Master of the universe chap 7

“He reached for the new doll he had received the previous day. He was just going to stuff its feet in his mouth, wondering if it would taste as well as Winnie, his favorite teddy, when he heard voices. He turned around and at the other end of the garden he saw his wife Martha and Alice, his business partner, walking up to him, holding hands.”

 What happened before.

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Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a successful Wall Street executive, the world changes when he develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. The specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.


Chapter 2: They got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by Martha he visited a specialized clinic.


Chapter 3:  At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.


Chapter 4:  His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than eve, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she accepted to have sex but to his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate in his diapers.


Chapter 5: Being taking care of by Martha makes him feel happy. But at the office disaster strikes, and he is fired.

Chapter 6:  One year later Anthony has joined a new company run by Alice. He has completely lost control of his life, having become a baby in an adult body. But he can still share his exceptional insights, contributing to the firm’s success.

Chapter 7 :

Those readers that have read the story « Petit Mystère » will recognize most of this (final ?) chapter of Master of the Universe.

Anthony felt great. Martha, his wife, had changed him in a clean diaper and installed him on a blanket with his toys in the middle of the garden. It was the middle of the summer, the weather was hot, but in the shade of the big three it was perfect. He loved the calm of this summer retreat. Absolute bliss. He still didn’t understand what had happened to him but he was happy. Really very very happy.

He reached for the new doll he had received the previous day. He was just going to stuff its feet in his mouth, wondering if it would taste as well as Winnie, his favorite teddy, when he heard voices. He turned around and at the other end of the garden he saw Martha and Alice, his business partner, walking up to him, holding hands.

His happy feelings instantly changed into rage. Furious he wanted to rush up to them. They were not going to get away with this; he was not going to accept to be cuckolded, certainly not by a woman! But he couldn’t manage to get up. At the third attempt he finally got on his feet but after barely 3 staggers he lost his balance and fell on his bum. He didn’t have to get up again as Martha and Alice were already standing next to him.

Alice smiled: “Hi Tony, you don’t seem very happy to see me?” Anthony wanted to tell her what he thought, that he didn’t want to see her in his house again, that he didn’t want any dykes in his house, and above all that she had to leave his wife alone. But the words didn’t come out. He managed only to stammer some incomprehensible stammer: “Ali nauty, Ali nauty”. Alice and Martha broke up laughing: “No no, you shouldn’t say that Tony, that’s not kind. Alice is very nice. Come on, say sorry to Alice now!”

Of course this enraged Anthony even more but he couldn’t express his anger. From pure frustration he started crying. Alice kneeled next to him and dried his tears with a handkerchief: “Scht, scht, don’t cry, you are going to wet your nice little dress” She then turned to Martha asking her why she dressed her husband as a girl anyway: ”Does he like that?” For the second time Martha broke up laughing:”No, not at all, as a matter of fact I think he hates it. But I like it.”

Both women laughed, and Anthony cried, even harder, stamping with his feet on the ground. This time Martha kneeled next to him and putting her hand between his legs stroked him. He immediately felt his member harden a little bit and instantly began making little happy noises: « Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooooooooh ! ».  Martha smiled at her friend. « It’s funny he doesn’t have proper erections anymore and ejaculates almost immediately, but he seems to love it »



When she asked her husband how he felt he was still too much enjoying himself to answer. “Come on then, time for your fruit puree” Tony immediately was alert. He loved his daily fruit puree. But he was ashamed. Ashamed for the scene he just made, and ashamed of showing Alice he liked the puree so much.

He felt the need to justify himself. He wanted to explain it was normal to be frustrated when you discovered your wife was lesbian, or when your wife took your business partner as a lover, especially when that same partner has often flirted with you but always turned you down, – with hindsight no wonder since she turned out to be a dyke -, or when both of them choose to treat you as a baby, or when you couldn’t get your member up anymore, or when you had become so unbelievably clumsy and inarticulate.

But then the thought of the fruit puree compensated everything. He took Martha’s hand and had himself helped to stand up. He smiled to her and simply said: “Tony like fluit pulee” Martha gave him a tender smile in return. He felt all warm inside:”And I like Ma-ma soooooooooo much!” Martha rewarded him with a big hug, and then turned towards her lover: “It’s incredible how much I love him. He is such a darling little baby.” Alice smiled: “Well I always assured you that one day he would make you a sweet little baby, didn’t I?” Both of them broke up in happy laughter.

When they got to the terrace he sat on his chair where Martha attached him with a harness, and bound a bib around his neck. When she left to fetch the fruit mash he noticed that Alice was observing him. He was ashamed and turned red. Alice was on the point of making a mocking observation when Martha came out again.

She placed the puree in front of her husband and wanted to spoon-feed him when Alice interrupted her: “Let him eat alone”. Before Martha could respond she had taken her by the waist and led her inside. Anthony hesitated. Was he going to throw another jealous tantrum or was he going to attack the puree?

The puree won. Using the spoon was a lot more difficult than he remembered. Immediately the table, the bib, his face, everything was covered under the fruit puree. He gave up; putting down the spoon he plunged his hands in the bowl and brought the food to his mouth with both his hands, which didn’t help to stay clean.

Eating with his hands was fun and he got so absorbed by it that he didn’t notice Alice’s and Martha’s return. “Oh no, what have you done? I really can’t leave you alone for a second!” Tony looked at his wife anxiously, but noticing she didn’t seem angry he relaxed and smiled: “Tony big baby, eat all alone.”  All of them laughed. Anthony didn’t even notice that his wife’s hair and clothes were undone.

Martha, taking off the bib, cleaned his hands and face and asked Alice if she could keep an eye on her husband while she cleaned the table. Alice unfastened the harness and helped Anthony to stand up. Then she took him back to the blanket on the lawn. Anthony, his diapers hanging between his legs, waggled next to her holding her hand not to fall.

They were quiet for a moment and then Alice decided to speak: “Listen Tony, I know you hate me for it, but I love Alice. I have decided to move in definitely. She needs someone to take care of her.”

As Alice fell silent for a second Anthony managed to concentrate very hard and to answer coherently:”But I’m here to take care of her” Alice burst out laughing again: “Oh boy, I can’t believe this! It’s because of you she needs someone, someone who can help her to keep a spoiled little brat like you in line!”

Before Anthony could react she continued: “It’s funny. Tow years ago when I arrived at your place I thought you were pretty cool. But I soon realized you were just a spoiled little boy. At least that has become obvious to everybody now. Including yourself, hasn’t it, baby?”

But again she continued before he could form an answer: “You made Martha very unhappy with your selfish childish behavior. Martha wanted a baby but you were too selfish to make her one.“ She laughed again: “But that’s been taken care of now, don’t you think?”  She still didn’t stop: ”Anyway I think Martha is done with guys forever. It’s so sweet she dresses you as a girl. I think it’s such a nice proof of how much she loves you Tony! Or should I say Antonia? I think Martha prefers that, doesn’t she?”

Anthony blushed. Martha had begun calling him Antonia when they were alone, and he kind of liked that, although he would never admit. Certainly not to Alice. Anthony concentrated. He wanted to tell Alice that he was not going to let things be like that. He knew that if he did not concentrate he would again be able to utter only some small baby phrases. But just as he was ready to speak he felt some movement in his bowels. He stopped in panic. ”Oh no, not know, not when he had to put things in their place with that bitch of an Alice”. But he couldn’t help it. He stopped, squatted down, and feeling his face turn red, he pushed. Alice looked at him in horror as he filled his diapers.

Anthony anxious and ashamed looked up at his rival but Alice was laughing again: “Tell me I’m dreaming!” She turned towards the house where Martha was just coming out: ”Honey, your little baby needs a change!”

Martha, from a distance immediately realized what had happened. She sighted deeply, but then after a second of hesitation, she called out to her lover: “Darling, I’m busy. Why don’t you change little Tonia? You’ll have to get used to it one day or the other, no?”






Master of the universe Chapter 6

What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “Master of the universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a successful Wall Street executive, the world changes when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. The specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped those cessions, but immediately his insomnia came back. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by Martha he went to the specialized clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach but agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3:  At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

 Chapter 4:  The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than ever and she was very affectionate, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she decided to put him on his place. After another relaxation cession she accepted to have sex. To his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate in his diapers.

 Chapter 5: The next day Anthony had coordination problems which caused him to spill his drinks and food. He cancels a lunch as he is afraid of making a fool of himself. He feels miserably at the office and goes home where he cries in the arms of his wife. She takes him upstairs to wash and diaper him but again he can’t have an erection. However being taking care of makes him feel happy and the next day he feels on top of the world. But at the office disaster strikes, and he is fired.

 Chapter 6

When Anthony woke up he was slow to realize where he was. This had become a common feeling as he always slept very deep now. He felt the heavy wet diapers between his legs and this gave him the usual feeling of well being. He put his hand underneath the diapers and lifted them slightly. But when he tried to get out of bed he was stopped by the harness. He was not yet used to the fact that since he fell down from the stairs he was always attached to his bed.

To wait until Martha or Alice would come to help him out of bed he reached with one hand for the stuffed bear which had become his favourite companion, and with the other he put the pacifier that was hanging with a ribbon around his neck back in his mouth. Feeling contented this way he reflected how his life had changed since he had been fired by his previous employer about a year ago. But as always he soon lost the thread of his thoughts as feelings of the present pushed the memories away. He was feeling quiet hungry, and the wet diapers, which felt great two minutes ago, now began to make him feel uncomfortable.

Why did ma-ma Martha not come? He was slightly embarrassed thinking about Ma-Ma. As he had often difficulties forming certain words, and the “R” was an especially difficult letter, he always stumbled over his wife’s name. Little by little he had become used to call her Ma-Ma. Where was she now? He began to wean a little although he knew she hated that and would scold him if she found him weaning in his bed. At that moment he heard the door open and, immediately stopped with weaning. He gave his wife a big smile: “Ma-ma, Ma-ma, Ma-ma”.

She unfastened the harness, helped him out of bed and gave him a big hug. He grasped her hand and waggled next to her as she led him to the bathroom. As summer was approaching and last evening his room had been rather hot, Martha hadn’t put on his footed pyjamas but a pretty Disney-print onesie covering his heavy diapers and plastic pants. Martha undressed him, washed him, brushed his teeth and shaved him.

All the time he was absentmindedly sucking on his pacifier and playing with his teddy bear. When suddenly Martha interrupted his dreaming: “Ready for the big day darling?” He looked at her inquisitively. He had no clue why this was not going to be a day such as all the other ones. Martha looked at him unbelievingly: “Don’t tell me you forgot all about it?” When she noticed he really didn’t remember she gave a short, happy, laugh: “Lucky soul! Well I’m sure they’ll remind you when it’s time”.

As she went on diapering him he was getting slightly worried: What was he supposed to do that he forgot? He tried to concentrate but every time he got distracted by his wife applying the anti-rash ointment. Feeling the slow movement of her soft long fingers all over his private parts was always one of the highlights of his day. When she began dressing him – jeans under a plain shirt and sweater – he suddenly remembered: They were giving a press conference at the office, and he was taking care of an important part. He felt relieved that he had remembered and he smiled: he was ready.

After breakfast – cereals that Martha spoon-fed him and a cup of milk which he drank from a cup with two handles and a beak- Martha took off his bib and washed his face and hands. He was all set to go to the office. Alice took him by the hand and he waggled with her to the taxi that took them to the office as always.

In stead of driving down-town to Wall Street the cab  took them to Harlem. The drive was real fast and in less than 15 minutes they stopped in front of a big brick house. It was painted in bright sunny yellow, and had next to the door a colourful sign reading “Venus Assets management”. As Anthony, still holding hands with Alice, entered the office he smiled. He loved to come here. How different from all the other offices he knew. Martha had done the decoration and it was all light pastel hues combined with playful bright colours. Every office had its own character but all were clearly very feminine and happy. More like a dolls house that an office. But that was why he liked it of course.

He was the only male staff member, and he loved the soft female environment. And he loved being surrounded by his beautiful female colleagues. Alice led him to the reception desk where Maggie greeted him with a big smile. As always she seemed genuinely pleased to see him. As she came from behind her desk Anthony saw she was wearing a very short skirt revealing her long tanned legs. “Morning Maggie, You are more than ever the most valuable asset of Venus Assets”.  She smiled at the compliment and gave him a hug and a kiss, teasingly missing his lips by just so much.

Hiring Maggie – Dr Bernstein’s pretty receptionist – had been Martha’s brilliant idea. Officially she had been hired as receptionist, but unofficially she combined that job with being Anthony’s nurse. A very important post at Venus Assets! And today was going to be one of her toughest days. ”Hi Tony. – everybody at Venus Assets called him Tony – Ready for the big day?” It took him one or two seconds before he remembered why this was going to be a special day. But then he smiled broadly. This was going to be the day on which he showed the whole of Wall Street what an exceptional financial strategist he was! He looked briefly from Maggie to Alice: “I’m ready! How about Tony’s Angels? Ready for battle?” The two women gave each other a surprised look. They hadn’t seen Anthony so cocky in a very long time. Alice raised her eyebrows as to say “Oh no, not today”. But Maggie winked at her and taking Anthony by the hand led him past his office to the nursery.

Venus Assets Management was organising a press conference at the occasion of its first birthday. The press conference was still some hours away, but Alice, as Managing Partner, was getting nervous already. She looked back proudly at the past year. When somewhat more than a year ago Anthony was fired from his position as vice-president at one of the major investments banks from Wall Street, she had proposed him to join her and another partner, in starting a new investment company. To her surprise Anthony had accepted. But that was more because of the lack of alternatives than out of enthusiasm.

The third partner, Elise Lawson; was a very respected and experienced portfolio manager. From the beginning Alice had made it clear what each role was going to be: She was Managing Partner in charge of client relations, Anthony, as Chief Economist, would elaborate investment strategies, but Elise, as Portfolio Manager would make all investment decisions. Anthony had thought it was ridiculous to have both an economist and a portfolio manager in a starting firm but she and Elise had prevailed.

The beginning had been very difficult. Especially when there had been a smear campaign going around Wall Street about Anthony having left a huge financial hole at his previous job. They had had to downplay his role in the new outfit for a while and then, suddenly, Anthony had been vindicated. The commodities market had suddenly, against all predictions, started to recover in a dramatic way. Anthony had been betting on that for a long time, buying stocks in unprofitable mines. Some of them had been on the border of bankruptcy when the market finally shifted. If his previous employer hadn’t fired him and had maintained his strategy, they would have made millions for their clients.

Alice and Elise made sure the word got out. The message had been that wonderboy Anthony had exceptional analytical and strategic skills, but was too inclined to take large risks. That’s why at Venus he was doing the analysis but not making the decisions. From then on they had really taken off, and today they were going to show the world the exceptional return on the assets they managed. The press conference could launch them into a new dimension.  All major financial media where going to be present. Alice’s only worry was Tony of course. How was he going to hold out during the press conference?

But she told herself that Maggie and Caroline would manage him as usual. Caroline was Anthony’s former assistant and when he had been fired she had contacted Martha to tell her she really liked to work with Anthony. Alice had decided to meet her and immediately realised the immense value she could have for the new venture. She came on board as Assistant Chief Economist. She too was going to be tested today. Anyway Alice had not much of a choice; she would have to trust the two girls. Best thing to do was to go over her own presentation once more.

As every day Maggie opened the wardrobe in the nursery to choose how she was going to dress her little protégé. She loved doing that, taking out several outfits and showing them to Anthony. “What are we going to wear this morning? You like this pretty little shirt with the elephants on it, don’t you?”  She came up to him to show him what she was referring to.  Anthony was still feeling cocky. When she was next to him he tried to make a pass. “Lovely skirt. You know you are the hottest chick in the office, don’t you?” She smiled and gave him another kiss on the corner of his mouth. “You are such a sweet little bastard Tony”. He felt encouraged and putting his hand in her neck pressed his lips to hers. She pulled slightly back, grabbed him in the waist and unbuckled his pants. He responded by pulling her towards the changing table that was standing in one corner of the room. “Hey lovely, lets make this a very special day, ok?”

But she knew exactly what she was doing. She dropped his pants on his ankles and putting her hand in his diaper grabbed his penis, which was as tiny as ever. “Hey baby, what are you thinking? This little thing is no use to any girl, you know that, don’t you?”. Being brought back so brusquely to his new world made him freeze. Maggie held his little birdie between her fingers and squeezed is softly “Come on baby don’t be sad. If you are good today I’m going to make you really happy.” She robbed his little ting between her fingers “Just be quiet now, and I will help you later, you like that don’t you?”

The prospect of having her help him masturbate in his diapers made little Tony smile, and he nodded. She gave him a kiss on the front before continuing to undress him. A few minutes later he was lying on the changing table where she got him in new diapers with some very heavy extra padding. Then he was dressed with the shirt with elephants underneath a short romper.

When he was dressed like that he became a complete docile baby. Maggie led him into his office where she put on a baby harness that she fastened to a pipe of the heating system and she told him to be a good baby and play a little on his own. He was sitting on the floor in the middle of his office surrounded by toys. Except for a large desk in the corner with a big computer screen – both beyond his reach now – his office looked like a children’s playroom.

Normally he was immediately attracted to the bright toys but today was different. When Maggie wanted to leave the room he stopped her: ‘No play. Tony work”. Maggie looked surprised. “You play a little bit and then Tony can work later.” But he didn’t relent: ‘Tony work”. She looked somewhat worried, but decided not to upset him. Today was not the day. “OK baby, I will tell Caroline you are ready and waiting for her.”

Caroline’s normal task was to prepare and present all relevant information for Anthony so that he could get straight to the point without having to do the tedious studying. As Tony’s span of attention had become notoriously short this was quiet essential. She had soon realised that if she presented the information in colourful graphs she could maintain him at his task longer, even getting him so interested that he would work for over half an hour without being distracted. But today her task was different. She had made his presentation, and had gone over it with him many times. Today her task was to get him “to stay with it” just for the duration of the press conference, or at least for the duration of his presentation. The rest of the day they didn’t need him.

So when Maggie told her Anthony wanted to work she was worried. She knew that if he was going to work now the chances that he would still be interested when the conference took place were rather slim. But when she went quietly into his office she found him, as she had hoped, absorbed by his toys. He was so concentrated playing with building blocks that he didn’t even notice Caroline. Relieved she left as quietly as she had come.

Shortly before the conference was to start Maggie took Anthony back to the nursery. She changed him with a less bulky diaper and dressed him with a dress shirt (but one that like a normal onesie covered his diapers closing with three buttons in his crotch), and black jeans under a Tommy Hilfiger jacket. He looked real smart and businesslike. Not exactly a pin-striped suit, but Venus Assets was different after all.

Maggie changed into a nurse’s uniform. She had discussed that with the others and opinions had been divided but Alice had been in favour. She looked very sexy with the short white nurse’s blouse. She didn’t wear a cap but had her hair in a pony-tail bound together with a white elastic. To hide his stagger Anthony was put into a wheelchair and Maggie rolled him in the conference room. Their entrance had a tremendous impact. Not clear what impacted most, the financial wizard in a wheelchair, or the long legged nurse.

The conference went as clockwork. In no more  than 5 (colourful) slides Anthony made clear why his strategy had been daring but logic, resulting in an exceptional high return. And, without mentioning his previous employment, the initiated understood that he had been on something very big there too. After he delivered his presentation – to a spontaneous applause – his thoughts immediately wandered to other spheres, and he began drawing little figures.  Maggie held a close watch, ready to get him out of there at the slightest alarm. When he began reaching out for the bottle of water in front of Alice, she immediately reacted. She went up to Alice and said something in her ear. Alice interrupted Elise’s presentation, and announced that Dr Pavinsky – Anthony held a PhD and so was technically a doctor – had to leave them, so if anybody had a question for him they should ask now.

The audience murmured for a second and then the journalist of the Wall Street Journal put up his finger: “Dr Pavinsky, as this company is putting so much faith in your analytical prowess I was wondering if you could give us some information about your physical condition?” Before Anthony could react Alice answered that to protect the privacy of its employees Venus Assets did not want to elaborate on the health of its employees but, understanding the concern behind the question, Miss Britton would comment very briefly on that question.

Maggie’s answer had been carefully prepared: “Without getting into any details which would infringe on the privacy of Dr Pavinsky, I can assure you that his condition is completely under control and there is no danger that Dr Pavinsky should not be able to continue for a long time in his actual responsibilities… His condition has indeed strongly improved since I started working here, as he would without doubt confirm if he was asked. But if you would please excuse us now, Dr Pavinsky is getting tired”

Without further hesitation she started rolling him out. Everybody seemed to be satisfied with this non-answer about Anthony’s condition. Looking at the incredibly sexy long-legged nurse rolling out her patient, 90% of the journalists present were thinking that they would gladly exchange for “Dr Pavinsky’s condition”. Alice had to suppress her smile as she asked Elise to continue.

Out of sight and earshot Maggie bend over to Anthony and gave him another kiss: “Well done, baby. You did really good”. He smiled at her. She kneeled next to him and put her hand on his crotch: “I think you deserve a big reward. Let’s go change and Maggie will take care of you”. At that very moment they were joined by Caroline. She looked amused at Maggie but at the same time looked annoyed: “I see. I assume you don’t need me to be there for that?” Maggie was unfazed: “No, but you are welcome if you want to”. Bending over to Anthony Caroline just said two words: “Well done master”. She obviously hoped he would return the compliment but he just smiled at her. ”Ok baby, then I’ll leave you alone with Maggie. Have fun you two”. It was the first time she called him baby.

Caroline and Maggie had become close friends but that didn’t mean there was not some form of rivalry between them, both competing for baby Tony’s attention. Caroline knew she couldn’t win but that frustrated her anyway. Maggie looked at her friend and noticed her disappointment. She went up to her and took both her hands in hers: “Don’t you care. You did a great job; we all know that, except maybe for this spoiled selfish brat”. Caroline, really appreciating this reaction, smiled and kissed her friend. They fell in each other’s arms and held each other for a while

But baby Tony was growing impatient and he knew how to get the attention. He began pushing very hard, soiling his diapers. When Maggie noticed what was going on she cried out “ Of no! You filthy little baby!” and then immediately carried him away, smiling apologetically over her shoulder to Caroline.  As she spirited him away he smiled contently. Maggie was going to take care of him.

Caroline watched as they disappeared in the nursery. She decided she preferred her job to Maggie’s. Why did she want to be liked by him anyway? He was just a pathetic little baby in the body of an adult.

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Master of the universe chap 5

What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “Master of the universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of exhaustive examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped the treatment, but almost immediately his insomnia’s came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the specialized clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he could be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3.

In the taxi driving from the incontinence clinic to work he wanted to cancel the further treatment but when he wetted his diapers again he changed opinion. At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic -as the therapist had requested – where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

 Chapter 4

The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. His sex-life with his wife Martha was better than ever and she was very affectionate, but he continued to be attracted by Alice. One day when he made a pass at her she decided to put him on his place. After another relaxation cession she accepted to have sex. To his embarrassment he couldn’t get an erection. Alice enjoyed humiliating him by helping him masturbate without having an erection in his diapers.

 Chapter 5

 The next morning when he was getting dressed he had some difficulties closing the buttons, first of the onesie between his legs, and then from his shirt. He had to concentrate to get his shirt closed and when he was almost ready he noticed he had closed it unevenly and had to start all over. He thought this strange but assumed it was due to his anxiousness concerning certain developments on the financial markets which threatened to bring his whole investment strategy tumbling down.

At the breakfast table he had to concentrate on bringing his cup of coffee to his lips and had to grab it with both hands to avoid spilling it all over. Martha asked if he was alright and he shrugged her off. But then, when he took a large sip from his cup, he closed his mouth too late having the coffee drip all over his chin and shirt. He was so surprised by what happened, and, wanting to hold the dripping coffee with his hands, he tried to put down his cup as fast as possible and reversed the complete contents over the table in the process.

Martha looked astonished at the mess but Anthony didn’t wait for her comments. He bolted to his room to put on another shirt which took even more time. When he got back down Martha had cleaned up the table and poured him a new cup of coffee. She looked intently as he tried to lift the cup without dripping but this made him nervous and he couldn’t manage. She gave him a strange look, but probably not wanting to upset him more, she simply said:”Let me help you”.  She took his napkin, knotted it around his neck, and gently brought his cup to his lips and helped him drink.

He didn’t resist and drank the whole cup with her help, before asking in a plaintiff voice “What’s happening to me?” She gave him a reassuring smile telling him it was probably just the stress and nerves, but that maybe he should talk about it to Dr Bernstein, “Just to be reassured”. The prospect of having to explain his new symptoms to his therapist didn’t appeal to him. He didn’t react and Martha dropped the subject. .

He left for the office in taxi as he always did. When het got out of the lift and had to walk through the corridor and through Caroline’s, his assistant, office to reach his own office, he noticed he was walking somewhat hesitantly as if he was afraid of losing his balance. Caroline said good morning with her usual radiant smile, but he was rather self conscious about his walk and thought to detect some mockery in her smile.

He was glad to get to the privacy of his office and, but when he had started up his computer and began reading the latest extensive market analysis, he worried even more. Everything seemed to go the wrong way. He began drafting the usual short report to the executive board but noticed he missed more keys than usual. He really had to type very slowly, letter by letter. So even the short report took him the rest of the morning to finish.

At midday Caroline reminded him he had a lunch meeting with a colleague. With all the worries about what was happening to him he had completely forgotten, and, worse, he didn’t feel up to it. What if he dropped his drink and food again? So he asked Caroline to cancel the meeting as he had too much work. She looked surprised: “But Anthony, there are no eminent death-lines, as far as I know of”. He gave her an annoyed look and curtly told her he had quiet some reading to catch up with. Unfazed by his rudeness she smiled and said she was cancelling the appointment already, and asked if she had to fetch him something to eat, which he accepted.

When a little later she put a plate with a club sandwich and a coke on his conference table he thanked her but at the same time panicked. How was he going to manage?

He tried to cut a piece of the sandwich but he put way to much force in it and the sandwich jumped out of his plate, with the fries and salad flying in all directions. Luckily he was alone and he decided to eat with his hands, tearing the sandwich in pieces. He liked his French fries with Ketch-up but couldn’t manage to tear open the small plastic bag. He tried to tear it open with his teeth and the thing suddenly gave way spilling the Ketch-up all over his face and shirt.

He nevertheless managed to finish the plate and wanted to drink. When he looked at the glass, filled to the rim, he again realized this was going to be a challenge. He tried to lift it but immediately spilled a large amount on his desk. He bent forward and holding the glass with both hands drank from it without lifting it from the table.

When he had finished his lunch he looked with dismay at the state of his table. He went to his private bathroom and taking some toilet paper tried to clean up, but the only effect seemed to be that he spread the coke, the grease and the Ketch-up all over his desk. At that moment Caroline came in, and, after an initial surprised second, she burst out laughing. He looked again annoyed but she came over and taking him by the hand led him to the bathroom. When he looked at himself in the mirror with his face and shirt covered with Ketch-up he wanted to run away. But she wetted a towel and gently helped him clean up as well as possible.

But the humiliation was not over. She put her hand on his bottom and smilingly – this time there was no more doubt her smile was clearly mocking – asked if he didn’t need a change. It was the first time she openly acknowledged she knew he was wearing diapers. He blushed and answering in a low voice that he was alright, went to his office and put himself behind his desk. Ashamed he looked on as Caroline cleaned up his conference table. When she was ready she looked at him and said in a happy voice “OK, all clean again. We can start the afternoon”, and she left him alone.

He tried to concentrate on his work but couldn’t. He felt very tired and after a few minutes decided not to resist anymore. He immediately dozed off in a healthy nap. When a couple of hours later Caroline knocked on his door he came out of a deep sleep. Automatically he called to come in but when she entered she immediately noticed he had been sleeping. She smiled once more. “Oh, we have had a refreshing nap, haven’t we?” He turned red once more and mumbled that he was not feeling very well. She looked at him amused and said that in that case he should go home. He decided to do just that, closed his computer and put on his jacket, and hesitantly walked towards the lifts.

When he got home he was looking for someone to comfort him but found nobody there. He sank into a chair thinking he should tell his therapist. But how was he going to explain what was happening to him? At that moment his mobile phone rang. It was Martha. She said that Caroline had called her to warn her that he had gone home not feeling well. She was sorry she wasn’t there but she was on her way. When she arrived she took him in her arms and he started sobbing feeling so utterly sorry for himself. Martha tried to console him and, noticing his stained shirt, took him by the hand to lead him upstairs.

She helped him out of his clothes, took of his diapers, which were soaked as he hadn’t had a change since that morning, and began washing him as had become there routine. But to his dismay he didn’t get an erection. Martha went on stroking him, but to no avail. She too was disappointed and, just at Alice had done, made his little bird waggle with her fingers: “I guess this little one is not going to do me any good.” But seeing Anthony’s distressed face she smiled, and taking him in her arms told him she loved him very much, and that she was going to take care of him.

While she took him by the hand to lead to the bedroom Anthony felt happier and more relaxed than he had in ages. She was going to take care of him. It was as if an immense weight was lifted from his shoulders.

As she slowly applied the ointment he closed his eyes and wanted her to go on for ever. But she closed the diapers and, then taking him by the hand, pulled him up. When he was standing next to her she took his hand in hers and brought it down to his crotch and pressing hard began to rub his little birdie through his diapers. As with Alice he liked that and almost immediately ejaculated without even having an erection. When Martha sensed he had come she smiled again and gave him a kiss on his cheek: “You see, I promised I would take care of you”.

He had indeed liked it but was ashamed of admitting it. He looked at her somewhat sheepishly as she went on in a friendly, soothing voice: “Baby, I ‘m sure that now that you have a problem getting your little thing up you will be somewhat less inclined to go after my friends? I think that will help your peace of mind, don’t you agree?”  He felt quiet insulted and wanted to protest that it was not because he failed that evening that that was going to repeat itself. But then he realised it was already the second time. And anyway he didn’t want to admit that he was indeed going after her friends. All those ideas jumbled in his head and he couldn’t seem to formulate a coherent phrase to answer:


“Wha- what, you- you mean, Ma-Ma,  …”. Martha burst out in laughter: “You call me mama? Oh, that’s so sweet!’ She gave him another kiss, and put her hand on his crotch: “I think that you are really sweet with your diapers and your little thing between the legs. Just let mama take care of her little baby.”  With that she turned around and left him alone


Anthony felt devastated but at the same time incredibly happy. Yes, ma-ma Martha was going to take care of him. No more worries. Finally he could relax. He put himself in bed and slept through the night


The next morning he felt completely refreshed and full of energy. He felt even better when he noticed that the coordination problems he had had the previous day had gone. Well not completely gone, but much better. When he opened his mobile phone and listened to his voicemail messages he found a message from Caroline, his assistant, telling him that he had an urgent meeting that morning at 8 am with his boss. Having an urgent formal meeting request from his boss was very exceptional. That wasn’t very reassuring. But he had always gone on well with his boss, and he was sure that whatever the problem was he would be able to fix it as always.

When he got to the office he felt on top of the world and went straight to his boss’s office. And ….  the ceiling came down on him. It seemed that the colleague with whom he had cancelled the lunch meeting the previous day had wanted to warn him he was going to report his positions that were way out of the acceptable practices. When Anthony had cancelled the meeting his colleague had suspected – not without reason – that this was another stalling manoeuvre, and he had decided to act.

Anthony got fired on the spot. A security guard escorted him to his office where he was asked to gather his personal things and then leave the office. It took him less than half an hour to put his things in a box. Just as he was ready to go the guard opened the door to his private bathroom and asked if there was nothing in there. Anthony froze, realizing he was in an impossible position. Either he answered there was nothing and when he would be gone they would discover his stack of diapers, or he had to go in there now, and put them in a box while the guard looked on. Unable to take a decision he stood still looking at the guard as if he had seen a ghost, when suddenly he heard Caroline answering in his place that there was nothing in the bathroom. He turned to her as she came up to him. She put her arms around him and wished him good luck. She kissed him and then whispered in his ear “I took care of it”. He understood that she was referring to the diapers. Gratefully he thanked her and then, as in a daze, followed the guard who was carrying his box to the taxi that was waiting for him.

In the taxi it downed on him what had happened. He felt devastated again, but at the same

time elated, relieved. He smiled and called Martha but got her voicemail. Still unable to think properly he left a message in which he told her he got sacked. At home he took the papers and, feeling for the first time in years that he was not in a hurry, he brewed himself a coffee and got out on the terrace to enjoy the spring sun.

He was unable however to concentrate and except for the comics couldn’t read a word. When a couple of hours later Martha came home he was sitting idle on the terrace. She took him in her arms saying “Poor baby”. This opened the flood gates. For the next half an hour he cried with big sobs as a little baby while she consoled him holding him tight in her arms. When he finally calmed down he felt empty but strangely light hearted and happy

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Master of the universe 4

What happened before.

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories”  under “Master of the Universe”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him, aren’t making him sleep too deep, causing the loss of control.

 Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped them, but  immediately his insomnia’s came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions. The specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the clinic. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he would be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

 Chapter 3:  In the taxi driving from the incontinence clinic to work he decided to cancel the treatment but when he wetted his diapers again he changed opinion. At the office he found someone had placed a stack of diapers in his private bathroom. Was it Caroline his young assistant? If so, how did she know? Martha went along to the second cession at the clinic, as the therapist had requested, where she had a private talk with the therapist. From then on she became more affectionate than she had been for a long time. Anthony started to enjoy being diapered by his wife as this led to great sex.

  Chapter 4

 The next couple of days the 3 of them got used at having Anthony walk around the house in his diapers. He wore now a “onesie” all the time and found it quiet comfortably. Also to go to the office he wore it underneath his business clothes as it concealed his diapers in case his shirt came out of his pants again.

From time to time Caroline would make a remark that made him blush. He “knew” she knew, – it had to be she that put the diapers in his bathroom -, but neither of them ever made an open remark about it. And at home Alice even stopped using making mocking remarks. As for Martha she was as much in love again as she had ever been. She was incredibly affectionate but at the same time making all the time provocative suggestions, so much that Alice would jokingly tell her to stop it, as she was getting jealous.

This last kind of remarks rekindled Anthony’s hope to seduce his wife’s best friend, because despite the renewed passion in his marriage he still hadn’t put Alice out of his mind.

One evening, Martha had gone to one of her meetings again, he found himself alone with Alice. They exchanged their usual flirting remarks. Alice didn’t mean anything with it but Anthony felt encouraged. His suggestive remarks became more and more explicit. Alice sensed the danger coming and tried to stop him without hurting his feelings, but he didn’t hear her. She got irritated and decided to make him feel he had gone out of line again.

She changed the subject to his diapers, asking if he didn’t feel awkward sitting with his diapers in front of her. Anthony completely misread this remark. He responded by jumping on his feet and saying enthusiastically that it didn’t embarrass him at all, on the contrary, it was a great way to show off his sexy legs. Although he did have sexy legs Alice couldn’t imagine why anybody would think a man in diapers to be sexy. She burst out laughing and told him not be ridiculous. Again he thought she was just playing hard to get so he responded by saying he knew she found him sexy wearing diapers as she had told him before.

Incredulous she corrected him saying he was confusing cute with sexy. Taking this as further encouragement Anthony walked over to her, took her hand and pressed it to his crotch: “I’m sure Martha has told you how incredibly erotic changing my diapers can be”. She was shocked by this direct invitation from her best friend’s husband. On top of that the feeling of the heaviness of his wet diapers was off-putting.

But she decided to conceal her anger. She pressed his diapers harder and whispering in his ear asked if the little baby wanted to be changed by “aunt Alice”. Anthony couldn’t hide his excitement. Finally she was falling for him. So he whispered back he couldn’t wait.

At that moment, having him where she wanted him to be, Alice pulled back. “Anthony we shouldn’t do this.” He was surprised and disappointed with this sudden reversal. He insisted, adding that he had longed for her for ever, that he really loved her, that he loved Martha very dearly too, but that it was not his fault that he loved two women , that he knew Alice loved him too, that Martha didn’t need to know,…

As Anthony got more and more excited Alice got madder with every word, but continued to perfectly hide her feelings. Finally she seemed too give in, but she put a condition: She wanted her lover to be very gentle and sweet. All excited he agreed immediately but that was not enough. Alice told him that he had himself worked up all too much; it didn’t seem he was going to be able to calm down so easily. So she proposed they would have first the relaxation cession they had planned to have later that night anyway. Anthony, disappointed again, first insisted that he couldn’t wait, but that of course was adding arguments to her suggestion. Understanding that it was non-negotiable Anthony agreed.

The relaxation cession went perfect as always. Her soothing voice calmed him down immediately, he felt his mind leaving his body and came out of the cession completely fresh and reposed. And as always he didn’t remember anything of what had happened or being said during the cession.

Feeling great, he jumped up, took Alice’s hand and pressing it again to his diapers, told her to follow him to his room. When they got to the bathroom he slightly opened his legs waiting for her to open the buttons in the crotch of his “onesie”. She gave him an amused smile, but then did what he was waiting for. After she had made the diapers drop to the floor she went to the washing table, took a hanky, put it under warm water and came back to him to wash his private parts.

When Martha did that he always got a huge erection which excited them both. Martha loved to have the anticipation last and would wash for ever. She would completely undress him and wash him from top to toes. She had discovered that washing his ass, pushing her finger into his rectum, got his erection even bigger.

But when Alice came up to him he noticed to his huge embarrassment that his penis was about an inch long, dangling between his legs. She looked at him in an inquisitive way. Taking the little thing between her fingers she began washing it. “Is this the thing with which you make Alice so happy?” she asked with a mocking smile.

Anthony was too confused and embarrassed to speak. He stammered that that had never happened before. Alice responded with a single “Sure”; put the hanky back on the washing table and touching his little thing with her finger making it dangle, she told him to follow her to the bathroom. “Let’s get our little baby diapered again before he pisses all over the floor”.

At that moment Anthony got out of his freeze. He told her to stop it. When she looked at him with a mocking smile, curious about what would follow, he looked at her in a furious way. “I’m sure it is because of the relaxation cession, you made me too relaxed. And I’m sure you knew that this would happen.”

She stopped smiling and gave him a long look. “Oh I see. I had forgotten. It’s also because of those cessions that you became a piss-boy no?” Anthony, all worked up, wanted to confirm, but she stopped him immediately. “Oh yeah? You haven’t forgotten that when we stopped the exercises you didn’t stop pissing in your pants, have you?”

He looked confused and distressed, but she was not going to stop there. “You know, I think you are just a little boy who has not been potty-trained”. This was so unfair. Until a couple of months ago he had never wet his pants or his bed. But before he could protest she took him by the hand and pulled him in the direction of the bathroom again. “Let’s start the potty training right now. You are going to take a leak before I put you back in diapers”.

Anthony stopped, and told her she had to be out of her mind to think he was going to do that. She turned to him and in an icy voice she asked him if he wanted her to tell Martha how he had begged her to have her change him, and how he had told her he loved her, and that Martha didn’t have to know ?

Defeated he looked at his feet and in a small voice said no, that he didn’t want that, that he would do as she asked. Triumphing she took him by the hand again, led him to the toilet, waited until he had peed, wiped his little birdie clean, and then led him to the bed again to be diapered.

He lay down on the large towel that she had spread out on the bed, and she began applying the ointment very delicately. With Martha this was a very sensual massage and he always got another erection, and felt proud of his manhood standing tall and stout. Now with his little thing dangling between his legs it felt different. He felt vulnerable and naked. But when Alice took hit tiny penis gently between her fingers and started rubbing the ointment in, he felt immediately strangely aroused. Although he didn’t have an erection it felt heavenly and he wanted it to go on forever.

But that was not what Alice had in mind. After a mere 30 seconds she closed his diaper tightly around his legs and helped him stand up. He felt very disappointed and although he didn’t dare to say so she noticed it immediately. “Oh, come here my little baby, let auntie Alice help you”. She stood behind him and putting her arms around him put her hands on his crotch and helped him masturbate across the thick diaper. He was again aroused and almost immediately ejaculated without having an erection. She sensed instantly that he had come and stopped rubbing. .“Already?”  He didn’t want her to stop so he groaned softly “More, more.”  She hesitated for a second but then she grabbed the little thing through his diapers and started squeezing. His ejaculation went on for some 10 or 15 seconds more but then he sighted deeply. It had been short, very short, but somehow it felt as good, no better, as all the orgasms he had had in his life. Happy and satisfied in a strange way he followed her downstairs.

He didn’t know it at the time but this was the only kind of sexual satisfaction he was going to get from then on.

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Master of the universe 3

What happened before.

Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wear diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of exhaustive examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him, aren’t too effective, making him sleep too deep, causing the loss of control.

Chapter 2: Anthony, convinced that his problem was caused by the relaxation cessions with Alice, stopped the treatment, but almost immediately his insomnia came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. And even worse it didn’t stop his bedwetting, so he resumed the cessions with Alice, and the specialist, not finding any cause, referred him to a specialized clinic. He postponed going there and they got used of him wearing diapers at night. But then he had a day-time accident. Prompted by his wife Martha he went to the specialized centre. He didn’t like the pseudo-psychological approach, -insisting that he first had to accept his condition as an incontinent person before he would be cured -, but, agreeing with the therapist that he had nothing to lose, he accepted to begin the treatment

Chapter 3.

In the taxi, driving from the incontinence clinic to work, he wondered what had gotten into him. How could he have accepted to go every Tuesday to that clinic to walk around in his diapers? Just as he was coming to the decision to cancel the whole thing he felt a warm wetness spreading into his diapers. He got all confused again, and although he had a spare diaper in his briefcase, he ordered the taxi to change direction and went home.

At home he called his assistant and told her he felt sick and was not able to come to work. He took off his soaked diaper and put on a new one. Just as he wanted to put on his pants back on he remembered that the therapist had told him to wear his diapers as much as possible in the open, accepting that for an incontinent person wearing diapers was nothing strange, just as glasses where not strange for a myopic person. He hesitated for a moment but then we a shrug put his pants down again.

He went down and made himself comfortably with a newspaper. He could as well enjoy his unexpected day off. He spend the next couple of hours on his own, almost forgetting he was only dressed in a shirt and diapers, even enjoying a simple but tasty lunch dressed like that. But when he heard Martha’s key in the front door he didn’t hesitate a second. Whatever the therapist wanted, he couldn’t do it. He hurried to the bedroom to put on his trousers.

Martha of course was surprised to find her husband at home and he explained that coming back from the clinic he hadn’t felt well, but he was feeling alright now. On her question how the treatment had been, he didn’t give a clear answer and his wife understood that she shouldn’t insist. But he did tell her she was expected to come with him to the next cession, which she accepted without further comment.

The next day he went to the office. Caroline, his pretty, young, assistant, asked if he felt better. Anthony had forgotten that he had called in sick the previous day, so he first looked at her surprised, but then remembering, blushing slightly, thanked her and said he felt perfectly well.

He was soon absorbed by his work and the day flew by. After lunch, feeling his diapers were getting quiet wet, he took the spare diaper from his briefcase and went to his private bathroom to change. After changing he opened the small drawer underneath the sink where he kept his aftershave. It was as if he was struck by lightning: he was met by the sight of a small stack of dry diapers. He made a soft cry of surprise. He couldn’t phantom how they got there. Not knowing what to do he paced back and forth several times and then went back to his desk letting himself fall into his chair.

Had Caroline put the diapers there? Except for the cleaning people she was the only one with access to his office and bathroom. But how did she know?  Taking all his courage in his hands he stood up and went to Caroline’s office to ask her. But when he entered the adjoining office and saw her inquiring face, he couldn’t do it. Without saying a word he went back to his office, but for the rest of the day he couldn’t do any work.

The next day, when he came in, and she greeted him with her usual friendly smile, he again couldn’t bring up the subject. So he went to his office where this time the work was so pressing that he soon forgot the whole situation. Until Caroline entered his office to ask him if it wasn’t time to get ready for his meeting.

Surprised he looked at his watch and noticed he still had twenty minutes. As the meeting was taking place just two stores up from his office he told Caroline he still had plenty of time. She nodded but then said that she expected the meeting to be very long, so she thought he should prepare himself. Anthony looked at her in a quizzical way, but then, turning all red, stammered a thank you, and told her he would do that. As she turned back to the door he didn’t quiet know if that was just her usual smile that he saw?

When he was alone again he thought it over for a second and then, following Caroline’s suggestion, hurried to the bathroom to change. When after the meeting, which indeed was very long, he came back she followed him in his office, asking if he had a second. The meeting had gone well and he was in a good mood. He told her in his usual flirting way that for her he always had a second.

She gave him a warm smile: “Anthony you know you can always count on me, don’t you?”

Surprised, he acquiesced.

“And you know I’m 100 % discreet, don’t you?”

He began to sense where this was going, so shifting nervously on his chair he agreed again.

“Well I just wanted to tell you that you can count on me to make sure you’ll always find whatever you might need,  ok?”

He turned all red again and answered with an uncertain voice that he understood. Caroline gave him once more a warm smile and turned to leave the room. But when she was at the door he stopped her.

“Who told you?”

“Who told me what”? She smiled even more broadly, leaving Anthony speechless. He looked at her while she waited patiently. Finally he told her softly not to mind and she left him alone, completely at a loss.

The next day he found next to the stack of diapers a tube of diaper rash ointment. As he was now almost permanently in wet diapers Martha had advised him to use an ointment. It was the same brand. When Caroline later that day asked him if he had everything he needed, he blushed again. He planned to ask Martha if she had contacted his assistant as this was the only explanation he could find for the stack of diapers. But again he couldn’t bring himself to discuss this embarrassing situation with anybody. So this nagging doubt remained.

On Tuesday Martha accompanied him to his second meeting with Dr Bernstein. When they entered the clinic he presented Martha to Maggie, the pretty receptionist, who greeted her warmly. But then Maggie turned to Anthony and reminded him that he was supposed to leave his trousers in one of the lockers at the entrance. Martha gave him a surprised look but when a couple of minutes later he came back wearing nothing but his diapers under a shirt she couldn’t help but laugh. Maggie also gave him an amused smile but then noticed that his diapers were soaked.

“Gosh, you surely use them, don’t you?” Anthony, who was aware that his diapers were very wet, tried to get out by making a light remark.

“What use in wearing them if you are not allowed to use them”

Maggie immediately responded in kind.

“Quiet right Mr Vice-president”. But then she added that Dr Bernstein didn’t appreciate her patients to come into her office with wet diapers. She suggested that Anthony go change first. Very conscious of the two pairs of woman’s eyes following him he hurried away. When he came back they were immediately ushered in the therapists’ office.

After presentations Dr Bernstein suggested that Anthony would go to the gym while she explained the basics of the treatment to his wife, “Since he knew that part already it didn’t make sense for him to stay”. Surprised, but finding nothing to object to, he stood up and awkwardly left the room.

When he passed Maggie’s office she told him to enjoy himself. Again he didn’t know what to say so he just thanked. When he passed the waiting room for the second time that day he was relieved it was still empty. Passing by the playroom however he noticed a boy of about 12 years old playing a videogame. Anthony hurriedly passed him and began to do some warming up on a bicycle. He had barely begun when the boy showed up at his side.


Anthony looked at him and answered in kind: “Hi”

“I’m David”

“OK” He hesitated fore a second but then thinking is was elementary kindness to present himself in turn, added that his name was Anthony.

“How old are you?”

Again Anthony hesitated but then answered that he was 32 years old

“Wow, and still wetting your pants?”

Before Anthony could react the boy asked if he wanted to join him top play the videogame together. Anthony, relieved that the subject had changed, agreed, adding that he was not really good at those games.

When Maggie entered the room some 20 minutes later she found both of them absorbed in their game.

“David, I’m afraid I’ll have to interrupt your game. Dr Bernstein is waiting for you.”

The boy looked disappointed but got up immediately and took leave of Anthony: “You are good! I hope you will be coming back here? “

Before Anthony could react Maggie answered in his place: “Sure, Anthony will be here every Tuesday.”

Coming up to David she put her hand between his legs: “How are you doing? Still dry?”

Anthony only noticed then that the boy was wearing a strange garment. It was a kind of bodice that closed between the legs with 2 buttons – He would soon learn that it was called a “onesie”, and he immediately realised it was quiet handy to keep the diapers in place.

Maggie, satisfied with the result of her inspection, told David to hurry, giving him a friendly tap on his protected bottom. Turning next to Anthony she explained that Dr Bernstein didn’t think it was necessary for him to see her this week, that next week they would start more specific exercises, but that now he could go.

Anthony was of course very surprised and annoyed with this announcement but realising there was nothing he could do about it followed Maggie to the waiting room where Martha was already waiting for him.

When they were alone in the taxi Martha told him she was impressed by the professional approach of the clinic. When Anthony answered that he hadn’t seen any treatment yet she reacted in a serious but friendly, motherly, way, telling him that he should have followed the instructions. Annoyed Antony asked what instructions she meant. She bended over to him and, in a low voice so that the taxi driver couldn’t hear them, she told him affectionately that from now on she was going to take care of him, adding with a friendly smile: “no more trousers in house darling.”

To his surprise Anthony was not offended or annoyed by this remark. On the contrary it gave him a happy feeling and he gave his wife a small kiss. It was Martha’s turn to give him a surprised look, but seeing his happy face she put her hand on his diaper and pressing slightly whispered in his ear: “My sweet little baby.” Anthony felt all warm inside but didn’t say anything.

When he entered his office, Caroline asked him how the treatment had gone Anthony, blushing hard, stammered something unintelligible before he remembered that he had told her he was seeing a physiotherapist every Tuesday for his back pain. Caroline looked at him in an amused way. She was a bright, young, very handsome, university graduate, who had been impressed by his “golden boy” aura. For that reason, and the good pay, she had accepted to become his personal assistant although she could have gotten a job with a lot more prestige.

She had always been in awe for her genial boss, and his “savoir-vivre”. Lately however Anthony thought he sensed a change of attitude. The way she now looked at him seemed almost mocking to him. He wanted to make a remark that would restore his authority without sounding bossy, but before he could think of something his assistant made a remark in a low voice.

“Sorry boss, but I think you dressed a little bit hasty, your shirt is coming out of your trousers.”

Frightened he looked down, and although he noticed there was just a small part of his shirt hanging out of his pants,  having the attention draw to that part of his body was horrible. He didn’t answer anything and stormed in his office.

That evening when he got home Martha was waiting for him. She welcomed him very warmly putting her arms around him and pressing him to her body. She hadn’t done that for years. She whispered in his ear that she loved him and then she took him by the hand and headed for their bedroom, where she pulled him to the bathroom and began unbuckling his pants.

Before he realized what was going on she had taken off his pants and wet diapers. She took his penis in her hand and told him she was going to wash his little bird. He was immensely aroused by the situation which amused and inspired Martha. She told him to put his hands on his head and began washing his private parts with warm water and soap, taking quiet some time. He had to spread his legs so that she could reach his anus. When her finger, covered with a warm, wet, soapy handkerchief, pressed to enter his tight anus, he couldn’t hold out anymore. He took her in his arms, carried her to the bed, and they made love as they hadn’t done for a very long time.

When it was over, and both of them had recovered, she told him she was going to take care of him. She went to the bathroom and came back holding the tube of ointment and a diaper. She applied the ointment very slowly all over his private parts witch caused a new erection but she told him to be quiet and fastened the diaper tightly over his thing. And then, giving him a long kiss, told him to wait because she had done some shopping and had a surprise for him. A minute later she came back holding a stack of shirts in her hand. She put them down on the bed and unfolding one he realised it was the kind of shirt David had been wearing in the clinic, closing with buttons between the legs.

Anthony didn’t know how to react. His wife was being so gentle and sexy, he didn’t want to upset her. And besides if one had to wear diapers those things were probably not a bad idea. Taking a solid white coloured one from the stack he put it on. Martha fastened the buttons and taking him by the hand, putting him in front of the mirror, exclaimed: “Oh, Anthony you look so cute, don’t you think so?”

Not wanting to disappoint her he smiled meekly, and when she pulled him by the hand again, he followed her to the kitchen. In the mean time Alice had come home. When she saw him with his new attire she burst out laughing.

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Master of The Universe Chapter 2

What happened before.

Chapter 1: For 32 year old Anthony, a very successful Wall Street executive, the world starts to change when he suddenly develops a bedwetting problem, and his wife Martha insists he wears diapers to bed until the doctors determine the cause. Without giving a final verdict pending the results of exhaustive examinations the specialist suggests there is no physical cause, which makes Anthony wonder if the relaxation exercises Alice, Martha’s friend who temporally lives with them, gives him aren’t too effective making him sleep too deep causing the loss of control.

Chapter 2

Anthony was deeply hurt and furious about the way the specialist had treated him, implying his bedwetting problem was not new and had no physical cause. But gradually he calmed down and thinking over the situation he was convinced that Alice’s treatment had to be the cause.

Agreed, it was a fact that her treatment had immediately cured his insomnia’s without causing any side effect in the beginning. But his sleep had steadily become deeper until the actual situation in which his sleep was so deep he lost all control over his body. It had to be the explanation. He would stop the exercises at once.

When that evening he told her so, Alice smiled sympathetically.

-Are you sure?


-Are you sure this small problem isn’t largely compensated by the most refreshing sleep you ever experienced and by feeling on top of the world all the time? Sleeping with diapers can’t be that bad.

-So you don’t deny it’s the cause?

-I didn’t say that. I’ve treated lots of people in the same way and not one of them developed a bedwetting problem. I’m sure there is another cause and they’ll find it soon enough.

-That’s not the impression I’m getting from the physicians. Until now they haven’t any indication for a physical cause. No, I’m convinced that it must be you.

-OK, OK… If you are decided, we stop everything.

-I wonder. Why can’t we do the same as in the beginning when I slept well but without having side effects?

-Since I told you that it can’t be my treatment I don’t see what I can do. But let’s stop and see what happens. If you change your mind you just tell me. No hard feelings.

Almost immediately his insomnia’s came back, he felt tired again and lost his confidence. In stead of sticking to his strategies he reversed decisions all the time and started losing money again. It was the same vicious circle as before. But even worse, the second or third night after stopping the hypnotic exercises there was another accident. He had been so sure that it wouldn’t occur any more he had refused to wear diapers. Martha was annoyed and the next day insisted he wear diapers until the problem was definitely solved. In those circumstances he decided he could as well resume his sessions with Alice and see what would happen while he waited for the final diagnosis of the specialist. He was annoyed that after all the blood tests, scanners etc were completed he couldn’t get immediately a new appointment. But in the mean time Alice’s treatment worked wonders again, and to his surprise it didn’t cause his bedwetting to resume. When he finally went back to the doctor he wasn’t surprised she told him there were indeed no physical causes. Since he hadn’t had any problem for the last two weeks, and maybe also due to the general optimistic state of mind he had recovered thanks to Alice, he assumed it was over. The specialist hadn’t been so reassuring however.

-Those things come and go, as you know.

-How would I know?

She had given him an amused glance but choose not to react to his irritation.

-Sometimes it doesn’t occur during years and then suddenly it comes back. But for people who have this problem at an adult age my experience is that without proper treatment it won’t go away. But you are a special case. I’ve never had a patient who after having stopped bedwetting as a child started bedwetting again when he was in his thirties. So maybe you are right to think your problem was just incidental. I suggest you wait and see. If the bedwetting would resume however I recommend you seek treatment. Don’t try to help yourself with alarm-clock devices or other things that are readily sold. They address only the symptoms but don’t cure. I’ll send you the address of a specialised centre that is very successful, both with children as with adults, and I’ll provide also a short report about the examinations we did, so that they don’t have to do it all over. But let’s hope it won’t be necessary. Good luck, it was a pleasure having you as a patient.

For the next month or two he didn’t wet his bed and at the same time he had regained his wonder-boy reputation at the office. In the beginning Martha had insisted he continue to wear diapers at night but after a while agreed it didn’t seem necessary any more. He was glad to be back in control of his live, taking advantage again of his success with beautiful woman and resuming his flirtations with Alice. Still, not everything was perfect. He was frustrated that Alice didn’t respond to his advances. It was the first time in his live that he couldn’t get the woman he wanted and to his surprise this made him long for her every day more. He wondered if he had really fallen in love with her. At the same time Martha was behaving different and he increasingly resented her closeness to Alice.

After 1 or 2 months he started having accidents again. First just once but then it happened another couple of times and he soon found himself back in diapers at night. At first it had been sporadically but after a while it had become an almost daily problem. He limited his liquid intake, effectively stopping to drink after lunch time. But this didn’t affect the number of accidents, only their size. Martha, worried that he might damage his kidneys, wanted him to look for some form of treatment but he refused, insisting that it would solve itself soon enough. After a while he got so used to using diapers at night that he resumed normal drinking habits. At the surface it seemed as if he didn’t care, but both Martha and Alice knew better. At first they never talked about it, sensing it was a taboo subject. But after a while it seemed as if Anthony had accepted his condition. From time to time he would come downstairs looking for something, wearing diapers under his shorts even when he knew he might encounter Alice. On one of those occasions the two of them had been chatting for a couple of minutes standing in front of the refrigerator when suddenly Alice decided to break the taboo.

-Martha told me it doesn’t bother you anymore to wear diapers.

Anthony was surprised, blushed slightly, but responded calmly:

-I guess she is right. I’m used to it.

-Do you wet them every night?

He blushed a little more.


She came closer and tapped him on the bottom.

-It feels funny.

Her interest excited him.

-Can I have a look?

He hesitated but then pulled down his shorts. Alice smilingly told him to turn around.

-It looks cute.

-Do you think so? I think it looks silly.

-No, and Martha too likes it.

-She never told me.

-She is afraid you might get upset. I told you once that in her eyes it makes you more vulnerable, more accessible. But she thinks that’s not how her macho husband wants his relationship with his wife to be.

-I’m not that macho, I’m just strong. And the fact that I wear diapers at night won’t change that.

He pulled up his shorts and started to leave the kitchen.

-Strong? Anthony don’t kid yourself. You have always been a little boy. And that’s exactly what I have always liked in you. And you’re so cute trying to give yourself a macho attitude.

Anthony had stopped and looked at her. She was smiling, but gently, not in her usual sarcastic way.

-And you wearing diapers makes you even cuter.

He didn’t know what to say, so without answering he turned around again and left the kitchen.

From then on the fact that he wore diapers at night was nothing special anymore. They hardly ever mentioned it but it was no longer taboo. When for instance one of the women was going to the supermarket Anthony would remind her to buy diapers. From time to time a gently mocking remark would be made but he wouldn’t take that in stride. If however he had thought it would go on like that without further consequences he was in for a bad surprise.

One day Martha had asked him to accompany her to the opening of the exposition from one of their painter friends. Alice was gone for the week-end and Anthony was happy to take his wife out. At the exposition they had had a couple of drinks and then had to listen to some boring speeches. As they were standing there his mind wandered off until he suddenly felt some warm wetness running in his jeans. Looking down he noticed that there was a large dark spot in his crotch and on the inside of one of the legs. He couldn’t believe it. Immediately he started moving to the exit, attracting quiet some attention. Martha followed him wondering what was going on. When they were outside he stammered he didn’t feel well and wanted to go home. They were lucky to get immediately a taxi. Once inside she wanted him to relax on her shoulder but he pulled away, and feeling that his pants were really wet, he installed himself on the edge of the seat fearing to soil it. She didn’t understand and wanted to know what was going on. At first he told her nothing but on her insistence he promised to tell her when they would be home. Once home he led her pay the taxi while he went immediately to his room to change. When she entered the bathroom he was still washing himself and the wet trousers were lying on the floor. Martha couldn’t believe her eyes.

-God, Anthony what’s going on?

-I, I don’t know. Martha please help me.

-You must seek help. I can’t believe there is no treatment. Maybe you should see another specialist.

-Well, to be honest, she did give me a recommendation for a specialised centre.

-And you never went there?

-At first I thought it would stop, and then I got used to it.

-What are you planning to do now?

-I’ll make an appointment.

On Monday he called.

-I would like to make an appointment. Dr Carpenter recommended me your services.

-Ah, a bedwetting problem?


-Let’s see. How about Thursday at 7.30 PM? That’s not too late?

-No, that’s perfect.

-Could I have your name please?

-Anthony Cleveland.

-All right, and what’s your son’s name?

-Excuse me?

-I need the name of the patient too.

-I’m the patient.

-Oh, I see. Well, Mister Cleveland we’ll be expecting you on Thursday at 7.30 then. Looking forward to meeting you.

-Thank you. See you on Thursday.

The next day his boss, one of the senior partners of the firm, wanted to see him urgently about an investment scheme he had proposed to the board. This was very unusual. The scheme was the last and essential piece of the strategy he had devised to recover all the risks that were still looming from his previous mistakes. If the scheme didn’t work the losses would be enormous but based on all the analysis’s he had done he was extremely confident it would work. Normally his boss went along with all his proposals but the fact that he wanted to see him before the board meeting was a bad sign. And indeed his boss wanted him to change the proposal. Anthony defended his idea brilliantly, all the while pondering if he had to tell this was his only hope to recover the outstanding bad positions. It was obvious that his bosses didn’t realise in what position he was. But after a while he sensed he could convince his boss without having to clarify the relation with his other investments. When his boss left his office he felt elated. The meeting had been a complete success with his boss assuring him he would defend the proposal in the board, which guaranteed its approval. Sighing deeply Anthony relaxed, closing his eyes and leaning back in his seat, when suddenly he felt he was wetting his pants. He jumped up and ran to the private bathroom next to his office. His pants were really wet but since he was wearing a dark suit it didn’t show too much. He remained in the bathroom for a while pondering what to do. Of course he couldn’t remain in wet pants for the rest of the day. He decided to inform his secretary he was feeling sick and to go home.

The next 2 days he wore diapers to the office, and on Thursday evening went to his appointment. He was received by a young, very pretty secretary.

-Mr Cleveland? Nice meeting you. You are right on time.

-After having heard your voice I couldn’t wait to meet you. And I’m not disappointed.

She smiled.

-There are still a couple of patients before you but don’t worry, it are just follow up visits. If you could go to the waiting room for a moment, I promise it won’t be long.

There were two women waiting with theirs kids, about 7 and 10 years old respectively. He felt embarrassed wondering if they knew why he was there. After a couple of minutes the secretary came in.

-Mr Cleveland I’m ready to prepare your file, so if you could come over to my desk we can do the necessary paperwork.

Anthony had the definite impression that the two women looked at him in an amused way. If they had doubted until then they knew now.

The “paperwork” at first consisted of entering the normal data in the computer: identity, marital status, profession (she seemed impressed by his vice-presidential position), insurance, medical history…. She asked for the report of the specialist and then started to fill in a specific questionnaire.

-How often do you wet your bed? Almost every night, 2 or 3 times a week, once a week, 2 or 3 times a month, once a month, or less?

Anthony was surprised by the direct way of entering in the subject. Blushing slightly he stammered:

-Almost daily.

She looked up smiling and seemed surprised. He didn’t know is she was surprised because of his answer or about the change in his tone. But she continued in a neutral voice.

-Since when has your child. Oh sorry, I mean, have you been bedwetting?

-A couple of months.

-Have you had previous periods of bedwetting?

-Not since I was a small child.

The questions went on for a while: in what part of the night did he urinate, did he wake up after wetting the bed, did he fecundate too during his sleep (he was of course offended by this question),…

-Does your child, oh excuse me again. Do you wet your pants during the day?

-I do, since this week, he whispered.

This time she was genuinely amused. Without looking at the questionnaire she asked:

-Every day?

-No, twice.

-Twice a day?

-No. Two times this week.

-How do you arrange to work?


Now she smiled broadly but not unkindly.

-A vice-president in diapers!

Her amused spontaneity worked contiguously and Anthony couldn’t help smiling himself.

-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make fun of you.

-That’s all right. It probably is funny, if you look at it from the right angle.

-I’m glad I didn’t offend you. But let’s finish this thing. We’re almost through.

After finishing the questionnaire they continued chatting for a while. There was a kind of sympathetic intimacy between them and Anthony had dropped his usual flirtatious manner. In the mean time the two other patients had been received and after his file had been brought to the consultation room he was ushered in. He was met by a good natured, somewhat heavy lady in her mid fifties who came from behind her desk to meet him.

-Nice to meet you Mr Cleveland. Have a seat.

-Thank you.

-Mr Cleveland, or can I call you Anthony?

-Of course. What is your name please?

-I prefer that my patients call me Misses Bernstein.

-Ah. I see.

-Right. Anthony you are quiet a unique case.

-I figured.

-Cases of adults who wet their pants during the day are not very common. Cases of adults who suddenly develop a bedwetting problem are even more exceptional. I’ve treated both kinds of cases but never a combined one.

-So, what are my chances?

-Oh, don’t worry. We’ll cure you. But I’ll come to that later on. Let me first give you some insight in our method.

-Yes please.

-Right. Our treatment is based on the assumption that non-physical induced incontinence is a sleeping disorder caused by affective insecurity.

-God no! Not that kind of stuff. You must be kidding.

-Don’t jump to conclusions. Let me explain first. I said that it is based on an assumption. We don’t have any proof and we don’t try to proof it. We only know that the treatment based on this assumption is highly successful. I told you it is a sleeping disorder and you are wondering how that can be since you have day time problems. Right?

Anthony nodded and Mrs Bernstein droned on.

– Right. We all have split-seconds of sleep during the day. We don’t realise this because the moments are too short. When we sleep our sub-consciousness takes over. Normally this happens when we are deeply asleep but in some people the sub-consciousness takes over much faster, even instantly. Don’t ask me why, we don’t know. Finally I told you we assume it is caused by affective insecurity. This means that we assume that persons who suffered a sudden loss of affection or are fearing to lose it, unconsciously defend themselves by returning to a state in which affection is given unconditionally: a dependent diapered baby

-That’s what I feared. Freudian bull-shit.

-Not exactly. We don’t explore the long forgotten past to explain and cure the present problems. We look at the actual affective relationships and base our treatment in those. Let me give examples. In children, bedwetting is often caused by obvious reasons, for instance a divorce of the parents, or the birth of a sibling. Of course we can’t undo the divorce or take away the sibling. But we can help the child to recover his affective security and by doing so take away his need to resort to unconscious remedies. In some cases there is absolute recovery within a couple of weeks. With adults the causes are less obvious. In exceptional cases like yours the treatment can take months, even years, but I’ve never had, or read about a treatment that didn’t succeed.

– Months, years? You must be kidding.

– No, I just don’t like to make empty promises.

Anthony was pondering his options. And just as he was thinking he had nothing to lose Mrs Bernstein said the same.

–          What do you have to lose anyway? Give it a try, if you lose patience just drop out and continue to wear diapers as you do now anyway.

–          I know, you have a point there. But what does the treatment consist of exactly?

–          Well, you will have to come here once a week. I suppose you don’t have time to come more frequently, do you?

Anthony nodded.

–          Right. Next time you should come with your wife.

Anthony reacted surprised, but then nodded again.

–          Right. We will give you exercises to do, here but mostly at home. And then we will see. Each patient is different.

Anthony didn’t think he was much wiser with that explanation, but nodded again.

–          Right. What do you say? Taking a chance?

–          OK as you said, nothing to lose.

–          Right. Ok let’s start then.

–          Now?

–          Why not?

Anthony hesitated for a second, but then agreed.

–          Right. Well the first thing, very important, is that you accept that you are incontinent. OK?

Anthony nodded a little hesitantly.

–          OK, say it.

–          What?

–          That you are incontinent. I want you to say it loud and clear.

Anthony looked lost but then did as he was asked

–          I’m incontinent

–          Louder

–          I’m incontinent!

–          Right. Incontinent persons wear protection.

–          Euh, I guess so.

–          You wear diapers now, don’t you?

–          Euh yes.

–          Take of your trousers.

–          What?

–          Short sighted persons wear glasses and incontinent people wear diapers, right? Nothing to be ashamed of.

–          I guess so

–          Take of your trousers then.

Anthony turned all red but did as he was asked. When he was ready she continued her instructions telling him he had to wear his diapers visibly as much as possible. Just as he would wear glasses.

–          What do you mean?

–          To start with from the moment you enter in this institute you take off your trousers. At home you should do the same. And when you are ready you will do it with your friends, at the office, …

Anthony burst out in laughter.

–          You must be kidding.

–          I can’t force you, but if you accept that wearing diapers because you are incontinent is your normal condition, the faster you will recover control over your bladder. It’s up to you.

Before Antony could react she buzzed for her assistant who came into the room immediately.

–          Maggie could you show Anthony around, and make the appointments. He will be coming every week from now.

She extended her hand and said good bye. Anthony embarrassed to be in diapers in front of the pretty assistant tried to cover his diapers by holding his pants before him, but Maggie took them out of his hands.

–          OK you can give those to me, I will show you were you can keep them.

And holding the door open for him she followed him in the other room. When they were on their own she didn’t wait a second.

– Very cute Mister Vice-president, very cute.

Anthony turned around and smiled meekly. She showed him some lockers next to the entrance, disposed his trousers in them and suggested he take of his jacket which he did. Next she made appointments for the next couple of weeks. He could choose between Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He wondered what he was going to tell at the office, but settled for Tuesdays.

Next she asked him to follow her again. As they passed the waiting room he noticed a young man of about 20, reading some papers wearing diapers without trousers. Anthony, very conscious himself of walking around in diapers, nodded back but the fact that both of them wear wearing diapers didn’t seem to be of any importance to the other patient.

Anthony moved fast but suddenly turned towards Maggie and asked her why the two little boys that had been waiting there before had not been wearing diapers. Maggie explained that most patients only had a bedwetting problems and didn’t wear protection during the day. By that time they had entered a large play and gym room. There was nobody inside and Maggie went straight on to an adjoining room. It was a large dressing room with a number of banks, shelves and clothing hangers. On one side of the room Anthony noticed the entrance to the showers. A classic dressing room of a gym club. Except that at the far end he noticed a number of small benches with thick cushions. Next to those benches there were some shelves with stacks of diapers. Maggie went up to them and taking a diaper, she handed it over to him:

–          Before leaving you better change, don’t you thin?

Anthony looked down and was surprised to notice he had been walking around in a wet diaper. He turned all red and hesitated for a moment.

–          You don’t need any help I suppose?

He looked up to see her gentle but slightly mocking smile. He wanted to take the diaper she held for him but then had a sudden inspiration. With a big grin he answered that indeed he did need help. Maggie looked at him, saw his grin, and laughed.

– Naughty boy, you would like that, wouldn’t you? Well no, that’s not included in the package.

She pushed the diaper in his hands, took him by the shoulders, turned him around, and tapped him on his wet diaper.

– Hurry up now mister vice president.

Anthony changed into a dry diaper and went back through the waiting room where a mother with another young boy where waiting. He almost ran through the room convinced they had looked at each other in an amused way. When he arrived at the reception desk Maggie was occupied on the phone. She covered the speaker and whispered

– See you on Tuesday big boy, and don’t forget to bring your mommy.

Since she uncovered the speaker and started talking again on the phone he couldn’t answer to that snippy remark.

He went to recover his pants and drove home, wondering if he was not crazy to go on with this treatment

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master of the universe 1

Master of the Universe

Chapter 1: first diapers

Anthony had everything he wanted. In his early thirties, he was a highly successful executive on Wall Street, earning more money he had ever dreamed of. He was happily married and lived with his beautiful wife, Martha, in a large apartment on the Upper East Side. Martha was a couple of years his junior. By formation she was an interior designer but didn’t pursue a career. Martha had done some stage designing for a couple of low budget experimental plays and since then had been doing all kind of things: costume design for some more plays, helping in designing a loft for some theatre director she knew, taking art classes,… Since she didn’t have to worry about money she was free to try all kind of new ventures. Anthony loved to meet all the interesting friends of his wife and to bask in their attention. As the Wall Street wonder boy he represented money to all those persons always in need of money to finance their projects. Occasionally he would arrange for some contacts with financiers but in general he preferred to keep this two parts of his live separate. Since he was very witty and had some real artistic sensitivity he was appreciated in those circles beyond the financial interests he represented.  Because of his success, his wit, and his very good looks Anthony was highly successful with women. Occasionally, when Martha would be away for a couple of days, he would have dates. Of course Martha would find out and in the beginning she would confront Anthony threatening to leave him. He would apologise and promise it wouldn’t happen any more. In the beginning those promises were sincere but after a while both of them realised it were empty lines. Martha being passionately in love with her husband stopped reacting to his infidelities, putting up with them. It didn’t seem to interfere with their mutual happiness.

Lately however there had been another issue. Martha had started talking about having kids. At first Anthony had brushed the topic away but on the insistence of Martha had told her he wasn’t sure he was ready for it. Martha had been very disappointed and angrily had asked if he wasn’t ready at 32 when did he think he was going to be ready? Didn’t he think it was time to become adult?

Anthony had been surprised by her strong reaction and had promised to think it over. But every time she tried to bring up the subject he told her it wasn’t the right moment since right then he had to many problems at the office. Which was true. Under his responsibility his department had run into some potentially devastating losses. For the first time in his career he was preoccupied, irritable, having problems to fall asleep at night, feeling tired. So Martha decided to let the issue of the baby rest for the moment.

But it was clear that she wasn’t so contended with her luxurious pseudo artistic life any more. Something was missing. In those circumstances Martha was very happy to receive a call from Alice, her best friend since High school. Alice, a lawyer, announced that she was joining one of the major law firms in NY and was coming over in 2 days. Martha was delighted and of course offered her friend to stay with them until she found a place to live, an offer that was immediately accepted. Anthony too was delighted when he learned about the plan. Not only was he happy for his wife too have her best friend coming to NY, he always got along very well with Alice. Alice was strikingly good looking, the kind of person men turn around for in the street, she was very intelligent, and had a great sense of mocking humour.

Anthony, as always when confronted with attractive women, had occasionally tried to make a pass at her but Alice had made it very clear that she valued her friendship with Martha more than anything he could offer her. Anthony respected this attitude and since then limited himself to some light hearted flirtations which were responded in kind.

Soon after Alice’s arrival it became clear that it would be harder than expected to find a suitable place to live in at a price she could afford. Since none of them encountered any inconvenience in living together it was decided that Alice would stay until she got a raise in pay, which she expected to get after one year. Soon they developed a daily routine that, in the beginning at least, suited them all. On normal days Anthony worked long hours and Alice and Martha, after Alice’s office hours often went shopping, visited art galleries or met mutual friends. In the weekends too they enjoyed each others company while Anthony went golfing. After a while Anthony started to resent the fact that the two women were so close. Until then Martha had been entirely at his disposal, now he felt somewhat excluded. Occasionally however Martha had dinner appointments or had meetings during the weekend in the pursuit of her different semi-professional interests. On those occasions Anthony and Alice enjoyed each other’s company, having lively discussions on almost any subject and often played squash together. Alice was really good and often beat Anthony.

After one of those games, having a drink sitting next to each other on a small couch in the club house since there were no other seats available, Anthony put his arm around Alice’s shoulder and was surprised she didn’t protest. She even nestled herself better next to him and smilingly looked at him:

-I really do enjoy those games with you.

-I don’t . It hurts my masculinity being beaten by a woman.

-I bet. All men are children. They don’t like to lose. I love it when you start losing. Big muscular Anthony, the self assured Wall Street manager starts cheating like a little kid whenever he thinks I won’t notice. And still can’t win.

Anthony, not in the least embarrassed by her observations started laughing.

-Tell me, how come a beautiful, smart, assertive woman like you doesn’t have a boy friend?

-I got bored by all of them. I guess I’m still waiting for someone to come along as good-looking, intelligent and humorous as you are.

For a moment Anthony was surprised by this reaction but then, a little excited he started protesting

-Wow, I’m really flattered, but I’m sure you’re wrong. There must be a lot of others out there…

Before he could finish Alice got up and laughing at him said mockingly

-Anthony, you don’t think I was being serious, do you? I’m looking for a man, not an overgrown boy. Let’s go, Martha is going to get home any minute.

Anthony, somewhat embarrassed and irritated managed a meek smile, but while standing up, found as usual the right reply.

-That’s why they bore you.

Driving home they continued there usual lively conversation but all the while Anthony was thinking over the observation of Alice. He couldn’t believe she had only been teasing him. She was just playing hard-to-get. Well that was the kind of game he liked.

At the office in the mean time the problems weren’t being solved. After another sleepless night Martha told him that Alice knew some relaxation techniques. Maybe he should let her try it. He didn’t need any encouragement so that evening Alice told him to get into comfortable cloths. She started by telling him to relax completely, muscle by muscle starting with his toes and so upwards until all his muscles up to his neck were relaxed. Next she told him to empty his mind, not to think about anything. To let himself float down in empty space. She looked straight into his eyes and told him to block his vision without closing his eyes. To let her come into his mind, to let her take control of his mind and body. Next she instructed him to do some specific movements with his arms and legs which he executed without hesitating. When she asked him to take off his boxer shorts there was a short hesitation but then he did this too. Then she started to ask him questions. (How old was he. what was the last movie he had seen, how much did he earn last year), gradually moving to subjects out of his past (what was the best remembrance he had of his mother, what was his earliest memory). Whenever she sensed some reluctance or difficulty to answer she came back to more concrete subjects. After a while she instructed him to sleep well that night and assured him he would feel reposed and confident the next day. Next she ordered him to forget everything that had happened and to come out of his sub-consciousness after she had counted to 3. When she stopped counting he blinked his eyes and gave a deep sigh. When he noticed he was lying there completely naked he asked in a surprised voice what had happened. She told him it had gone extremely well for a first time but that he should still trust her more. He had been somewhat reluctant to give himself completely over but she was sure that they would overcome this in future sessions.

From then on they would have almost daily sessions and Anthony right from the beginning started to sleep well again and soon discovered that things were going in the right direction at the office. He never remembered what had happened or what had been said during the sessions but he was so impressed with the results that he had complete confidence in Alice. As he gradually surrendered himself more and more during the relaxation exercises the effects continued to increase. He slept ever more deeply, felt more reposed than he had ever felt and his confidence reached a level he hadn’t experienced in years.

One day however he woke up in the middle of the night. It took him some moments to feel the cold wetness of his shorts and sheets. At first he was surprised but suddenly he realised he had woken up because during his deep sleep he had completely wetted his bed. He jumped out of bed and put on the light to inspect the damage. Of course Martha woke up and asked half asleep what was going on. Anthony, completely astonished by what had happened, stuttered something she didn’t understand.

-Anthony, what are you saying?

-I, I don’t know. I wet my bed. I don’t understand.

Martha, well awake by now, immediately oversaw the scene: the wet sheets, Anthony with a face as if he was witnessing the end of the world, tearing down his soaked shorts, all the while muttering he didn’t understand, that it couldn’t be true,.. She felt compassionate but at the same time couldn’t help smiling watching his distress.

-Well, it seems you had some accident. God, Anthony it’s not the end of the world. You go clean yourself while I change the bed. Hurry before I catch cold.

She started tearing down the sheets while Anthony hesitantly went to the bathroom. When he came back Martha just started putting new sheets.

-I had to turn the mattress. You really had a big leak.

Anthony, still looking very embarrassed helped her making the bed and soon both were back in bed. Martha nestled herself close to her husband and putting her hand on his shorts asked him mockingly

-My little baby isn’t going to wet his pants again, is he?

Anthony didn’t really appreciate the humour but taking his wife in his arms kissed her warmly. Soon the two of them were passionately making love.

A couple of hours later the alarm clock went off and as soon as he woke up Anthony thought at what had happened during the night.

-I’m sorry for what happened, but I…..

-Anthony don’t worry about it. It just happened. And,  I kind of enjoyed it, didn’t you?

But sensing he was still distressed quickly added,

-I mean, how it ended, making love in the middle of the night.

Anthony didn’t answer and that was it.

The next night however Anthony had another accident. This time Martha was worried and Anthony was even more upset as the night before. While they were changing the bed he suggested that maybe it was caused by the relaxation sessions of Alice making him sleep too deep.

-I wouldn’t think so. There must be a physical explanation, some infection or so. You should see a doctor, urgently.

-I’m sure this has something to see with Alice’s treatment.

-Well, we’ll ask her.

-No! Martha, don’t you tell anybody!

-But darling, it’s you who are suggesting she is causing your problem. If we don’t ask her we won’t know, do we?

-May be…  I’ll think about it. Good night.

The next morning at the breakfast table Anthony hesitantly brought up the subject.

-Alice, I’m wondering if we aren’t overdoing those exercises. When I go to sleep it’s as if I enter into a coma. I wonder if this isn’t dangerous in some way?

-How do you feel during the day?


-Well that’s the objective no?

Anthony not knowing what to reply looked at his wife. He thought he caught her and Alice exchanging some fast glance but wasn’t quiet sure about it. Anyway Martha didn’t seem to have anything to add so he dropped the subject.

That evening, after dinner he versed himself a glass of beer but Martha looking at him in a special way took the glass out of his hands and drank the beer herself. He felt humiliated by her treating him this way but couldn’t say anything because of Alice. And anyway he had to admit that her attitude was not unreasonable. When later on they went to bed something felt different. Stealthily looking underneath the sheet he discovered Martha had placed a plastic mattress protector underneath. Again he felt humiliated but again it seemed quiet logic but when Martha laid herself next to him and asked if he had gone to the bathroom it was too much.

-Martha, stop treating me as a child!

Getting out of bed he went to the bathroom and filled a glass of water that he emptied looking defiantly at Martha.

-Now you are behaving as a baby, Anthony. If you wet the bed tonight I’ll tell everybody about it.

That night and the following couple of nights there were no more accidents. Anthony did take care not to drink too much in the evening and Martha appreciating this, didn’t make any humiliating observations any more.

One evening Anthony came home in a very good humour. He had gotten the first indications that the strategy he had put in action a couple of days before to try to prevent the still looming significant losses seemed to work. It was an audacious scheme but every day he felt more confident that it would work.

Before going home he had asked his secretary to make a reservation for two in one of the best restaurants of the city.  He wanted to celebrate the good news with Martha. When he came home however Alice told him that Martha was gone for one of her meetings. She had told him about this but he had completely forgotten. A little disappointed at first he wanted to postpone the dinner to another day but then, changing his mind, invited Alice. Since he was convinced that without Alice’s sessions he would never have found the courage to implement the high-risk strategy he thought she deserved even more than Martha a special dinner.

They spend a wonderful evening together. The food was excellent and the setting very romantic. Because of the wine, the food, Anthony’s gratitude and the atmosphere they felt closer than they had ever before. In the taxi for the ride home Anthony put his arm around Alice’s shoulders and she nestled herself close to him as she had done in the squash club. When Anthony gently kissed her on the front she didn’t protest. Once home Anthony took her in his arms and kissed her on the mouth. To his surprise she responded by immediately gliding her tongue in his mouth. But when Anthony put his hand between her legs and gently pushed her skirt up she immediately pulled back.

-Anthony no! We shouldn’t do this. I really don’t want to risk my friendship with Alice. Stop it.

-Alice, I think I’ve fallen in love with you. Until tonight I was just flirting but now I realise….

-Christ, Anthony, don’t be so immature.

-Alice. You can’t do this. First you turn me on and then you think you can just stop it like that. That’s no way to treat a man.

-Oh, is that your problem? Well there are 2 very simple solutions for that. Or you get a cold shower or you go help yourself such as any other adolescent.

Turning her heels she went off leaving an incredulous Anthony behind. After a second however he followed her.

-Alice you can’t treat me this way in my own house. I demand apologies. If you don’t apologise now you’ll have to leave my house by tomorrow morning.

Alice looked him in the face and smiling ironically she walked up to him.

-Does the spoiled little boy get mad because he doesn’t get what he wants?

She grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, opened his trousers and slipped her hand in his shorts.

-Surprise, surprise, our little baby hasn’t wet his pants tonight.

Again she turned around and left him standing speechless.

This time however he was to humiliated to follow her. He also felt led down by Martha for telling Alice about his accidents. He went to the kitchen , served himself a beer and started planning his revench. Soon he realised however that he couldn’t tell Martha what had happened. Alice would then be forced to give her account and Martha would never forgive him for declaring his love to Alice. One thing was having affairs, the other was telling her best friend he was in love with her.

After some more thought , and another beer, he looked for Alice. He found her in her room ready to go to sleep.

-Alice I’m sorry for what happened.

She looked at him at first surprised but then smiled friendly.

-Forget about it.

-Do you forgive me?

-Nothing to forgive.

-I don’t think Martha needs to know about this.

She didn’t react immediately but then told him not to worry.

-By the way. That was mean for me to say that. I’m sorry.

-When did Martha tell you?

-A couple of days ago. She was kind of worried. But I suspect that at the same time it excites her. It makes you somewhat more vulnerable. It stimulates her mother reflexes. She told me that after the first time you made wonderful sex.
Anthony smiled a little meekly, wished Alice good night and returned to the kitchen for another beer.

That night he had another accident of course. This time he didn’t want Martha to know about it. So he quietly took off his wet shorts and laying himself as far as possible to the side of the bed waited for the morning.  When finally the alarm clock went off he jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom before Martha could notice he had taken off his shorts. But after a couple of minutes Martha joined him in the bathroom looking worried:

-I think you should consult a doctor Anthony.

-I know. I’ll go today.

Before going to the office he called for an urgent appointment with a general practitioner. When Martha asked him why he didn’t go their normal physician he claimed this one had his practice closer to their home so he would lose less time. Martha sensing he didn’t want to tell their normal doctor didn’t argue.

A couple of hours later she called him at the office to know what the doctor had said. As always when she called him at the office Anthony was very short telling her in an annoyed way that he had been told to see a specialist but that the specialist could only receive him in one week.

-Of course I told them it was urgent.  This is more annoying for me than for you. See you tonight.

That evening Martha was extremely kind to him. When they went to bed, sensing his nervousness, she gently took him by the hand and laid him to the bed where she slowly pulled down his shorts.

-Martha, I don’t really feel like …

-Sst, I know.  Do you trust me?

-Of course I do.

-You promises you are not going to be angry with me?

He looked her in the eyes

-What are you up to?

-Just wait here.

When she came back she held disposable diaper briefs in her hands.

-Martha! You don’t expect me to wear those do you?

-Anthony, we can’t go on changing the bed every night. Besides, I’m sure you’ll feel better wearing those. It’s just for one week, until you’ve seen the specialist.

She pushed him over on the bed and pulled down his shorts completely. A few seconds later she fastened the brief tightly around his waist and legs and pulled his shorts over them. Laying herself next to him kissed him gently.

-You see that isn’t so bad is it? Don’t you feel better, more relaxed?

Anthony had to admit that the feel of the thigh fitting diapers was not disagreeable. But feeling too embarrassed he turned over and went to sleep.

The next morning when the alarm clock went off Martha looked in her husband’s face and was struck by how beautiful he really was. From time to time, even if she wasn’t specially fond of morning sex, she would entice him just to show her love. So slowly she bend over, kissed him on the eyes and lips, and putting her hand between his legs slowly moved it upwards. When she reached his shorts and felt the diapers underneath she suddenly remembered. It made her smile gently and slipping her hand in the diapers she asked

-Has my little baby been good tonight?

Anthony by now awake, realised he had wet the diapers. He turned red and tried to pull her hand away but it was too late.

-Ooh! … Well that’s what diapers are for, aren’t they? Come, let’s give my baby a big wash.

The next couple of days Martha diapered her husband every night. He felt humiliated but at the same time it excited him. And Martha was surprised to discover she enjoyed it. The appointment with the specialist didn’t bring the diagnostic and treatment Anthony had hoped for. Anthony had been nervous going to the appointment because he didn’t really want to tell anybody about his humiliating experience. When he had entered the consulting room and discovered the doctor was a woman he had wanted to leave but he realised that would be even more embarrassing. The interview had been torture.

-So Anthony, – you don’t mind that I call you Anthony, do you?

-No, that’s perfect with me.

-I’m Sue. Well Anthony tell me what’s your problem? I don’t think we have had an appointment before, did we?

All the while she was opening and reading the report of the general practitioner Anthony had consulted a couple of days before.

-I see, having bedwetting problems. Ever happened before?


-Does it hurts when you urinate?


-Loss of pressure?


-When you urinate, does it have the same strength as before?


-Having fever, or feeling sick in any other way?


-Stress on the job?

-Not more than before.

-What job do you have?

-Wall street.

-Oh, that is high pressure!

-Yes, but I’ve been doing this now for almost 10 years and never had any stress related problems. I love the pressure.

-Do you sleep well?

-Yes. I had some problems but lately I’ve been sleeping extremely well.

He hesitated a split second and then added.

-I’m even wondering if the problem is not caused by me sleeping too deep.

She looked a little surprised

-And you never had this problem before? Not even as a child?

-Oh, well, yes, as a small child I did have some bedwetting problems.

-Until what age?

-5 or 6?

-Later it never occurred any more?


She looked him in the eyes

-Are you sure?

He felt insulted

-I told you.

-Eum. eum…. Well Anthony, I think this is nothing to worry about but just to be sure I would like to have some blood and urine analysis and radiographs. So I’ll prepare the prescriptions and we’ll see each other again when we have the complete results.

She stood up and stretched out her hand. Anthony standing up too, surprised with the sudden end of the visit, stammered

-But,..what do I do meanwhile?

-What do you mean?

-At night.

-Ah… What have you been doing lately?

Anthony blushed all over and stammered

-Wearing diapers.

-That seems perfect to me. They don’t hurt do they? See you soon.

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