When he was almost 5 years old Vincente suddenly developed a bedwetting problem. At first it were some isolated accidents, but soon it became an almost daily issue. After a while his mother, tired of having to get up in the middle of the night, and not being able to keep up with washing sheets and pyjamas, took him apart. Reassuring him that he needn’t worry, that the problem would go away as it had come, she suggested that in the meantime he would wear diapers. He protested somewhat but she convinced him that it was the best solution for everyone, and that nobody needed to know it, it would be there little secret.

This being at the beginning of the millennium, some 20 year ago, the environment was already a hot topic, but only very few people were willing to consequently change their habits yet. Vincente’s mother however was an early convert. Not wanting to use disposable diapers it meant that Vincente couldn’t use pullups. Every night his mother would join him in his bedroom and pin bulky cloth diapers around his legs covered by plastic pants.
Of course, they were soon discovered by Vincente’s older sister Tamara. The girl was very good natured and kind, and had always been somewhat protective towards her little brother. Discovering that he wore diapers again at night didn’t change that. From then on it would become normal for Vincente to walk around and watch TV in his diapers before going to bed.


And for Tamara, seeing him walking around in diapers and watching their mother put on the diapers on her little brother, reinforced her protective feelings. It didn’t take long for their mother to suggest she would diaper her brother.

Vincente and Tamara had sometimes played “family” in which one of them would assume the role of a child and the other of a parent. This now became their favourite, almost daily, game, with Vincente in the role of a baby, and his sister in the one of the mother. And of course, the baby was always diapered. After a while his sister decided he was a baby girl and she christened him Sofia. The little boy loved to be treated as a little baby girl, being diapered by his sister, being fed with a baby bottle, and wearing the pretty dresses and skirts his sister had outgrown.

Their mother thought it very sweet how the two of them played their game and sometimes joined in. She would call him Sofia and laughingly suggest he would go shopping with her wearing diapers underneath a short skirt. Vincente of course always categorically refused. His mother sensed that he would have loved it but that he knew he shouldn’t do it.
Those game went on for a couple of years. Much longer than Vincente’s bedwetting problem which had stopped after several months, just as his mother had predicted. And by the time they were respectively 7 and 9 they both grew tired of their game and it fizzled out.
Maybe as a reaction to his previous girly behaviour at home Vincente had befriended some of the wilder boys at school. By the time they had begun second grade Vincente and his friends considered girls to be weak and inferior to boys. And they began teasing their classmates, for instance by chasing them after school, asking them to show their panties. The girls complained to the teachers and the boys were severely reprimanded, and their parents were informed. Vincente’s mother had been shocked, and she demanded that from that day on he would always come home from school accompanied by his sister. When his friends made fun of him for having to obey to a girl, he protested that walking home with her was his own decision, because her best friend Alicia walked home with them too. He told them Alicia was a nymphomaniac who liked to show her budding little breasts to him. Alicia was the best-looking girl of the school and, as she liked to flaunt her beauty, the boys immediately believed Vincente.

But what he had not expected was that his friends decided to follow them to have a look at those wonderful breasts too. When after a few days nothing had happened, they began calling him a liar. Vincente knew he had to do something, so the next day, when the three of them were walking home, he suddenly stopped and told his sister he had forgotten to tell her her dance teacher had asked him, to ask her, to come by before going home, as she had something important to say. Tamara was hoping to get an important role in the dance performance the school was preparing. So, all excited, she asked Alicia to walk home with Vincente while she returned to the school.

When a few minutes later they passed a short, shaded alley, Vincente stopped the girl and asked to see her breasts. Alicia at first looked aghast, but then she laughed him in his face, telling him he was way too young, that is was not her habit to flirt with little babies. Vincente, still feeling guilty about the baby games from a couple of years before, thought Tamara had betrayed him and he got very frustrated. He pushed the girl against the wall and wanted to grab her shirt. But Alicia was too fast, slapping him in his face and running off before he recovered from his surprise.

He stood there frozen. He anxiously looked around, but it seemed his friends hadn’t followed and so had not witnessed the disaster. He started walking home slowly. Of course, Alicia would tell everything to his sister, and he would be in big problem, especially as Tamara would know that he had send her away on purpose. He waited anxiously for his sister to come home which seemed to take for ever. But when she finally came home, she told him all excitedly that the dance teacher had complimented her on her progress and that if she kept up the good work, she might get a big role in the performance. Vincente was relieved that, thanks to an incredible coincidence, at least on this part he got away. But he knew this was only a delay of execution. The disaster would arrive any moment. When that day, nor the next, nothing happened he didn’t understand. He wondered how it was possible that Alicia hadn’t told anybody: was she making so little of it?, or was she ashamed?, or did she feel sorry for him? It was a mystery.

The explanation followed about a week later. On Saturday Vincente and Tamara were home alone as his mother was out shopping. Vincente was in his room when the doorbell rang and when his sister opened the door, he recognised Alicia’s voice. He froze, realising something was about to happen. But the girls went to Tamara’s room and after a while he heard them laughing. They stayed there for quite a while but just as Vincente began to relax his sister called out asking if he could come to her room. Vicente tried to find an excuse, but he knew there was no escape.

When he entered the room the two girls were watching a computer screen and seemed to have fun. It was Alicia who spoke up, smiling mockingly at him: “Well, I didn’t know you were so cute”. When Vincente bent over and looked at the screen, he immediately realized they were watching pictures of him from a couple of years ago, dressed as a girl and wearing diapers. Panicking he didn’t know how to react. Alicia continued looking at him and went on: “I just learned your real name is Sofia. That is such a pretty name. From now on I will call you Sofia, ok?” Dumbfolded Vincente didn’t react. His sister looked at him amused but at the same time she seemed to feel sorry for him. Alicia went on: “’ I have seen a lot of really nice pictures from Sofia, but I would like to meet her in person.”

This remark shocked Vincente out of his stupor as he immediately grasped the meaning of it: “No way, forget it. I won’t do it”. Alicia continued to look at him mockingly, and then turned to her friend: “We were expecting that reaction, weren’t we?” She turned again to the boy: “Listen Sofia, you are going to be a sweet little obedient girl, our little doll, whenever we want. Otherwise those pictures will go viral. All your nasty little friends will know what a sissy you are.” Vincente didn’t believe what he was hearing: “You wouldn’t dare!” “Try us.”

The boy realized she was serious. He tried to think, looking for an escape, but his brain seemed to have stopped working. He only half realized his sister had come up to him and had begun unbuttoning his shirt:” Let me help you dress in the pretty dress Alicia has chosen for you to wear.”

From that day on Vincente was in a perpetual fear that his sister and her friend would distribute the pictures, and they knew it. Very often Alicia had to babysit for her little sister on Saturdays. Whenever that was the case, she called her friend and Vincente soon recognized the calls:
– Ah it’s you, I was just beginning to wonder if you would call today.
– …
– Yes, yes, Sofia is here.
– …
– Oh, I’m sure she would love to, and so do I.
– …
– Ok, see you in half an hour.

Half an hour later they would ring the doorbell of Alicia’s house where Sofia, dressed as a girl, would have to play with 4-year-old Carmencita. In the beginning he tried to protest and to escape but his sister would remind him that Alicia would not hesitate to distribute the pictures if he didn’t obey. And after a while he began to enjoy playing with dolls with the little girl. And being dressed as a little girl with frilly panties underneath short dresses and skirts reminded him of the days when he was his sister’s little baby.


Most of the time the two older girls would leave the two of them alone, but sometimes they would join them and make plenty of new pictures, collecting ever new material with what to blackmail him. But Sofia hardly noticed. She secretly loved to be a 4-year-old little girl and wouldn’t have minded it at all if it could have gone on secretly for ever.

But of course, that was impossible. When his friends began to wonder why he was almost never available on Saturdays, they began to follow him around secretly, and soon discovered that he went to play with his sister and her friend (It never occurred to them that in fact he went to Alicia’s house to play with her little sister). Confronted with the question if he rather preferred to hang around with girls than with them he of course denied it, explaining that if he didn’t follow his sister on those occasions he would be grounded for months.

But he knew that his friends were not convinced by his answer. He knew he had to regain their trust and soon found a – sick – way.

There were two very shy girls in his class. They always kept together, never joining in with the others unless forced by a teacher. It was those two girls that Vincente choose to make his victims. Together with one of his friends he intimated the girls in doing whatever they demanded, effectively making them their slaves. They would have to fetch drinks for them (of course not being paid back for it), clean up their table after they had had lunch, even doing their homework.

This went on for some time, restoring Vincente’s prestige in his friends’ eyes. But as was to be expected, his repulsive behaviour didn’t remain a secret. When his sister and Alicia heard about it, they couldn’t believe it: the sweet little girl that played with dolls almost every Saturday with 4-year-old Carmencita, was a male chauvinist monster on other days? The two girls decided to intervene immediately.

The next Saturday instead of going to Alicia’s house Tamara took him to a different place. When Vincente asked where they were going the only answer, he got was that it was a surprise. He didn’t know the address of his victim, so when his sister rang the doorbell at an unknown house, he was only slightly apprehensive about “the surprise” that was waiting for him.

But when the door was opened, and he recognized his classmate he immediately knew he was in for bad news. But Alicia, who was there too, pulled him inside before he could react. As he followed Alicia and his classmate upstairs, and entered what seemed to be the girls’ bedroom, he saw that the other shy girl from his class was there too. She looked up from her cell phone and gave him a look he couldn’t place. It surely was not the scared look which she usually harboured when she saw him.

He began to suspect what was going on but at that moment Tamara began scolding him: “You really have disappointed me. How could you do this? I’m ashamed to be your sister. Together with Alicia I have decided we have to stop it. Don’t be mad at me, but we showed the pictures of Sofia to your friends here, so that they could see that inside the stupid macho monster they knew there is a sweet little girl.”
Vincente turned red as a tomato. Noticing his reaction his sister pressed on: “Now we want you to become Sofia so that your friends can meet her.” With panic in his eyes he looked at his sister and begged not having to do it. But she sternly showed him a girl’s school uniform that was exposed on the bed: “Come on, get dressed.”

Watching the uniform Vincente had very contradictory feelings. He had always liked the short, red tartan skirts the girls of his school wore. So much nicer than the grey trousers the boys had to wear. Being invited to wear the school uniform skirt was a dream come true. But at the same time, the circumstances, having to do it in the presence of the 2 classmates he liked to bully, made it horribly humiliating. But as he knew he had not much of a choice anyway, he did as if it was no big deal. Shrugging his shoulders, he took the skirt off the bed and, turning towards the girl whose house they were in, he asked where he could go to change.

The girl was so surprised that he accepted to do it that she lost her tongue. But Alicia did not have the same problem: “How sweet! Little Sofia doesn’t want to change in presence of the other girls. Come on then, let’s give her the room for a few minutes.”
The girls began leaving the room but, just before closing the door behind her, Alice turned to Sofia: ” There is a complete reglementary uniform on the bed. Be sure to put on everything. Not only the skirt, the shirt and the sweater, but also the reglementary high waisted white panties, the camisole, the knee high socks, and the black leather Mary-Jane shoes.” Vincente had so been fixated by the skirt that he hadn’t noticed the other items. He turned to the bed and in horror looked at the items Alicia had mentioned. But he didn’t want the girl to be too victorious, so he didn’t show any reaction.

Ten minutes later he had finished dressing and as he was looking at himself in the mirror, he thought the effect was not too bad. At that moment Tamara came in and as she saw him standing in front of the mirror she knew what he was thinking. She went up to her brother and very gently said he looked great: “But we knew that didn’t we?” Vincente blushed and wanted to protest but his sister put her finger on his lips and gave him a kiss on this forehead. As he calmed down, she stroked his hair: “Let’s tame that mane and we can go down to meet the others.”


Vincente wore his hair rough, never combing it, which gave him an unruly look. Now his sister began brushing it patiently and when it was finally flatted, she combed it to one side and put some gel in it to keep it in place.


When she put him back in front of the mirror, he couldn’t believe how girly he looked. Knowing he was pleased with what he saw she turned him around: “Ok, one last touch before we can meet the other girls.” Vincente didn’t know what to expect but had given up all idea of resistance. Even when she applied some very light blush on his cheeks and transparent balm on his lips, he let her do. When he went back to the mirror, he was ashamed to feel proud by how he looked.

His sister took him by the hand: “Ok, you look great, let’s go downstairs.” When he hesitantly followed Tamara in the room where the 3 others were waiting, he wasn’t prepared for the reactions. The two shy girls, who almost never dared to look at him, and when they did had fear all over their faces, now shrieked with enthusiasm. The Aah’s, Ooh’s and Wow’s, where all in the air. One girl cried out to the other: “Look how pretty, how sweet, he looks”

Alicia too looked at him admiratively, but corrected the girls: “Why you say he looks pretty? The girl you see is Sofia, your new classmate.” The two others shrieked even louder with pleasure. Vincente was embarrassed. He liked being dressed as a girl, and how that made him feel. But he didn’t like all the attention. Didn’t’ he? He had to admit to himself that he was secretly proud of how he looked and of the congratulations he was receiving.

But after everybody had stopped admiring him, Alicia made them all be quiet and, turning to Sofia, gave a little speech: “I used to think you were rude and stupid, but Tamara always insisted that under your rude cover you are very sweet. And I must admit that when you come to play with my little sister you are very kind and considerate. So we decided to get your better side out in the open, and to find new friends for you, because your actual friends clearly have a bad influence on you. I think that If you apologise and ask your 2 classmates here if you can be their friend they will accept. And … I won’t have to distribute the pictures of Sofia.”

Vincente turned all red. But understanding what was expected from him he softly stammered apologies to the girls, who accepted them without hesitation. But when Vincente looked at Alicia to see if he was all right, she urged him on: “Come on, they won’t eat you.” Vincente suddenly felt very vulnerable standing there, dressed in his short skirt, and the 4 girls watching him. Holding the rim of his skirt in his hands he asked very softly, without looking at the girls, with his eyes on his shoes:” Can I be your friend?” The girls responded in chorus that of course he could be their friend and before he knew what was happening both of hem kissed and hugged him. Vincente started crying, he couldn’t prevent it. The girls hugged him even harder and soon the 3 of them were crying.
Satisfied Alicia smiled, but then, deciding it had been enough, she proposed they go out to play in the garden as the weather was beautiful. Sofia accepted immediately, hoping to deviate the attention away from her and her silly tears.

He soon found himself rope skipping and elastic jumping, holding his skirt down with both hands, to the delight of Tamara and Alicia. He was so engaged in his play that he hadn’t even realized the doorbell had rang until a group of 3 other girls bursted into the garden. Too late for him to hide, he froze. Looking at them without being able to move, he realized it were 3 of the prettiest and most popular girls of his class. The girls too at first were too surprised to react, looking back at him in silence for a couple of seconds. But when Alicia introduced them to their new classmate Sofia, they burst into loud laughter. At that moment 2 other classmates walked into the garden and Vincente realized they probably had invited all the girls from his class.

Tears welling up in his eyes he knew that there was no way this could be kept a secret, and that his friends would know he had dressed up as a girl to play girls games. Tamara not seeming to notice his distress put her arms around him and whispered in his ears: “You know we do this to help you, don’t you? Just making sure you will never again bully little girls.” Planting a kiss on his forehead she added: “ I love you little sister.”

This remark didn’t really help as Vincente realized that he would never be able to play with other boys again. Tamara must have guessed what he was thinking because she pushed him towards his classmates: “What are you waiting for? All your new friends are waiting for you to play with them.” Vincente looked at the girls and suddenly realized that, although it was weekend, they were all wearing their uniforms. Wanting to believe his sister, he walked towards the line of girls, who were still looking at him and laughing, all wearing their pretty tartan skirts. When he approached the line of girls one of them made a step towards him and before he knew what happened she lifted his skirt revealing his girls’ panties. The whole line of girls erupted in laughter. He couldn’t help but start crying again.

– to be continued –

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