Slow posting again

Sorry about the lack of activity on my blog. I have been busy with other things (such as reactivating the blog with the “things I like” after it got shut down again) , and I was suffering from a small dip in inspiration. Recovering now however 🙂
I’m working on the second chapter of Billyboy in shorts. Then it will be either Noémie 2 or La revanche 5. And after that I will finally get to the next chapter of A dream come true, that many of you have been waiting for.

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4 comments on “Slow posting again

  1. Wetnight says:

    Sorry inspiration has been low: I know what you mean!

  2. steven james says:

    Wow! So much to look forward to! Thank you. May the muse be with you steven

  3. anonymous says:

    Hi! I wrote to you a few weeks ago, wanting you to remove my name from my posting “Master of the universe”, or if that is not possible, remove my posting entirely, because I wasn’t aware my whole name would be visible and subsequently showing on all google searches. Could you please confirm this? Then I’ll register again with a different nick. BRRoland

    Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 07:16:56 +0000 To:

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