A dream come true 9

“At that moment I had a very heavy cramp, and not able to withhold any longer I let go, filling up my diapers in front of my wife and daughter. They were at first horrified, but seeing the laughing face of Isabel, they understood and burst out laughing too. I couldn’t stop the bowel movement and kept on filling my diapers in front of them. I felt horribly ashamed but again the feeling of the warm mass spreading around in my diapers made me feel good”

 You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “True”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 9

 The following days and weeks Carol came back several time to our age-playing, asking a steady stream of questions: if I had done that before, if I played other roles, why I liked to do it, … . She seemed to have enjoyed it a lot, and despite that for years I hadn’t been very manly, and been submissive to Laura, my daughter still seemed surprised to discover my sissy side, and loved it. Anthony on the other hand, who of course had received an extensive account of what had happened, lost the last remaining bit of respect for his father. And Laura didn’t seem to care a lot, and seemed relieved the last secret was out in the open now. However when Carol proposed to play again Laura opposed it.

One or two months later Isabel called and had my daughter on the line. Isabel said that Lucy’s second birthday was coming up and asked if “Carol and her little sister would care to come over to party with them?”  For a split second Carol didn’t understand but then, delighted, she irrupted in laughter: “Sure, she would love too, but I doubt mommy will let us.”

Isabel immediately had asked to speak to Laura, and she soon had persuaded my wife that the 3 of us would join her and little Lucy for a small birthday party a day when Tom and the boys weren’t home. Nobody asked my opinion of course.

The day of the party Carol was all excited. She went through her wardrobe looking for the appropriate attire, which took quite some time, but when she finally came down she was clearly pleased with the effect. She wore a girlie T-shirt under a very short red jumper dress and striped tights. She hadn’t dressed so colorful for years. She evidently wanted to look childish, which surprised Laura and myself, but she looked charming and Laura complimented her on her cute look.

Smiling broadly Carol turned to me: “”Your turn! I have prepared your clothes on your bed”.  I hadn’t expected that at all, and gave her a worried look, but without seeming to notice that, she took me by the hand and pulled me up the stairs. When I saw what she had prepared my first reaction was to refuse to wear such attire in public, but seeing my daughter’s happy twinkling eyes I gave in.

Soon I was dressed in a short Disney princess T-shirt over a very short, lilac and violet tiered, skirt, with an elastic waist, and dark blue tights with little stars. The T-shirt was too short so that my belly was bare. I am rather slim, but nevertheless around my waist I have some beginning bulges who were now hanging over the waistband of the skirt. Carol was delighted, but couldn’t stop laughing, which wasn’t very comforting of course.

Laura too was amused when she saw me. She loves to have me at her mercy and to humiliate me in private and in public, but watching me playing a little baby, and enjoying it, is definitely not her thing. Nevertheless she seemed to like me see dressed like that by our daughter.

When we arrived at Isabel’s place she was as surprised and delighted as Laura had been. Especially Carol being dressed in such a childish fashion surprised her, as she had expected the girl to come as babysitter. But after a second hesitation she immediately took control again. She made Carol turn around complimenting how pretty she was. And then, plopping a pacifier in the surprised but delighted girl’s mouth, she turned to Laura: “Could you keep an eye on those two sweet darlings while I take care of the little baby?”, and with that she took me by the hand and led me upstairs.

Once upstairs she made me undress and lie down on the bed where she proceeded at diapering me. Having been dressed in a short skirt by my own daughter had been heaven, but of course being diapered was much better. Isabel had prepared for this visit and had some very thick diapers and plastic pants ready. Once safely diapered she dressed me in a romper closing with snaps between the legs. But then came the finishing touch: a dog collar and leather wrist cuffs that she attached to the collar.  Never before I had been made so completely dependent on my “mommy, and following her downstairs, the heavy padding making me walk like a duck,  I felt awkward  appearing in front of my wife and daughter like that.  Strangely it was not so much the diapers and rompers – both of them had seen me in such attire before – but it was having my hands attached to my collar that made it so awkward.

And indeed entering the room both Laura and Carol gave me a strange look. Laura smiled maliciously at Isabel, already enjoying seeing me in a dependent position.  Carol, who was holding a large baby doll, however jumped to her feet and looked at me in an alarmed way. Isabel immediately sensed the danger. She turned to me and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek: “We don’t want little Mickey to hurt himself do we?” I returned her smile and everything fell in place again.

The two girls were told to sit at a small able and were given a bib and Isabel took out the birthday cake with two candles. When Lucy, with the help from Carol, had blown out the candles, they proceeded to eat the cake with their hands. I too was given a bib but Isabel trusted a baby bottle with milk in my hands which I was told to drink. Isabel commented on the situation explaining that while little Lucy was becoming a big girl I seemed to be regressing into an ever smaller baby. Perfectly happy I didn’t respond.

I was still sucking on my bottle when the two girls had finished the cake, and Isabel asked her toddler if she didn’t have to go potty. Once the little girl installed on her throne Isabel looked to Carol and asked her the same question. My daughter turned all red but nodded enthusiastically yes. A few moments later both girls were sitting on their respective pots and peeing with the encouragement of both Isabel and Laura , who seemed to enjoy seeing her 14 year old daughter in the role of a happy toddler.

When both had finished Isabel swiped them clean and had both of them put on training pants. At that moment I began to feel something going on in my bowels. At first, enjoying the pleasure of watching my daughter playing a little toddler, I ignored it but as the movement became worse I suddenly realized that Isabel must have put a laxative in my bottle. I tried to hold out but soon knew that was going to be impossible. Panicking I went over to the 4 girls and timidly asked if someone could help me to the toilet.

Laura gave me a furious look. She must have thought I was jealous of the two girls and tried to get attention. And Carol, probably thinking the same, looked at me in a compassionate but sad way. Only Isabel smiled broadly: “Oh, you want to be a big girl like your sister? That’s a good baby, but you know you are still too small to use the potty.”  And tapping me on the bottom she added: “But that’s why you are wearing such thick diapers aren’t you?”

At that moment I had a very heavy cramp, and not able to withhold any longer I let go, filling up my diapers in front of my wife and daughter. They were at first horrified, but seeing the laughing face of Isabel, they understood and burst out laughing too. I couldn’t stop the bowel movement and kept on filling my diapers in front of them.

I felt horribly ashamed but again the feeling of the warm mass spreading around in my diapers made me feel good. Isabel, knowing from the previous time she had me poop in my diapers that I liked it, came over and kissed me on the front: “That’s a good baby, having done a big poo poo!”  Looking at my daughter and little Lucy who just had been complimented for using the potty, I felt really very small.

Laura, complaining that it began to smell, suggested I go and change myself but Isabel interrupted her telling we should wait a little longer as there might be more to come. She handed me a rag doll and told me to sit on the floor. Sitting down, I liked the feeling of the shit spreading even more.

The attention shifted to the two girls again and Laura and Isabel began playing with them. With my hands kept close to my face there was no much I could do than to put the doll in my mouth and suck on it, while watching the others play. Isabel had been right and after a while my bowels began moving again and I filled my diapers more.

Isabel made me sit between her legs and rubbed softly on my diapers, giving me kisses in my neck. This of course was heaven and, to the horror of Laura, I began making soft noises until I came with a big sigh. At that moment Isabel took me by the hand and asking Laura to stay with the girls told her she was going to change me. Laura, flabbergasted by that suggestion, asked her why she didn’t let me wash up myself. This time it was Isabel to look surprised: “Come on Laura, it’s just a little baby, he can’t do that by himself”. Giving my wife a happy, triumphant smile I followed Isa upstairs.

I had done a very heavy load, and had been sitting on it for over an hour. Cleaning up was not going to be easy. Isabel knew this and had me stand in the bath while she took off the plastic pants and diapers, and then washed me completely while I had to hold my hands on my head. This time it didn’t feel awkward anymore.

Once clean she put on knew diapers but dressed me in the girlie clothes I had worn to come. The skirt didn’t completely cover my heavily padded bottom.  By that time it was time to leave as Tom and the boys were expected to come home any moment.

Isabel explained to Laura that she had put me in diapers again as it could be that my bowels were still not completely empty. And sure enough, driving home I couldn’t help pooping some more. Laura, giving me furious looks through the rear view mirror, complained loudly that I was disgusting, that the whole car was stinking. Carol, who was sitting next to me in the back, gave me encouraging smiles and bending over whispered in my ear: “Poor baby, don’t worry we are almost home!”

That day my status in the family took another turn downwards.

Although she had thoroughly enjoyed her own role playing, the fact that I had been willing to poop in my diapers in front of her changed the relationship with Carol completely. She remained always very kind and supportive, but I stopped being her father. She became patronizing, treating me as if I needed protection, advising me on what to wear, or telling me what to do or not to do.  I let her do, because I enjoyed being protected by my 14 year old daughter.

Laura had been flabbergasted by how Isabel turned me into a real little baby and I think she was kind of jealous by the intimacy between her friend and me. Her reaction however was not to seek the same thing but on the contrary, having seen I would accept anything, she looked for new ways to  humiliate me, such as having me wear diapers underneath nothing but a short apron in front of the kids

 As for Antony he was confirmed that his father was a pathetic sissy, whom he ignored as much as possible.

 For the next chapter go to :  https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/a-dream-come-true-10/


  1. I’ve enjoyed the story greatly and the untroduction of both Isabel’s increased involvement and Laura’s response are interesting. Hope to see more of this story soon, perhaps including more intimacy with Isabel and enforced public diaper wearing and use.
    Did Isabel breast feed while rubbing Mickey? Where dud her kissing lead while Mickey’s hands were cuffed? Was Mickey forced to show his appreciation to Isabel in the same way he had to Laura earlier and will Isabel ever play dress up in youth cloths as Mickey likes? Lots of unanswered opportunities.

    • Thanks for the sugestions ! Just in time as I plan to start writing a new chapter to this story. I was going in some other directions but might explore your suggestions first.
      Do you have any first hand experience with those kind of things?

      • My involvement with diapers has been increasing recently. Over the past few years I have been in relationships where there has been public diaper wearing and wetting of those diapers in public, although not exposed to the public. The mere discomfort and thought of other people discovering the wetting was enough to humiliate.
        I’ve given oral to a partner while in diapers, and she’s given me oral while she was diapered too, but that is a past relationship. We also played in diapers together, so I’ve had a little experience in that direction.

      • You are such a lucky man, having found partners for your games! I heve been diapered and have wet my diapers in public, unexposed as you, even at the office attending meetings. But always on my own. I wish it was my wife who had told me in the morning I had to go to the office diapered.

        You have been given oral while diapered. Has anybody helped you masturbate in your (wet) diapers? in

      • Yes, my wife has masturbated me in my diaper while I gave her oral one time. My diapers weren’t wet (when we started). My bringing diapers into my life with my wife is recent in a sustained way, so it’s an on going process. I look forward to her acceptance of them as part of my life rather than a passing phase, and I’m trying to blog my progress on abkingdom. I’ll see how it goes as I’m sure full and open acceptance to the level I want and think I need will obviously take a long time as it’s not something you step into quickly if you’ve never been exposed to them before, as she never was. I think it’s a case of showing her over time that she doesn’t have to give anything up by allowing me this “pleasure” and “relaxation”. we’ll see though.

  2. i just love this story. Thank you. Pity about Anthony. i do hope he will see that he should take charge of his father too! Maybe not change his diaper but there are plenty of other ways: sending him to bed, putting him in the bath jst for a couple of examples

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