A different schoolgirl 10

“That was when Polly popped her last surprise of the day. It was something she hadn’t planned but a sudden, irresistible, inspiration. She pulled up her shirt, baring her small firm breasts, and gently turning Isabel’s head, pushed her mouth to her nipple. Isabel was surprised, smiled shyly at her friend, but then opened her mouth, and began sucking.”

What happened before?

 You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “topics” under “A different schoolgirl”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress.


Chapter 2: At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy.


Chapter 3: When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once, and during the yearly family holiday at the seaside she convinced her friend Michael to play with her.


Chapter 4: Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from baby-bottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harness and even forces her to mess up her diapers…


Chapter 5: The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way.


Chapter 6: When Isabel goes to college she soon rediscovers the joy of diapers and baby games. And when Emily has a little baby girl, Lizzie, Isabel enjoys being treated by her sister in the same way as her little niece.


Chapter 7: In college Isabel meets a cute, good looking, shy, freshman, Jeremy. When she discovers he wears diapers she completely falls for him. She insists he come to live with her in her flat so that they can share their secret baby lives together


Chapter 8: Jeremy and Isabel, encouraged by their friends Benny and Polly, behave and dress more and more as kids publicly. Isabel’s other friends, embarrassed by her behavior, take distance from her, but she is too happy to notice or to care


Chapter 9: Another innocent summer in which Isabel, Jeremy, Polly and Benny continue their games, and during which Isabel develops a huge little-girls’ crush on Benny’s older brother


Chapter 10

 The next morning Isabel was very glad it was the last day of her stay at the farm so that she didn’t have to face Michael and Marina. She was horribly ashamed about how she had behaved and once again thought about giving up roleplaying forever. But she knew she just wasn’t going to be capable. Still, she would have to learn to keep better control.

The 4 friends were all leaving the same day. Jeremy returned home to spend the remaining part of the holidays with his family, Isabel had to join her office at the university lab, Benny had promised to go live at her older sisters place for a week to baby-sit on Marie and Stephanie so that her sister could go on a short trip with a couple of friends, and Polly left together with Isabel so as to start the installation of the little house they had rented together. Benny would join them in one week, borrowing her father’s small truck to bring all the stuff they needed.

The 4 of them had indeed decided to jointly rent a small house off-campus. It had been Isabel’s idea and she had been very excited with the prospect of her and Jeremy being two little kids with Benny and Poly as babysitters. After what had happened the day before she wasn’t so sure anymore if this was such a good idea, but on the train, when Polly began making plans about how they were going to arrange the little house, her excitement came back already, and she regretted she had refused to be diapered for the journey. Not only was it a nuisance – she wasn’t used to holding up very long – but she just longed to be diapered. As well the process of having them put on, as the feeling of wearing – and wetting – them.

She glanced at the lone traveler sitting on the other side of the aisle, and then bent over to Polly whispering in her ear she had to peepee. Her friend   looked at her with a surprised smile: “Already?” Isabel nodded. Polly standing up, looked at her with a big sigh: “I really should have insisted to put you in diapers. Anyway, it’s not too late. I was kind of expecting this” The girl stood up and took her bag off the shelf to retrieve a big disposable diaper from it. Taking the diaper in one hand, and pulling Isabel with the other, she started for the toilets. Isabel turned all red when her eye caught the gaze of the amazed man across the aisle watching her with his mouth open. But at the same time she felt very happy, knowing Polly was taking care of her.

When she came back wearing the thick diaper under her skirt she defiantly made her bum waggle walking across the aisle.  She always loved that feeling. She sat down and retook the magazine she had been reading before going to the toilet. Across the aisle the guy was pretending to read but he couldn’t keep his eyes off the girl. Little by little she opened her legs and, as by accident, pushed up her skirt so that her diapers were clearly exposed. The man’s eyes fell almost out of their sockets. Isabel looked up and, meeting his gaze, asked out loud: “Why is that man staring at me all the time?”

Polly looked from her protégé to the man, and back again to Isabel, almost choking with laughter.  “Scht baby, leave that mister alone.” She then turned towards the passenger who was acutely embarrassed: “Please excuse the little girl sir, she is not used to traveling in public yet”. The guy was even more flabbergasted and embarrassed. He mumbled it was alright and ten minutes later he stood up, took his luggage and, nodding to the girls left the wagon. The last thing he saw was Isabel pulling her tongue at him while pushing up her skirt and opening her legs. He hurried away hearing the 2 girls laugh in his back.

When the 2 of them stopped laughing Isabel became serious. She apologized for what had happened the day before and told her friend she didn’t want to humiliate herself like that ever again, and asked her to help her. They agreed that there would be no more age-play on campus from now on. Jeremy too would be just an ordinary student. He was a bright boy and they didn’t want to jeopardize his future, not anymore that Isabel wanted to jeopardize her own career any more than that she had already done.

Arriving at the house they were in for a big disappointment. The house was a dirty mess, and a lot less comfortable than that they had expected. Missing the ever optimistic and enterprising Benny, they didn’t even have the courage to make dinner. They just made up two beds and went to sleep without even thinking about playing baby games. The holidays were clearly over.

The next morning Isabel had to get up early to catch the bus to go to campus for her first day of work. She again regretted having decided to rent the house as otherwise she could just have walked to her job. She dressed smartly with a short tartan skirt over dark tights, a dress shirt and a jersey knotted around her shoulders. Polly complimented her on her looks and wished her good luck, promising to clean up the house as much as possible.

Her first day on the job went perfect and going home at the end of the day she felt great. The job was interesting, the colleagues very nice and her boss tremendously stimulating.  But what had really made her day was the longer term perspective her boss had given her. He had told her that she would be involved in a number of research projects and that in a couple of months she would be expected to present her own research ideas. And he had added that she shouldn’t be afraid to be ambitious, the institute had funding for large projects, and that her research might become the basis of a PhD. She had suddenly realized that the fact that her former mentor hadn’t talked about a PhD anymore had had nothing to do with her peculiar behavior, but had just been something he had forgotten to mention as the possibility of doing a PhD was an obvious part of the job. Sitting on the bus going home thinking it all over she felt tremendously relieved and was surprised to see how important it was to her. Although if ever she would have to make the choice between a PhD and her age-playing she would choose without hesitation for the age-play. She knew she could never give that up, not for a hundred PhD’s.  She began anticipating coming home and hoped that Polly would be in a better mood, ready to play with her.

Coming home there was another surprise waiting for her. Polly had worked like hell giving the whole house a thorough clean-up, making it a lot more hospitable. Of course it remained old and derelict, but the girl was proud of what she had achieved already, and had been thinking about how to further arrange the house, which she all excitedly began to explain to Isabel, showing her around the house.

They were going to put a small fence in front of the large bow-window in the living room, forming a secure playpen for the two babies. The dining room table was going to be pushed against the wall and constitute a large changing table. In front, next to the other wall, they would install another long table as office space, with their computers. 

Behind a curtain in the kitchen she had discovered a kind of primitive bathroom consisting of a bathtub and a wash-table. It had not been used for a long time but Polly was convinced that she could get it clean and that was where the babies would be given their baths.

Going upstairs she explained that she and Benny could each take one of the small bedrooms, sharing the upstairs bathroom.  And the third, somewhat larger, “master bedroom” would be converted in a children’s room.

Isabel of course was delighted by all this until Polly explained that the children’s room would easily fit the two crib beds Benny was going to bring. Isabel vehemently protested that she didn’t want crib beds, as she and baby Jeremy liked to cuddle up together in bed to sleep, and they were too big to fit in a crib bed anyway.  Polly smiled understandably and promised they would find another solution.

She then insisted Isabel follows her to the small garden behind the house. The garden was completely covered in weeds but nevertheless Polly had inspected it already and had made another discovery: in a corner of the garden she had found something which clearly had been a children’s sandbox. It too was covered with weeds but cleaning it was not going to be too difficult, and filling it up with white sand again, it would be a paradise for Isabel and Jeremy to play in.

With this happy prospect they ended the tour and Polly took Isabel by the hand telling her it was time to change her into more appropriate clothes.

A little bit later Isabel found herself happily diapered and dressed in a pink, long sleeved romper with a cute baby clown embroidering. A present from Polly’s mother.  The nice surprises didn’t stop that day, and still it wasn’t the last one. When Polly asked if her baby was hungry Isabel nodded enthusiastically and Polly knotted a bib around her neck and proceeded to spoon-feed her fruit mash. When she had finished the complete bowl Polly popped a binky in her mouth and putting some wooden spoons on the floor told the little baby to play.

Isabel occupied herself for some time tapping with the spoons on the floor but soon got bored and went to look for Polly, who was still occupied tidying the kitchen, and cooking dinner at the same time. When the food was ready Polly put a small portion of it in a blender and then, installing Isabel between her legs, began spoon-feeding her again, all the while eating her own dinner. Isabel wasn’t hungry since she had had the fruit-mash quiet late, so she didn’t finish her food and Polly didn’t insist.

After dinner they sat in front of the television, Isabel resting her head on her friends shoulder who gently caressed her hair. The cable contract had not been activated yet so they only had two channels with poor reception. That was when Polly popped her last surprise of the day. It was something she hadn’t planned but a sudden, irresistible, inspiration. She pulled up her shirt, baring her small firm breasts, and gently turning Isabel’s head, pushed her mouth to her nipple. Isabel was surprised, smiled shyly at her friend, but then opened her mouth, and began sucking.

Isabel was in heaven, and softly sucking on her friends breast fell asleep. She didn’t know how long she had slept but it must have been quite some time before Polly woke her up, softly telling her she would be more comfortable in bed. Isabel, half asleep, nodded. Taking Polly’s hand she followed her up the stairs. It was only when she was already in her room that Polly thought about checking her diaper. It was soaked, so Poly insisted on changing her for the night. Luckily the romper opened with buttons between her legs so that changing took only a few moments.

When she was all set Polly bent over: “Is my baby going to give a big hug to mommy before going to sleep?”  Hearing Polly call herself mommy gave Isabel a bold. No, Polly was not her mother. She had already a mommy. Besides how was she going to call Benny then? She put her arms around her friend’s neck and whispered in her ear:” You are such a sweet auntie. Auntie Polly is the best auntie in the world” and she hugged her real hard. Polly understood and smiling, popped her binky in her mouth, kissed her on the front, and then left her alone.

The following days followed the same pattern. Coming home after work, being changed into diapers and a cute little romper, and being spoon-fed was heaven. Relaxing in Polly’s arms, feeling her thick, heavy wet diapers between her legs, gently sucking on her friend’s breast she would doze off.  Isabel and Polly grew very close, closer than ever before, and Polly showed her soft motherly side, which she never had the chance to show when her hyperactive friend was around.

Although the two girls had become extremely intimate and enjoyed their little life together, they were looking forward to the moment their friends would join them. Isabel missed her little sweet lover and both were looking forward to the moment Benny, with her unlimited energy, joy and initiative would be there to start with the accommodation of the house.

In the meantime Isabel dressed every morning in the preppy style which she liked to wear for work. She had liked her work from the very first day, but every day in the bus driving home, she got all excited with the prospect of becoming a little baby in a few moments. The third day Polly had come to fetch her on campus and taking the drive home together, but both girls scrupulously respected the agreed rule that there was no age playing to be on campus, no interference with her professional life.

But that rule left undefined how to act outside the house but away from campus. Was age-playing allowed then?  The first couple of days they tended to apply the campus rule to those moments. But that suddenly changed the 4th day. Isabel was happily playing, dressed in her romper, while Polly was preparing dinner, when Polly suddenly realized she missed some essential ingredients. There was a small supermarket a 10 minute walk from their home, and taking Isabel by the hand Polly started for the door telling her friend they had to hurry before the store would close. Isabel irrupted in laughter: “Hey, I can’t go dressed like this!”  Polly realizing her friend was right laughed too: “But I can’t leave my little baby alone at home either, can I? Wait, I have an idea!” She ran to the kitchen and came back holding one of the ironed and starched, blue gingham school aprons Isabel and Jeremy had worn at Benny’s farm, in her hand.

Isabel hesitantly let herself helped into the smock, and let Polly fasten the buttons in the back, and knot the sashes in her waist with a bow. Taking Polly’s hand she followed her to the store, and without any word being spoken a new rule was established: outside the house and away from campus she would be a happy toddler.

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  1. Clairdon,i love your photos of girls in diapers and catholic school girl uniforms.Is there any way you could take photos of catholic preteen and teen girls in their first communion dresses and veils or catholic teen girls in white confirmation dresses and veils?I dont know if you are aware of this,but at many parishes the girls wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their communion and confirmation dresses to symbolize their purity of their baptisms.also many girls wear white poofy dresses and bonnets for baptisms with a diaper and plastic pants under them.i have heard of it many times.please do what you can.i would love to see photos of the catholic girls in their white dresses and veils.thanks

    • Hi

      I don’t take pictures myself (except for pictures of myself). And I don’t “collect” from the Internet very much anymore either. So I’m afraid I will not be able to satisfy you.
      Moreover I doubt that the situation of girls wearing diapers under their communion dresses exist. It’s an urban myth.

      Anyway my picture blog got suspended once again, so for the moment I will stick with stories.

      • dear clairdon-thanks for your reply.i am sorry to say but the diapers under communion dresses is very real.i have talked to many catholic girls who wore them-eithe as a tradition or parish requirement.some of the girls were as old as 15 and 16 when they made their first communions and wore the cloth diaper and plastic pants under their dresses.i just talked to a 19 year old girl last week who was confirmed 3 years ago[catholic] and told me its a tradition for the girls at her parish to wear a long formal white dress with a veil,lace socks and shoes and a diaper and plastic pants under the dresses.she told me her mom made her diaper and she wore adult plastic pants over it with a camisole as her top.this was the second time i was told this by a girl from the same parish,she told me the same thing the girl last week told me.so its very real and i can attest to it.any way i do love some of your pictures.if you happen to come across any pics of teen girls in cloth diaper and plastic pants[no models or pics fromwebsites[ i would greatly appreciate it.all for now,take care Don

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