to be served. The “kids” were seated on one side of the table and the adults on the other side, with Benny and her oldest sister sitting in the middle. Isabel, who had been too sad to protest when she was seated with the kids, hardly noticed what happened around her.

The “kids” were all served a chicken leg. Isabel watched how Benny’s sister helped little Marie by cutting the meat off the bone, while Stephanie was waiting. She wanted to start cleaning her chicken leg too when she realized she hadn’t received a knife. Just as she wanted to ask for one Benny arrived at the table and announced that the kids were allowed to eat with their hands.

Isabel, who had never been allowed to eat chicken bones with her hands, saw how Stephanie grabbed the bone firmly in her hand, and smiling, she followed the example. Soon her hands and face were covered with chicken fat. When she looked up she saw how Marina poked Michael and how both of them looked at her laughing. Embarrassed she looked away, and didn’t see how Marina came over to the kid’s side of the table to serve drinks, until she was standing right behind her: “Want some coke?” Isabel, surprised, looked up, saying yes. Marina waited for her to grab her glass, but then stopped her:”Eh, stop! You are going to make your glass all dirty with those greasy hands”.  Isabel looked for a napkin or something else to swipe her hands on, but there was nothing. Looking around she noticed that all the kids were swiping their hands clean on their aprons, laughing very hard. It was obviously part of the tradition. She didn’t know what to do but at that moment Marina handed her a clean, starched, smock and helped her put it on. Isabel swiped her hands clean on it, and then Isabel grabbed the rim of the smock and bringing it to her face cleaned her mouth. Within a few seconds the apron was completely stained with chicken grease and lipstick.

At that moment Michael came over and Marina taking Isabel by the shoulders turned her towards him: “Look darling, isn’t she sexy?” Michael burst out laughing, and Isabel feeling tears welling up in her eyes, took her glass of coke and threw the contest over Marina’s white dress. Marina shrieked and slapped her in her face.

Michael, first paralyzed from surprise, took Marina in his arms, and angrily told Isabel to go inside. Tears running down her face, with everybody following her with angry eyes, she walked towards the house. She went to her room where, still sobbing , she sat on her bed. A few moments later the door opened and Michael entered, smiling broadly: “Don’t cry baby. You are such a cute grown up little kid!” He sat next to her, and lifted her on his lap, and gave her a kiss on her lips. She rested her head on his broad shoulder, put her thumb in her mouth, and closed her eyes.

The following chapter : https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/a-different-schoolgirl-10/


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      Et merci pour me faire découvrir ta page avec les “vetements pour retomber en enfance”, tout à fait en ligne avec mon histoire.

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