Billyboy in shorts 3

As they entered the changing room they found it was bigger than expected with a long table from wall to wall with 3 changing pillows on it. Billy was relieved to find the place empty and hurried to take off his sweater and unfasten the braces from his dungaree shorts. Jenny opened the buttons on the sides and the shortalls fell to the floor revealing his soaked diapers: “Look at that! We are lucky that they haven’t leaked yet.” She unfastened the diapers and made them fall to the floor too. As he was standing with his private parts exposed she unfolded a new diaper on one of the cushions and then told him to sit on it. Just as she had folded the diapers around his legs and was fastening the tapes a girl of 13 or 14 years old walked into the room with her little 3 year old sister.  She looked flabbergasted seeing the big boy being diapered but Jenny smiled at her as if this was the most normal thing in the world.”




What happened before?

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Chapter 3

Overnight there was a sudden change in the weather and the next morning they woke up to a beautiful spring day. Jenny served breakfast on the terrace and, enjoying sitting in the sun, they took their time. After breakfast they went upstairs as always to have his diapers taken off and to get washed. His toilet done he ran off to his room to get dressed. As he realized they were running late he didn’t wait for Jenny to choose his clothes as was the custom on other days.

When she came into his room he was almost dressed having put on the same clothes as the previous Friday. She looked at him surprised and then told him he couldn’t go out dressed that way, as it was going to be too hot.  She had heard the weather forecast and the temperature was going to be very high for the season.  She told him to take off his clothes whiles she chose a more appropriate outfit.

When she took one of his pairs of tight fitting navy blue shorts and a white and blue striped dress-shirt with short sleeves he gasped. Until then he had never worn shorts to his new university and he had managed not to attract the attention of his classmates. He had even befriended a small group of co-students, both boys and girls, and although he always remained quietly in the background, he felt he had been accepted as part of that small group.  Going out dressed as a little schoolboy would of course change all that.  But at the same time he loved wearing that kind of outfit as it automatically made people treat him in a condescending, protective way. It always felt so right.

After a second of hesitation he pulled down his trousers and began dressing in the clothes Jenny had handed him. While he was dressing she returned to his wardrobe taking out all his pants: “It’s spring, the good weather is there to stay, you won’t need any pants for the coming months, do you?”  He smiled meekly and nodded in agreement.

As expected his arrival at uni didn’t go unnoticed. His friends at first thought it was some kind of joke. But asked why he was dressed that way the only answer he could give was that the weather was fine, which of course didn’t satisfy his friends. When the following days and weeks he came to school always dressed as a little schoolboy people thought he was a weirdo and began keeping their distance. He soon found himself alone most of the time, observing the others from a distance. And with that came back the obsession with girls with his member trying to burst out of his little shorts. He began regretting that Jenny didn’t make him wear his chastity device.


He began to dislike school, and after classes he came home even faster than before. And he loved Thursdays when classes ended early and he could join Tommy to play. One of those days when he and Tommy were drinking their milkshakes, Jenny asked if they would like to go to an amusement park that week-end. Of course the two boys were enthusiastic and they immediately made the practical arrangements. Tommy would come over the next day to sleep over, so that they could leave very early on Saturday morning, and come back the same day. As it was a long drive they would come home late at night and Tommy could sleep over again and go back home on Sunday.

On Friday Tommy arrived while Jenny was still preparing dinner. She told the boys to go to their bath already and that she would join them shortly to help washing them. As Bobby found himself sitting in the bath waiting for his friend to join him he hoped Billy would take his whizzy in his hand again to make it grow hard, but when his friend joined him he was carrying a number of plastic toys, – little ducks, bottles, boats and other floating stuff- and the two of them were soon playing, splashing water all over the bathroom.  When Jenny entered the room she looked a moment cross, but then shrugged and smiling told them to stand so that she could wash them. This time Tommy felt less awkward getting used to the strange ways of the house.

After the bath Jenny had helped both of them get dry and as usual had helped Billy to put on his pajama shirt and then had taken him by the hand and led him to his room with his bare bottom. Tommy feeling slightly jealous followed them to the bedroom and watched again how Billy lied down on the bed on his back with his legs open and how Jenny applied the baby powder between his legs and over his jewels, and then folded the diaper around his legs and fastened them. Again Jenny turned towards him and asked if he wanted to get diapered too. He blushed even harder as on the previous occasion, and hesitated for a couple of seconds speechless, but finally blurred out that he was fine.  Jenny gave him an amused smile.

The 3 of them went downstairs where Jenny served dinner and, without asking anything, she took Tommy’s plate and cut the food in small pieces, and then did the same for Billy. They had to go to bed immediately after finishing their food, since they had to get up early. When Aunt Jenny had boarded both of them and they were alone Tommy softly glided out of bed and joined his friend, putting his hand on his soft diapers. Billy put his hand in Tommy’s pants stroking his little dingy until it became hard, and bending over, his tongue found his friend’s mouth.

The next morning Billy came out of bed with his diapers soaked again, and went to the breakfast table without being changed. Tommy, disgusted, kept his distance from his friend with whom he had been so intimate the night before. During breakfast Jenny asked them if they were ready for the long drive. Both boys, all excited about going to the amusement park, answered they were more than ready.

Jenny seemed to hesitate but then addressed herself to the older boy: “Billy, I have been thinking that since you have such a small bladder, and we don’t want to stop every so often, maybe it would be a good idea if you would wear diapers during the drive.”

He looked at her for a moment thinking she was kidding, but then realizing she was serious, he turned blood red, catching his friends flabbergasted gaze.  He wanted to protest that that was completely unnecessary but Jenny took him already by the hand and kissed him on his cheek: “That’s a good boy. I knew you were going to be reasonable.”  He immediately gave up any intention of resistance, and thinking the idea of being protected for the trip was not unattractive after all, he followed her, avoiding looking at his friend.


Tommy followed them and watched once more his big friend being diapered. And Jenny, sensing his fascination, once again asked if he didn’t want to be diapered for the trip too. She wasn’t sure but thought that if she would insist he would probably give in. But when he faked indignation again she just shrugged: “Ok, as you wish”. Was that disappointment she saw in his eyes?

When Billy was safely diapered Jenny showed him a pair of denim shortalls she had prepared for him to wear: “Look, with those nobody will be able to notice your diapers”. Billy wasn’t so sure as the shorts would be fitting tightly over his bum, but they looked comfy, and without further hesitation he stepped in the shorts as Jenny was holding them open for him. When she pulled them over the diapers, closed the buttons high in his waist on either side and then fastened the bib to the braces, it felt very comfortable indeed. She then had him put on a loose hanging, long sweater over them, and he was ready for the trip.

It was indeed a long drive. After some 3,5 hours they were approaching their destination, and Jenny drove into a service station to get gas. Tommy immediately jumped out of the car and dashed off to the restrooms. Jenny smiled at Billy: “See how comfortably you are? You would never have held out this long, would you?”   When the tank was full Jenny parked the car and when Tommy rejoined them, they all went inside for a drink, where Jenny went for the bathrooms too.

Half an hour later they entered the amusement park and the 3 of them spend a great morning enjoying one ride after the other. At lunchtime they choose a cozy place to eat. When they had ordered and were waiting for their food, Jenny told Billy to follow her because if he didn’t want to have leaks it was high time to get a change. He blushed, asking softly were they were going to do that. She looked surprised by his question: “Oh I’m sure they have a special changing place. Lots of parents with their little kids are coming here.”  Billy blushed even harder: “Oh, no!  I can go to the men’s rooms and take off the wet diapers myself.” She looked even more surprised: “And put on new diapers by yourself? I don’t think that’s a good idea darling.” Billy protested that he didn’t need new diapers, that  as long as they were in the park they had access to bathrooms. But she didn’t agree, explaining that when he would have to go to the bathroom later on, wearing dungaree shorts, that would be quiet a hassle. And standing up indicating that the discussion was over she waited for him to follow her.

When they got to the bathrooms there was indeed a door with a pictogram of a diapered baby. As they entered the room they found it was bigger than expected with a long table from wall to wall with 3 changing pillows on it. Billy was relieved to find the place empty and hurried to take off his sweater and unfasten the braces from the bib. Jenny opened the buttons on the sides and the shortalls fell to the floor revealing his soaked diapers: “Look at that! We are lucky that they haven’t leaked yet.” She unfastened the diapers and made them fall to the floor too. As he was standing with his private parts exposed she unfolded a new diaper on one of the cushions and then told him to sit on it. Just as she had folded the diapers around his legs and was fastening the tapes a girl of 13 or 14 years old walked into the room with her little 3 year old sister.  She looked flabbergasted seeing the big boy being diapered but Jenny smiled at her as if this was the most normal thing in the world: “Hi there.  Taking care of your little sister?”  As the girl was still speechless Jenny continued: “I’m taking care of my big boy. Normally he doesn’t wet his pants anymore but today we preferred not to take any risks.”  She took both hands of Billy and made him jump off the table. She then held open the dungaree shorts and Billy, without daring to look up, stepped into them. When the buttons and braces were fixed Jenny took his sweater and put it in her bag; “You won’t need this anymore, the weather is getting really hot.” She then bent over, fetched the wet diapers off the floor and rolled them in a ball: “Wow, you really wet those didn’t you?”  She threw the diapers in the bin and turned to the oldest girl, who was still gaping at them. She looked at the little one: “She is really cute, what’s her name?”  The sister snapped out of her freeze: “Euh, Mandy, her name is Mandy.”  “And what’s your name?” “Oh, I’m Julia.” Jenny hold out her hand: “Hi Julia, nice to meet you, I’m Jenny. And my big boy here is Billy. Need any help Julia? “The girl still not sure what to think nodded: “No, no, I’m used to taking care of my sister. Thanks.”  “Ok, then we’ll be off, we don’t want to spend the whole afternoon in here, do we Billy?”  Billy, very self-consciously, nodded and then followed her to the door without speaking. Julia opened the door, let Billy pass, and then door in hand, turned towards the girl: “Excuse the boy for being impolite, but he is a little bit shy with girls. Have a nice afternoon you two. Maybe we‘ll see you later on one of the attractions. Have fun.”  

The afternoon went by as fast and as pleasantly as the morning. At the end of the day they went to another restaurant to have a quick meal before starting the long drive back home. While Jenny was waiting for her after dinner coffee, which took some time to come, the boys started a card game. They were soon absorbed in their game and didn’t even notice that Jenny got her coffee, went to the bathroom, and on her way back stopped at the counter to pay. So when she got back to their table and announced that they were leaving both boys were taken by surprise. Arriving at the parking place Jenny put her hand between Billy’s legs and noticed he needed a change for the trip. To his horror she told him to take off his shortalls standing next to the car. He protested because all around them people were leaving, but she pointed out that nobody was paying any attention. Knowing he didn’t have much choice, he looked anxiously around to see if anybody was watching, and then hurriedly took off the dungaree shorts before sitting down on the back seat were Jenny had spread out a new diaper. In no time she had fastened the diapers and, jumping up, he pulled on the shorts.  It went all very fast and nobody had seen a thing except for Tommy of course, who had been watching as fascinated as ever.

Jenny turned to him and decided this was the right moment: “Ok Tommy your turn!” The boy looked horrified and protested loudly. But Jenny was not going to let him off the hook this time: “Come on. You haven’t been to the toilet for more than 4 hours, we will be driving for another 4 hours and you drank quite a lot during dinner. You know perfectly well you are not going to hold out, and I am not planning to stop.” Tommy looked desperate, but knew she was right.  So when she walked up to him and began unfastening his trousers he didn’t react and a few seconds later his pants fell to his ankles.  When he was lying on the back seat and she folded the diapers around his legs and fastened the tapes in his waist he felt horrible.  Every time when he had watched his friend being diapered he had noticed Billy seemed to like it. But now that it was his turn it didn’t feel good at all. It brought back old memories when his mother had scolded him for being a little baby when he had wet his diapers. But Jenny and Billy didn’t notice his perturbation. Jenny told him to pull on his pants and while he did Billy asked if it didn’t feel safe. Voiceless the boy shrugged.

Bobby felt horribly humiliated, and the feeling of the diapers between his legs was a constant reminder of his humiliation. After a while he got used to it however and he accepted to play cards with his friend. But still he couldn’t get his mind to it and the game went on kind of boringly, until they just stopped. A little bit later both boys fell asleep. Two or 3 hours later Tommy suddenly woke up because of the pressure in his bladder. He wanted to ask Jenny to stop at the next gas station but then remembered the diapers and realized she was not going to stop. The idea of wetting his diapers was horrifying, so he would have to hold out until they were home.  He soon couldn’t think of anything else and he began wondering how long they still had to drive. The kilometers went by ever more slowly and he decided to ask the driver how long the trip would still take. Jenny of course realized why he asked, and smiled: “We have been in a traffic jam while you slept. It will take at least one more hour to get home. But Tommy, don’t torture yourself, just let go, you are well protected, trust me.”

The remainder of the trip was torture indeed, and when they finally pulled up before Jenny’s house, he was in desperate condition, but tremendously relieved he had made it.  He knew however that as soon as he got up and uncrossed his legs that it would be a miracle if he made it to the bathroom.  Immediately jumping out of the car, he ran to the door feeling the pressure build with every step. But Jenny was not in a hurry. She and Billy first took out their stuff from the car and then calmly walked up to the house. Standing impatiently before the door, jumping from one leg to the other, Tommy suddenly couldn’t hold out anymore. Losing control his bladder deflated itself completely, and he felt the warm wetness spread around his legs.  He was devastated. To make matters worse he felt tears welling up to his eyes, and then couldn’t help crying. He had not wet himself since he was a small child, and now, 10 years old, he was standing in front of this closed door, wearing soaked diapers.

When Jenny saw the tears running down his cheeks she understood what had happened and wanted to take the sobbing boys in her arms to tell him it was alright. But he shook himself free, and pulling at the door made it clear that he just wanted the door to be opened and didn’t want any consolation.

This was the beginning of the end of the friendship between the two boys. Tommy, ashamed of what had happened, avoided the house from then on. Not that he was angry at Jenny but he didn’t want to be confronted with the person who had witnessed him wetting his diapers. Billy was different. As Billy was wetting diapers himself he wasn’t ashamed towards him. And so the two boys would still meet up at the skating ramp or in the woods to play together. But that wouldn’t last either.

After having discarded all his pants, forcing Billyboy to go to campus in shorts every day, Jenny continued changing his wardrobe. She bought him a whole collection of shortalls and dungaree shorts, having him wear those whenever he went out playing. Billy really liked to wear them as he found them extremely comfortable.  Most of them were in denim, but some were made in flowery print or pastel colored fabrics. And if initially Jenny bought the loose fitting models with a high waist buttoning up on the sides, after a while she began buying him also models that consisted of little shorts with a small bib and braces that crossed in his back. Of course his little friends at the skating ramp, although still awed by his skating skills, made fun of his outfits and little by little took their distance.

Even Tommy became ashamed of being befriended to the big boy wearing kiddy outfits. Billy, used to losing his friends every couple of years, didn’t mind.  Having Aunt Jenny mothering him was better than having friends. And when Jenny insisted he wear diapers underneath his shortalls at all time, to avoid the hassle of having to take them off to go to the bathroom, he accepted that without protesting.  


Billy had always loved fixed routines. He liked to know what would happen in advance and what he was expected to do in any circumstances. This way he avoided making mistakes and upsetting his mother. It gave him a great sense of security and tranquility. Jenny understood this and she gradually guided him into a routine that was defined in quiet some detail.

In the morning she would slip out of the bed without waking him, dress and go downstairs to prepare breakfast. She then came back to wake him up and he would follow her to the kitchen were his breakfast – a glass of orange juice, a bowl of cereals , a jam sandwich cut in small pieces,  and a glass of milk to finish – was waiting. After breakfast she took him to the bathroom where she helped him out of his diapers and washed him. While she left him alone to brush his teeth and then to relieve his bowls in the toilet, she went to his room and prepared the clothes for the day.

Next she helped him dress. On weekdays it would always be tight fitting shorts – grey or navy blue, flannel or ribbed corduroy.  He always wore them with under-knee socks – white or blue- and a V-neck sweater.  Usually he wore a white, or white and blue striped, buttoned shirt underneath the sweater, but sometimes she would let him wear a, pastel colored, T-shirt.

After she had kissed him goodbye he would bike to school. At school he kept mostly to himself, observing the girls from a distance, feeling his cock growing in his shorts, until he had to ran off to the bathrooms to masturbate.  Lunch too was always the same. He bought a turkey and cheese sandwich and a coke from the vending machines and then joined a number of undergraduate girls to eat. He felt very ambiguous about this, sometimes thinking he would prefer to eat alone.  It had started when one day one of the girls had spotted the handsome boy, wearing his little schoolboy shorts, sitting by himself and, taking pity, had invited him to join them. Since then the girls would not let him sit by himself anymore, always insisting he join them for lunch. They always made fun of him, but in a gentle way. They had of course asked why he was always wearing shorts and Billy, used to have to answer that question for his whole life, had answered truthfully, that his aunt Jenny liked him to wear shorts because it was healthy. And asked why his legs and arms were kept hairless, he had, looking genuinely puzzled, answered by stating the obvious: “But hairy arms and legs are so ugly!” The girls of course had been greatly amused and intrigued by his answers and since then he had become their lunchtime mascot.

After lunch he returned discreetly to his classes and after class he biked immediately back home. Most of the time Jenny was not there when he got back, but she always prepared his outfit for the afternoon. This of course was invariable a pair of dungaree shorts with a T-shirt. And she always placed diapers next to his clothes. He loved the snug feeling of the diapers securely kept in place underneath the shortalls. He couldn’t imagine not wearing them anymore.

Next he would do the household – Jenny always left a note with instructions – and his homework for the university. When Jenny got home early she prepared a milkshake for both of them and they drank them sitting together on the terrace. She would always take him between her legs and rubbing softly on his crotch, giving him soft kisses in his neck, she helped him come in his wet diapers. Which of course was one of the best moments of the day. After their snack she told him to play with his toys while she answered her mails.  He loved those peaceful ends of the afternoons, building his models, organizing his collections, or just sitting on the floor playing with his little toy-cars, under the watchful eye of Aunt Jenny.

Next they prepared dinner together and immediately after diner she took him upstairs to give him his bath. Playing with floating toys in bath was another great moment of the day. After letting him play for a while she would come back and taking his member in her hand, telling him little boys needed to practice a lot and had to keep all their fluids flowing, she helped him masturbate for the third time.  She then told him to get out of the bath, wrapped him into a bath towel, dried him, and diapered him for the night. Helping him dress into his pajamas she put him to sleep in the big bed where a couple of hours later she would join him.

His life was heaven. He didn’t miss his mother anymore and even the absence of Melinda was hurting less every day.  And then one day Jenny, all excited, announced that that evening Melinda would be back.

Billy became immediately as excited as Jenny. He suddenly realized how empty his life had been the last couple of months. Easy and happy, but purposeless. Now his goddess was going to be back, his life was going to have a focus again, he was going to be able to devout his whole being again to her happiness and pleasure.  Jenny, dressing up to go fetch her lover at the airport  put on her sexiest little skirt and top , and then took out a pair of blue school shorts for Billy. But before help him dress in them she took out the chastity device: “We better put this back on, won’t we?” Billy nodded enthusiastically. He was anxious for being at the mercy of his mistress again. His little bird was her possession. He should never have taken off the device. Only Melinda had the right to allow him to cum. Being at her mercy, being her little toy, was what made him happy, what was giving sense to his life. He felt suddenly very guilty for not having worn the chastity device all the time as she had ordered.

Pulling up the tight fitting shorts over the device he noticed proudly how it formed a bulge in front. Tucking a white skirt into the shorts, and putting on  knee-high white socks, he looked in the mirror, and couldn’t wait for his mistress to see him. She would make fun of his angelic looks and he would be happy.

However when Melinda came out to the airport hall she waived enthusiastically at Jenny but completely ignored Billy. She pushed her luggage trolley up to where they were standing and the two girls fell into each other’s arms and embraced passionately, attracting curious looks from the bystanders. Billy disappointed and chagrined, knew the worst thing he could do was to try to attract Melinda’s attention, so he waited awkwardly until the girls stopped kissing.  After a while, it seemed an eternity, Melinda freed herself from Jenny’s embrace, and seemed to notice Billy for the first time: “Oh, I see you brought the boy. Ok that’s perfect. He can push the trolley. Come let’s go, I am anxious to be home.” She took Jenny by the hand and started towards the exit. Tears welling up in his eyes, Billy followed them with the luggage.

That evening the two girls ignored him completely and Billy slept alone for the first time in months after having to have to diaper himself. Thinking about his mistress in the next room he couldn’t help his cock from growing, hurting like hell in its cage. He cried himself to sleep.

The next morning before going downstairs he had taken off his wet diapers and was wearing very small 4-pocket shorts, hoping to get Melinda’s attention. Again he had noticed how the cage made a nice bulge in his shorts. When he walked into the kitchen only Jenny was there. She gave him a guilty smile, and complimented him on his looks: “Just be patient, she’ll want you soon enough.” At that moment they heard Melinda coming down the stairs. Billy waited anxiously  standing next to the table. This time when the goddess, wearing a pair of sexy shorts herself, walked into the kitchen she noticed him immediately. Coming over to him she kissed him and put her hand on his crotch: “Has your little thing been waiting for your mistress all this time, darling?”  Billy turned all red: “Euh, yes, no, euh.”  Melinda irrupted in a happy laughter: “That’s what I thought. I knew I couldn’t trust the two of you. I guess we’ll have to start all over then, won’t we?” 

Without waiting for a reaction she handed a small present to the boy.  Curious he couldn’t wait to unwrap the package, discovering a leather, fur lined, dog collar, assorted arm bracelets and a leash: “I’m planning to make you my little pet more than ever. I missed you, did you miss me?” he threw his arms around her neck: “Oh yes, I missed you very much, and I would love to be your pet. Thanks Melinda.”  While Melinda put on the collar around his neck his eyes met those of Jenny and he noticed her preoccupation, but too happy to have his mistress’ attention, he completely ignored Aunt Jenny.

The next days he suffered horribly as Melinda kept his thing in its cage but made him serve her with his tongue and fucked him in his ass with her dildo. She made him wear the collar at all time, even to go to school, where his lunchtime girly fan club made more fun of him. At home, where he was back to wearing little maid shorts when doing household chores,  whenever  he didn’t have to work Melinda attached his wrists to the dog collar making him completely dependent. And making him her little pet as she had said she would, she had him eat and drink out of a dog dish that she put on the floor in front of him, making him empty it bending forward without using his hands.

After 5 or 6 days she relieved him from his cage and allowed him to penetrate her. As if it was the first time all over again he came much too fast making his mistress angry. As punishment he was kept in the cage for a complete week.

Billy was treated either as the household maid or as a little sweet helpless pet. No more happy little boy playing with his toys.  But he got his erections under control again, so that whenever Melinda released him, he gave her wonderful orgasms, bringing himself to new heights of bliss at the same time. Little by little the 3 of them got accustomed to the new routine.  

This went on for a number of weeks and then Billy overheard the two girls discussing the organization of their yearly costume party. Deciding this year’s theme would be Cleopatra and Cesar, they got all excited discussing what they would serve, but mostly what they would wear. Billy, lying at his mistress feet, wondered how they would dress him, bus as he was not allowed to speak when not directly spoken too, couldn’t ask.

He didn’t find out until the day of the party. Melinda wore a long gown with a side split, revealing her long legs. Jenny on the other hand had chosen a short white skirt with a broad colored waistband, and as top a broad golden necklace to which a triangular cloth was attached, barely covering her delicious small breasts, that was knotted in her back. Both girls worked very hard at their eye make-up and the effect was stunning: two Egyptian goddesses.  While they were dressing up Billy helped the hired cooks and waiters to put everything in place. The waiters were dressed as roman  centurions, while Billy was still wondering what he was going to wear.  


When everything was ready and the first guests were due to arrive any moment Melinda called Billy and told him he was going to be her slave, wearing nothing but a tunic and sandals. The tunic consisted simply of a rectangular piece of white linen with an oval shaped hole in the center. He had to pass his head through the hole and then put a leather belt around his waist to keep the whole thing together. The tunic was very short, not even reaching half way down the thighs, and, as it was of course open at either side, he was sure people would notice he was wearing a chastity device underneath.  But not only was he to be almost naked she put on the fur lined arm wrists and attached his hands to the collar. And to finish she put on the leash.  It was the first time she attached the leash to his collar and he smiled at her. It would be his coming out as Melinda’s little pet slave. He felt strangely excited and proud.

She told him he was to stay next to her for the duration of the party because she wanted all her friends to meet her cute pet.  As the guests started streaming in Billy, standing half a step behind his mistress, with Melinda holding the end of the leash in her hand most of the time, soon realized that all the guests were lesbian or gay. From time to time Melinda would introduce him to one of her friends, but most of the time she would ignore his presence, except for occasionally letting him sip at her glass or, when a waiter passed with food,  placing a toast in his mouth.  At a certain moment , about an hour after the party had begun, a tall, handsome, sad-faced man in his mid-forties, dressed as a magnificent roman general, with a short skirt and a long purple cape draped around his shoulders,  walked in. Melinda greeted him showing more sympathy than for most others: “Hi Barry, so glad you decided to come. I’m so sorry for you. How are you doing without Brian?” The man looked at her with very sad eyes: “Not good, Melinda, not good, as you can imagine. But I’ll survive.”  Melinda looked at him intently, clearly intrigued by what he said: “Come on Barry. You must have seen this coming, no?”  His face grew even sadder: “Not at all”. 

Melinda posed a second before answering: “Well then I guess it’s true when they say that love is blind. You should have known that those kids grow up sooner or later, and that when that happens they want to fly out on their own, with all the experience and knowledge you have given them. Have you never read Pygmalion? “He looked at her and nodded:  “Yes I guess I knew this would happen, but choose not to see it.”   Melinda, having a sudden inspiration turned towards Billy, and pulled him forwards: “But there are exceptions my dear. Look at this one. I’m sure he will never want to grow up, remaining a toy-boy forever. You know what? To ease your pain I will borrow you this little pet for the day. “

Taking Barry by the hand and pulling Billy with his leash, she started to leave the crowded place: “Come, follow me, both of you”. She took them upstairs to Billy’s room where she then turned towards Barry: “Don’t you think he’s just too cute?” She lifted the front flap of his tunic revealing his locked up private parts: “He‘s all yours, except for this little bird in its cage which is reserved for me. But except for that he is all yours.” Turning him around she lifted the back flap “Look at that tight little ass. He loves it when I fuck him with my dildo, but as far as I know he has never received a real life dick. He is going to worship you even more than he does me.”  She kissed the bewildered Billy on his lips and continued: “And if he is as good a cock sucker as he is a cunt licker he is going to take you to heaven.”

Billy looked at her with pleading eyes. How could she do that to him? But she did as if she didn’t notice his distress and addressed herself to the poor boy: ”Now you be a good boy and try to make Barry happy. “And then she turned to the man: “Enjoy the little toy. I assure you he is the best trained little pet you’ll ever get.”

The next moment he was alone with the tall, athletic man, who took off the briefs he was wearing underneath his skirt, revealing the largest dressed member that Billy had ever seen, even on pictures, and then pulled the boy down with the leash. Understanding what was expected from hi, Billy went down on his knees and took the impressive dagger in his mouth.

He first put his lips just around the tip of the weapon sucking delicately on it, but following Barry’s instructions he gradually got his mouth around a large part of the dick, holding the base between his hands which were still attached to the collar. He was a natural as Melinda had suspected, and it didn’t take long for his new master to come with a big spout in his mouth. Billy, to his surprise, liked the taste. When Barry pulled his dick from his mouth Billy automatically licked his lips to the amusement of the man: “Oh you like that, don’t you? Let me taste too.” He pushed Billy on the bed and lying next to him kissed him on the mouth. Billy as always loved to be kissed and responded passionately to the pleasured surprise of Barry whose member   didn’t take long to grow hard again. Turning Billy on his belly he penetrated his ass deeply, making Billy scream in pain and pleasure.

This time Barry’s orgasm lasted very long, and when he finally pulled out, both he and Billy were exhausted. Panting next to each other they recovered slowly. After a few minutes Billy felt that Barry was looking at him and opened his eyes. The man smiled kindly: “Did you like that?” Billy, as always eager to please nodded and whispered yes, which was not even untrue. Barry smiled more broadly: “Me too. You really know how to make a man happy.”  Billy felt Barry’s hand move along his leg until it reached the chastity device. He pulled up the tunic and, sighing, looked at the small bird in its cage: “Maybe I should have kept Brian locked up like that. Does it hurt?” Billy shook his head: “Not anymore.”  Barry smiled again and stroked Billy between his legs:” You really are a pretty bitch. I like it all smooth and hairless.” But then he jumped up, arranged his clothes, and pulling Billy by his leash, they went downstairs to rejoin the party.

When they entered the room with all the guests Melinda noticed them immediately and came over to where they were standing. Barry complimented her on her perfect little pet.  Melina smiling proudly turned towards Billy: How about you. You like my brother?”  Billy, realizing who he had been fucking with, turned red, and didn’t know how to react. He didn’t want to upset Melinda by saying he had loved to be fucked by Barry, but he didn’t want to upset his new friend either. Anyhow, incapable of lying, he stammered he liked Barry. Both brother and sister irrupted in laughter: “Well sis, you wouldn’t consider selling me your little pet, would you?”  Melinda posed for a few seconds as if she was considering the question: “I’m very fond of him as you can imagine, but they say everything has a price, don’ they?” Not understanding they were making fun of him Billy couldn’t believe what was happening. With his eyes all wet he blurred out that he didn’t want to leave her. This made them laugh even harder: “You are so sweet. Ok I won’t sell you then, but Barry I will borrow him to you for a week, how about that?”

Without hesitation Barry accepted the offer, kissing his sister to thank her, and then before Billy really realized what was happening, pulled at his leash, and said goodbye to his sister saying he couldn’t wait to take his little pet home

–          To be continued – .



  1. This is amazing. As you know, i LOVE the little boy parts. I really do!!!
    Usually the “sex parts” leave me a bit bewildered as i have no experience on that front. But, somehow, this time i was just transfixed. I shall re-read this many times i know!

    And it makes me so proud that you base the story on me. i am SO lucky!!!
    Thank you so much

    • Glad you liked it. It’s great to get your feedback. So few, (too few), readers leave some comment. Thanks a lot !!

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