A different schoolgirl 11

“She was surprised to rediscover how much she liked the feeling of the poop spreading around in her diapers, the feeling of the warm softness when she sat on it, and even of the smell of it. Knowing of course that their friend did it on purpose Benny and Polly would take her upstairs and put her to bed, with her dirty diapers, and her hands still attached to her waist. In the morning there were no baby games, so she would have to take care of herself. Every time this happened Isabel felt so stupid, realizing she was punishing herself. But she couldn’t resist it.”

What happened before?

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Chapter 1: Because of a traffic jam in which her bus got stuck coming back from school, 15 year old Isabel had had an “accident”. Coming into the house with her wet pants, her mother Martha put her in diapers. Not having been able to resist the urge to wet those, Isabel was ordered to go to school the next day wearing diapers underneath an extremely short and infantile dress.

Chapter 2: At school she was the object of a lot of attention and some nasty teasing, especially when she had been discovered with wet diapers. But when the teacher had sent her to kindergarten to spend the rest of the day she had been very happy.

Chapter 3: When summer holidays started Isabel decided to spend a wonderful diapered summer. The first part of the summer she played “family” with little Christina and her friends, being baby-sitter and baby at once. During the yearly family holiday at the seaside she fell in love with hers, and Emily’s, 14 year old childhood friend Michael, having little trouble turning him for two weeks into her little loving baby sister.

Chapter 4: Martha, ever more desperate, wanting to shame her daughter out of her strange attitude, has her drinking from baby-bottles, spoon-fed by her sister, use a pacifier, attaches her with a baby harness and even forces her to mess up her diapers…

Chapter 5: The whole family grew accustomed to the fact that Isabel was the permanent baby of the family, each enjoying it in his own way.

Chapter 6: When Isabel goes to college she soon rediscovers the joy of diapers and baby games. And when Emily has a little baby girl, Lizzie, Isabel enjoys being treated by her sister in the same way as her little niece.

Chapter 7: In college Isabel meets a cute, good looking, shy, freshman, Jeremy. When she discovers he wears diapers she completely falls for him. She insists he come to live with her in her flat so that they can share their secret baby lives together

Chapter 8: Jeremy and Isabel, encouraged by their friends Benny and Polly, behave and dress more and more as kids publicly. Isabel’s other friends, embarrassed by her behavior, take distance from her, but she is too happy to notice or to care

Chapter 9: Another innocent summer in which Isabel, Jeremy, Polly and Benny continue their games, and during which Isabel develops a huge little-girls’ crush on Benny’s older brother

Chapter 10: At the end of the holiday Isabel retakes her job and Polly goes with her to take care of her and to start preparing the house where they plan to live together with Benny and Jeremy.

Chapter 11
Once Benny joined them the rehabilitation of the house really got going. Every day when Isabel came home after work she was delighted to discover the progress that had been made.

First they had taken care of the small bathroom behind the kitchen that was destined to become the baby’s bathroom. Just by emptying it of all the old discarded stuff that had been stored there, painting the walls and ceiling, removing the paint that covered the small window and taking off the old curtain that separated it from the kitchen, it had suddenly become a bright attractive little place. There was a small shelve on which Polly put Isabel’s colorful floating toys which made it cozy and inviting. She marveled that it was going to be so much fun having the little babies playing in their bath while she and Benny prepared dinner.
In the living room they had converted the dining table in a changing table by pushing it against the wall and by putting a thin outdoor matrass for a sunbathing chair on top of it. Above the table Benny had hung a shelve on which they exposed the stacks of diapers, plastic pants, baby oil and other utensils needed to change the babies, and they moved the library next to the table and filled it with Isabel’s and Jeremy’s baby clothes.
The first time Isabel was given her bath in the new bathroom, and then had to climb on the changing table in the living room to be diapered it was great. The only thing missing was her little baby lover. But he would soon be there. Isabel couldn’t wait.
The following days Benny built a wooden bar fence with a small gate closing off the bow window. When she was ready Polly covered the floor behind it with more outdoor matrasses and put a large collection of toys in the “play-pen”. When Isabel came home that night she was delighted to be put behind the bars and to find her dolls, building blocks, coloring books and music boxes there. As Benny had put a lock on the gate Polly was happy to know her baby was safe. Of course Isabel could have climbed over the fence which came not higher than her waist. But they had found a simple solution for that: binding her ankles together with pink fur-lined cuffs, linked with a strap of about 20 centimeters long, prevented her from climbing. They soon discovered it was handy to keep her feet bound together at all time so that the little baby could not run away very fast when she was not in her pen either.

Next Benny and Polly started work on the “baby room”. As this had to be a surprise Isabel was not allowed to enter the room anymore. They put a matrass on the floor in the living room and for a number of days, which seemed eternity to Isabel, she had to sleep there. The two girls worked very hard as they wanted the room to be ready when Jeremy would arrive. On the day of his arrival they were still busy so that Isabel had to drive to the railway station on her own to pick up her lover.
She dressed in a short waist-less summer dress. She wore diapers of course and knew she had to be very careful not to expose them as she moved, but the danger of being discovered had always been one of the things she loved about wearing diapers. When Jeremy arrived she was overjoyed to see he had dressed as she had asked him with navy blue, tight fitting, school-shorts, a white dress shirt and white knee high socks: a perfect little schoolboy. She jumped in his arms, kissing him passionately, forgetting about her diapers. When she finally jumped on her feet again and looked around she saw several puzzled persons turning away their gaze. She loved this, and shyly pulling down her dress, she smiled at them
But they were too happy to be in each other’s presence again to pay much attention to their surroundings. Picking up Jeremy’s luggage they hurried to the car. When they had put everything in the truck they fell in each other’s arms again with Jeremy putting his hand underneath her dress asking if she had wet her diapers. She answered that was a silly question, why wearing diapers if you didn’t use them? She then realized that little Jeremy wasn’t wearing diapers and asked how he was doing. He smiled and told her they should get home soon because otherwise he would have an accident. She took him in her arms and told him that would be alright, that all little boys do have accidents. He didn’t immediately understand but seeing her wicked face he grasped what she was suggesting. He hesitated if she was serious, and embarrassed looked around if anybody was watching them. Seeing his hesitation she bent over: “Don’t be shy. It has been a long journey, hasn’t it?”

He smiled awkwardly and slightly opening his legs he let go. He felt his shorts getting wet and then the piss running down his legs and they both watched how a small wet spot formed on the dry ground. He loved the feeling of the spreading wetness but having wet his shorts made him feel so small and vulnerable. As a little boy he had had this kind of accidents and every time that happened his mother would have sighted making him feel guilty. Those feelings came rushing back and he couldn’t prevent tears welling up his eyes. But Isabel didn’t sigh. She took him tenderly in her arms, putting her hand on his crotch: “It’s alright darling. You are so sweet doing all those wicked things I ask you to do. I love you so much! But let’s get home fast so that aunt Polly can change you.”

They kissed and got in the car (Jeremy sitting on a plastic bag they had found in the trunk to protect the car seat).

During the short drive Isabel told him about the house with the play-pen and the changing table, and of their room that they were going to discover together. Jeremy got as excited as his little sister.

Polly and Benny were waiting for them proudly announcing the baby room was ready. But learning of Jeremy’s accident it was decided to first change the boy. Polly helped him out of his wet shorts in the kitchen and briefly washed him before leading him to the living were he climbed on the changing table. When he was securely diapered Polly helped him in a cute yellow romper. Of course when Isabel saw how her little lover was dressed she was jealous. Benny noticed her pouting face and laughing asked her if she wanted t be changed too. Of course Isabel acquiesced and soon she found herself wearing a thick diaper underneath her favorite pink romper with the clown embroidery.
At last everybody was ready and they went upstairs to discover the baby room. Both Isabel and Jeremy were overwhelmed with what they found. Especially Isabel who had seen the room before it was taken care of. It was a bright colorful room. The basic tone was pink but Polly had surpassed her artistic talents by painting a huge rainbow and covering the walls with a large number of teddies, unicorns, butterflies and flowers. The curtains were similarly colorful and cute.

In the middle of one of the walls however stood two cod beds one against the other. For a moment Isabel was disappointed and felt let down, but when she looked closer she noted that where the beds touched each other the side panels had been lowered and that there was one large matrass covering the two beds. Realizing their friends had made a double cod bed for her and Jeremy she was delighted. Of course the bed would be too short for them to stretch but that didn’t matter as she and Jeremy always slept rolled up, as most babies do. She turned towards her friends and thanked them by hugging hem real hard.

The next day was the first day of class for the 3 students. Jeremy had been relieved – but somewhat disappointed at the same time – to learn that he was to dress in an ordinary way to go to class. He was impressed by, and proud of, the sharp preppy look of his girlfriend, and dressed accordingly. They contrasted with the usual sloppy look of their two friends, but they didn’t even seem to notice any difference.

At night as soon as they came home Jeremy and Isabel were diapered and dressed in baby clothes, except when they all went to the supermarket together. On those occasions they were dressed as small kids with Jeremy mostly dressed in tight fitting shorts, often with white socks, putting in evidence his tanned legs, and Isabel wearing very short dresses, either waist-less or with ribbons closing with a bow in her back. Sometimes however they wore identical short-alls with some cute image on the bib. The people in the neighborhood soon got used to the incongruous sight of the 2 of them, but never stopped being intrigued, and often embarrassed, by the way they were dressed. But that only encouraged them to go on.

According to her resolution not to allow any age playing on campus she dressed as a preppy young professional to go to work. She discovered that the persons who had taken distance from her last year, were relieved to see her dressed in a “normal” way again. Jeremy dressed in a similar way with Ralph Lauren shirts and sweaters. But of course he still looked much younger than his 19 years, so the two of them walking hand in hand on campus still drew strange looks. And when they were joined by Benny and Polly who were as fashion unconscious as ever, dressing in baggy overalls or knee length pleated skirts underneath loose hanging sweaters, people wondered what the 4 of them had in common.

Isabel however took great care to keep their on- and off-campus lives separated, which was possible as they lived at some distance from the campus. On a few occasions however the two worlds would meet, causing some embarrassing but funny situations.

One such memorably event occurred shortly before Christmas. The 4 friends had gone Christmas shopping to a nearby shopping mall where they went to a large toys store. Isabel of course had gone straight to the dolls section while Jeremy looked at the toy revolvers and daggers, and the two others got absorbed by a video game. Isabel was dressed in a short yellow crochet jumper dress, underneath which she wore a white turtleneck sweater and white tights. The dress was so short it barely covered her bum. She was sitting on the floor, playing with a couple of baby dolls that had been taken out of their boxes to allow kids to play with them.


Suddenly she was interrupted by a surprised voice asking what she was doing there. She looked up and looked straight in the eyes of Kimberley, one of the secretaries of her work, a woman in her late forties. Isabel hesitated for a split second how to react, but then rose to her feet and calmly answered she loved dolls, and that she had a large collection at home. The woman smiled broadly: “Well, well, and imagine I used to be worried when my 12 year old daughter still liked dolls!” Isabel smiled back, conscious that her colleague was looking at the way she was dressed. She knew she had to act as normal as possible: “My mother used to make remarks but she stopped doing that a long time ago.” This answer seemed to reassure Kimberley who began turning away but then seemed to have a sudden inspiration: “My daughter lost all interest in her doll collection a long time ago, so they are just sitting there. Maybe you would like to have a look at them?” Isabel hadn’t seen this coming. She hesitated for a moment but didn’t see how she could refuse: “Sure I would love to have a look at them.” Her colleague smiled again, but this this time Isabel thought, just for a split second, that she detected some hidden amusement in her colleagues smile, then Kimberley said she had to leave, but that on Monday they could see when it would be suitable for Isabel to come at her place. Isabel repeated she would love that and wished her colleague a good continuation of the weekend.

By Monday she had completely forgotten the chance encounter but Kimberley hadn’t. In front of all the colleagues she asked when Isabel wanted to come to see her daughter’s doll collection, explaining that she had learned that Isabel loved dolls. Isabel blushed, but accepted to come by the next evening after work. The next day she accompanied Kimberley to her flat which was only a couple of bus stops from campus. She was somewhat annoyed as she would have preferred to go home to find Jeremy and to get diapered and babied by Polly and Benny. When she entered the room of Kimberley’s daughter and saw the doll collection she was intrigued. The collection wasn’t big at all, and the dolls – a kind of Barbie dolls – were nothing special. But when Kimberley showed her the boxes with accessories Isabel immediately fell in love with the toys. Without hesitating she sat on the floor and, opening the boxes, began discovering the collection. Kimberley looked on for a couple of minutes, and then smiled: “I see you like them. I will let you discover them on your own, I will be in the kitchen if you need anything. No need to hurry. Have fun.” Isabel looked up, embarrassed, but not able to resist, nodded ok.


She played for over an hour and then went to the kitchen were Kimberley was preparing a meal. Isabel told her she really adored the dolls, and she secretly hoped Kimberley would offer them. But that was not Kimberley’s intention. She gave Isabel a big hug, saying she was glad she liked them and that she could come by to play with them whenever she liked to. Isabel, barely concealing her disappointment, said she surely would. Which indeed she did frequently afterwards.

Kimberley encouraged her to be “girlish”, by which she meant acting like a girl of that sweet age between childhood and adolescence, when a girl one day wants to be treated as an adult and goes shopping with her friends, and the next joins her little sister playing with dolls or wants to sit on her daddy’s lap.

Kimberley showed her her daughter’s girlish books, classics such as Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Mary Poppins and The secret garden. Isabel would get completely absorbed by the books, and time would fly by, while Kimberley watched her and served her hot chocolate and cookies. When Kimberley made her discover the books of Meg Cabot, Isabel became a huge fan. Seeing this Kimberley secretly bought all Cabot books one by one, still pretending they were her daughter’s.

As they grew more accustomed to each other their complicity increased too. Kimberley showed her the clothes of her daughter and encouraged her colleague to try on the mini shorts over colored tights, or tops with glittering figures. She even bought her cheap make-up, pretending it had belonged to her daughter, and showed Isabel how to apply it. Isabel loved the nail polish with glitters, the pink lipstick and the fake “tattoos”.

The two of them loved to go out shopping with Isabel dressed like that. Choosing new outfits would often lead to discussions between “mother and daughter” about what was and what was not appropriate for a young girl to wear, to the desperation of the shop assistants.

At the office the two tried not to show their friendship to the other colleagues but Kimberley couldn’t refrain from making remarks demonstrating their complicity and everybody sensed there was something going on between this mature woman and the young researcher. As Isabel kept her relationship with Jeremy a complete secret everybody at the office got convinced Kimberley and Isabel were lovers. It didn’t bother them at all, and anyway how would they have explained the real character of their relationship.

Acting ‘girlish” became a welcome escape for the sometimes oppressiveness of being treated as a baby by Benny and Polly. But that was later. That first year every day brought new baby delights and surprises.

When spring approached Polly and Benny began attacking the garden. Although it was only a very small garden removing the bad weeds, pruning the shrubbery and cutting the waist high grass, was hard work. But the wilderness soon turned into a cozy little backyard. Then it was time for the sand box. Removing all the old, dirty sand, cleaning the boards, and filling it again with new white sand, was another heavy job.

But when the first warm days arrived the two little babies were overjoyed to play in the sand with little forms while their babysitters enjoyed themselves rope skipping and elastic jumping. But as Benny and Polly took care of all household chores sometimes they had to go back in the house to work and ordered the little ones to come inside too so that they could be put safely in the play pen. Every time Isabel would give them a hard time insisting she wanted to stay outside to play. Polly and Benny tried to explain that little babies couldn’t stay alone in the garden, but Isabel wasn’t to be convinced. Benny, getting tired of those fights, found a solution as she always did.

She drove a strong iron pole into the ground, confectioned for each baby a “harness” with belts, and then fastened the harnesses to the pole with a 2 meter long leash, the whole set up secured with small padlocks. Removing all dangerous objects out of reach of the kids they could be now left alone to play in the garden.

Sitting on the grass next to Jeremy, both with a thick diaper, and surrounded by baby toys was pure heaven. When they got tired of playing with the building blocks, stuffed animals, and little noise-making cradle toys, they had each other of course. They would kiss, stroke and help each other masturbate for hours. But still sometimes it got frustratingly boring. When that happened Isabel would become naughty. She would break her toys or even hurt Jeremy.

The first times this happened Benny and Poly were at a loss about how to react. But when it became a habit Benny would get really mad and punish Isabel. The favorite punishment would be to attach her wrists with cuffs to the harness making her completely dependent. Isabel pretended to hate it and would throw horrible tantrums, but secretly she loved to be completely helpless and at the mercy of her babysitters. She would be naughty ever more frequently in the hope to get punished. It didn’t take long for Benny to figure this out and she suggested to Polly they should stop being fooled by their little protégé in this way. But sweet, tender Polly, revealing an unexpected “dom” streak, insisted on punishing Isabel for hours in a row. Isabel, although knowing what would happen, couldn’t resist being naughty. But when the punishment was applied she got horribly frustrated and would weep incessantly. This in turn got on the nerves of Polly who then popped a pacifier in her mouth, forcing Isabel to keep it in place by putting a strong tape over it.

One thing lead to the other. Isabel, mad and sad at being kept helpless in this way, took revenge by pooping in her diapers, knowing that both Polly and Benny hated having to change messy diapers. She hadn’t messed up her diapers since she had visited her sister Emily and newborn baby Lizzie, at the end of her first year in college. She was surprised to rediscover how much she liked the feeling of the poop spreading around in her diapers, the feeling of the warm, softness when she sat on it, and even of the smell of it. Knowing of course that their friend did it on purpose Benny and Polly would take her upstairs and put her to bed, with her dirty diapers, and her hands still attached to her waist. In the morning there were no baby games, so she would have to take care of herself. Every time this happened Isabel felt so stupid, realizing she was punishing herself. But she couldn’t resist it.

And of course there was always little Jeremy to console her. He would join her in bed and stroke and kiss her. He didn’t mind she smelled bad. He would even help her masturbate putting his hand in the filthy diapers. Of course this way his hand got all covered with the smelly mess and the bed got completely soiled. And it didn’t take long before Isabel convinced her boyfriend to do the same and fill up his diapers. In the morning when Polly or Benny came to wake them up, and found them sleeping in each other’ s arms, covered with shit, and with their loaded diapers, they couldn’t believe it. But as they would have to clean it up themselves the two friends couldn’t care less.

Every time this happened they would shrug, unfasten Isabel’s hands, lower the sides of the crib bed, and then leave them alone. But Isabel and Jeremy loved their filthy games and would regularly repeat it.

The following couple of years went by very fast, and Benny and Polly left to pursue their master degree in another town. Jeremy was happy to stay at the same school for his master, so he and Isabel stayed in the same little house. At first they had to get used to their live without babysitters, but soon enjoyed the intimacy and sweetness of it.

The rules remained more or less the same with a normal live on campus, toddler games off campus, and baby games at home. Of course over the years there were more moments that their different worlds met. One spring day for instance Isabel and Jeremy went biking wearing identical pastel colored short-alls, one pink and the other turquoise. They were very short and had slightly blooming pants. As usual they attracted a number of strange and amused looks but they were used to that and that was always a turn on.

They stopped at a terrace to have lunch and just as they were standing up to leave they bumped into a group of friends of Jeremy. They were of course flabbergasted by the way he was dressed, but he reacted very calmly introducing Isabel as his girlfriend, as if everything was normal. Her identical outfit drew more surprised gasps, but the whole group was too embarrassed to make a remark. Jeremy and Isabel took leave and when they drove off on their bikes, feeling the group of friends looking in their backs, they irrupted into loud laughter. The fact that the others had been more embarrassed that they had been themselves amused them tremendously.


But these kinds of incidents are very rare, and overall they are extremely happy about how they have organized their life.

Every once in a while, Isabel and Jeremy visit Isabel’s mother but Isabel hasn’t ever told her that she still wears diapers and plays baby games. Martha, when she had first met cute, angelic, Jeremy, had been surprised, as she had expected her daughter to fall for an older, mature, father-like figure, but she soon understood the special complicity between the two lovers. Relieved to see her strange daughter being happy she never said or asked anything.

Emily and Christina however know what goes on between their sister and her boyfriend. Emily in the meantime has had a second child, this time a cute little baby boy, Kevin. Sometimes she invites her older sister and her boyfriend to come to visit her little family. Lizzie has grown into a pretty little toddler girl, observing her environment with a lot of curiosity. Of course Isabel and Jeremy can’t be little babies in her presence anymore, nevertheless Isabel loves to play with dolls with her niece while Jeremy helps baby Kevin building towers with building blocks.

David too knows there is something different about his sister and brother in law but without knowing exactly what. David, a kind of a macho, at first found Jeremy awkward, but he has learned to like him a lot, won over by his ironic, corrosive humor, that contrasts with his sweet looks.

As for Christina she quiet often visits her sister to babysit for her and her brother-in-law. She loves watching them as they play in their playpen together, and she doesn’t even mind the occasional messy diaper. After all, what are sisters for?

And of course Isabel continues to visit Kimberley, to play with her dolls, to read girly books sitting with her legs folded under her, or to go shopping together. She does this almost every time Jeremy goes out with friends to watch a football game or to have drinks in a bar.

She finds those visits incredibly relaxing and even has continued them since she has become pregnant. And Kimberley has become very addicted to the visits of her younger colleague. The sight of this pretty, highly pregnant young woman, sitting on the carpet, playing with dolls, is just irresistible

-The end –


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