A dream come true 10

“When Isabel pushed my head towards her breast I put my mouth over it and clumsily began sucking on the nipple. At first nothing came out, but then Isabel took my hands and put them around her breast. Pressing softly and taking a larger part of her breast in my mouth I suddenly felt the liquid squirt into my mouth.  She bent over me and whispered in my ear that I was such a good baby.”


You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “topics” under “True”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 10

 In the eyes of my wife and daughter, the way Isabel had treated me was horribly humiliating. This experience took away all Laura’s inhibitions for humiliating me in public. She had seen that Isabel really loved to treat me as a baby, without intention of humiliating or dominating me, but that was beyond her comprehension. When she had me in diapers it was almost always to accentuate the fact that she was the boss and could do anything with me. Sometimes she would do it as a reward for being a good, obedient, husband, but even then she would do it in a humiliating way, knowing I liked that. Having seen the intimacy between me and her friend had made her jealous, and she was venting that jealousy by humiliating me more than ever.

Carol on the contrary had become very protective of me, as if she wanted to protect me from further humiliation.  But having been trained that Laura was always right she didn’t try to stop her. She would comfort me, or join me in whatever situation Laura had placed me, as if to say I didn’t have to feel bad because I was not alone. I didn’t mind the humiliations, but having my daughter comfort me in that way was very cute.

If until then diapering and treating me as a baby had been something Laura and I did in private, now she didn’t hesitate to treat me like that in front of the kids.

The first time was a couple of days after Lucy’s birthday party. The kids were gone and I had been doing the household while Laura was doing some administrative work. When I was ready I went to tell her and ask if there was anything else she wanted me to do. She looked surprised and said I was becoming faster and faster, and no, there was nothing more to do. She smiled and said I had earned a reward. She took me by the hand and I followed her up the stairs where she went straight to our special closet.

A quarter of an hour later I found myself sitting on a blanket in the living room surrounded with baby-toys, fastened to the radiator with an harness and with my fingers taped together. I wore nothing but a short shirt and disposable diapers, and was sucking happily on my pacifier. I was in heaven. It didn’t take long before I wet my diapers of course. Laura had left me alone and after a while I got bored playing with the wooden puzzles, plastic building blocks and teddies. I lay down on the floor and dozed off. Until I was woken up by the voices of Laura and Carol entering the room: “Look I made your father happy today.”  Carol looked surprised but then smiled and kneeling next to me gave me a big hug. But Laura continued: “I think the little baby must be getting hungry. I was just preparing a baby bottle; can you give it to him? “  Carol enthusiastically agreed to do that and some moments later I found myself sitting next to my daughter in the sofa, wearing a baby bib, with my head resting on her shoulder, sucking on a bottle that she held in her hand. That’s how Anthony found us when he came in.

He had heard from his sister of my baby-games but it was the first time he witnessed it. After his initial surprise he seemed to think it was funny and he sat in front of us watching his sister feed me. But then his eyes fell on my soaked diapers and he was horrified. Standing up disgusted he said I was not his father anymore and angrily walked out of the room. His sister bent over me and gave me a kiss: “Of course you are not our father. You are our little baby brother, aren’t you?”

Although from that day on Laura would be more careful,  from time to time, when the kids were not home,  she would still have me wear diapers without pants or shorts and we couldn’t help being caught a couple of times. Being caught by the kids walking around with my heavy wet diapers hanging between my legs was awkward. Even Carol was somewhat disturbed and asked her mother why she did this. Laura answered that all men needed reminding from time to time of where there place was, and some men like her father needed that more than others. I thought that very unfair but I guarded that thought for myself and Carol seemed to accept it.

Anthony of course didn’t, and angrily asked me why I let my wife treat me like that. But my answer that I had decided that whatever Laura did was right for me, didn’t sooth him. I explained that it had made my life very easy and that he had to admit that the household was a lot smoother since I accepted my place. He didn’t admit that.

But these were just a couple of exceptional occasions. Normally the baby-playing was something we did in private, usually as a reward for my good behavior. I always loved those moments but after Lucy’s birthday party something was missing. For Laura it was either a game to please me, either something she did to humiliate me, but for Isabel I had really been a baby, and I longed to repeat that. One day when the phone rang and I picked up it was Isabel calling for Laura. When she heard it was me she asked how little baby Mickey was doing. It made me have butterflies in my stomach, and I stammered that I missed Auntie Isabel. She laughed and answered she missed her little baby too but at that moment Laura entered the room and I passed her along to her friend.

The next day however driving to the office I had a sudden urge. Instead of going to work I called in sick and half an hour later I presented me at Isabel’s door. When she opened the door, holding little Lucy by the hand, she was surprised to see me but immediately knew why I had come.

She smiled and turned towards her little daughter: “Look who has come to play with you, little baby Mickey!”, and without any comment she took me by the hand leading me inside and up the stairs. Once in the baby bedroom she opened my trousers and pulled them down. A few minutes later I was completely naked and she made me lay on the floor as she applied baby powder all around, and on, my private parts. By that time my member had inflated and she put powder on it from top to base, softly rubbing my dick, using both hands. I couldn’t help coming and she laughed, swiping her hands clean on the kind of nurse’s apron she had put on: “That’s a good baby, now in a few seconds we will be able to put your diaper on” After I was diapered she dressed me in the same romper I had worn at Lucy’s party. Isabel observed that if I was going to be a regular visitor she should buy me some more clothes. The idea of becoming a regular visitor hadn’t occurred to me, and I blushed very hard.

Downstairs she put Lucy in her park and had me sit next to her on the sofa where she opened her blouse and bra. I was surprised that the bra opened in front, and by the size of her breasts, but then suddenly remembered she was still breastfeeding her 2 year old daughter. I had heard her discussing it with Laura who found this somewhat eccentric but Isabel had insisted it was the best for the baby. I slowly began realizing what was going to happen. When Isabel pushed my head towards her breast I put my mouth over it and clumsily began sucking on the nipple. At first nothing came out, but then Isabel took my hands and put them around her breast. Pressing softly and taking a larger part of her breast in my mouth I suddenly felt the liquid squirt into my mouth.  She bent over me and whispered in my ear that I was such a good baby, placing a kiss on my head. I don’t think I ever felt happier than at that moment. Being safely diapered, sucking on her breast, drinking this strange tasting milk, and trying not to feel guilty about not being at the office, made me feel extremely small.  After a while Lucy began protesting and Isabel made me stop and told me to climb in the park while she took out her little girl and told me to wait while she was going to put the toddler on the potty.

Talking about the potty made me want to poop, and without thinking twice, I began pushing, happily filling up my diapers. Life was very simple and enjoyable. Sitting on my diapers I began shifting back and forth to feel the sticky mass spread around and to have the smell fill up my nostrils. I felt so babyish I couldn’t stop me from stuffing the foot of the plush animal I had in my hand in my mouth and suck on it.

When Isabel entered the room carrying little Lucy in her arms she smelled what had happened and sighted deeply. But smiling kindly she told me to come out of the park and she put Lucy in my place before taking me by the hand leading me upstairs. I followed her happily anticipating lying down on the plastic sheet on the bed while she cleaned me up with moist tissues. Was there anything more heavenly in the world? Just thinking about it made my dick grow strong.

But she took me straight to the bathroom where she had me stand in the bath and cleaned me up with water and soap, ignoring my erection. Once clean I was diapered again of course. I immediately felt Isabel had put in quit some extra padding. Explaining that little babies who messed up their diapers had to be well protected she pulled some huge plastic pants over the diapers. The romper wouldn’t fit over it anymore so she had me wear nothing but a short tunic then had me stand up.  I could hardly walk and happily waddled at Isa’s hand. She led me to the bedroom again where she made me lay on the bed, and taking out two pairs of handcuffs, she attached my left wrist to my right ankle and vice versa, forcing me into a kind of fetal position. And to complete the scene she fastened a ball gag in my mouth. Being made so utterly dependent was exhilarating, but at the same time scary.

Isabel lay down on the bed next to me and, softly stroking my hair, gave me a couple of kisses. “That’s my sweet newborn baby.” She turned her head to my feet and put my big toe in her mouth and softly sucked on it, stroking my legs at the same time: “Ok baby, close your eyes, and relax. You can’t please yourself but auntie knows what her baby likes.”  She moved her hand up to my crotch and softly rubbed my member through the thick diapers. I thought my penis was going to explode in the diapers and I sighted in anticipation. But at that moment Isabel stood up and showing me the baby phone said she was going to take care of her other baby but that if I wanted something she would hear me making noise. Bending over she kissed me and told me to take a big nap. I wanted to tell her to wait but managed only to make some incomprehensible sounds.

Once alone I desperately tried to finish the job she had started but the position she had put me in made that impossible. Very frustrated I tried to fall asleep, but it took me quite a while to calm down. But finally I must have dozed off.

When Isabel came into the room I woke up and it took me a few moments to remember in what situation I was. She again lay down next to me resting my head in her lap, and then put her hand back on my crotch: “Auntie has been very naughty teasing her little baby like that. But this time I will finish it, ok darling?”  She rubbed my dick through the diapers again and I felt it swell immediately. Then, sighting heavily, I came very fast. She smiled “Baby likes that, doesn’t he?”

She unfastened the cuffs, but keeping the gag in place, took me by the hand to go down. Once downstairs she put me on a blanket on the floor and putting the dog collar from the last time back on, she attached my wrists to it. All I could do was watch how she fed little Lucy some mashed food. When that was done she put the little girl on the potty and then it was her turn to go upstairs to take a nap.  When Lucy was in bed and Isabel came down she unfastened my hands and told me to come and sit next to her on the sofa. To my huge excitement she opened her blouse again and I was breastfed for the second time that day.

It was amazing how being breastfed was a unique experience, unbelievable relaxing, blocking out all other senses. Sucking and feeling the liquid fill up my mouth was pure happiness. At that moment nothing else existed anymore. Just sucking and swallowing.

When I had emptied both breasts she led me relax with my head on her chest, and softly stroking my hair she told me that that was it for the day. Disappointed I looked at her pleadingly but she said that it had been enough and that anyway it would soon be time for her to go and fetch the boys at school. She hesitated a moment and then told me that she would have to tell Laura of my visit. 

Panicking I veered upright: “Why?”  “Not telling her would be a lie by omission, and I don’t want a lie to install itself between me and my best friend”. I kept silent trying to figure out the effect it would have on my wife. But Isabel soothed me, assuring me that Laura would not be too upset. She continued explaining that she would have to tell Tom too. Again I panicked, crying out that she couldn’t do that. “I have to; you never know what little Lucy will tell. But calm down, I won’t tell him what you came over for. I will just invent something about you and Laura and that you needed someone to talk too.”

With that she motioned me to stand up and she led me go upstairs on my own to get dressed. When an hour later I came home Laura was waiting for me, smiling maliciously: “You are home early darling!”  On the way home I had tried to figure out what to say, but I was still speechless, but Laura didn’t wait for an answer: “I heard you paid a visit to Isabel and that she took good care of you?” This was getting even harder than expected.  I madly tried to figure out how to react but Laura shrugged and continued: “Well it’s good you are here. It’s a perfect day to give the terrace a good shrub.” I was relieved she didn’t pursue the issue any longer and eagerly agreed it was a good moment to do that yearly chore.

The next day however when I came home from the office, things took an unexpected turn. As usual upon coming home I changed into comfortable clothes and went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. As I was putting on my apron I wondered where Laura was. I had seen her car so I knew she was home but I hadn’t seen her and she hadn’t come to say hello which was unusual. Just as I was going to look for her she walked into the kitchen.

I was flabbergasted by the way she was dressed. She wore a short, pleated, pink skirt, underneath a white dress shirt with short balloon sleeves and with the tails hanging over the skirt and. Over the shirt she wore a short brown top. The outfit was completed with under-the-knee, purple and white, football socks and pink sneakers. She seemed surprised to see me but gave me a broad smile: “Oh, Hi. I’m a friend of Carol, she said she would be back soon and I could wait.” I began to understand where this was going and got intrigued. “I see. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?” “Oh sorry. I’m Laura. But if I disturb you, I can wait in her room.” “No not at all. Are you classmates?”

Seeing that I had entered the game Laura relaxed. She had been chewing – which flabbergasted me even more as Laura hates chewing gum – but taking the gum out of her mouth and holding it between her fingers, she went to the bin to throw it away. She cleaned her fingers by putting them in her mouth and then drying them on the back of her skirt. I was looking at the scene with open mouth but enjoying every second of it. Next she turned to me again and saying that Carol had told her she could take a coke if she was thirsty, she asked if I minded. Of course I answered I didn’t.  Asking if I wanted one too – I declined – she went to the fridge and returning with a can in her hand, she sat on the kitchen table with her legs hanging over the edge. I noticed she had her hair in a ponytail – which had jumped up when she jumped on the table – something she hadn’t done for ages. I was ever more surprised, but completely fascinated, I couldn’t take my eyes of her. 

She finally answered that she was not a classmate but a friend of my daughter. I was wondering what to say next when she took the initiative, looking intently at my apron: “Carol told me about how this household is organized. It’s cool!” I blushed, suddenly very self-conscious. She continued “My father and brother don’t do anything. It’s all for my mother, me and my sisters. That’s so primitive!” I still didn’t know what to answer so she went on: “I think a man who isn’t ashamed to put on an apron and to help a lot in the household must be very confident about his manhood.”

This time I couldn’t suppress a smile: “I don’t know. It’s just that I don’t mind.”  Pulling up her legs and crossing them underneath her, displaying for a moment her panties before she pulled down her skirt, she looked me up and down: “It shows you respect woman. Also the way you look, so slim and fit, shows you respect your wife.”

I suddenly realized she was hitting on me, which aroused me. I never was much of a ladies man, and the last couple of years I had completely lost the habit, so I was at a loss for words, and blushed again. Laura, without taking her eyes off me, pulled up one of her socks displacing her short skirt, again giving me a glimpse of her panties. I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I smiled and awkwardly asked if she thought I was sexy. While I heard myself ask that stupid questionI was suddenly horribly conscious that I was wearing an apron which was not very flattering nor sexy. Laura could hardly suppress a laugh, but managed to do it and with an even voice answered she thought I was very handsome for someone my age, and, casting her eyes down as if she was shy, she added that, yes, she thought I was sexy.

Trying to recover while she was not looking at me I took on a patronizing tone: “That’s very nice to say so, but you shouldn’t chat up a man from my age. It’s the boys your age you should find sexy!” Of course that was not a very original thing to say but it seemed to hit home. She jumped off the table and came walking up to me: “Boys my age are so boring , and so clumsy! I rather be with adults, but there are so few adults that are nice and sweet and sexy and handsome.”

She put her arms around me and planted a kiss on my mouth. “You smell good. Why can’t you be my father? Carol is so lucky!! Please take me in your arms.”

I did as asked and we had another long kiss. When we separated our tongues she sighted deeply: “I feel so happy. I always dreamed to be initiated by a real man!”

Amused I entered more and more in the game: “Initiated? Does that mean you are still a virgin?”  She gave me an obfuscated look: “Of course I’m a virgin, I’m 13 years old!” She waited a second and then continued on a dubitative tone: “But if you would agree to be my guide I am ready to offer you my flower”. And without waiting for my reaction she reached underneath the apron and began fumbling at my belt trying to unfasten it. I was suddenly taken by a panic attack. Being invited to unflower this pretty 13 year old virgin excited me tremendously, but at the same time I was afraid not to be able to live up to her expectations. I stopped her and tried to gain a reprieve telling her we should not do this hastily. We should plan for an ideal moment and place.

At that moment Carol walked in and I realized she had been home all the time. She looked at her mother, clearly amused by her outfit, but she also understood what we were doing, and began laughing: “Hey what are you guys up to?”

I was embarrassed – yes I still am embarrassed sometimes despite all the humiliating things Laura has made me do over the years – but Laura smiled at her daughter. “Your little brother has to go peepee and I was helping him unfasten his pants”.

 I was flabbergasted by the unexpected twist:  I was not Carol’s father anymore but her little brother?  I wanted to protest but then fell how at that moment Laura managed to unfasten my pants and with a strong pull made them drop to my ankles: “Oh what cute panties! Your mommy makes you wear the panties your sister has outgrown?”  I was indeed wearing girlie panties as always. Embarrassed, I looked at the way my daughter gasped in disbelief seeing her father wearing colorful panties with a Disney princess drawing. But Laura didn’t give me any respite. Making me step out of my panties and taking the apron off by pulling it over my head, she gave me a pat on my bottom: “Hurry up, I’ll join you in a minute to dry your little wee-wee.” Having been turned from a sexy “mature man” into a little boy in just a few seconds frustrated me enormously, but being trained to accept whatever Laura decided, I gave a shy look at my daughter and left for the toilet under her amused gaze.

I was still peeing when the door to the toilet opened and Laura entered. She surprised me which made me pee next to the pot. She immediately grabbed my penis and re-directed it: “Let me help you before I have to clean the whole toilet”. When I was finished she cleaned my member with some paper and then handed me a pair of tight fitting shorts and helped me putting them on. Although still frustrated by the fact that she had so abruptly changed the game, I began to like the new turn of events.

When we got back to the kitchen Carol had put some toys on the floor. I immediately recognized the little soldiers, action figures and miniature cars which had belonged to Anthony. I looked from Carol to Laura wondering how they expected me to react. Laura smiled at her daughter, and then turned to me: “Before you are allowed to play with your toys your mother said you had to do your homework!”  At that moment I noticed the school exercise book on the table. Curious I sat at the table and Carol opened the book and showed some exercises I had to do. Intrigued I looked at it and noticed it were very simple counting exercises at a first grade level. The prospect of doing those simple exercises appealed enormously and taking the pencil Carol was holding I began to work.

They made me do the calculations for about ten minutes and then praised me for being so smart. Laura must have noticed I was disappointed it was already over because she took a writing pad with dual lined sheets, and told me to fill each line copying the same letter from end to end, a different letter on each line. Carefully writing between the lines was harder than I had expected and when I had filled a complete page this time I was happy it was over.  Giving me a hug Laura told me I could play until it would be time to eat.

Sitting on the ground playing with the action figures and cars felt awkward, especially with the two girls watching me. But after a while they stopped paying attention and watched some teen series on TV. As they hadn’t taken off my glasses I stopped playing and watched the series with them, until the pizza delivery boy rang the bell. They cut the pizzas in triangular pieces and the 3 of us ate with our fingers straight from the box, something Laura normally abhorred.

After finishing the pizzas and watching another show Carol told me to go upstairs, change into pajamas and brush my teeth. Being ordered by my daughter was strange but very cute. When I was ready I wondered what to do but as it was still very early I decided to rejoin them. In the meantime they were watching a DVD movie and hardly paid any attention to me. So I watched the movie with them, thinking the role playing was over for the day. But at the end of the movie Laura had another, last, surprise.

She first said it was much too late for little boys to still be up, and that if my mother would know this she would be very mad. I smiled but understood she was going to insist I go to bed so I stood up, and wanted to leave, but she stopped me and told me to wait. She disappeared in the kitchen and came back holding a pack of Dry Nites for older girls: “Your mother told me you have to wear those for in case you would have an accident”. She made me take off my pajama pants in full view of my daughter and pull on the brief-type training pants, illustrated with stars and a cute little monkey. They were way too small but still I managed to put them on.  I never had had brief-type diapers before and I loved the way they feel of them. Giving a kiss to both my wife and daughter I went upstairs.

In bed I went over the latest developments. Having my wife play the role of a nymphomaniac 13 year old girl was another dream come true. The fact that she had turned into my babysitter had been somewhat of a disappointment but still I had loved being looked after by both girls. I certainly wanted to play both roles again.

– Next chapter: https://clairodon.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/a-dream-come-true-11-2/

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  1. Wetnight says:

    Another enjoyable episode. Like the turn of Laura dressed as young teen, wish the wife would do that for me, but maybe next year I can get her to do that! Hope Laura doesn’t get leaky in her panties, young girls do gush so much and the juices certainly flow!

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