Billyboy in shorts 1

Chapter 1

“It hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to remain calm, with your little bird sitting quietly in its cage, waiting for the day I will release it.  But for the time being you will learn that to have pleasure means having to suffer. I will arouse you and it will hurt, but you will not want it to stop. Little by little you will learn to  give me pleasure without getting aroused and just knowing you give me pleasure will be your reward“

To say that Billy had been educated in a protected environment would be the understatement of the century. Up to his 20th birthday he never spent one single night away from his mother. No sleepovers or sport camps, nothing.

The fact that he had been a bedwetter until he was 12 – and that his mother had kept him in nappies until he was 14 – had been the convenient excuse of course, for both of them. He didn’t want to leave the protective presence of his mother and she couldn’t imagine having her Billyboy spending a night out of her sight.

But also in all other aspects she was overprotective, treating her son as if he was a 10 year old kid. And even for a 10 year old the way she treated him would have been strange. For instance they both thought it completely normal that she helped him dress every morning and that at night she bathed him before helping him to bed, tucking him in under his covers.

His mother dressed him most of the time in tight-fitting, grey or dark blue, shorts, and knee high socks, much like a school uniform.  Going out with his skateboard, dressed like that, set him apart from the boys and girls his age. He never quiet understood why they began keeping him at a distance, or even made fun of him. Over the years Billy saw his friends abandon him several times, every time finding new, younger, ones. Often the kid brothers of his former friends. This never really bothered him.  As he looked at his former friends as they hung around doing nothing, completely bored, he didn’t understand why they didn’t come to play with him and his friends. Kiting, cycling, skateboarding, building an improvised cabin in the neighbor’s yard, there were so many fun things to do. Even in winter he was never bored. He liked to play computer games but he loved even more model building, for which he had quiet some talent. His whole room was filled with models he had built and that he loved to show to his little friends.  When they would notice the teddy bear sitting on his bed he was not ashamed to tell them that he always slept with the animal, and was surprised to learn that they had abandoned their cuddles a long time ago.

When he had been 17 his teachers had encouraged him to send applications to some prestigious universities, as he was an excellent student. His mother, after the initial surprise, had encouraged him but doing it in a way that completely undermined his confidence.  She would take him in her arms and hugging him hard, asked who would ever have expected her little Billyboy to be able to go to Oxford. Or she would make an appointment with his teacher and then come home and tell him she was so proud of him because the teacher had told her he was such a good student that he expected really outstanding marks. And as she surely had expected he became nervous for his exams, something he never had experienced before because his mother had never paid any attention to his schoolwork. And of course with the stress the nightly accidents came back. Before long his mother had him back in nappies every night. When finally he got his results they were good enough to get him in some of the top schools – not Oxford or Cambridge but not far below. But of course by that time the possibility of him leaving home to live in a student home was out of the question – he could hardly sleep in a dorm wearing nappies – , so they decided he would attend the local university.

University was not so different from school. Just as for school he went there by bike, as well in summer as in winter. Only the distance was longer. His mother mostly dressed him in pants but on sunny days he would still wear shorts. The difference however was that there were no smaller boys to play with. He tried to make new friends amongst the skaters but their dare-devil approach did not match with his prudent ways. As for their tattoos, baggy pants and other paraphilia he couldn’t imagine wearing such things. What would his mother say?

That’s when he discovered girls. Until then he had never paid much attention to them, thinking them horribly boring, even more so than the boys his age. But now at university some girls took interest in him and he had nowhere to escape to. One day one of the girls commented on his nice legs, and the others began giggling.  He thought that a very silly observation. What was there to be nice about his legs? He shrugged and, observing the girl was wearing a short skirt over bare legs, he wanted to ask if she thought her legs were less nice than his. But the way the girls were looking at him, exchanging smiles between each other, had an unnerving effect. And suddenly he noticed that their legs were quite different from his. They were very elegant, and seemed so soft. He suddenly wanted to touch them and this realization made him blush. ” Your legs are nicer!”  he blurted out to the merriment of the girls. The girl who had initialized the topic was encouraged to carry the teasing somewhat further and making some place on the bench between her and the girl next to her, summoned him to come and sit between them. Turning even redder he stood up and did as asked. When he was seated between the two girls he didn’t know where to put his hands and finally posed them on his knees. As if she had been reading his thoughts she took one hand and put it on her upper leg: “Doesn’t that feel soft?” His throat was shut tight so he just nodded while everybody laughed out loud. But it wasn’t over yet: “Look girls, I think in a few seconds his shorts are going to burst open!” Billy as well as all the others looked at his crouch and it was obvious he had a huge boner inside his shorts. That’s when the girl decided it had been enough. Taking his hand off her leg she told him to go relief himself before he messed up his shorts. Standing up Billy realized it was too late, that he had already come in his shorts. He ran off to the toilets hearing the girls having fun behind his back

From then on he avoided as much as possible any girl, condemned at spending most of his time on campus alone. But the encounter had changed his life. He yearned for girls in a terrible way. Every time he saw a girl, even from a distance, he felt his member grow and had to hurry to the toilets to relief himself, but he didn’t dare to approach them.

When a few years later Billy had obtained his bachelor degree the question was what to do now? His mother agreed that he was too young to get a job. The alternative was to pursue a master degree, but the masters that were in line with his capacities and interests were not offered in the local university. He would have to go to another town and take a room in a student home. Since he had entered university he hadn’t worn nappies, so that was not an issue anymore. Nevertheless Billy dreaded to have to live with other boys and girls his age, without his mother to tell him what to do and wear, and without her bathing him and tucking him in at night. And his mother of course shared these concerns. The option of finding him a private room was not realistic for financial reasons.

When he was accepted at a school some 300 miles from where he lived solving the dilemma became urgent. As summer progressed and the beginning of school got nearer they began to panic. Towards the end of summer they hoped to have found the solution when his mother encountered boarding facilities in a private house at a reduced rate in exchange for some help in the household.

The very next day they made an appointment and drove up to the university city. They easily found the house. It seemed a little far from campus, but they estimated it would take him only about 15 minutes to get there by bike, so that was not too bad. It was a street with small identical two story row houses, somewhat depressing. When they rang the doorbell the door was opened by a gorgeous girl in her mid-twenties. As always when he was confronted with a good looking girl he was lost. Luckily his mother was there to present themselves. The girl gave them a warm smile: “Sure we were expecting you, come on in.”  She introduced herself “I’m Jenny.” Still not recovered he tried to tell her his name but didn’t manage, so it was his mother who had to introduce him.  The girl led them inside and he was surprised to see that the house was very bright and well-furnished, decorated with modern design and art. Quite a contrast with the exterior.

She led them to a living room with an open kitchen and a large glass door leading to a small walled garden. On the terrace he noticed another beautiful girl a little bit older than Jenny, and he heard himself being introduced: “Melinda, this is Billy, our new tenant, and his mother”. The girl stood up revealing extremely long legs under a small short. As she walked towards them he was awestruck. This was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He didn’t have to see the room, or hear about the conditions, anymore. If he had to leave his mother, then this was the place he wanted to live. But then he heard the second girl addressing herself to her friend:”Not too fast darling, he has not been accepted yet”. She smiled at Billy: “To be honest when Jenny told me she had made an appointment with a boy I wasn’t too sure. In general boys don’t make good housemaids.”

Billy turned red. Housemaid? Is that how they saw him? “Eum, but, eum, I am very clean, and always help my mother in the household.” He looked desperately at his mother, but Jenny and Melinda irrupted in a loud laugh. “She is just kidding. We actually prefer a male boarder. Less jealousy and complications! ” Despite his confusion Billy noted the eye exchange between the girls. And when Melinda put her arm around Jenny and the latter rested her head on her friends shoulder Billy suddenly understood the nature of the relationship. For some reason this was reassuring, and he calmed down.  He looked at his mother and understood she had known the girls to be a couple all the time and it seemed to suit her too.

They visited the house and discussed the price – very affordable as he was paying only half value in exchange for help in the household. Less than an hour after his arrival they had agreed he would move in at the beginning of the school year, 3 weeks from then.  As they drove home he was extremely happy. The only problem was that they never got around discussing what kind of help would be expected from him. But his mother assured him that that would work out alright.

The next 3 weeks went by very fast. Billy was vaguely aware that his mother called several times with Jenny and Melinda, and she seemed ever more satisfied with the arrangements. The day before the first day of classes she drove him there again, but this time with a packed car. The bike had been put on the top, and in the trunk he brought his skate board, and even a number of his model planes and cars to decorate his room, to make him feel at home.

Saying good bye to his mother had been very hard, but he had managed not to cry, and Melinda and Jenny had been very attentive the whole evening, until he went to bed.  Living in the same house as Melinda made him almost forget that he wasn’t going to see his mother for some months, and going to bed he took his cuddle in his arms and dreaming of Melinda he fell asleep.

The next morning when he came out of the shower the door of the bathroom opened and Melinda walked in. Assuming she hadn’t known he was there he blurted out a sorry and held the bath towel before his private parts, expecting her to leave immediately. But she calmly closed the door behind her and gave him an appreciative look.

-“Are you a swimmer?”

– “No, why?”

– “Because you have no body hair and a nice chest!”  She smiled appreciatively, and reaching towards the towel, gently pulled it away.

–  “Come on let me see!”

Billy’s mother had always insisted to remove all his body hair for hygienic reasons. Something he thought was quiet natural and he assumed that all clean people did the same. Melinda was now standing very close to him, holding the towel in one hand and putting another hand on his chest. Billy didn’t understand.

-“But aren’t you a …?”

-“A lesbian? Sure I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good virile fuck from time to time. Are you a good fuck?”  She was stroking his chest holding her face very close to his. Billy was again completely helpless.

“Euh, I don’t know.”

Melinda smiled again.

–          “You don’t know? Are you a virgin?”

–          “No, I’m a boy!”

Melinda irrupted in a loud but gentle laugh, and cupped his private parts with the hand that had been stroking his chest

–          “I can see that! But are you a boy-virgin? You never made love, did you? “

–          “No, never”

Bill looked at his feet embarrassed but Melinda pulling him by the hand opened the door.

–          “Poor boy, we must repair that immediately. Providence send you to the right address “

A few minutes later she pushed him on his back on her bed and while he watched with open mouth she undressed and then took out a condom, which she expertly began slipping over his member, which had grown to never seen dimensions.  He immediately began groaning with pleasure. She stopped and told him to keep quiet: “It’s not the damn condom that has to get the pleasure but me, Billyboy.”  Billyboy? How did she know? But he tried to concentrate on not to come and felt how she softly continued putting the condom in place, and when she was ready, laid down on him guiding his member into her with her hand.

–          “Now you wait! I’ll be moving up and down on you and you just wait. Don’t you dare to come before I tell you!”

He held out for almost a whole minute before he had to let go with a big sigh. He had never experienced such a heavenly feeling. Melinda laughed

–          “Guess that’s not bad for a first time boy, but you’ll have to learn to do better, much better. Don’t worry I’ll teach you.” 

She rolled over on her back and his shrunken penis, with the filled condom still hanging on to it, flipped out of her pussy.

–          “Now that you have had your pleasure I will teach you to give me my pleasure.  Go down there and start licking.  For the time being I expect more from your tongue than from that little thing down there. “

Billy looked at his little stick and, embarrassed, took off the condom, and let himself slide down the bed. Putting his head between her legs began licking as he had been instructed. He had never been happier in his life.  Not only was he still reliving his climax from some moments before, but lying with his head between the most exquisite legs in the world, was a dream come true. And his happiness increased even more when Melinda began groaning with pleasure. She held his head with her two hands in place whispering between two sighs to go on.

When an eternity later she was finally satisfied she gently pulled him by her side, gave him a gentle kiss on his lips, and said he had been wonderful. At that moment he fell even more hopelessly in love with her. From then on he would worship her, as she had expected. As he whispered in her ear that he loved her she smiled, and answered that she knew it.

They laid there for a while and then she asked if he had liked to fuck her. To what he answered enthusiastically, without hesitation, that it had been heaven. She nodded and then asked if he had liked to lick her pussy. Again he cried out with as much conviction that that too had been heaven. She nodded again, and then asked what had been the best. And when he answered that both had been equally good she told him not to lie. So he admitted that he had preferred fucking her.

–          “Sure, I knew that. Well listen, I’m sure you have been masturbating a lot, haven’t you? “

He blushed and admitted he had.

–          “Well, what you did right now was masturbate inside me.”

He wanted to protest but she stopped him.

–          “I’m going to teach you to really make love to a girl, ok?”

He nodded. She reached down and taking his, still little, dangling, stick in her hand, she began rubbing it. In a few seconds it had grown hard again and she gently put on a new condom.

–          “Now you come back, and make sure I climax, but don’t come yourself. Forget about yourself, just show me you love me by giving me pleasure, selflessly. Can you that?”

She climbed again on top of him and began riding him hard. From time he would cry out to stop, to which she obeyed immediately, keeping quiet for a few seconds telling him he was a good boy. He was able to do that for almost 5 minutes, but then again, he came, giving a few strong thrusts, and then falling back with a deep sigh. A few moments later his member had shrunken again and she looked at him cross:

–          “Is that all the love you have for me?”

He wanted to apologize but she wouldn’t let him, and telling him to wait, she turned away.

Once alone Billyboy closed his eyes, in pure bliss, silently repeating Melinda’s name over and over. Making love to her was so much better than masturbating. He would never have believed that such a pleasure actually existed. He knew he had disappointed her and that made him sad, but he was telling himself that is was because it was the first time, that he would learn to do it better. She was the most wonderful being on earth and he would do anything to satisfy her. When he heard her coming back into the room he opened his eyes and sitting up blurted out that he was sorry, that he loved her, that he was going to learn to satisfy her, … She smiled at him:

–           “Ssst, I know all that darling, and I’m going to help you, I’m going to teach you how to satisfy me. Do you want me to do that?”

He looked at her with eyes overflowing with love and admiration:

–          ”Oh yes Melinda, please!”

–          “You call me Mistress from now on ! Ok then. Listen, the problem is your frequent masturbation. You have trained yourself to gratify yourself. I’m going to reverse that conditioning and train you to satisfy me, to forget about your own pleasure.”

Billy wanted very badly to satisfy her, but what did she mean with forgetting his own pleasure? She was not going to deny him the pleasure he had experienced that morning? Seeing the panic is his eyes she smiled:

–          “Don’t you worry boy. I’m going to condition you in such a way that satisfying me is going to give you as much pleasure as what you experienced this morning, and on top of that, I will teach you to have orgasms compared to which what you experienced this morning will pale.“

He looked at her as if doubting if that was possible.

–          “Just trust  me! You don’t have much of a choice anyway as I’m not going to have sex with you if you don’t follow my instructions!”

But Billy did trust her and putting his arms around her neck he whispered that he loved her and would do everything she asked. She smiled and gently kissed him on his mouth:

–          “You are such a sweet boy Billyboy. I think I’m going to love you very much!”

Next she showed him a chastity device, and explained it was all about a little rationing. Rationing his orgasms would increase their intensity and in the mean-time he would learn to please her without getting immediate reward.

Billyboy watched curiously while she put the chastity cage on his member. When she was ready and the cage was closed with a little key that she hung around her neck, she kissed him on the mouth while softly stroking his balls, making his member grow again.

–          “How does that feel? “

Billy groaned in agony.

–          “I make you suffer and you like that, don’t you? “

–          “Yes”

–          “You are a fast learner! Time to lick me again but this time with your little bird in its cage.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, opened her legs and had Billy sit on the floor in front of her and instructed him to lick her again. After a few seconds it was her time to groan, but from pleasure. Billy understood he was doing a good job and this encouraged him. After a while however his tongue became tired but when he slowed down she told him to continue. He concentrated on her groaning and this kept him going. After an eternity she finally said he could stop, patting him on the head:

–          “Good boy. Look your little bird is all relaxed”

Billy had indeed forgotten about his own pleasure, and looking down between his legs, he saw she was right. She stood up and advised him to rest. Billy lay down on the bed, still gasping from exhaustion. He suddenly realized time was passing and that he was going to be late for his first day of class. He jumped up, calling out to Melinda he had to go. She turned around telling him he was too late anyway, that he would have to pretend he had been ill, and then added that his lessons for the day weren’t finished yet, not by far. That’s when he noticed that she was standing in front of him with her legs slightly open, and her feet firmly planted on the floor, putting  on a strap-on dildo,

–          “After learning how to give, time to learn how to receive! Stand up, turn around and bend forward, my little darling!”

Billy, afraid for what was coming but all excited at the same time,  turned towards the bed and putting his hands on it, bended over. The next thing was that he felt how her finger, covered with gel, prodded into his little hole.

–          “Oh, what a cute little virgin asshole”

As she pushed her fingers deeper inside his ass, for a split second it felt as heaven but then his member, cramped in the device, ached horrible, and he cried out.   

–          “It hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to remain calm, with your little bird sitting quietly in its cage, waiting for the day I will release it.  But for the time being you will learn that to have pleasure means having to suffer. I will arouse you and it will hurt, but you will not want it to stop. Little by little you will learn to  give me pleasure without getting aroused and just knowing you give me pleasure will be your reward“

At that moment Billy felt how she thrust the dildo in his ass, and he cried out in pain again, as she moved it vigorously in and out.

–          “Are you alright little darling? There you are, twice deflowered in one morning. You are such a good pupil Billyboy!”

He cried out, not able to retain his tears, until she stopped. She made him lie on the bed in her arms, swiping away his tears with a soft hand, and then kissing him on his mouth.

–          “You are the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. I love you, and when you will be completely trained I will love you even more. Do you still love me?”

Billy whispered he loved her very much.

She smiled and then answered he should go and wash up as she still had to show him what was expected from him in the household.  Some 15 minutes later he had taken his second shower of the day and, dressed in a tight fitting T-shirt and jeans went to the kitchen where Melinda was reading the papers over a cup of coffee. She asked what he wanted for breakfast and then told him to sit down as she served him. Surprised he asked if he shouldn’t been serving her. She smiled and answered he had served her very well already. Billy, feeling proud, sat down.  She sat next to him while he had breakfast telling him that she was about to leave but she could show him around a little bit and Jenny had told her she was coming home around midday. 

After breakfast Melinda showed him all the household stuff: the soap and salt for the dishwasher, the brooms closet, the maintenance products, the dust bins, …. Billy panicked, wondering if he was really expected to do all those chores. But when they had done the tour of the house Melinda, reading his mind, smiled: “Don’t worry, we split the work between the 3 of us. This morning I will help you empty the dishwasher so that you learn where we put the things, and then I will be off. If you could just make the beds before Jenny comes home and that will be all, ok?” Relieved Billy answered there was no problem. Melinda smiled back and opening a closet took out a small apron and handed it to him:

–          “One last thing.  I want you to wear an apron while you do the household.”

–          “ Euh, is that really necessary?”

–          “Just to remind you of your place in this house.  I like things to be clear!”

Billy looked disappointed which she noticed:

–          “Come on, don’t look so surprised. You know Jenny and I are lovers, and that we prefer to have a boy as tenant to avoid jealousies. You can love me, and I think you are a darling, and I’m sure Jenny too will like you very much. But you are not our equal. Never will. But lets’ get to work now“

She took Billy by his shoulders and turned him around, fastening the apron in his waist. Reaching underneath, she stroked him between his legs, while she placed a sucking kiss in his neck. His member immediately swelling in its cage, he groaned from pain and pleasure. Melinda took a step back to look at his neck, and noticing the kiss mark, smiled in satisfied way:

–          “Marked like that people will know you belong to someone.”

Before Billy could react she opened the dishwasher and showed him where they put the glasses. When they had emptied the dishwasher she prepared to leave as he began making the bed of the girls. Being alone in the room of his mistress excited him, but concentrating hard he managed to prevent his member to harden again, avoiding another painful incident. Until she entered the room to say good bye, lifting her skirt and asking him to kiss her pantie. He loved to feel the pain in his dick.

When she was gone he finished the bed, and then went into his own room, to tidy it up. When he saw himself in the mirror wearing the apron he hesitated to take it off.  But he remembered she had said that she wanted him to wear the apron “while he did the household”. Figuring that tidying his own room was not doing the household he decided to take it off. He sat down at his desk and went over that mornings happening.  Opening his pants he watched his little bird in its cage. Why had he accepted to wear it? He realized that he was ready to do anything that Melinda asked, and smiled happily. At that moment he heard the voice of Jenny asking if anybody was home.

When he went towards her she looked surprised:

–          “Aren’t you in class?”

–          “Eum, Melinda and I kind of forgot the time.”

She looked at him with large eyes, in which Billy thought to see some disappointment:

–          “No? Don’t tell me she got you already?”

He blushed and began to stammer he was sorry, but she interrupted him, laughing:

–          “So she did! Well this must be her absolute record! Don’t be sorry for me, I know she needs her little games but she will always love me. But how about you? Are you sure you are up to it?

–          “Oh, yes! She is so beautiful, I am so happy she likes me.”

She looked at him worried:

–          “I see. She really got to you, didn’t she?  Nothing I can do about that. Except to warn you that she can be very cruel. She once tried to make me her little slave, but I refused. However she needs to have someone to order around, to have at her disposal.

She put her arm around his shoulders:

–          “She will take you to heaven, but she will make you suffer for it. If at a certain moment you can’t take it anymore don’t hesitate to come to me. She always listens to me.”

She kissed him softly on his forehead and then told him to wait while she changed into something more comfortable and then she would show him some more things for the household. A few minutes later she came back wearing a very short skirt, and she showed him where to find the ironing table and put him to work. He often helped his mother with the ironing so he knew how to do it.  When Jenny left him alone he wondered about what she had told him, but that made him think of beautiful Melinda and he felt his penis grow in its cage. It hurt but he couldn’t help imagining she was riding him hard with his dick deep inside her. This hurt so much he had to stop ironing but still he didn’t want it to stop.

He ran to his room and taking off his pants looked at the device trying to figure out how to take it off.  Lying on his bed with his legs wide open he realized there was nothing he could do but wait for his member to shrink. At that moment Jenny knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer entered the room, asking if he was alright. His voice distorted by pain he answered he was fine. She looked at him with pity, answered he didn’t look fine at all, and taking him by the hand she made him follow her to the bathroom, limping behind her.

In the bathroom she helped him take off his pants and then had him enter the shower where she sprayed his manhood with cold water, which made it shrink real fast. He was relieved but disappointed at the same time.  Seeing this she sighted but made no further comment.  Simply telling him to come out of the shower she helped him dry his private parts and legs.

–          “Poor thing, you really will have to learn to wait to be freed before getting yourself all excited. But come on, let’s get dressed again.”

He followed her to his room again but when he wanted to put on his pants again she stopped him.

–          “I noticed you have a nice collection of shorts. I’m sure that Melinda will love to see your nice bum in tight fitting shorts with naked legs.”

He gave her a surprised but grateful look.

–          “You really think so? “

But he had already turned towards his closet and began choosing a pair of shorts. With the help of Jenny he chose a pair of dark blue corduroy shorts.  But when he pulled them up he noticed they were so tight that the chastity device formed a very visible bulk. When he hesitated if he could walk around like that Jenny smiled and assured him that Melinda would love it. They finished his outfit with a tight fitting polo shirt tugged inside the shorts and a pair of white under-the-knee socks.  Exactly the kind of outfit he was used to wear at home, however he felt unsure if that was the way he wanted to dress to impress his lover. Jenny assured him again that Melinda was going to find him very sexy, and then, whispering in his ear, she added, that she loved it too. He looked at her surprised and grateful again.

When that evening Melinda came home she looked him up and down and then grabbed him between the legs.

-“How are you doing sexy boy? Ready to suffer?”

Opening his shorts she pushed her hand inside them and stroked his balls. His member exploded inside the device and he groaned in pain, which made her smile.

–          “You go and fix me a dry martini sexy boy!”

With that she turned towards Jenny who had been watching the whole scene and they embraced passionately while Billy limped towards the kitchen. A few moments later he was joined by Jenny who showed him how to prepare a dry martini and poured herself a glass of white wine. Just as he finished the martini Melinda entered.  She was wearing a gorgeous summer dress and Billy almost dropped the glass on the floor awed by the sight of his goddess. But she did as if she didn’t notice and dismissed him as they began preparing dinner. He installed himself in front of the TV but couldn’t help glancing at the girls who, while they were cooking, kissed and stroked each other all the time.  

During dinner they continued to demonstrate their passion for each other as Billy was condemned to watch them, suffering miserably. After the meal he was told to clean up the kitchen. When he obediently started cleaning off the table Melinda asked where his apron was. When he blushingly answered he thought he had let it in his room he was told to go fetch it and when Melinda fastened it again around his waist she stroked him between his legs. This time he was prepared and managed not to have a hard one.  Being stroked by his goddess without suffering was a relief.

When he was done he hesitated what to do. The girls were watching a movie, Jenny sitting between the legs of Melinda, resting in her arms. She noticed that he was looking at them and asked if he wanted to join them. An invitation she didn’t have to repeat. But as he approached he didn’t know where to sit. The girls occupied the sofa in front of the TV and the only other seat had its back turned to the set. Melinda gave him one of her sardonic smiles and motioned him to come closer, showing the floor next to the sofa:

-“Your place is here, right at my feet, Billyboy.”

When he sat down on the floor leaning against the sofa he felt how she stroked his hair, which made him feel happy. But after a while she stopped and, watching over his shoulder, he discovered the girls where kissing again. A few moments later Jenny had taken off her shirt and Melinda was kissing her breasts. She then lied down on the sofa, pulling Jenny on top of her and putting her hands underneath her girlfriend’s skirt and into her panties, she caressed her until she began breathing heavily. Embarrassed Billy wanted to leave but Melinda stopped him:

–          “Hey, don’t go Billy! Sit on your knees over there and lick my feet and toes! While I make Jenny come you make sure I come too that way! “

Billy couldn’t believe what was happening to him, but he immediately complied wondering if it was really possible that he would make her come by licking her feet. It took a while but at a certain moment he was sure he heard both girl sighting from pleasure. And when the girls finally stopped and Melinda told him he had been very good, he felt proud. Jenny left them for a moment and Melinda smiled telling him to get up and to take off his shorts. She then pulled him towards her and made him sit between her legs. While she kissed and sucked him in his neck, making a second mark, she stroked his balls. He groaned in agony again;

–          “Oh, does that hurt?”

–          “Yes”, he managed to whisper.

–          “You want me to stop?”

–          ”No!”

–          “You want me to take that thing off, and make you come inside me?”

–          “Oh yes, yes, please!”

She stopped caressing him:

–          “Oh no, not yet boy!”

At that moment Jenny came back and told them she was tired and was going to bed. She was wearing a short sexy nightdress. The way she looked at her girlfriend, and how Melina jumped to her feet and smiled at her, Billy knew they weren’t going to sleep yet.  He stood up too, and both girls gave him a speedy goodnight kiss.

As he went to bed he couldn’t help dreaming again of Melinda lying on top of him riding him to heaven, and he was soon groaning in agony. He really had to learn to think about her without having his thing grow hard! As the pain slowly ebbed away he fell asleep.

The next morning when he came out of his shower he was hoping that Melinda would join him again but nothing happened. When he was dressed he went to the kitchen but neither of the girls was there so, disappointed, he left for the university.  He came back home in the late afternoon and found Jenny at home. She was kind as always, asking him how his first day had been. He first gave her extensive answers to her questions and then, timidly asked where Melinda was. Jenny smiled and told him she was expecting her girl friend to come home only after dinner. He was relieved she did as if she hadn’t seen his disappointment and gave him instructions regarding the household chores to be done. And he was even more relieved when she proposed to help him. The first day at uni had been overwhelming and he had an urgent need to take some time to get himself organized.  When they had finished cleaning the house they had a quick frozen dinner together and he went to his room to work. A couple of hours later he heard Melinda’s car pulling up in front of the house. He could hardly retain himself not to run up to her but realized that was not his role. Opening his door just a little bit he saw indeed how the girls jumped into each other’s arms. The sudden sting between his legs made him groan and he retreated into his room.  Half an hour later he couldn’t hold anymore, and decided to join them. But when he came to the living room he saw how the girls were lying on the sofa again, and deciding he really didn’t want to repeat the scene of the previous night, he went quietly back to his room.

Quite some time later his door flew open and Melinda, wearing a short baby-doll dress, entered.

–          “How is my boy doing tonight?”

Billy jumped from his chair and stammered he was doing great, even better now that she was there. This made her laugh. She put one hand between his legs and the other under his shirt.

–          “I see you have dressed sexy. Wanting to get hurt again, aren’t you? “

Billy was indeed again wearing tight fitting shorts under a simple plain white T-shirt, putting in evidence his broad chest. Blushing he nodded. It was only at that moment that he noticed she was holding the strap on dildo in her hand.

–          “OK then, get undressed and lean against the wall. Let’s make that little ass hole somewhat wider again!”

This time Billy cried out in pain. Both from the dildo being forced way up his ass, but also from his own member almost bursting out of its little cage. When she was done she gently swiped off his tears and told him he was good boy.

The next day started in the same way with Billy leaving for school without seeing either of the girls. And when he came home nobody was there but he found a small note with the household instructions. He was still busy at it when Melinda came home. She first reproached him for not wearing an apron, but then she took him in her arms.

–          “You have been wonderful, adapting so well to your new live. I think you deserve a reward.”

With that she pulled at the chain around her neck and showed him the little key.  The next hour was heaven. She rode him as mustang and he was able to hold out for more than 20 minutes, and then burst out as an irrupting volcano, firing his lava deep inside his mistress making her cry out loud. When she told him he had been great, a real champ, he felt happier than he had ever been.

Being put back in his chastity device was not even a punishment. It was just the preparation for the next trip to heaven.

For the next chapter :


  1. Chere Madame
    Est-ce qu’il est possible que vous ecrira une autre chapitre? (Je m’excuse que les accents ne sont pas la. Mon ordinateur est vieux (et anglais!))

  2. Oh my! My story!! Thank you so much. The first part rings so true but the second part is way beyond my experience. But i hope there will be lots more. Maybe this is the way i’ll learn about these matters! But again thank you for keeping your promise!


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