Living in Paradise 3


The diapers gave him a strange sensation. He kind of liked the feeling. But that didn’t change the fact that he was getting madder and madder. He pulled down his pants and started to unfasten the diaper when Nathalie entered his room.

He blushed even harder than with Julia but Nathalie immediately took him in her arms.

-It’s all right George. I don’t care about you bedwetting. And I think you are looking cute with those diapers.

George pulled himself free, and pulling hard to get the diapers off he protested loudly.

-But it is lie ! I didn’t wet my bed !

-Come on George. You don’t have to lie about that.”


What happened before?


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Chapter 3

The next morning when he woke up he didn’t get out of bed immediately wondering if Nathalie was going to come to wake him up as she had done the previous day. He waited for 10 minutes and just as he was going to give up his door swept wide open and Natalie came in carrying a stack of clothes in her arms.

“Wake up you lazy boy! Look what I have brought to replace your dull underwear.” She spread the stack of all over his bed. Half-amused, half-pre-occupied he looked at the colorful collection underpants. Nathalie immediately began dividing them in two groups. “Those are the comfortable ones you will prefer to wear to school, and those on this side are the prettier ones for when you are home.”

Georges immediately noticed that the ones for school were the same kind as the slightly padded one she had given him the day before. He noticed they all had childish bur rather boyish drawings on them: little cars, trucks, dinosaurs, building blocks, … As he was looking at them Nathalie explained why she thought they would be great for school: “You see they are absorbent, so when in class you have to go to the bathroom you don’t need to worry, they will perfectly absorb small leaks.” And then she continued with her malicious smile: “And when you get bored you can secretly play with your little thing, as all little boys like to do, and nobody will notice you have been naughty” Georges not sure if she was making fun of him or not, turned towards the second stack, noticing that it consisted of frilly girls panties with Disney princess, Hello Kitty and Barbie prints, most of them with lacy rims. Following his gaze Nathalie enthused: “Aren’t they just too cute? Can’t wait to see you wear them. But hurry up now. We are late for breakfast again.”

Handing him a padded brief with a jungle animal’s print she turned around and, leaving him alone, told him she would see him at the breakfast table. As he pulled on the underpants he had to admit they did feel good. The soft fabric, the elastics fitting snuggling around his legs, the cute print, and, … the padding. He never had accidents or leaks, but still, wearing those absorbent, padded underpants, gave him a safe feeling.

Breakfast was hectic, but fun, just as the day before. After breakfast he and Nathalie left together for university but once there they separated as each had to go to his or hers lessons.

After lunch he was talking with Steven, his best friend. He had told him of course that he had moved into this wonderful house and how he had been made part of that crazy household. And now he had confided all excitedly that he had fallen in love with Nathalie, and that he was sure she had feelings for him too. Of course he was praising her to the sky, telling how kind and funny she was, but most of all he exulted about her incredibly gorgeous looks. His friend was laughing, telling him that he sure sounded very much in love, and that a more objective viewer would probably not thinks she was that exceptional. Right at that moment Georges saw Nathalie walking up to him. She was accompanied by two friends, almost as beautiful as she.

A few seconds later Georges introduced Steven, who for a few seconds could hardly utter any sound seeing that his friend hadn’t exaggerated at all. He was mesmerized by her looks. She was wearing denim shorts showing off her beautiful tanned legs underneath a simple pale blue t-shirt. Gorges had definitely fallen in love with the best looking chick on campus, and her friends being in the same category, he desperately wanted to make a good impression. Luckily he recovered his wits soon enough and immediately began flirting, telling Nathalie that Georges had told him about her and her incredible looks, adding that he hadn’t believed him but now had to admit that Georges had not exaggerated. And then, turning towards Nathalie’s friends, he added that Georges hadn’t told him that his new friend had friends that looked even better. It was all rather corny of course but everybody likes a compliment so they all laughed. Nathalie smiling broadly, putting her arm around George’s shoulders, turned towards her friends: “Hadn’t I told you he was such a cute little boy?” She bend over to Georges and, while squeezing his bum, whispered in his ear: “Still dry and clean?” And before he could recover she planted a kiss on his forehead, and she and her friends were off. After a few meters however she turned around calling out to Georges asking if he would wait for her after their last classes so that they could go home together. He eagerly shouted back that he would love that.

Both he and Steven watched the girls walk away. After a few seconds watching in silence, Steven admitted to Georges that his new friend was indeed gorgeous, but, laughing, he added that he wasn’t sure she was going to fall for him: “Such a cute little boy! Not exactly a declaration of passionate love I would say.” Georges blushed and secretly admitted to himself that his friend was probably right.

Nevertheless after his last class he eagerly waited for Nathalie to show up. When she did, walking up from behind and patting his bum, he had a sudden rush of happiness passing through his body. Alone again with his angel! And when, taking him by the hand, she proposed to have a drink together before going home he followed her, overwhelmed with a warm feeling.

Fifteen minutes later, while having a cool beer in a quiet place off campus, Nathalie told him, with her ever mocking smile, that her friends had found him super cute. He wanted to protest that he didn’t mind being her little cute toy in private but that he didn’t like it in public. But she didn’t let him speak. Suddenly standing up, her smile became even more, malicious: “Do you like to pee in your pants?” He was flabbergasted and didn’t know how to react. She smiled even broader: “I love it. Want to try?” Immediately realizing of course what the right answer was, he hesitated for a couple of seconds, but then shrugged; “Why not?” She jumped around his neck, kissed him and then, pulling him from behind the table, she slightly opened her legs, and waited for him to do the same. It was only then that he realized that she meant to do it right there and then. He was completely taken aback: “You want us to pee in our pants, here, in the middle of the bar?”

It was her time to look surprised: “Of course. Where else? At home? That wouldn’t be the same. Peeing your pants in a public place gives you such an exhilarating feeling. Look, I’ll show you.”

To Georges’ amazement she opened her legs a little bit more, and he saw a small wet spot forming between her legs. He looked as if transfixed, saw the spot grow and then how the wetness ran down her legs until a small wet puddle took shape between her feet.



All the while she had her eyes closed and looked as if she was having a quiet orgasm. When she opened her eyes, she sighted deeply, took his hand to press it on the wet spot between her legs, whispering in his ear: “Your turn darling. Don’t be afraid you are wearing padded underwear remember.”

Georges hadn’t forgotten about his absorbent briefs but he still had a hard time deciding to wet himself. However realizing Nathalie wouldn’t back off now that she had given the example he opened his legs and concentrating very hard let go a small spout. He felt the wetness spread in his underpants and had to admit it was not an unpleasant feeling. Proudly he looked at Natalie but she was not going to let him off the hook that easily: “That’s all? Come on Georges you can do better than that.” She opened the belt of his pants and introduced her hand in his pants from behind. “Come on, I want to feel the wetness.” Georges, resigned that there was no escape, sighted, and completely opened the flood gates. As he felt the heaviness forming in his briefs, Nathalie kissed him in his neck: “Feels good doesn’t it?” He wasn’t sure what he felt and looking down anxiously he was relieved to see that nothing showed. The absorbent underpants seemed to work. Nathalie pushed him back on his chair and sitting on his lap with her face towards him, she pressed her lips on his and gave him a long kiss.

Before he could recover from this new marvelous development she was standing up again and, telling him she would be back in a minute, grabbing her bag walked to the restrooms. Once alone Georges became more conscious of the wet feeling between his legs and putting his hand on his crotch felt his pants were getting damp. After a few minutes he had a strange feeling and standing up, putting his hands on his bum, he was frightened to notice how wet he was down there. Looking at the chair where he had been sitting he noticed a small puddle. He panicked. He had to get out of there. Where was Nathalie? At that moment she appeared wearing a wrap skirt. He realized she must have carried that in her bag.

Giving him another naughty smile she lifted her skirt revealing she was wearing nothing underneath. Although all excited Georges felt betrayed. Feeling of betrayal that increased when she mockingly commented his situation: “Ooh, did you make those little puddles? Judging from how you look I guess you did, you naughty little boy. Look, your pants are all wet, I guess those training pants couldn’t hold all your pee, could they?”

Georges looked first down, seeing that by now the upper part of his jeans were all dark, and then anxiously looked around to see if anybody was watching them or listening. He was relieved to see that nobody seemed to pay attention to them, and he wanted to bold from there before that would change. But Nathalie grabbing his hand prevented that. Pulling him towards the bar she reminded him they still had to pay. Following her he tried to cover his wet pants with his hands while she asked the bill. He knew he should propose to pay but he was completely paralyzed, and just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Too preoccupied he wasn’t paying attention to what Nathalie and the barman where saying until the barman gave him a quizzing look. He suddenly realized what Nathalie had just said: “You will have to excuse my friend. He seems to have had an accident. He is wearing training pants, nevertheless I’m afraid he has made some puddles over there.”

Leaving the startled barman, she wanted to take Georges by the hand but annoyed, he shook her off. Once outside she smiled pleading him not to be angry. She took him in her arms and kissed him for the second time. Of course this rendered him defenseless and he kissed her back. When she took his hand again he let her do. They walked for a few minutes in silence. Nathalie was the first to start talking again: “You know that I tease you because I love you, don’t you?” Georges stopped to look at her. It was the first time she said she loved him, and he was overwhelmed, tears welling up in his eyes. Nathalie noticed it immediately and gave him a tender kiss on his cheek: “Sweet little Georges.” But then her usual teasing nature took over again: “I love to see you walking around with your wet pants. My cute little pee-pants. How does it feel? You feel like a little baby? Well you should. You are a little baby.”

Georges didn’t react. He was happy doing whatever his girlfriend asked.

At home they went immediately upstairs and Nathalie helped him out of his wet things, throwing them in the hamper. When he awkwardly asked what Carmen would think when she found his wet things she shrugged: “Who cares?” But Georges didn’t notice that she didn’t put her own wet clothes in the hamper.

Together they choose a new pair of panties – pink with little flowers – and, knowing he would have to help Andres in the garden, she handed him a pair of orange dungaree shorts to wear.

He enjoyed working in the garden with the old man – who had given him a surprised look when he had shown up in his orange dungarees but hadn’t made any comment. He worked for a couple of hours and then, exhausted, went upstairs to have a shower. He was disappointed to find nobody on his floor but relieved at the same time as he was too tired for any games. Just as he was getting out of his shower Nathalie entered the bathroom. She seemed somewhat sad to be too late as she had planned to join him in his shower, but then said there would be plenty of other days. And then taking him by the hand again, she led him to her room “to choose your dinner clothes”. When she decided upon a loose fitting light sweater with a flowery print over fuchsia leggings, he accepted it without protesting. He secretly began to like the surprise outfits she had him wear. Joining the rest of the family his outfit didn’t cause any surprised looks anymore.

After dinner he went upstairs, worked for half an hour and then it was already time to put on his pajama’s – the same as the day before – and go downstairs again, where Nathalie proposed immediately to go back upstairs to play until bedtime, what he accepted of course. Joined by Benjamin they climbed the stairs again, the two sisters all the time discussing what they wanted to play.

They soon agreed they wanted to play doctor and nurse, and after a few minutes they agreed Natalie would be the nurse and Benjamin the doctor. Georges of course was going to be the patient.

To Georges surprise the girls had complete outfits and equipment. Nathalie, dressed in a short nurse’s uniform, was even sexier than usual, while Benjamin wore a simple white doctors coat. Georges was supposed to be very ill, with an unknown illness. Unable to undress himself Nathalie helped him out of his clothes. First the upper body which Benjamin then began to examine thoroughly. He had to put out his tongue, breath heavily, while Benjamin auscultated him. When she examined his abdomen, pushing hard on different parts, he began moaning which indicated to the doctor that she was getting close to the origin of his ailment.

But of course she had to look lower and asked the nurse to take off the legging. Which she proceeded to do but rather clumsily, touching softly his private parts doing so. When she pulled down the leggings revealing the girly pink flower panties, with lacy rims, stretched over his hardened dagger, Benjamin almost choked with laughter. But Nurse Nathalie kept her calm. Taking a piece of paper she faked reading: “Oh, Doctor, I think you should read his. It says here that this afternoon the patient had a sudden loss of control and peed all over himself. I think you should have a look at his wheezy” Benjamin, laughing even harder, agreed that she had to examine his wheezy. But first she decided to embarrass poor George a little more.

“Is that so? Where did that happen?” Georges knew it made no sense to deny, and he told about the incident in the bar. Benjamin began understanding this was a true story and looked surprised from her sister to their new friend and back again. For a moment she forgot about her role: “God no, have you made him do that in a bar?”. Nathalie taking the clue, came out of her role too: “It was so embarassing when I had to tell the bartender that my friend had peed on the floor.” Georges couldn’t believe what was going on, and defended himself: “But Nathalie did it first !”, he cried out. Benjamin looked at her sister: “You did?” Her older sister shrugged: “Yeah. Had been such a long time I had peed in my pants. Just couldn’t resist it.” But then she turned to her friend again, laughing heartily: “But Georges wasn’t prepared. He had to walk all the way home with his soaked pants.” She posed for a second: And he loved it. I’m sure he will soon have other accidents, won’t you Georgie?”

Georges protested loudly that he was not. This seemed to amuse Natahalie who, with a joyous laugh, jumped on him and began tickling him, all the while insisting he was going to have more accidents. Georges, still completely naked except for his panties, defended himself by taking a pillow and soon the three of them were having a pillow fight. When Georges protested it wasn’t fair as they were dressed, the two girls took off their clothes too, and the 3 of them had a great time running around naked, chasing each other with cushions.

Finally Georges, exhausted, was overtaken by the two girls. Benjamin pulled down his panties, and took his dagger in her hand. Nathalie, asking if she needed any help, didn’t wait for her answer, grabbing his penis too, and slowly they began stroking it. Just as the day before he did come almost immediately spouting his juices in the air, to the merriment of the girls.

Over the next couple of days a pattern developed.

In the morning he waited for Nathalie to wake him up. She would first choose a pair of padded briefs for her “little pee-boy” to wear that day in college, and next the panties and clothes he would wear afterwards, but that was it. After that he dressed for college, had breakfast, and went to uni. Depending on the hours of their respective classes he would go alone or with Nathalie. At uni hey hardly saw each other, and to return home he was almost always on his own too.

At home he would take off his college clothes and change. If he was expected to help Andres in the garden he dressed in shortalls.

Otherwise he wore the outfits that Nathalie had prepared for him. Usually small shorts and girly tops. To help Carmen in the household he wore a pinafore apron over his clothes.

When his chores were done Nathalie was waiting for him to play.

When the weather was good they usually played outside. Benjamin would often play with them, and from time to time even Emily would join them, with Nathalie always in charge, deciding what they would play. One of the preferred games when the 4 of them were there was hide and seek. But on the frequent occasions when there was just the two or three of them, that game wasn’t as much fun. Often Nathalie would then suggest they open the sand-box. But that was too childish even for Benjamin, so Georges and Nathalie ended up playing by themselves.

Georges, sitting in the sand-box with his girlfriend, both wearing dungaree shorts, playing with little forms, couldn’t believe he was doing that. But Nathalie loved him ever more for that, and he loved to make her happy.

In the week-end there was more time. But contrary to what Georges had expected Nathalie didn’t play more infant games. The whole family, including Nathalie, loved sports and she had a fiercely competitive side, and so did Georges. There tennis skills being more or less equal they spend much of the week-ends fighting on the court. Although he had brought his all white tennis shorts Nathalie insisted he wore a short tennis skirt: “I don’t want you to feel superior thinking you are a boy playing against a girl.” And when he had suggested both of them could wear shorts she had thought for a moment but then had shrugged: “No. I love to see your cute little panties when you run and jump.”

When the weather began to get colder Nathalie gave him tights to wear, either underneath his shorts, or just under a long shirt. And they played more inside, taking out the children’s puzzles or some silly board game. But often those games would bore Nathalie and she invented more creative things to do such as beads stringing or coloring pages. But theirs favorite game was body painting, both of them getting completely undressed and then painting each other bodies from head to feet.

They usually played until dinner time. Sometimes they took their bath together before dinner but usually it was too late for that and nobody ever made a remark when they got to the dinner table dressed in dirty shortals coming straight from the sand box, or with some clothes hastily put on over their painted bodies. After dinner there was some time to do a little bit of homework, and then it was time to get to bath – if that hadn’t been done before – and for a little bit more board games, coloring or puzzles.

Nathalie worked while he did his household chores but for Georges this schedule made that he didn’t have enough time to prepare his courses and he would often have to work after “bed-time”.

Sometimes Nathalie would come to his room to keep him company or read him a bedtime story, which usually ended in cuddling sessions.

But one evening it was Julia who came into his room. This had never happened before and George immediately jumped up.

-Julia ? Euh come in, What can I do for you ?

-Can I have a moment of your time George?

-Sure. Want you to sit down ?

He offered her the only chair in his room which she accepted while he sat on the bed.

-Something wrong Julia?

-George, you realise that this can’t go on this way, don’t you?

George looked at her completely bewildered since he wasn’t conscious of any problem.

-What do you mean?

-Well I suppose you realise that Carmen can’t go on washing your bed-sheets every two days.

George had noticed that in the last 10 days his bed had been changed a couple of times and his pyjamas had been taken away. He had planned to ask about this but until now had forgotten to do so.

-Why would she?

-Come on George, you know perfectly well what has happened. George I think that you should wear those for some time. Every one will feel better that way, including your self.

She showed him disposable diapers. George jumped up offuscated

-Julia, I don’t know what you are talking about ! Are you accusing me of wetting my bed? Are you?

-George, don’t get upset. Nobody has to know about this.

-But Julia it isn’t true !

-Come on George. Why would Carmen invent such a thing ?

-Julia I’m not going to wear that thing.

-George I’m afraid that there is no other solution. If you want to stay with us I mean.

-Is that a threat ?

-George, I repeat I don’t see another solution.

She stood up, and came over to the bed.

-Come on, lay down

Pushing him softly on his back she pulled down his shorts and slipped the diapers under his bottom. Some moments later they were fastened and Julia told him to pull up his shorts which he did automatically.

-George, there is another thing we should talk about. You see Carmen also complained about the fact that you are not too hygienic. When you go to the bathroom you often leave stains on the cover, or even some small wet spots on the floor. And it seems there are often brown stains in your cute panties. For the person who has to clean up and wash all this, this isn’t very enjoyable.

George had turned all red. He didn’t know what to say. Julia stood up.

-Promise you’ll be more careful ?

-Euh. I promise.

He had whispered and Julia had given him an encouraging smile before she had left him alone.

Once alone George felt terribly humiliated. Being accused of bedwetting, of peeing next to the pot, of not wiping his bottom. He didn’t understand. The bedwetting thing wasn’t true. And thinking about the other things they were so exceptional that it wasn’t fair to make a fuss about it.

At the same time the diapers gave him a strange sensation. He kind of liked the feeling. But this didn’t change the fact that he was getting madder and madder about the whole encounter with Julia. He pulled down his pants and started to unfasten the diaper when Nathalie entered his room.

He blushed even harder than with Julia but Nathalie immediately took him in her arms.

-It’s all right George. I don’t care about you bedwetting. And I think you are looking cute with those diapers.

George pulled himself free, and pulling hard to get the diapers off he protested loudly.

-But it is lie ! I didn’t wet my bed !

-Come on George. You don’t have to lie about that.

-What do you know about it ?

-Julia told me about the complaints of Carmen because she wanted to know if you had told me anything.

-And you belief her ?

-Why would she lie ?

-I don’t know, but I tell you she does.


-You believe her more than you believe me? Leave me alone.

She gave him a compassionate look but then did as he asked leaving him alone.

The next day they didn’t talk about it until they had taken their bath after dinner. Nathalie came into his room to ask him as usual if he was ready to go downstairs to join the rest of the family.

-Em. George, You should better put on one of those diapers.

-What if I refuse?

-You risk a discussion in front of the whole family. Until now only Mom, Julia and I know about it. Come let me help you.

He let her do and a few moments later joined the rest of the family wearing diapers under his pyjama. Nobody seemed to notice. After she had told them it was bedtime, and he was already standing up ready to go upstairs, Elisabeth came up to him and discreetly tapped him on his bottom and whispered,

-That’s a good boy. Feel better, won’t we ?

He blushed slightly but couldn’t answer since Benjamin was coming over to give her mother a good night kiss.

Once alone in his room he immediately took the diapers off. When one or two hours later Nathalie came to wish him good night she told him it would be more prudent to wear them. He didn’t answer since he didn’t want to get into another fight about who was telling the truth and who was lying.

The next couple of days the same pattern was followed. He began to enjoy being diapered by Nathalie and even wearing the diapers felt good. But still he was not going to wear them during the night since that would be admitting he had a problem. And he was very careful whenever he went to the bathroom not to make any spots and to clean his bottom real good.

About a week after Julia had come to talk to him she irrupted again in his room.

-George I think we have a serious problem.


-You haven’t been wearing diapers as I had asked you. Today Carmen has had to change your sheets again.

-But, that’s not possible

-Quiet ! You have deceived us George. But there is more. You still make spots wherever you use the bathroom and still soil your underpants.

-That’s a lie !

-Is it ? And what’s this then ?, Julia asked defiantly, pulling a pair of panties out of a plastic bag showing some brown spots

-George I’m afraid you force me to take some drastic measures. From now on you are not allowed to use any bathroom unassisted.

-I’m sorry, what did you say ?

-You heard me. Come on get undressed so that we can get you set for the night.

George hesitantly, wondering what was going on, wondering where those soiled underpants had come from , started to undress. When he was standing in his underpants Julia told him to go to the bathroom.

-Take off your underpants, sit down, and do what you have to do.

A few moments later he was ready and wanted to get up.

-Keep seated ! Are you ready ?.

He nodded positively .

She took some toilet paper and coming next to him wiped his thing dry.

-OK. Now you can get up. Take your shower. I’ll be back in 5 minutes.

He was till drying him self when she came back in his room.

-Very well. Lie down on the bed so that I can diaper you.

When the diapers were fastened he wanted to get up but once more she told him to remain quiet.

-We don’t want you to cheat us again ,do we?

She slipped a strong and large plastic sheet underneath his bottom. It was about 1 square meter in size. At two sides there was a cut out going in a large curb from the top corner to the bottom corner. This way the plastic was in the middle only about 50 centimetres wide. Along the upper and bottom side there were a number of. metal ringed holes, starting in each corner there were 3 holes each about 2 centimetres in distance from the other ones. She fastened the plastic sheet around his waist by pulling the two upper corners to the front and connecting them to each other by putting a tiny lock through a hole of each corner. Then she told him to stand up. The plastic, fastened around his waist in the front, hung down in the back Telling him to open his legs she grabbed the plastic, pulled it up between his legs to the front, and then brought the two remaining corners to the back, pulling them hard together and connecting them with another lock in his back.

-All set. You can put on your pyjamas and we’ll see you downstairs. And George, whenever you need to go, just ask me.

While she said this she showed a small key and smiled.

When he was alone George began to realise what position he was in. Studying the plastic “pants” and the tiny locks he realised that it was impossible to get his penis out without opening the locks. Of course he could force the locks or cut the plastic but then they would know he had taken them off. Thinking about the false accusations that caused all this he was sure he had been set up. The dirty underwear must have been put aside at least a couple of weeks ago. But why, and by whom? Carmen? Or Julia herself ? At that moment Nathalie came in.

-Oh Georgie, I told you to be prudent and to wear the diapers.

-Nathalie ,it isn’t true. I’ve been framed.

-Whatever what makes you happy darling.

Before he could protest any further she kissed him on his lips and looked amused at his attire.

-This time you really are secured, aren’t you?

Putting her hand on his crotch she went on teasing him

-How does it feel to know that from now on Auntie Julia is taking care of this one? I’ll ask her if I can assist her? Wouldn’t you rather depend on me than ofnJulia?: “Nathalie, please can you open my pants I have to pee”. “Nathalie, I’ve finished, can you please swipe my bottom?” I would love it to take care of my little baby.

All the while she was teasing him in this way she caressed his crotch and gave him little kisses. Feeling he was getting angry she slipped her tongue between his lips and gave him the most passionate kiss she had ever given him.

-Darling I love you. I really do. I told you that I would one day, didn’t I? But we should get downstairs. Put on your pyjamas and let’s go.

-I’m not going.

Even if her kissing and her declaration had softened him somewhat he still was very angry. Nathalie understood and didn’t insist.

The next morning when the alarm clock went off he came out of bed and wanted to go to the bathroom as he always did but suddenly realised he couldn’t. He didn’t know what to do. Did he have to look for Julia? He decided he would get ready and wait. As he was brushing this teeth he started to have problems, jumping from one foot on the other barely able to retain the urge to pee. It was a big relief when Julia entered.

-Good morning. Had a good sleep ? Come here, let’s get you on the toilet.

She pulled down his pyjama pants, opened the small locks and took off his diapers.

-That’s a good boy. All dry.

He didn’t answer, hurrying to the toilet. When he was ready Julia gave him an inquisitive look.

-That’s it ? You don’t have to do anything else?

-No, not at this moment., he whispered .

While she dried his thing she asked if he preferred to wear just his padded underpants under the plastic or if he wouldn’t feel safer wearing diapers underneath. Angrily he told her that she had to be out of her mind thinking he would wear diapers during the day.

At breakfast he had the impression that everybody was giving him meaningful looks but that was probably just his imagination since except for Julia , only Elisabeth and Nathalie knew that he was wearing plastic pants. At the university he soon forgot the whole thing, except that from time to time it gave him a warm feeling. In the afternoon he began to feel the need to go to the bathroom but had no problem to hold up until he got home. This time however he had to discharge his bowels too which of course was even more humiliating. But he was relieved that Julia seemed to understand this and left him alone

-Call me when you are ready.

Of course he made sure to clean his bottom real good before calling her. But this didn’t prevent that he had to bend forward so that she could give an extra swipe with a wet towelled.

The next couple of days this treatment was continued. Soon they developed a routine in which George was helped to the bathroom 3 times a day by either Julia or Nathalie who both had a key to the padlocks of his plastic cover: first thing in the morning , when he came back from his classes in the afternoon, and in the evening before he took his shower.

But sometimes, when they came home from uni together Nathalie insisted they pee in their pants. She would give the example wetting her pants first standing on the sidewalk. It always turned him on to watch her pants get wet. Although usually she waited until there was nobody nearby, sometimes she would pee herself with people passing by. It exhilarated both of them and he didn’t hesitate to wet himself too. Of course wearing padded briefs and a plastic cover, he was protected and nobody could see he had peed himself. Only after a while the plastic pants would leak leaving some traces on his pants. Nathalie always carried a wrap skirt with her and would disappear for a moment behind some bushes, wrap the skirt around her waist and take off her pants. Continuing their walk home with his wet bottom, she loved to tease him, calling him “little stinky” or “pee-baby”. And he loved it when she did that. He was her little toy and that was perfect.

  • To be continued –  

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