A dream come true 11

“In the weeks after that incident I would often start crying inconsolable, and Laura would have to take me in her arms to comfort me. And she felt so guilty about what had happened that she would do this without making nasty remarks, whispering in my ear that’s she was there and that she would never leave me alone anymore. Even now thinking about that day, tears well up in my eyes, and I feel like running to my wife to be consoled”.

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Chapter 11

Laura must have enjoyed playing a 13 year nymphomaniac because a few days later, as I was preparing dinner, she repeated the same roleplaying. This time she entered wearing khaki-green baggy pants, army boots, a long black T-shirt with a horrendous graphic design on it, and a base-ball cap that she wore backwards. I hate this kind of outfit – and so does she – but I had no time to react: “Hi Missster Perry, how are you sstoday?” Surprised because I heard a clear lisp I looked up, straight into a bright metallic smile. Laura had been talking about having her teeth fixed for many years, and now she must have decided to do it without even consulting me about it. (She hardly consulthttps://clairodon.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/a-dream-come-true-12ed me on anything nowadays anyway). She looked lovely with her braces, and I fell completely in love with her again. She sensed it immediately and decided this would be fun.

“I wass ssso embarrassed the other day. I hope you are not mad at me?” “No, sure, why you think that? It’s normal you got somewhat carried away being alone with me.” I intended this to be some kind of self-depreciating irony but that was not what Laura choose to understand: “I know! But you did the right ssthing warning me I was too young for you. I promisss I won’t bother you anymore. But I would like to be friendsss? Can we be jusssst friendssss?”
Embarrassed by her taking my remark so earnestly I was only able to assure her that of course we could be friends. She smiled broadly: “Ok, then. Can I keep you company while you work.” And she sat on the table again as she had done last time, crossing her legs underneath her. I wished she had worn the same short skirt as last time, and again I could see that she had read my thoughts but choose not to take advantage of it, not for the moment at least.
She began chatting about Carol and about school and about the latest idols and about new movie releases, and I loved it. But after a few minutes she got tired of it already and proposed to help me. I am so used to do everything my way that I hate it when people try to help me, so I friendly declined the offer. But Laura wasn’t to let me off that easy: “Ok, then I’ll prepare the desssert, I make a world famouss cream chsseese desssert!”

Disaster! I knew she was going to make a big mess of my kitchen, but how could I refuse such a friendly offer from this lovely nymphet? So I answered that I would love to taste her cream cheese desert adding, hesitantly, to try not to make too much of a mess. She jumped off the table, assuring me with a malicious smile that she would be very careful.

Continuing her happy chat chat chat she began raiding the fridge and the cupboard putting all the needed foodstuff everywhere. I hesitated to make a remark but she prevented that by popping an unexpected embarrassing question: “Are you a briefss or boxser man Mr. Perry?” I was completely taken aback: “Euh, what do you mean?” “Well I have read that the kind of underwear you wear indicates what kind of man you are. I ssthink you would be more of a briefss man, am I right?” I couldn’t help blushing deep red, thinking about the pretty pink lacy panties I was wearing. Well they certainly were closer to briefs than to boxers, so I stammered she was right. She looked at me now with an openly mocking smile: “I knew it. You are so confident about your manhood.”

In the mean-time the kitchen had become a disaster area, and, seeing somewhat belatedly that her clothes were being covered with food, she asked me to help her put on an apron. As I was fastening the apron in her back she dipped her finger in the concoction she was preparing and turning around asked if I wanted to taste. Before I could answer she stuffed her finger in my mouth. She was driving me crazy and she knew it.
Some minutes later, announcing she was almost ready, she commented the delicious smell of my dinner. And when I thanked her she asked if she could taste the gravy. I took a spoon but looking at her happy mocking eyes put it back and dipped three fingers deep in the sauce. She grabbed my hand and pushed the 3 fingers deep in her mouth, making appreciating noises.

I was by now ready to jump her, and putting my arms around her wanted to press my lips on hers, but she shoved me away: “Ooh Misster Perry what are you doing? Now it’sss you! You were right when you sssaid I was too young. If Carol would know thiss I would be ssso embarassssed. And your wife! I wouldn’t dare to sssee her ever again.”
At that moment we heard someone coming and still purple of embarrassment I returned to my oven, and when Carol came in she looked surprised at her mother working in the kitchen, wearing a baseball cap, and an apron over her very own army pants and boots. “Well what are the two of you now up to?” Laura and I answered, giggling, that we were just preparing dinner. Our daughter smiled and shrugged: “Sure! But hurry up, I’m hungry and dinner smells delicious.”

But a few days later Carol would be in for a much larger, and revealing, surprise. As we had been very busy during the week-end I hadn’t had time to do all the household chores, so Laura had asked me to take a day off, to catch up with the ironing and changing of the beds. Towards the end of the afternoon I was getting ready and looking forward to a quiet moment in the sofa before starting to prepare diner. Carol was going to get home any moment and I always liked to chat a little bit with her but usually had no time because when I got home from the office there was always a lot of work waiting for me. I was looking forward to some “quality time” with my daughter when Laura walked into the room.

I was flabbergasted. She was wearing a school uniform from Carol, and looked marvelous in it. Carol was attending a traditional catholic school with a traditional but rather becoming uniform consisting of a dark-blue and green kilt, with a white dress-shirt, navy-blue sweater, white socks or tights and Mary-Jane shoes. My mouth fell open in disbelief. She wore her hair in two short braids and combined with her dental braces she looked really very young. As usual Laura was the first to talk: “Hi Misster Perry, isss Carol home yet?” I hesitated a moment and then remembered that she had said that she was not a schoolmate of Carol’s. Why was she then wearing the same uniform? For some childish reason I felt compelled to point this error out, but Laura immediately corrected me: “I’m sorry to have misled you sir but I said I was not a class mate, I never said I didn’t attend the same school. I’m a year younger than your daughter, so I’m in 8th grade and Carol is in 9th sir.”
Irritated that I hadn’t been able to point out an error in her role-play I didn‘t give up: “Carol has been attending that school since first grade, how come you were never friends before?” But again Laura had her answer ready: “We only moved to this neighborhood last month sir.” I regretted my irritation and wanted to back out, but Laura was too fast: “Are you mad at me, sir?” Do you want me to leave?” I immediately assured her there was nothing wrong, that on the contrary I was glad that she was there. Laura gave me a nice smile baring her bright glistering teeth:
“Is that true or are you just saying that to make me happy?”
“Oh no, it’s true, I really like it when you are around!”
Laura was leading me right to where she wanted me to go:
“That’s nice of you to say sir, but I don’t believe you. You must think I’m just a stupid little girl, making you lose your time chatting your ears off.”
I hesitated for a fraction of a second and then fell right into the trap that Laura had laid out for me:
“Oh no. I think you are very smart and advanced for your age. I can’t believe you are younger than Carol. You are so much more mature.”
Laura smiled at me defiantly:
“What do you mean ssir? Physical? You think I’m ssexy for my age?”
She actually made me blush, and I was only able to answer in a whisper:
“Wwwell, yes, euh, I think so yes.”

At that moment we heard Carol entering the house. Laura made a quick step in my direction and gave a fast kiss on my lips, and it was her turn to whisper: “I think you are ssexy too, ssir.”
At that moment Carol walked in the room and seeing her mother in her school uniform made her freeze. Laura didn’t miss a beat: “Oh hi Carol. Your little brother is so funny! I think he has a crush on me!” Carol looked from her mother to me, and understanding we were roleplaying again with her mother babysitting over me, she laughed. “Oh is that so? He is a little young I would think.”
I was once again surprised by the sudden turn of events, but when Laura turned back to me I knew there was nothing I could do.
“Come on big boy, time for your afternoon snack.” A few minutes later I was sitting behind a bowl of cereals, wearing a large bib, with Laura helping me to eat, while Carol looked on with an amused smile. Having the two of them sitting one next to the other wearing identical uniforms was disconcerting.

When I had finished my food, Laura swiped my mouth clean with the bib and then turned to her daughter: “Your mother told me he sometimes still has accidents, so I guess I better take him to the toilet?” Carol, smiling broadly, said that was not a bad idea, and Laura took me by the hand leading me to the toilet. In the toilet she unfastened my pants and dropped them to my ankles revealing the girly panties I was wearing as always:” A real briefs man I see”, she whispered in my ear as she grabbed my penis and directed it to the pot.

From that day on Laura began playing the role of the 13 year old nymphomaniac more and more. We both loved it and the game became more and more addictive. Laura as always was very inventive and changing styles all the time she always managed to get it right to be a convincing nymphomaniac adolescent girl. One day she would wear loose-fitting shortalls, with short colored socks and sneakers, with her hair in two pigtails. The next time she wore very small shorts with an even shorter top, showing a bare belly with a piercing. But the outfits I continued to prefer were her school uniform or the “bcbg style” pleated skirts and tops that she had worn the first time.

We developed a highly passionate, charged, but “platonic” relationship. Well not literally platonic. She would come and sit on my lap, facing me with her legs spread over mine, and we would kiss. But whenever I tried to put my hands underneath her skirt she would stop me telling that everything below her waist was off limits. She promised however that she would reserve her flower for me, but that she was still too young to lose her virginity, I would have to wait.
Of course this was another form of highly effective “orgasm denial”. I was passionately in love with my 13 year old sexy wife, and loved to be hit upon by her. Especially in public. Because of course we couldn’t resist playing our games in public. Having my little girlfriend swing her arms around me and kiss me passionately in front of some scandalized couple that maybe had teenage daughters themselves, was irresistible. At a couple of occasions I got angry remarks from onlookers until Laura turned around and they realized their mistake and, all confused, apologized and ran away.

Laura, who knew everything about orgasm denial, knew that by keeping her lower body off limits for me, I would be completely at her mercy. And the little devil inside her soon enjoyed blackmailing me. She began refusing to be kissed – calling me a dirty old man – unless I paid her for it. When I tried to resist, telling her I would survive without her kisses she threatened to tell Carol her father was shagging her best friend. Completely insane I angrily answered to that stupid threat coming from my wife, by saying that I didn’t shag her. She looked with her little devilish smile: “No but you would like to. I think Carol will find hat equally disgusting!”

I gave in and began paying for her kisses. Next she proposed to let me see her panties, and I agreed to pay to have her lift her skirt, or even to see or touch her bare breasts. Another frustrating thing was that whenever Carol was present Laura continued to pretend she was our daughter’s friend, but I was immediately forced into the role of a little toddler, being baby-sitted over. Not that I cared very much, because being taken care of by my wife and daughter was pure heaven. And of course I could count on both of them to come out with new, surprising, ideas all the time. One Saturday I was doing my normal household chores, Anthony was gone as usual, Laura was somewhere around the house and as far as I knew Carol was absent too. When Laura interrupted me dressed in one of her favorite BCBG adolescent outfits I got immediately excited as I assumed she was going to flirt with me.
But she told me to go upstairs and change into the clothes she had prepared for me. This too excited me because I thought I was to be treated as a toddler or even as a baby. But when I noticed what she had laid out for me I didn’t really understand what is was supposed to represent. The outfit consisted of black and white gingham shorts, a T-shirt with an animal cartoon and short socks. When I put on the shorts – they were clearly tailor made for me um – I liked the way they fitted tightly around my legs, and I tucked the shirt deep in the shorts. Going downstairs I assumed I was to be a toddler but was not completely sure.

When I entered the kitchen I ran into Carol, and I was flabbergasted by her outfit. She was wearing beige corduroy shorts that fitted tightly around her legs too, wool knee socks, green rubber boots, a T-shirt with more cartoon figures, and a baseball cap underneath which she had tucked her hair away. I immediately recognized the shorts and socks to have been part of Anthony’s Cub Scout uniform.

She greeted me enthusiastically: “Ah there you are! I was waiting for you to go out to play”. A number of years earlier Carol had been a real tomboy, always playing with her brother and his friends, and I understood that today she had decided to go back to that time. I was not very sure what I was expected to do but my daughter immediately took the lead, and showing me a pair of rubber boots to put on, she was already holding the doorknob in her hand, spurring me on to hurry.

Once outside she went to the garden shack where she began looking underneath long discarded toys. After a few minutes she found what she had been looking for, pulling out an old plastic sledge. Taking the sledge in her arms and urging me to follow her she began running towards the street. I immediately understood what she was up to.

In the woods at the end of our street there is a steep hill, with half way up the hill a small lake, a water reservoir, fed by a small brook, emptying itself at the other side through an artificial waterfall. But from time to time, after heavy rains, even with all the locks of the waterfall open, the reservoir will spill over on the sides, causing mudslides. The previous days we had had exceptional heavy rains, and Carol must have remembered the old days when she had had fun with her brother and his friends, sliding down on the mud. At the time I had watched them coming down, signing, yelling, shouting, covering themselves with mud, and I suddenly remembered I had regretted being an adult, having wished to join them. Anticipating what was to come I felt elated and stormed after Carol to the woods and up the hill.

The next couple of hours Carol and I had a marvelous time. Not only was it fun sliding down a mud slope on a sledge with the feeling of speed in our hair. But in a few minutes we were covered in mud, and shedding all our inhibitions, we began sledding down on our bums, rolling ourselves in the mud, and painting our faces with mud. I hadn’t felt so free for years and it was with regret that I followed my “big sister” home when the sun was going down. Coming home, covered in mud from top to toe, Laura at first didn’t believe her eyes, but then, laughing very hard, she made us shower ourselves with the garden hose and then undress completely, before we were allowed to come in. Standing naked being hosed down by my daughter, equally naked, didn’t bother me at all. We felt closer as we had ever felt before.

Not long afterwards, one day coming home from the office I noticed Isabel’s car parked in front of the house. I hadn’t seen her since my visit to her place where I had been completely babied, and I felt awkward meeting her again, but at the same time I got all excited. I forced myself to calm down, thinking Isabel was here to visit her friend not for me. But when I went inside I was completely surprised by the scene I found there. Isabel and Laura had both dressed up as teen-agers. Laura being very convincing with her hair in a ponytail and dressed in a hooded, sleeveless, sweater, a very short denim skirt and sneakers. But Isabel, despite having tried very hard, wearing loose fitting shortalls and a Disney shirt didn’t make her a convincing adolescent. Even her hair done in two braids, didn’t change that.

But I grasped the intention and smiled. My eyes fell on Carol and Lucy who were playing on the carpet with Carol’s old doll house, both with a pacifier in their mouth. Carol was dressed in an extremely short tank top dress, revealing her cute pull up diapers. Taking the whole scene up took only a fraction of a second, and of course I was rather pleased by what I saw and was all ready to join the two little ones. But before I could move in their direction Isabel was walking up to me: “Ha, there he is our little baby!” , and before I knew what was going on she placed her hand on my crotch: “ Still dry! That’s a good baby, but let’s get you diapered before it’s too late” I followed her upstairs, feeling the eyes of both my wife and daughter in my back.

A few moments later I found myself standing in front of my wife’s best friend completely naked again. This time my member had inflated even before she had made me lay on the floor and had applied baby powder. Softly rubbing my dick, using both hands she made me come in her hands and then waited for my dick to shrink before putting on my diapers.
I immediately noticed she had put on very thick diapers, even thicker than the last time. After she had pulled large plastic pants over the diapers, she helped me into the cutest dungaree-romper I had ever seen. The romper, in a red gingham fabric, had a cute teddy on the bib, elasticated legs and buttons in the crotch. When she helped me up I noticed that the diaper was so thick that my bum looked like a balloon and I walked like a duck with my bum waggling from left to right. Entering the living room Laura didn’t know to laugh or cry, as always when I dress as a baby. But Carol shrieked with merriment: “Pretty baby, pretty baby!”
And then Isabel did what I had hoped and feared. She had me sit next to her on the sofa where she opened her blouse and bra and pushed my head towards her breast. While my wife and daughter were watching I put my hands around her breast and taking a large part of it in my mouth began sucking expertly on the nipple. I was again mesmerized by the unique experience of being breastfed: unbelievable relaxing, blocking out all other senses. Sucking and feeling the liquid fill up my mouth was again pure happiness. I completely forgot the presence of Laura and Carol. Nothing else existed anymore. Just sucking and swallowing.
After I had been satiated she made me lay on the sofa, and taking out the two pairs of handcuffs, she attached my wrists to my ankles again, forcing me into a fetal position, as she had done the last time. Of course she also had brought the ball gag, and going even one step further, she put a blindfold over my eyes. Having immobilized me completely she sat on her knees next to the couch and stroked my hair kissing me softly in the neck. I was almost immediately ready to doze off, but I heard her turn to my wife: “Isn’t he sweet? A completely helpless, sweet, newborn baby.” Next I felt how her hand stroked my legs, moving up to my crotch, and softly rubbed my member through the thick diapers. I thought my penis was going to explode in the diapers and I sighted in anticipation. She rubbed my dick until, sighting heavily, I came for the second time in half an hour time, ejaculating deep in my diapers. I felt her turn away again: “The little baby really likes that. Isn’t that cute?” But Laura wasn’t impressed: “Cute? Pathetic, you mean!”

Embarrassed I fell asleep but not for very long. When I woke up I didn’t hear a noise and realized I was completely alone. I waited for a while but the position in which I was kept became increasingly uncomfortable. I had some movements in my bowels and I decided to relieve myself. As always filling up my diapers was a wonderful feeling and this calmed me down for a while, and I dozed off again for a short time. But when I woke up, aching all over, I got mad at the 3 girls. How could they do this to me? This was pure torture. A couple of hours later they had still not returned and I became extremely anxious. This was not normal anymore and I began worrying that something had happened to them. I panicked. What if something had happened to them? I remembered that Anthony was staying over with a friend, and at first this was a relieve because I didn’t want him to find me, in a fetal position, gagged and blindfolded, dressed as a baby with messy, stinking diapers, but after a while, sick with worry, I hoped he had changed his plans and would come home. I began crying, hot tears rolling down my cheeks. Tears from frustration, pain, anger, but most of all worrying that something had happened to my loved ones.

Later I would learn that Carol had not been able to resist the temptation of going out in her toddler dress, and had insisted on going for a walk with Lucy and the babysitters. Laura however had been afraid of running into a neighbor and had accepted to go out only if they drove first to a neighboring town. There they had made a small walk and then went for a drink on a terrace, tremendously enjoying the strange looks they were getting. They had not paid attention to the time, and when they finally were on their way home had run into a major traffic jam. When they had gotten in front of our house Isabel had just dropped them off and had immediately continued her journey with her little daughter.

When Carol came running into the room and found me in tears she was overwhelmed with tenderness. She immediately took of the cuffs, the gag and the blindfold and covered me with kisses. And when a few seconds later Laura came to the scene she too, completely out of character, became very kind. Apologizing over and over, she took me upstairs and helped me clean up. Something she had never done before, not even with just a wet diaper. Having my wife taking care of me in this kind fashion was a small consolation.

Having been put into a complete helpless position and then having been abandoned had provoked some very deep emotions in me. In the weeks after that incident I would often start crying inconsolable, and Laura would have to take me in her arms to comfort me. And she felt so guilty about what had happened that she would do this without making nasty remarks, whispering in my ear that’s she was there and that she would never leave me alone anymore. Even now thinking about that day, tears well up in my eyes, and I feel like running to my wife to be consoled.

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