Billyboy in shorts 2

“Taking him between her legs she put her arms around him and stroked his sword until it grew hard. Then she put his hands on it and told him too cum, “As all small boys like to do.” He looked at her surprised: “Here?” “Of course, it’s a wooden floor, it won’t stain.” Reassured he began stroking his penis, and was soon rewarded with a big spout. She congratulated him and stood up while he was still panting. When she came back she held a cleaning rag and a diaper in her hand. Looking at his shrunken little birdy she told him to lie on the couch “Ok, let’s get that dingy in safety before it messes up even more.” He didn’t need any encouragement as being diapered by her was pure heaven. When he was diapered she told him to clean up his mess and then took him in her arms again.”

What happened before?

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Chapter 2

The following days and weeks went by in more or less the same way.
Melinda came into his room to have sex at least once a day, and often, when they happened to run into each other when Jenny was not around, they would do it more. Most of the time the sex was limited to Billyboy having to lick her until she had an orgasm. The other times she would take him with her dildo. His asshole got used to it and it didn’t hurt so much anymore. When she didn’t take him like that he would beg for it. Of course with his penis in its cage he would hurt anyway, but that was a small price to pay for receiving his mistress thrusts deep inside him. And once or twice a week she would take off his chastity device and let him cum in her.

Jenny had been right when she had said Melinda would love his tight fitting little shorts so he wore them all the time when he was at home. And while doing household chores he wore an apron. He hated this as for some reason he found this degrading, but he knew Melinda insisted on it, and how could he have refused anything she asked. She knew he didn’t like to wear an apron and found a devilish pleasure in attracting even more attention to it, saying humiliating things such as: “This new apron looks really good on you. I think you were born to be a maid”, or, ” Jenny always refused to wear an apron. But she of course is a proud girl, not some slutty servant.” When she did that he would cringe in pain, but she would do as if she didn’t see it and insist he would answer that she was right: “Ooh thanks Melinda. Yes I think I was born to be a maid, your maid!” “Yes I’m a slutty servant without pride, please let me be your maid forever!”

After a few weeks he had grown into the perfect submissive. Doing the household, licking his mistress, sitting at her feet, being insulted, he accepted it all. Of course his whole education had laid the groundwork for this, so he never really realized he could have protested and refused to be mistreated like that. He felt that he was made for this life, that he should be happy merely to be allowed to be in the presence of a wonderful person like Melinda. And the day that she presented him with a dog collar it made him happy. Now he was officially her possession. How not to be proud of that?
Jenny looked on as he accepted to be pushed more and more in this degrading submissive role. She didn’t say anything but whenever Melinda was not around she tried to correct his self-image insisting for instance on how smart he was. But in vain, he seemed to be beyond salvation.

During the days he went to uni of course, but never hung around there with friends, always hurrying home to do the household. Most days Jenny would be there when he got home and she would always be kind, often helping him. When the household was done, he went to his room to prepare his classes, usually until Melinda came into his room to rape him.

During the week-ends Melinda treated him even worse, inventing all kind of degrading games. She would attach a leash to his collar and, putting a butt plug with a fox tail attached to it in his ass, walk him around on all fours like a doggy. Another day the two girls were sitting in the little garden, completely naked, and of course they were making out all the time, while poor Billy, dressed in his eternal shorts and white t-shirt, was attached with his leash to the fence and had to watch them. Until his magnificent mistress ordered him to come nearer and, standing up opening her legs, had him sit beneath her. As he expected to be ordered to lick her he got all excited, but then she opened the flood gates and he was showered under her pee.

One day when he got home, some 3 or 4 weeks after his arrival in his new home, Jenny was just on the point of leaving to go shopping and she asked if he cared to come along. As he hesitated, thinking about the work that was waiting for him, she insisted, saying she could use some strong arms to help her carry the drinks. Always ready to help he put his bike in the garage and jumped in the car. A few 100 yards farther they drove by a skateboarding ramp where a number of kids were playing. Jenny noted how he looked at them and suddenly remembered he had brought his skateboard when he had moved in with them. When she asked why he never took out his board he answered he didn’t have time. When she insisted he should try one day he protested that he had noted that those guys were too good, and she dropped the subject. But 2 days later he came home early, as he always did on Thursdays, and Jenny was clearly waiting for him. She told him she had learned that in the early afternoon the skating ramp was mostly used by less experienced, younger kids, that it was only towards the evening that they had to make place for the, older, experts. Billy still hesitated for a few seconds but when Jenny insisted, he gave in. He changed into loose fitting shorts, put on his knee and elbow pads and brought out his skateboard. Jenny offered to walk along, which he accepted. He was somewhat shy to go over to the ramp full of kids he didn’t know and he figured that having his gorgeous girlfriend coming along would immediately enhance his prestige.

He was relieved to see that all the kids at the ramp were indeed quiet young, somewhere between 10 and 14 years old. They looked at him suspiciously as he hesitated to enter the ramp. The way he was dressed, with his yellow shorts, his pink shoes, and assorted protection pads was certainly not in line with the dark skate boarding fashion, and made him look young, but on the other hand he was more than a head taller than the tallest of them. The cold reception made him want to go home but Jenny urged him along and when he began skateboarding the other kids immediately saw that he was quiet good. Jenny clapped in her hands in admiration and he rolled over to where she was standing. But before he got there one of the kids stopped him asking what his name was. Billy gave his name and next was asked where he lived. He shyly gave the address of Jenny and Melinda, automatically looking over to Jenny, who was standing a few feet away. The kid followed his gaze and asked who she was. Without thinking Billy answered “My girlfriend”’, and then, realizing what he had said, blushed. The boy laughed very hard: “Sure, and my father is the pope!” Billy was at a loss what to say next but Jenny came to his rescue: “Don’t be silly Billy! “and, turning to the boy, added: “I’m Jenny, Billy’s aunt.” That seemed more plausible to the boy and without further comment he invited Billy to watch one of his moves.

Billy soon impressed the other boys with his skateboarding skills and Jenny left him with the other boys, telling him that she would be waiting for him at home. Billy had a great afternoon and when the young boys were chased by the older ones he left too, accompanying two brothers who lived in the same direction. When he came home Jenny was waiting with a cup of warm chocolate and homemade cake. This nice touch made him very happy. Jenny made fun of his dirty clothes, legs and arms, and when he had finished his chocolate, took him by the hand, telling she was going to help him clean up. He looked at her surprised and suddenly realized how much he missed being mothered like that. She led him to the bathroom and while the bath was running she helped him out of his clothes. When she asked him to stand up in the bath to wash him, he felt a little awkward, but did as asked, feeling very warm inside.
She washed him with a handkerchief full of foamy soap but stopped when she reached his caged whizzy, and in a concerned voice asked if Melinda didn’t make him suffer too much. His face lighted up when he vehemently denied suffering, explaining that he had learned to control his erections somewhat: ”And having her lock up my sword so as to reserve it for her exclusive use makes me feel so proud. Every time I go to the toilet I am reminded I belong to her and that makes me very happy. Besides I don’t mind suffering for her. When she fucks me in my ass I cry out in pain, and the next day I have difficulty sitting down, but that too is a reminder that I belong to her, that I’m her ass-whore, her slutty boyfriend. I know she loves you much more than she loves me, and that she will never love me in the same way, but I don’t mind. If she lets me love her and be her little slave I am happy. And I am also so very happy for you, because you are the sweetest person I have ever met.
Jenny, sighted and hugged him very hard, “oh, sweet, poor boy”, and giving him a kiss, helped him out of the bath, rolling him into a large bath blanket to dry him. “Let’s make you pretty for your mistress then, ok?”

She helped him dress in navy blue, very short, tight fitting shorts, a white dress shirt tugged in the shorts, and white under the knee socks, making him look like an innocent schoolboy. Melinda would love to make fun of him when she would see him. Billy could hardly wait for her to come home and to be her whore.

During the chocolate break Jenny had asked him a couple of questions about his afternoon and had been pleased to learn he had had a good time and had made friends. But except for those few questions she had not given any comments. Now as she was closing the buttons of his shirt she suddenly told him she would like him to call her Aunt Jenny. This felt quite right so he immediately agreed to it, which earned him another kiss.

From then on every Thursday he would join his friends on the skateboarding ring and afterwards was mothered by Aunt Jenny. After a few weeks while standing in front of the house taking leave of Tom and Stewart, the two brothers who had walked home with him, Jenny opened the door and asked the two boys if they cared for a cup of chocolate too. This too became a weekly routine. Billy became very good friends with the two boys, especially 12 year old Tommy. They had discovered they were both collecting the complete series of plastic action figures that came in boxes of a certain brand of serials. They started exchanging figures between them, and then opened this trading to the other boys of the skateboarding ramp. And soon there was a small group of boys collecting and trading all kind of stuff: football player cards, stickers, bottle caps, flags, …. Fourteen year old Stewart looked down on this childish occupation, but Billy and Tommy didn’t care. Billy enjoyed enormously being part of a group of friends again. It was a welcome diversion of being Melinda’s little toy. But if she would have asked him to abandon his new friends he would have done so without hesitation. She was ever more the center of his life.

But then one day Melinda announced she had to go on a fact finding trip to a faraway country and would be absent for a couple of months. Billy was devastated and became more and more despondent as the date of her departure approached. The morning of the day she was going to leave she released him from his cage and wanted them to have real sex, but he was so sad that he wasn’t able to get his member dressed which made him even sadder. Melinda too was disappointed and angrily telling him he was a useless wimp, she locked his little bird in its cage again. She gave the key to Jenny with the instruction to release him no more than once a week to masturbate him. Turning again to Billy she added sarcastically that she hoped her stallion would be ready to serve her better when she came back. And without even giving him a kiss she took her girlfriend by the hand and they left for the airport, leaving poor little Billy alone.
When Jenny came back from the airport Billy had gone to his room. Suspecting he needed consolation she entered his room and found him lying on his bed staring at the ceiling with tear filled eyes. Jenny lied down next to him and told him she was sad too, that they would have to console each other, asking if he was ready to do that. He looked at her and seeing her sad face he nodded. She didn’t need any more encouragement: “Ok then why don’t we sleep together, what you think? “

An invitation to sleep with Jenny in Melinda’s en Jenny’s bed was a great consolation prize, so when she took his hand he didn’t hesitate and followed her. She led him to the bathroom where she proceeded to undress him as she did every Thursday afternoon. When she was ready washing him she helped him into his pajama shirt but then, instead of helping him in his shorts, she took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom with his naked bum, where she told him to lie on the bed. As he began suspecting what she was up to he didn’t know how to react. He looked with his eyes wide open as she went to the drawer and came back holding what he recognized as a disposable diaper. He was surprised but the idea of being diapered by Jenny was appealing: “Let’s get our little boy ready for the night. We don’t want him to wet Melinda’s bed do we?”. It was a long time ago his mother had last diapered him and he suddenly realized how much he missed that. He smiled meekly but couldn’t make a sound. Jenny smiled back, and making him lift his bottom she slipped the diaper underneath: “You like being diapered by Aunt Jenny, don’t you?” This time he was able to whisper he liked it, as she fastened the diaper tightly around his legs.

The next morning she checked his diapers, congratulated him on not having wet them and without changing they went together to the kitchen to have breakfast. Billy automatically wanted to put on his apron and start dressing the table but she stopped him and told him to sit down while she prepared his breakfast. Billy was surprised but liked not having to do all the work for once and did as asked. While he waited to be served he became conscious he had to pee. He hesitated thinking it was not very friendly going to the toilet leaving Jenny alone while she was working. But as the pressure became stronger he stood up and asked if he still had time to go. Jenny looked at him mischievously: “Come on, breakfast is ready is in a second. But you are still diapered, so why don’t you use them?” Billy looked at her astonished but she was already next to him and taking him by the hand made him stand up, and with her feet pushed his legs slightly apart. While she put her hand between his legs she whispered in his ear: “Just let go, Aunt Jenny won’t be mad.” Billy didn’t need more encouragement and was surprised to discover he liked the feeling of the warm wetness spreading between his legs. Having breakfast sitting on a wet diaper felt really good. He was disappointed when right after breakfast she led him to the bathroom to take of his wet diaper and to wash him.

That afternoon when he came back from his classes Jenny was not home. He changed into a pair of short shorts and, putting on an apron, he began doing the household chores as he was used to. When she came home she kissed him as usual and told him to go work for school while she prepared dinner. After dinner he did the dishes and then joined her to watch TV. Instead of having to sit on the floor next to the couch she took him between her legs and putting her arms around him opened his shorts revealing the little cage with its locked up birdy: “Poor boy, let’s take that thing off. I think little boys have to practice a lot and get their juices out as much as possible.” A minute later she had him unlocked, but his member, used to being caged by now, didn’t react. So taking him between her legs again she put her arms around him and stroked his sword until it grew hard. Then she put his hands on it and told him too cum, “As all small boys like to do.” He looked at her surprised: “Here?” “Of course, it’s a wooden floor, it won’t stain.” Reassured he began stroking his penis, and was soon rewarded with a big spout. She congratulated him and stood up while he was still panting. When she came back she held a cleaning rag and a diaper in her hand. Looking at his shrunken little birdy she told him to lie on the couch “Ok, let’s get that dingy in safety before it messes up even more.” He didn’t need any encouragement as being diapered by her was pure heaven. When he was diapered she told him to clean up his mess and then took him in her arms again.

The next couple of days followed more or less the same scenario. He missed Melinda, missed feeling proud when she groaned from pleasure while he was licking her cunt, missed feeling her dildo going deep into his ass and hearing her sexy voice whispering is his ear that he liked being her little slut, missed sitting at her feet waiting to please her, missed being released from his cage to cum wildly inside her while she cheered him on. But at the same time he was very happy. Being mothered by Aunt Jenny was better than by his own mother. Especially being diapered and being allowed to sleep in the same bed was heaven.

On Thursday, he came home early as always and immediately ran off to join his skateboarding friends. Walking home with him Tommy and Stewart were invited for their cup of hot chocolate. When they had finished Jenny, noticing it was still early, suggested they worked together on the collection of flag cards that Billy had begun to organize by continent in a large album. Stewart of course declined but Tommy stayed and the two boys went to Billy’s room to fetch the material. Having new friends completed his bliss. He had forgotten how nice it was to have friends to play with.

When Tommy and Billy had gathered all the material on the kitchen table and wanted to begin working Jenny stopped them: “Before you start working you know I like you to wash up and to change into nice clothes. Come let’s get you in bath first.” Taking Billy by the hand she turned to Tommy: “You want to take a bath too?” The little boy looked with great eyes, didn’t know how to react, but finally stammered that he thought he was fine like that. Jenny gave him a kind smile and pulling at Billy’s hand turned away: “Ok, as you wish, we won’t be long.”

To Billy’s regret it was indeed a very fast bath and when she dressed him into his short navy blue shorts, with a white dress shirt tucked into them, over long white socks, he felt a little embarrassed towards his new friend for whom he was a cool skateboarder. Tommy looked indeed surprised seeing his big friend in this schoolboy attire, but he was getting used to being surprised by the way Billy behaved and the two soon were absorbed by their common game.

The next Saturday Jenny took Billy, dressed in bright red 4 pocket shorts underneath a white T-shirt with a Mickey Mouse drawing, out shopping to a vintage store. While she checked the clothing department she told him to have a look at the books and toys. After a while she joined him and found him searching the comic books, but nothing really appealed to him. So when she asked if he had found anything he answered he wasn’t sure, shrugging his shoulders. She guided him to the youth books section and showed him a number of classics. She was astonished to learn he had never read such classics as Treasure Island, 20 000 leagues under the sea, Robinson Crusoe and Peter Pan. But knowing that young readers love to read stories in which they find the same characters over and over again she counseled him to try Enid Blyton (The famous five, The secret seven) and Karl May books (Old Shatterhand and Winetou) . He was immediately attracted by the Karl May books and sitting on the floor he was soon completely absorbed by his new discovery. Jenny left him alone again and wanting to get him a surprise she went looking in the toys section, where she soon found something that seemed appropriate.

She had her find gift wrapped before returning to Billy and guiding him to the checkout counter with 4 Enid Blyton and 5 Karl May books, and two classics: Black Beauty and The Yearling. He couldn’t wait to continue his book and sitting in the back seat didn’t even notice the presents sitting next to him. At home too he hardly knew what was happening around him and read all afternoon. Towards the evening he finally got tired of reading and went looking for Jenny to thank her for this fabulous discovery. “You like Old Shatterhand, then? “ “Oh yes Aunt Jenny, it’s the best book I have ever read!” “Would you like to be like him?” Billy gave her a quizzical look not understanding why she asked: “Of course Aunt Jenny, when I will grow up I want to be as brave as him.” She smiled: “You want to become a cowboy then?” This time he laughed: “Sure, but they don’t exist anymore.” “Sure they do. Look I have bought you a present. I’m sure you’ll love it.” She handed him a bunch of presents which he eagerly began unwrapping, and what he discovered overjoyed him indeed. First came out two heavy toy handguns in a leather holster, then a leather fur-trimmed waist-coast, and finally a large Stetson hat. As he put on the different items and Jenny congratulated him, saying he looked exactly like his new hero, he didn’t even realize that with the holster and waist-coast almost entirely covering his little shorts, he didn’t really look like a fearsome cowboy.

On Sunday she asked why he didn’t ask Tommy to come over so that he could show his new outfit and that they could play together. This was very tempting but he protested that he still had a lot of work for university. When Jenny said that that could surely wait he didn’t need any more encouragement and called his new friend, telling him about his present and about Old Shatterhand, his new hero. A quarter of an hour later Tommy presented himself wearing a large feather hat and carrying a plastic tomahawk. He too was wearing shorts and short socks but that didn’t prevent Billy from being wildly enthusiastic about the look of his friend. Soon the two of them were mounting their bikes and, imagining it were their horses, they rode off to the small wood at the end of the neighborhood, encouraging their rides with loud yelps.

They drove into the wood until the path became too steep for the bicycles. They bound the horses to a tree and went further by feet until they came to the rim of a small clearing and whispering to each other that that was the enemy’s camp they hid under some bushes, and crawling on all fours, approached the clearing and where ready to launch their attack. But of course with no real enemy present the attack would be rather senseless. That’s when Billy suggested they enact the first encounter between Old Shatterhand and Winetou, in which Winetou had attacked Old Shatterhand. Tommy agreed that this was a great idea and Old Shatterhand went into the clearing sitting down next to an imaginary campfire, waiting for Winetou to approach him with his tomahawk. A little bit later the two of them were rolling over the ground bravely fighting. When after a fiery fight Tommy succeeded in getting Billy on his back and sitting on him with his leg straddling over his waist, holding his wrists down with both arms, Billy could easily have pushed him over, but, kind as always, he decided to grant his friend the victory, telling him he gave up.

Tommy, still panting from the effort, knowing his friend could have fought on but nevertheless proud of having won, rolled over and lied down in the grass next to his big friend. The two boys recovered from their game silently looking at the sky. Tommy sighted deeply, and then turning towards Billy, resting on his elbow he blurted out: “You are the best friend I ever had!” Billy looked at his little friend. It was the first time anybody had called him his best friend. He felt moved but didn’t know how to react. At that moment, in a sudden inspiration, Tommy straddled him again, and bending forward, gave him a kiss on his forehead. Both boys were struck as by lightning by what had happened and after a split second of hesitation Tommy jumped to his feet, followed by his friend, and without any comment they left the clearing walking one next to the other in silence.
After a few minutes Billy felt how Tommy grabbed his hand and they both walked on holding hands. Billy felt very strange, as if his stomach was filled with butterflies. When they reached the place where they had left their bikes they led go each other’s hand, and Billy looked in Tommy eyes: “You too are the best friend I ever had.” They drove home in silence, both of them feeling happier than they had ever felt before.

The next Thursday Tommy was waiting for Billy to come home from university. Without even having to comment to each other they decided not to go skateboarding, but to put on their costumes and go back to the forest to play cowboy and Indian. This time Billy made sure he ended on top and bending forward he kissed his friend on the lips. As after their previous fight they then lied next to each other but this time holding hands. To his surprise Billy felt how his member had grown hard and was almost bursting out of his little shorts. This usually happened only when he saw girls. Was he becoming gay? Billy, confused, waited for his sword to grow limp again and then the two of them walked towards their bikes, holding hands.

When they got home Jenny was waiting with the hot chocolate and then told Billy it was time for his bath, again inviting Tommy to join them. This time the boy hesitated but again decided not to accept the invitation.

The next day Billy asked if Tommy could stay for a sleep over on Saturday. Jenny looked at him surprised: “Are you sure?” “Yeah, we really have a good time together.” “But it doesn’t bother you that he will know you wear diapers to bed?” Billy looked at Jenny: “Well as I will not be sleeping in your bed I thought it wouldn’t be necessary to wear diapers.” Jenny gave him a stern look: “Oh that’s what you thought uh? Well, I think that little boys who are used to wear diapers to bed should wear them at all time. You don’t want to wet your bed when your friend is staying over, do you?” Billy thought this over and then shrugged his shoulders: “OK then. He will understand.” Jenny was astonished by this reaction, and looked at him silently for a few seconds: “Ok then, you invite him if you want to.”
On Saturday afternoon Billy and Tommy went back to the wood but this time they found a group of boys occupying the clearing. The boys, wearing capes and plastic swords, were playing the Knights of the Round Table, and didn’t appreciate being interrupted by Old Shatterhand and Winetou. After some discussions it was settled that Old Shatterhand and Winetou had been send with a time capsule to the age of King Arthur where they, after a fierce fight, were captured and kept prisoner, until they would be tried. The boys had ropes and Billy and Tommy had to lie face to face and were bound together like that. Billy felt how his member grew hard again and he couldn’t prevent his lips to touch those of his friend. He suddenly felt the urge to press his tongue in Tommy’s mouth but knowing everybody was watching them he refrained just in time.

Their interrogation began and they were asked to admit that they were there to spy and to destroy Camelot. As the two boys refused to admit, the leader of the enemy group decided to leave them alone. If they grew hungry they would surely admit. When the group of knights was gone and they were alone, Billy couldn’t hold out anymore and put his tongue in Tommy’s mouth. The young boy, after his initial surprise, responded with enthusiasm. When after an hour they heard the other boys coming back they were disappointed they had to stop kissing.

Wanting to go home they admitted having come to destroy Camelot but now, having seen how wonderful it all was, they wanted to join the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur in all his wisdom accepted it and they could all go home.

When they got home Jenny was waiting with some milkshakes, since the weather had suddenly become very hot. And after they finished their drinks it was time for bath. This time Tommy couldn’t refuse and soon found himself sitting in the bathtub together with his friend. Billy made fun of his friends little whizzy and when Jenny left them alone for a few minutes took it between his fingers, succeeding in making it grow hard but it still looked more like a stiff pencil than like a vigorous weapon. Tommy to the contrary was awed by Billy’s large sword, and felt a little bit intimidated.
He didn’t know he would soon have his revenge. But first each of them had to stand up and was washed from top to toe by Jenny. Tommy felt very awkward, as it had been years anybody had helped him washing himself. He had watched in amazement how Billy was washed and then had protested he could do it by himself, but Jenny wouldn’t let him, saying that it was aunties’ job.

After the bath Jenny had dried both of them, enrolling them in a large bath blanket and rubbing them vigorously, which Tommy had liked. And then it was his time to make fun of Billy. While Jenny was helping Billy to put on his pajama shirt he had pulled his shirt on and was already putting on his trousers when Jenny took Billy by the hand and wanted to lead led him to his room with his bare bottom. To Tommy’s utter unbelief she turned towards him: “I’m going to put on Billy’s diapers now. I suppose you don’t need them, do you? “Tommy first thought they were pulling his leg, but seeing the embarrassed face of his big friend he realized it was not a joke. He couldn’t help bursting out laughing: “You wear diapers to bed? Are you a pissboy?” Billy grew all red and looked at the floor, but Jenny intervened: “Don’t say such nasty things. Yes Billy needs to wear diapers to bed, but that doesn’t make him another boy. He is still your best friend.”

It was Tommy’s turn to blush: “I’m sorry. Yes of course he is still my best friend. Even more so than ever because now we share a secret.” Jenny gave him a smile: “Ok that’s better. Come, you can watch how I diaper your best friend. Maybe when you see it you will want to be diapered too, Billy likes it.”
Tommy followed them to the bedroom and watched how Billy lied down on the bed on his back with his legs open and how he remained motionless wile Jenny softly applied baby powder between his legs and over his organs, and then gently folded the diaper around his legs and fastened them, and thought that indeed it seemed a nice thing. As if she was reading his mind Jenny turned around: “You sure you don’t want me to diaper you too?” He blushed for the second time stammering that no, he didn’t want to be diapered.
Jenny didn’t insist, and they all went downstairs. While Jenny prepared dinner the two boys played with Lego, starting to build a Mini Sky flyer. Later when they went to bed, Billy sleeping in his bed and Tommy on an inflatable mattress on the floor beside him, the younger boy suddenly asked if he was ashamed for being a bedwetter. Billy, surprised, answered that he was not ashamed at all as he was not a bed wetter, that he just liked to be diapered. Tommy, remembering how he had been thinking that it seemed nice to get diapered, didn’t say anything anymore but softly stood up and glided in bed next to his friend, their mouths soon finding each other again, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
But the next morning when Billy came out of bed with his soaked diapers hanging between his legs Tommy couldn’t refrain from observing that if he was not a bed wetter why were his diapers wet then. Billy answered matter of factly that if he wore diapers he could as well use them, and that anyway, he liked the feeling of the warm wetness spreading between his legs, and the feeling of the wet diapers in the morning. Tommy was skeptical and slightly disgusted, but didn’t show it.

It was a rainy day, so after breakfast and the washing up, the two boys resumed the Lego construction of the day before, and spend the rest of the day together under the watchful eye of Aunt Jenny

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    • Just yesterday I began thinking about the next chapter of Billyboy. You wil need more patience, but it is coming. Just not yet. Give me a month or so.

      • Thank you so much. Of course, it will be difficult to be patient, but knowing that a new chapter is coming will help! i am sure it will be as amazing as the earlier chapters particularly the second part which was FANTASTIC

    • Hi Billyboy, Thanks for showing interest. I need some encouragement from time to time. I have been rather busy lately with other things, and having a lul in writing motivation. If more readers would post reactions I might get more motivated again. Nevertheless I have been working on the next chapters of Sick little monsters and of Living in Paradise. I also would like to get on with Redemption, A dream come true and, of course, Billyboy in shorts. Bare with me Billyboy.

      • Happy New Year, dear Ms Clairodon. i hope that 2014 will be a wondeful year for you.

        Of course, for me, it would be agreat start to the year if you were able to write another chapter of this story!
        With love


  1. As the original billy, i just wanted you to know that the way that it has developed is, imho, absolutely fantastic. Thank you. i look forward to reading lots more about billy and tommy and the lovely Jenny! (as you may have gathered or guessed, i am not so keen on the sex secenes with Melinda. But others will be i know.)

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