Living in Paradise 2

When he wanted to take his boxer shorts she stopped him: “You don’t want to wear such dull underwear anymore, do you?” handing him brief-type underpants, with a cute colorful teddy bear print. Smilingly he took them and was surprised to note that they were made of a thick soft fabric. Seeing his surprise she smiled too: “Now that you are naked down there we don’t want you to get cold, do we?”  He eagerly pulled  them on but although it was a full brief he had difficulty fitting his hard penis in them. Coming up behind him, she put his hands on his crotch and made him stroke his member through the pants. After having had a hard one for over an hour he came almost instantly ejaculating inside the briefs. As he was still trembling on his legs she whispered in his ear: “Except for keeping your wheezy warm, it also serves at absorbing your juices, dirty little boy.”



What happened before?


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Chapter 2 October


George didn’t exactly have much hair on his legs, on the contrary, but still, wearing a skirt it didn’t seem right. The two girls looked at each other and laughing even harder than Benjamin, Nathalie concluded:

“George I’m afraid we’ll have to shave your legs.”

He looked at her with a desperate look in his eyes but before he could say anything she continued: “You promised to try George.”


He sighted deeply but then reluctantly agreed to have his legs shaven. As soon as he had entered the bathroom and they had told him to take off the skirt, Nathalie looked at his arms and turned towards her sister: “It’s not only his legs, we’ll have to take care of his arms to, don’t you think?”.  George, knowing it didn’t make sense to resist, became defiant. He undressed himself further, soon standing in front of them wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. The two girls went ballistic noticing his chest hair .

An hour later he found himself on the tennis court with shaven arms, chest and legs, wearing a short skirt.


When he had come out he had crossed Elisabeth who looking surprised had exclaimed:

-Well, well, George you’ll really do anything those girls ask you, won’t you? Be careful!

She had laughed heartily and gone on.

George had turned red but spurned on by Nathalie soon had found himself absorbed by the game. Nathalie played quiet well but George could more or less keep up with her. They both enjoyed the game a lot.


When the game was over – Nathalie won – they went for a short swim. Since George had brought swimming wear this time there was no clothing problem. While they were swimming the father came home. He was indeed an impressive figure. His name was Edward but George wouldn’t dream of calling him by the first name. It was the kind of person you always called sir. While he was being introduced by Nathalie both still dripping beside the pool they were joined by Julia and Elisabeth. Julia, as was the custom, took the lead again:

-Dad, I see you met already our new boarder.

George looked surprised first at Julia and then at Elisabeth. Did that mean he was accepted?

Elisabeth smiled warmly:

-You seem to be fitting in quiet well, don’t you think George? Or should I say Georgette?

They all laughed except for Edward who looked a little puzzled but didn’t seem to care.

-When are you planning to move in?

-Euh, tomorrow? No better make it Monday.

-All right. We’ll see you on Monday then

They all left, leaving George and Nathalie alone. She jumped around his neck.

-George I’m so happy.

So was he. But at the same time he was worried. What had he gone into?




On Monday afternoon George arrived carrying two heavy suitcases. He had been angry with himself for having changed the day of his arrival from Sunday to Monday. The day before he could have asked his father to bring him. But he had been surprised by the suddenness of the offer and being somewhat afraid of what was going to be expected of him, especially by Nathalie , in an automatic fashion had delayed his arrival with one day. This meant that he had had to travel by train and bus carrying the suitcases in which he had mainly packed his courses and books.

Julia ,as always in charge, had received him and seeing him all covered in transpiration had immediately called the housekeeper Andres to help him carry the suitcases to his second floor room. He was still unpacking when Nathalie charged into his room. She had just come back from her classes and, learning from Julia that George had arrived, hadn’t waited one second to come to welcome him. She flung her arms around him and gave him a warm kiss. After she had told him she had looked for him all over the university and he had explained he had had to travel with his heavy suitcases and therefore had decided to skip classes she went to her room next door to change into “something more comfortable”. As she was wearing tight fitting jeans under a polo shirt he wondered what was uncomfortable about those but didn’t say anything.

“Is it all right if I come back in a minute to help you unpack ?”

“I’m more or less done, but  you are welcome whenever you like.”


In literally one minute she was back. She had only changed the jeans for a very short denim dungaree dress. Spinning around she asked provocatively: “What do you think?”

Just as on Saturday George thought it looked rather childish but found her very attractive: “Nathalie, you are driving me crazy”. He hesitated for a second and then added: “Nathalie, I’ve fallen in love with you. From the first moment I saw you.”


She smiled understandingly as if to say she knew it all the time. But as he tried to take her in his arms she slipped away.

“Don’t you love me ?”

“No, not yet. But don’t look so upset, I’m sure that day will come. In the mean time we can be friends. But aren’t you going to put on some more comfortable clothes too?”


Looking at his jeans and t-shirt he wondered what could be more comfortable. But he should have known what she had in mind. She showed him some very small orange 4-pocket shorts, asking if he didn’t think they looked just lovely. He sighted but knowing he was not going to escape he took off his jeans and pulled on the tiny shorts. His shirt covered them almost completely wich was not too the liking of his friend. She turned around and after a few moments came back holding a pale blue t-shirt. It had a drawing of a pony in the front, and had short skewed sleeves, but above all, it was very short , so that it barely covered his belly. Before he had time to realise what he was wearing Nathalie exclaimed he looked marvelous, and told him to follow her as she was going top show him around the estate, as there were still a lot of places he hadn’t been show on Saturday.


He hesitated and asked if he shouldn’t go first ask Andres and Carmen if he could help with anything. Nathalie shrugged:”I don’t think you are expected to. It’s only your first day. But in passing we’ll check with Julia.”


Julia – who smiled when she saw his outfit for a moment losing her usual serious demeanor, – agreed to let him be free on his first day, and they spend their time together until dinner. Just as on Saturday George felt completely at ease with all of them. After dinner he went to his room to prepare his classes for the next day. Somewhat after 9 Nathalie came into his room to tell him he should take his shower: “Mom  always wants us, the “small ones”, to come downstairs “all set to go to sleep”  around bedtime.

“But it’s only nine o clock.”

“Bedtime usually is somewhere between 9.30 and 10. But don’t you worry, as long as there is no noise they never come to the second floor to check if we are asleep. I do most of my work then. Emma, the previous border, however usually came to her room around 11.00 and we had to make sure the lights were out at that moment.”


When he got out of his shower, wrapped in a bath towel, Nathalie was waiting for him in his room. She wore a very short romantic nightdress with lace straps crossing on her back. She looked cuter than ever. When she asked if he had decent pajama’s he had to admit that of course he didn’t. He always slept in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt. She had expected this and, handing him pajama’s, told  him that he had to be presentable but ready for bed, to go downstairs. He looked at her incredulous, she couldn’t be serious, was she?  But she insisted she was dead serious, assuring him that if he wouldn’t present himself neatly dressed to go to bed they would be in deep trouble.

He looked at the pajama’s noticing that they were of course rather girly consisting of a pair of  leggings and a long sleeved shirt with a drawing of  a kitty on the front, but he had already been told to wear worse outfts. He shrugged and put on the pyjama’s ready to brave the family.


Again Nathalie assured him he looked lovely. Entering the family room he got the usual amused looks of the audience, but everybody was already getting used to the way Nathalie had him dress, and nobody made a remark. Benjamin was wearing a pyjama set consiting of colourfull shorts and a shirt. But Emily was not dressed for bed at all. George shot a inquisitive look at Nathalie, but she just looked annoyed at her sister and shrugged, before sitting down next to Benjamin proposing her to play cards. The girl accepted immediately and, smiling again Nathalie motioned to George to sit next to her – she didn’t even bother asking him if he wanted to join them – and then asked Emily if she wanted to play with them. The 14 year old girl gave them a superior look: “What game are you going to play? Not Blowout again?” Both Benjamin and Nathalie shrieked together: “Of course, we love that game!” Emily sighted and declined to join them: “Oh come on, that’s a babie’s game!”


Nathalie gave her another anoyed look but then, ignoring her, began distributing the cards beween the 3 of them, while she explained the rules to Georges. George was flabbergasted by the stupidity of the game. Each player received one third of the pack of cards, and then all 3 had to turn their top card. The one with the highest card had to add the 3 cards on the table to the bottom of his pack . When there was a draw the two with the equal cards had to turn another card from their respective packs, and the highest one had then to add all 5 cards to his pack. The winner of the game was the first to get rid of all his cards.

The two girls were soon completely absorbed by their game shouting and shrieking with each losses and wins. Georges found the game at first rather boring, but the way the two girls got completely into te game amused him, and he began enjoying it. But the noise annoyed the others and after having asked them to be quieter two times, Julia suddenly asked them why they didn’t play upstairs, so that the others could read in peace. Nathalie immediately accepted, and gathering the cards jumped up, and followed by Benjamin and Georges, left the room. Just as they were at the door Julia stopped Benjamin, telling her she couldn’t play very long anymore as she had to tun off the lights in 15 minutes. Georges looked at his watch noticing that it was 9.30.


They went to Nathalie’s room and, sitting on the floor, continued their game. After a while Emily came upstairs and seeing how the others were having fun hesitated for a moment but then joined them. Another 15 minutes later Julia shouted from the floor below that it was time to put out the lights. The girls lookked disapointed but obeyed immediately.


Lying on his back in his bed George realized he had not finished preparing next day’s classes and decided to get up early to finish the work. At that moment he heard the door of his room opening and some snickering, and before he could react he felt a person gliding besides him in his bed. All excited he realized that Nathalie had joined him, and impulsively he turned his head towards her wanting to kiss her. But she put her hand over his mouth and pushed him back. Wondering what she was up to he didn’t resist. But before he could relax he sensed a second person joining him on the other side, and Nathalie whispering in his ear: “ Emily and I are here to ask you a favour.”  Ever more excited he whispered back that she could ask him anything.  He felt her hand gliding down towards his waist while she kissed him on his lips and then continued to whisper in his ear: “You are so sweet. Listen, Benjamin has never seen a naked boy, and that frustrates her a great deal. Could you take off your pants for her?”


Not believing what he was hearing, he sat up, pushing away the two girls:  “Are you mad? No, I am not going to get naked for her, no way!”  At that moment someone turned on the light and the following events went very fast as if everything had been planned. He looked right into the eyes of Benjamin who was standing at the end of his bed, while Emily with a strong hand pushed him back on his back again, and Nathalie held the elastic waistband of his payjama pants in her hand, looking at him with a disapointed face: “Come on Georges, you promised you would do whatever I asked you.” And without waiting for his further reaction pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his jewels.


Benjamin immediately began laughing very hard: “Ugh, how ugly”. Nathalie joined in: “Oh my god, what a bush! We will have to remove all that ugly hair and make you smooth all over, just as we did with your legs. But that’s not for today.”  Georges sighted deeply, but decided the best thing to do was not to react, so he led himself sink into his cushion. But the girls had more in mind. He felt Nathalie grab his dagger and softly stroke it: “Look Benjamin, how it grows.”  To his horror Georges felt how his weapon indeed began swelling while the 3 girls shrieked with delight. He closed his eyes hoping it would all be over soon. But again that was too optimistic.


Nathalie began stroking his manlyhood in a more rhytmic fashion, making it grow even more. Nathalie made admiring remarks in a surprised voice, all the time continuing to stroke: “Look Benjamin, it will start spitting any moment now.” It was only then that Georges realized what she was up too.


But it was too late, a few moments later a large jet spouted while Benjamin shrieked in disbelief and Emily grunted that is was gross. But Nathalie gave him a soft kiss, thanking him, and congratulating him (“Quiet impressive!”), before taking her little sister by the hand, and telling Emily to come with her. When the girls were out George looked at his sperma-covered pajama pants and sheets. He wanted to clean up but was afraid to run into one of the girls on his way to the bathroom, and decided to go to sleep. He felt very ambiguous towards the whole event. Masturbating in front of the girls had been humiliating, but Nathalie’s final comment made him feel proud. He had a restless night.


The following morning Nathalie came into his room all dressed, while he was still slumbering, waking him up with a kiss. She did as if she didn’t notice his stained sheets, telling him simply that she would see him at the breakfast table, and that he should hurry.  Realizing he had overslept and that he wouldn’t have time to prepare his class he felt a small pang of guilt, but without worrying too much he quickly washed and dressed, hurrying to join the others.


For breakfast everybody had to take care of himself, choosing and preparing one’s own food. With all 9 of them busy walking around, sitting, standing, eating, cooking, drinking  it was a happy, noisy, gathering. Once again Georges felt himself in paradise, forgetting the stranger aspects of his stay.


After school he hurried home, conscious he would have to work in the household, and this time he wanted to reserve some time to prepare his classes. When he got to his room he immediately noticed the clothes that had been placed on his bed with a short letter from Nathalie. He looked with horror at the small yellow shortalls and the white shirt with a small yellow Peter Pan collar and yellow rimmed short sleeves. Was she really expecting him to wear this outfit?

He took the letter and calmed down immediately. She told him she was so happy that she had convinced her sister to take him as the new household help, that he had been wonderful so far, accepting good humoredly all her quirks and demands, that he was the nicest person that she had ever met, that she was beginning to love him already.

After reading the letter he felt better and without further hesitation put on the childish, girly outfit she had prepared for him.  It was only then that he noticed someone had changed his bedsheets, and looking around, he realized that his stained pyjama’s were gone too. He felt embarrassed, hoping it had been Nathalie, not Carmen , or even worse Julia, who had done that.

On his way to the kitchen  he crossed Elisabeth who almost choked when she saw him: “Ho,ho, ho, Georges where is this going to end? I guess we will see you in rompers next time? Hahaha! ” George blushed very hard but she smiled at him “But you look very sweet. Nathalie is going to love it.”  Georges blushed even harder and hurried towards the kitchen.


When he entered the kitchen Carmen too was startled. She looked him up and down, and then turned around and went towards a corner of the kitchen where she took an apron off a hook, and handed it to him: “You better wear this before you get your pretty clothes all dirty. Kitchen work tends to cause stains.” Georges looked at the housewife’s bib-apron made of a flowery print fabric, and hesitated to put it on. The apron consisted of a half skirt that was nodded in the back, and a bib that hung around the neck with braces. Isabel had said that Nathalie would love his outfit, so he didn’t want to cover it with an apron. On the other hand he didn’t want to stain his new outfit, and judging from her eagerness to hand him the apron he realized Carmen would feel more comfortably when he would be wearing it over the childish shortalls.


When he put on the apron – which effectively completely covered the shorts – she looked at him approvingly, and put him to work, cleaning and cutting vegetables. A little while later Nathalie burst into the kitchen. She first looked somewhat disappointed but then, laughing, made him stand up, and turned towards Carmen: “He will make a perfect maid don’t you think?”  Carmen looked somewhat embarrassed but nodded hesitantly with a shy smile. Georges was still standing awkwardly, hesitating to sit down and continue his work, but he wanted to protest that he would do anything to please Nathalie but that he didn’t like it when she called him a maid, not in front of others at least. But before he could make up his mind she took him by the shoulders and made him turn around.  In the back the apron was completely open, and she padded him on the bottom, and bending over, whispered in his ear: “Your shortalls look lovely, can’t wait to see you without the apron. And cute shirt you are wearing. ”. Before he could react she had planted a kiss in his neck and had left them alone again.


At dinner time he took off the apron and joined the family at the table. His outrageously girly outfit got him a number of mocking remarks but when Nathalie sat down next to him and placed her hand on his knee he thought it was worth it. After dinner he hurried upstairs to work for the university. But he was soon interrupted by Nathalie who came into his room looking mischievously as usual: “Come on, there is still something that has to be done, remember?”  He hadn’t the faintest idea what she was referring too, but as always couldn’t resist her engaging, permanently mocking, smile. She took him by the hand and he followed her to the bathroom, where she told him to undress. At that moment he remembered, and to his amazement, got all excited by what he realized she was up too.


He had to undress completely and then stand on a newspaper she had brought, while she began cutting his pubic hair with a pair of small scissors. When she had cut all the hair short she applied a very thin layer of shaving foam. Of course this made his penis grow but that didn’t stop her from taking a razor and then gently, very slowly, shave him all clean. It took quite a while, but when it was done he loved the sight and the feeling of it. Nathalie too clearly liked it, telling him gently that he was now “as smooth as a baby, just as the rest of them”. Of course he would have suspected it if he had given it a thought but now this remark came as a revelation. Nathalie noticed it and asked if he wanted to see it, and without waiting his reaction began to undress. Soon she was standing completely naked next to him showing off her completely smooth private parts, asking teasingly if he liked it, completely ignoring the erection he had had for almost an hour, and then proposing to take a bath together. Again she didn’t wait for his answer, climbing into the bath and filling it with hot water, where he eagerly joined her.


When they were both sitting facing each other he couldn’t believe what was happening. But his surprises weren’t over yet. He had seen the little ducks and other floating toys sitting on the board but hadn’t really noticed them until she dropped them in the water. At first he felt a little awkward but then he soon followed her example playing with them splashing water all over. After a while she told him to stand up, and standing next to him began washing him with an handkerchief. When she got to the freshly shaven skin around his penis she asked if he didn’t prefer it this way. Looking down he earnestly answered he did. She told him to open his legs and washed his anus, pushing her finger slightly inside, then had him lift one leg, washed his leg and foot, and then the next. When she was finished she asked him to return the favor. He would never have dreamed that taking a bath could be such heaven.


Paradise continued when getting out of bath they dried each other from top to toe. When they were dry he was told to get dressed but when he took his boxer shorts where he had dropped them she stopped him: “You don’t want to wear such dull underwear anymore, do you?”, and handed him brief-type underpants, with a cute colorful teddy bear print. Smilingly he took them and was surprised to note that they were made of a thick soft fabric. Seeing his surprise she smiled too: “Now that you are naked down there we don’t want you to get cold, do we?”  He eagerly pulled them on but although it was a full brief he had difficulty fitting his hard penis in them. She put him in front of the mirror so that he could have a better look at the cute pants, and then coming up behind him, she put his hands on his crotch and made him stroke his member through the pants. After having had a hard one for over an hour he came almost instantly,  ejaculating inside the briefs. As he was still trembling on his legs she whispered in his ear: “Except for keeping your wheezy warm, it also serves at absorbing your juices, dirty little boy.”   Pulling the waist of the pants a little higher she continued: ”You see; now your little bird fits inside alright.”  He blushed which made her laugh.


Next she handed him new pajamas, consisting of a long short sleeved white shirt with a turquoise drawing of a flower and turquoise rims at the round collar and the sleeves, accompanied with assorted stretch shorts. Seeing what she wanted him to wear to go downstairs he sighted again, but this time from pure bliss.


When he got downstairs Julia was the only one who gave him a long look: “New pajamas? What happened to the others?” Once more Georges blushed, but before he could answer Nathalie came to his rescue: “The others were too warm for summer”. Julia seemed to accept the explanation and Natalie and Benjamin sat down to play cards again. But to Nathalie’s disappointment Georges declined to join them, going upstairs to finish his work.  Sometime later he heard that the girls had come upstairs but to his surprise Nathalie didn’t come to his room. When he finished his work he went to the bathroom and noticed Nathalie wasn’t sleeping yet as there was light coming from underneath the door of her room. He decided to go give her a night-kiss and knocked on her door. When she told him to come in he found her sitting in her bed, looking at him over the rim of a girly magazine in her bed: “Ah, Georges, what’s up?”  Walking over to her bed he told her he wanted to wish her good night. She looked surprised: “Oh, how sweet of you. But you know what, I have a better idea. You go back to your room and I join you in a minute to read you a bedtime story.”


Georges looked at her flabbergasted, but looking at her pretty, smiling face, the prospect of having her join him in his room to tell him a story was too appealing to refuse.  He agreed and hurried to his room. A few minutes later she entered his room, wearing a very short nightdress, telling him to push over, and joining him in his bed as he had hoped she would. When he noticed the children’s book she was holding he smiled. And when she put her arm around him and opened the book (“Martine fait de la bicyclette”) he was happy. It felt strangely perfect.


She read him a number of pages but then told him it was time to go to sleep and wanted to slip out of his bed. He protested she couldn’t go yet and held her by the wrist. She looked annoyed but then bent over and put her free hand on his crotch: “The little baby doesn’t want big sister to leave? But, it’s time for the little kids to go to sleep, tomorrow we have to be fresh.” All the while she was stroking his crotch and he felt his member swelling inside the pants, and he began breathing heavily.  “You like big sis to do that, don’t you? OK, I will make you feel good, but when you are ready you have to let me go, you promise?”  He felt ashamed that he was letting her masturbate him again, but couldn’t resist whispering “promised”.  He held out longer than the previous times, but nevertheless he soon felt how he ejaculated for the second time in his thick briefs. Nathalie sensed it too, and kissed him on the forehead: “Dodo big boy, see you in the morning.”

Before he could protest again she had slipped away and after putting out the light had left the room. He fell asleep, ashamed but happy, thinking at Nathalie and the strange events of the day.


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A dream come true 10

“When Isabel pushed my head towards her breast I put my mouth over it and clumsily began sucking on the nipple. At first nothing came out, but then Isabel took my hands and put them around her breast. Pressing softly and taking a larger part of her breast in my mouth I suddenly felt the liquid squirt into my mouth.  She bent over me and whispered in my ear that I was such a good baby.”


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 Chapter 10

 In the eyes of my wife and daughter, the way Isabel had treated me was horribly humiliating. This experience took away all Laura’s inhibitions for humiliating me in public. She had seen that Isabel really loved to treat me as a baby, without intention of humiliating or dominating me, but that was beyond her comprehension. When she had me in diapers it was almost always to accentuate the fact that she was the boss and could do anything with me. Sometimes she would do it as a reward for being a good, obedient, husband, but even then she would do it in a humiliating way, knowing I liked that. Having seen the intimacy between me and her friend had made her jealous, and she was venting that jealousy by humiliating me more than ever.

Carol on the contrary had become very protective of me, as if she wanted to protect me from further humiliation.  But having been trained that Laura was always right she didn’t try to stop her. She would comfort me, or join me in whatever situation Laura had placed me, as if to say I didn’t have to feel bad because I was not alone. I didn’t mind the humiliations, but having my daughter comfort me in that way was very cute.

If until then diapering and treating me as a baby had been something Laura and I did in private, now she didn’t hesitate to treat me like that in front of the kids.

The first time was a couple of days after Lucy’s birthday party. The kids were gone and I had been doing the household while Laura was doing some administrative work. When I was ready I went to tell her and ask if there was anything else she wanted me to do. She looked surprised and said I was becoming faster and faster, and no, there was nothing more to do. She smiled and said I had earned a reward. She took me by the hand and I followed her up the stairs where she went straight to our special closet.

A quarter of an hour later I found myself sitting on a blanket in the living room surrounded with baby-toys, fastened to the radiator with an harness and with my fingers taped together. I wore nothing but a short shirt and disposable diapers, and was sucking happily on my pacifier. I was in heaven. It didn’t take long before I wet my diapers of course. Laura had left me alone and after a while I got bored playing with the wooden puzzles, plastic building blocks and teddies. I lay down on the floor and dozed off. Until I was woken up by the voices of Laura and Carol entering the room: “Look I made your father happy today.”  Carol looked surprised but then smiled and kneeling next to me gave me a big hug. But Laura continued: “I think the little baby must be getting hungry. I was just preparing a baby bottle; can you give it to him? “  Carol enthusiastically agreed to do that and some moments later I found myself sitting next to my daughter in the sofa, wearing a baby bib, with my head resting on her shoulder, sucking on a bottle that she held in her hand. That’s how Anthony found us when he came in.

He had heard from his sister of my baby-games but it was the first time he witnessed it. After his initial surprise he seemed to think it was funny and he sat in front of us watching his sister feed me. But then his eyes fell on my soaked diapers and he was horrified. Standing up disgusted he said I was not his father anymore and angrily walked out of the room. His sister bent over me and gave me a kiss: “Of course you are not our father. You are our little baby brother, aren’t you?”

Although from that day on Laura would be more careful,  from time to time, when the kids were not home,  she would still have me wear diapers without pants or shorts and we couldn’t help being caught a couple of times. Being caught by the kids walking around with my heavy wet diapers hanging between my legs was awkward. Even Carol was somewhat disturbed and asked her mother why she did this. Laura answered that all men needed reminding from time to time of where there place was, and some men like her father needed that more than others. I thought that very unfair but I guarded that thought for myself and Carol seemed to accept it.

Anthony of course didn’t, and angrily asked me why I let my wife treat me like that. But my answer that I had decided that whatever Laura did was right for me, didn’t sooth him. I explained that it had made my life very easy and that he had to admit that the household was a lot smoother since I accepted my place. He didn’t admit that.

But these were just a couple of exceptional occasions. Normally the baby-playing was something we did in private, usually as a reward for my good behavior. I always loved those moments but after Lucy’s birthday party something was missing. For Laura it was either a game to please me, either something she did to humiliate me, but for Isabel I had really been a baby, and I longed to repeat that. One day when the phone rang and I picked up it was Isabel calling for Laura. When she heard it was me she asked how little baby Mickey was doing. It made me have butterflies in my stomach, and I stammered that I missed Auntie Isabel. She laughed and answered she missed her little baby too but at that moment Laura entered the room and I passed her along to her friend.

The next day however driving to the office I had a sudden urge. Instead of going to work I called in sick and half an hour later I presented me at Isabel’s door. When she opened the door, holding little Lucy by the hand, she was surprised to see me but immediately knew why I had come.

She smiled and turned towards her little daughter: “Look who has come to play with you, little baby Mickey!”, and without any comment she took me by the hand leading me inside and up the stairs. Once in the baby bedroom she opened my trousers and pulled them down. A few minutes later I was completely naked and she made me lay on the floor as she applied baby powder all around, and on, my private parts. By that time my member had inflated and she put powder on it from top to base, softly rubbing my dick, using both hands. I couldn’t help coming and she laughed, swiping her hands clean on the kind of nurse’s apron she had put on: “That’s a good baby, now in a few seconds we will be able to put your diaper on” After I was diapered she dressed me in the same romper I had worn at Lucy’s party. Isabel observed that if I was going to be a regular visitor she should buy me some more clothes. The idea of becoming a regular visitor hadn’t occurred to me, and I blushed very hard.

Downstairs she put Lucy in her park and had me sit next to her on the sofa where she opened her blouse and bra. I was surprised that the bra opened in front, and by the size of her breasts, but then suddenly remembered she was still breastfeeding her 2 year old daughter. I had heard her discussing it with Laura who found this somewhat eccentric but Isabel had insisted it was the best for the baby. I slowly began realizing what was going to happen. When Isabel pushed my head towards her breast I put my mouth over it and clumsily began sucking on the nipple. At first nothing came out, but then Isabel took my hands and put them around her breast. Pressing softly and taking a larger part of her breast in my mouth I suddenly felt the liquid squirt into my mouth.  She bent over me and whispered in my ear that I was such a good baby, placing a kiss on my head. I don’t think I ever felt happier than at that moment. Being safely diapered, sucking on her breast, drinking this strange tasting milk, and trying not to feel guilty about not being at the office, made me feel extremely small.  After a while Lucy began protesting and Isabel made me stop and told me to climb in the park while she took out her little girl and told me to wait while she was going to put the toddler on the potty.

Talking about the potty made me want to poop, and without thinking twice, I began pushing, happily filling up my diapers. Life was very simple and enjoyable. Sitting on my diapers I began shifting back and forth to feel the sticky mass spread around and to have the smell fill up my nostrils. I felt so babyish I couldn’t stop me from stuffing the foot of the plush animal I had in my hand in my mouth and suck on it.

When Isabel entered the room carrying little Lucy in her arms she smelled what had happened and sighted deeply. But smiling kindly she told me to come out of the park and she put Lucy in my place before taking me by the hand leading me upstairs. I followed her happily anticipating lying down on the plastic sheet on the bed while she cleaned me up with moist tissues. Was there anything more heavenly in the world? Just thinking about it made my dick grow strong.

But she took me straight to the bathroom where she had me stand in the bath and cleaned me up with water and soap, ignoring my erection. Once clean I was diapered again of course. I immediately felt Isabel had put in quit some extra padding. Explaining that little babies who messed up their diapers had to be well protected she pulled some huge plastic pants over the diapers. The romper wouldn’t fit over it anymore so she had me wear nothing but a short tunic then had me stand up.  I could hardly walk and happily waddled at Isa’s hand. She led me to the bedroom again where she made me lay on the bed, and taking out two pairs of handcuffs, she attached my left wrist to my right ankle and vice versa, forcing me into a kind of fetal position. And to complete the scene she fastened a ball gag in my mouth. Being made so utterly dependent was exhilarating, but at the same time scary.

Isabel lay down on the bed next to me and, softly stroking my hair, gave me a couple of kisses. “That’s my sweet newborn baby.” She turned her head to my feet and put my big toe in her mouth and softly sucked on it, stroking my legs at the same time: “Ok baby, close your eyes, and relax. You can’t please yourself but auntie knows what her baby likes.”  She moved her hand up to my crotch and softly rubbed my member through the thick diapers. I thought my penis was going to explode in the diapers and I sighted in anticipation. But at that moment Isabel stood up and showing me the baby phone said she was going to take care of her other baby but that if I wanted something she would hear me making noise. Bending over she kissed me and told me to take a big nap. I wanted to tell her to wait but managed only to make some incomprehensible sounds.

Once alone I desperately tried to finish the job she had started but the position she had put me in made that impossible. Very frustrated I tried to fall asleep, but it took me quite a while to calm down. But finally I must have dozed off.

When Isabel came into the room I woke up and it took me a few moments to remember in what situation I was. She again lay down next to me resting my head in her lap, and then put her hand back on my crotch: “Auntie has been very naughty teasing her little baby like that. But this time I will finish it, ok darling?”  She rubbed my dick through the diapers again and I felt it swell immediately. Then, sighting heavily, I came very fast. She smiled “Baby likes that, doesn’t he?”

She unfastened the cuffs, but keeping the gag in place, took me by the hand to go down. Once downstairs she put me on a blanket on the floor and putting the dog collar from the last time back on, she attached my wrists to it. All I could do was watch how she fed little Lucy some mashed food. When that was done she put the little girl on the potty and then it was her turn to go upstairs to take a nap.  When Lucy was in bed and Isabel came down she unfastened my hands and told me to come and sit next to her on the sofa. To my huge excitement she opened her blouse again and I was breastfed for the second time that day.

It was amazing how being breastfed was a unique experience, unbelievable relaxing, blocking out all other senses. Sucking and feeling the liquid fill up my mouth was pure happiness. At that moment nothing else existed anymore. Just sucking and swallowing.

When I had emptied both breasts she led me relax with my head on her chest, and softly stroking my hair she told me that that was it for the day. Disappointed I looked at her pleadingly but she said that it had been enough and that anyway it would soon be time for her to go and fetch the boys at school. She hesitated a moment and then told me that she would have to tell Laura of my visit. 

Panicking I veered upright: “Why?”  “Not telling her would be a lie by omission, and I don’t want a lie to install itself between me and my best friend”. I kept silent trying to figure out the effect it would have on my wife. But Isabel soothed me, assuring me that Laura would not be too upset. She continued explaining that she would have to tell Tom too. Again I panicked, crying out that she couldn’t do that. “I have to; you never know what little Lucy will tell. But calm down, I won’t tell him what you came over for. I will just invent something about you and Laura and that you needed someone to talk too.”

With that she motioned me to stand up and she led me go upstairs on my own to get dressed. When an hour later I came home Laura was waiting for me, smiling maliciously: “You are home early darling!”  On the way home I had tried to figure out what to say, but I was still speechless, but Laura didn’t wait for an answer: “I heard you paid a visit to Isabel and that she took good care of you?” This was getting even harder than expected.  I madly tried to figure out how to react but Laura shrugged and continued: “Well it’s good you are here. It’s a perfect day to give the terrace a good shrub.” I was relieved she didn’t pursue the issue any longer and eagerly agreed it was a good moment to do that yearly chore.

The next day however when I came home from the office, things took an unexpected turn. As usual upon coming home I changed into comfortable clothes and went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. As I was putting on my apron I wondered where Laura was. I had seen her car so I knew she was home but I hadn’t seen her and she hadn’t come to say hello which was unusual. Just as I was going to look for her she walked into the kitchen.

I was flabbergasted by the way she was dressed. She wore a short, pleated, pink skirt, underneath a white dress shirt with short balloon sleeves and with the tails hanging over the skirt and. Over the shirt she wore a short brown top. The outfit was completed with under-the-knee, purple and white, football socks and pink sneakers. She seemed surprised to see me but gave me a broad smile: “Oh, Hi. I’m a friend of Carol, she said she would be back soon and I could wait.” I began to understand where this was going and got intrigued. “I see. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?” “Oh sorry. I’m Laura. But if I disturb you, I can wait in her room.” “No not at all. Are you classmates?”

Seeing that I had entered the game Laura relaxed. She had been chewing – which flabbergasted me even more as Laura hates chewing gum – but taking the gum out of her mouth and holding it between her fingers, she went to the bin to throw it away. She cleaned her fingers by putting them in her mouth and then drying them on the back of her skirt. I was looking at the scene with open mouth but enjoying every second of it. Next she turned to me again and saying that Carol had told her she could take a coke if she was thirsty, she asked if I minded. Of course I answered I didn’t.  Asking if I wanted one too – I declined – she went to the fridge and returning with a can in her hand, she sat on the kitchen table with her legs hanging over the edge. I noticed she had her hair in a ponytail – which had jumped up when she jumped on the table – something she hadn’t done for ages. I was ever more surprised, but completely fascinated, I couldn’t take my eyes of her. 

She finally answered that she was not a classmate but a friend of my daughter. I was wondering what to say next when she took the initiative, looking intently at my apron: “Carol told me about how this household is organized. It’s cool!” I blushed, suddenly very self-conscious. She continued “My father and brother don’t do anything. It’s all for my mother, me and my sisters. That’s so primitive!” I still didn’t know what to answer so she went on: “I think a man who isn’t ashamed to put on an apron and to help a lot in the household must be very confident about his manhood.”

This time I couldn’t suppress a smile: “I don’t know. It’s just that I don’t mind.”  Pulling up her legs and crossing them underneath her, displaying for a moment her panties before she pulled down her skirt, she looked me up and down: “It shows you respect woman. Also the way you look, so slim and fit, shows you respect your wife.”

I suddenly realized she was hitting on me, which aroused me. I never was much of a ladies man, and the last couple of years I had completely lost the habit, so I was at a loss for words, and blushed again. Laura, without taking her eyes off me, pulled up one of her socks displacing her short skirt, again giving me a glimpse of her panties. I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I smiled and awkwardly asked if she thought I was sexy. While I heard myself ask that stupid questionI was suddenly horribly conscious that I was wearing an apron which was not very flattering nor sexy. Laura could hardly suppress a laugh, but managed to do it and with an even voice answered she thought I was very handsome for someone my age, and, casting her eyes down as if she was shy, she added that, yes, she thought I was sexy.

Trying to recover while she was not looking at me I took on a patronizing tone: “That’s very nice to say so, but you shouldn’t chat up a man from my age. It’s the boys your age you should find sexy!” Of course that was not a very original thing to say but it seemed to hit home. She jumped off the table and came walking up to me: “Boys my age are so boring , and so clumsy! I rather be with adults, but there are so few adults that are nice and sweet and sexy and handsome.”

She put her arms around me and planted a kiss on my mouth. “You smell good. Why can’t you be my father? Carol is so lucky!! Please take me in your arms.”

I did as asked and we had another long kiss. When we separated our tongues she sighted deeply: “I feel so happy. I always dreamed to be initiated by a real man!”

Amused I entered more and more in the game: “Initiated? Does that mean you are still a virgin?”  She gave me an obfuscated look: “Of course I’m a virgin, I’m 13 years old!” She waited a second and then continued on a dubitative tone: “But if you would agree to be my guide I am ready to offer you my flower”. And without waiting for my reaction she reached underneath the apron and began fumbling at my belt trying to unfasten it. I was suddenly taken by a panic attack. Being invited to unflower this pretty 13 year old virgin excited me tremendously, but at the same time I was afraid not to be able to live up to her expectations. I stopped her and tried to gain a reprieve telling her we should not do this hastily. We should plan for an ideal moment and place.

At that moment Carol walked in and I realized she had been home all the time. She looked at her mother, clearly amused by her outfit, but she also understood what we were doing, and began laughing: “Hey what are you guys up to?”

I was embarrassed – yes I still am embarrassed sometimes despite all the humiliating things Laura has made me do over the years – but Laura smiled at her daughter. “Your little brother has to go peepee and I was helping him unfasten his pants”.

 I was flabbergasted by the unexpected twist:  I was not Carol’s father anymore but her little brother?  I wanted to protest but then fell how at that moment Laura managed to unfasten my pants and with a strong pull made them drop to my ankles: “Oh what cute panties! Your mommy makes you wear the panties your sister has outgrown?”  I was indeed wearing girlie panties as always. Embarrassed, I looked at the way my daughter gasped in disbelief seeing her father wearing colorful panties with a Disney princess drawing. But Laura didn’t give me any respite. Making me step out of my panties and taking the apron off by pulling it over my head, she gave me a pat on my bottom: “Hurry up, I’ll join you in a minute to dry your little wee-wee.” Having been turned from a sexy “mature man” into a little boy in just a few seconds frustrated me enormously, but being trained to accept whatever Laura decided, I gave a shy look at my daughter and left for the toilet under her amused gaze.

I was still peeing when the door to the toilet opened and Laura entered. She surprised me which made me pee next to the pot. She immediately grabbed my penis and re-directed it: “Let me help you before I have to clean the whole toilet”. When I was finished she cleaned my member with some paper and then handed me a pair of tight fitting shorts and helped me putting them on. Although still frustrated by the fact that she had so abruptly changed the game, I began to like the new turn of events.

When we got back to the kitchen Carol had put some toys on the floor. I immediately recognized the little soldiers, action figures and miniature cars which had belonged to Anthony. I looked from Carol to Laura wondering how they expected me to react. Laura smiled at her daughter, and then turned to me: “Before you are allowed to play with your toys your mother said you had to do your homework!”  At that moment I noticed the school exercise book on the table. Curious I sat at the table and Carol opened the book and showed some exercises I had to do. Intrigued I looked at it and noticed it were very simple counting exercises at a first grade level. The prospect of doing those simple exercises appealed enormously and taking the pencil Carol was holding I began to work.

They made me do the calculations for about ten minutes and then praised me for being so smart. Laura must have noticed I was disappointed it was already over because she took a writing pad with dual lined sheets, and told me to fill each line copying the same letter from end to end, a different letter on each line. Carefully writing between the lines was harder than I had expected and when I had filled a complete page this time I was happy it was over.  Giving me a hug Laura told me I could play until it would be time to eat.

Sitting on the ground playing with the action figures and cars felt awkward, especially with the two girls watching me. But after a while they stopped paying attention and watched some teen series on TV. As they hadn’t taken off my glasses I stopped playing and watched the series with them, until the pizza delivery boy rang the bell. They cut the pizzas in triangular pieces and the 3 of us ate with our fingers straight from the box, something Laura normally abhorred.

After finishing the pizzas and watching another show Carol told me to go upstairs, change into pajamas and brush my teeth. Being ordered by my daughter was strange but very cute. When I was ready I wondered what to do but as it was still very early I decided to rejoin them. In the meantime they were watching a DVD movie and hardly paid any attention to me. So I watched the movie with them, thinking the role playing was over for the day. But at the end of the movie Laura had another, last, surprise.

She first said it was much too late for little boys to still be up, and that if my mother would know this she would be very mad. I smiled but understood she was going to insist I go to bed so I stood up, and wanted to leave, but she stopped me and told me to wait. She disappeared in the kitchen and came back holding a pack of Dry Nites for older girls: “Your mother told me you have to wear those for in case you would have an accident”. She made me take off my pajama pants in full view of my daughter and pull on the brief-type training pants, illustrated with stars and a cute little monkey. They were way too small but still I managed to put them on.  I never had had brief-type diapers before and I loved the way they feel of them. Giving a kiss to both my wife and daughter I went upstairs.

In bed I went over the latest developments. Having my wife play the role of a nymphomaniac 13 year old girl was another dream come true. The fact that she had turned into my babysitter had been somewhat of a disappointment but still I had loved being looked after by both girls. I certainly wanted to play both roles again.

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Billyboy in shorts 1

Chapter 1

“It hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to remain calm, with your little bird sitting quietly in its cage, waiting for the day I will release it.  But for the time being you will learn that to have pleasure means having to suffer. I will arouse you and it will hurt, but you will not want it to stop. Little by little you will learn to  give me pleasure without getting aroused and just knowing you give me pleasure will be your reward“

To say that Billy had been educated in a protected environment would be the understatement of the century. Up to his 20th birthday he never spent one single night away from his mother. No sleepovers or sport camps, nothing.

The fact that he had been a bedwetter until he was 12 – and that his mother had kept him in nappies until he was 14 – had been the convenient excuse of course, for both of them. He didn’t want to leave the protective presence of his mother and she couldn’t imagine having her Billyboy spending a night out of her sight.

But also in all other aspects she was overprotective, treating her son as if he was a 10 year old kid. And even for a 10 year old the way she treated him would have been strange. For instance they both thought it completely normal that she helped him dress every morning and that at night she bathed him before helping him to bed, tucking him in under his covers.

His mother dressed him most of the time in tight-fitting, grey or dark blue, shorts, and knee high socks, much like a school uniform.  Going out with his skateboard, dressed like that, set him apart from the boys and girls his age. He never quiet understood why they began keeping him at a distance, or even made fun of him. Over the years Billy saw his friends abandon him several times, every time finding new, younger, ones. Often the kid brothers of his former friends. This never really bothered him.  As he looked at his former friends as they hung around doing nothing, completely bored, he didn’t understand why they didn’t come to play with him and his friends. Kiting, cycling, skateboarding, building an improvised cabin in the neighbor’s yard, there were so many fun things to do. Even in winter he was never bored. He liked to play computer games but he loved even more model building, for which he had quiet some talent. His whole room was filled with models he had built and that he loved to show to his little friends.  When they would notice the teddy bear sitting on his bed he was not ashamed to tell them that he always slept with the animal, and was surprised to learn that they had abandoned their cuddles a long time ago.

When he had been 17 his teachers had encouraged him to send applications to some prestigious universities, as he was an excellent student. His mother, after the initial surprise, had encouraged him but doing it in a way that completely undermined his confidence.  She would take him in her arms and hugging him hard, asked who would ever have expected her little Billyboy to be able to go to Oxford. Or she would make an appointment with his teacher and then come home and tell him she was so proud of him because the teacher had told her he was such a good student that he expected really outstanding marks. And as she surely had expected he became nervous for his exams, something he never had experienced before because his mother had never paid any attention to his schoolwork. And of course with the stress the nightly accidents came back. Before long his mother had him back in nappies every night. When finally he got his results they were good enough to get him in some of the top schools – not Oxford or Cambridge but not far below. But of course by that time the possibility of him leaving home to live in a student home was out of the question – he could hardly sleep in a dorm wearing nappies – , so they decided he would attend the local university.

University was not so different from school. Just as for school he went there by bike, as well in summer as in winter. Only the distance was longer. His mother mostly dressed him in pants but on sunny days he would still wear shorts. The difference however was that there were no smaller boys to play with. He tried to make new friends amongst the skaters but their dare-devil approach did not match with his prudent ways. As for their tattoos, baggy pants and other paraphilia he couldn’t imagine wearing such things. What would his mother say?

That’s when he discovered girls. Until then he had never paid much attention to them, thinking them horribly boring, even more so than the boys his age. But now at university some girls took interest in him and he had nowhere to escape to. One day one of the girls commented on his nice legs, and the others began giggling.  He thought that a very silly observation. What was there to be nice about his legs? He shrugged and, observing the girl was wearing a short skirt over bare legs, he wanted to ask if she thought her legs were less nice than his. But the way the girls were looking at him, exchanging smiles between each other, had an unnerving effect. And suddenly he noticed that their legs were quite different from his. They were very elegant, and seemed so soft. He suddenly wanted to touch them and this realization made him blush. ” Your legs are nicer!”  he blurted out to the merriment of the girls. The girl who had initialized the topic was encouraged to carry the teasing somewhat further and making some place on the bench between her and the girl next to her, summoned him to come and sit between them. Turning even redder he stood up and did as asked. When he was seated between the two girls he didn’t know where to put his hands and finally posed them on his knees. As if she had been reading his thoughts she took one hand and put it on her upper leg: “Doesn’t that feel soft?” His throat was shut tight so he just nodded while everybody laughed out loud. But it wasn’t over yet: “Look girls, I think in a few seconds his shorts are going to burst open!” Billy as well as all the others looked at his crouch and it was obvious he had a huge boner inside his shorts. That’s when the girl decided it had been enough. Taking his hand off her leg she told him to go relief himself before he messed up his shorts. Standing up Billy realized it was too late, that he had already come in his shorts. He ran off to the toilets hearing the girls having fun behind his back

From then on he avoided as much as possible any girl, condemned at spending most of his time on campus alone. But the encounter had changed his life. He yearned for girls in a terrible way. Every time he saw a girl, even from a distance, he felt his member grow and had to hurry to the toilets to relief himself, but he didn’t dare to approach them.

When a few years later Billy had obtained his bachelor degree the question was what to do now? His mother agreed that he was too young to get a job. The alternative was to pursue a master degree, but the masters that were in line with his capacities and interests were not offered in the local university. He would have to go to another town and take a room in a student home. Since he had entered university he hadn’t worn nappies, so that was not an issue anymore. Nevertheless Billy dreaded to have to live with other boys and girls his age, without his mother to tell him what to do and wear, and without her bathing him and tucking him in at night. And his mother of course shared these concerns. The option of finding him a private room was not realistic for financial reasons.

When he was accepted at a school some 300 miles from where he lived solving the dilemma became urgent. As summer progressed and the beginning of school got nearer they began to panic. Towards the end of summer they hoped to have found the solution when his mother encountered boarding facilities in a private house at a reduced rate in exchange for some help in the household.

The very next day they made an appointment and drove up to the university city. They easily found the house. It seemed a little far from campus, but they estimated it would take him only about 15 minutes to get there by bike, so that was not too bad. It was a street with small identical two story row houses, somewhat depressing. When they rang the doorbell the door was opened by a gorgeous girl in her mid-twenties. As always when he was confronted with a good looking girl he was lost. Luckily his mother was there to present themselves. The girl gave them a warm smile: “Sure we were expecting you, come on in.”  She introduced herself “I’m Jenny.” Still not recovered he tried to tell her his name but didn’t manage, so it was his mother who had to introduce him.  The girl led them inside and he was surprised to see that the house was very bright and well-furnished, decorated with modern design and art. Quite a contrast with the exterior.

She led them to a living room with an open kitchen and a large glass door leading to a small walled garden. On the terrace he noticed another beautiful girl a little bit older than Jenny, and he heard himself being introduced: “Melinda, this is Billy, our new tenant, and his mother”. The girl stood up revealing extremely long legs under a small short. As she walked towards them he was awestruck. This was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He didn’t have to see the room, or hear about the conditions, anymore. If he had to leave his mother, then this was the place he wanted to live. But then he heard the second girl addressing herself to her friend:”Not too fast darling, he has not been accepted yet”. She smiled at Billy: “To be honest when Jenny told me she had made an appointment with a boy I wasn’t too sure. In general boys don’t make good housemaids.”

Billy turned red. Housemaid? Is that how they saw him? “Eum, but, eum, I am very clean, and always help my mother in the household.” He looked desperately at his mother, but Jenny and Melinda irrupted in a loud laugh. “She is just kidding. We actually prefer a male boarder. Less jealousy and complications! ” Despite his confusion Billy noted the eye exchange between the girls. And when Melinda put her arm around Jenny and the latter rested her head on her friends shoulder Billy suddenly understood the nature of the relationship. For some reason this was reassuring, and he calmed down.  He looked at his mother and understood she had known the girls to be a couple all the time and it seemed to suit her too.

They visited the house and discussed the price – very affordable as he was paying only half value in exchange for help in the household. Less than an hour after his arrival they had agreed he would move in at the beginning of the school year, 3 weeks from then.  As they drove home he was extremely happy. The only problem was that they never got around discussing what kind of help would be expected from him. But his mother assured him that that would work out alright.

The next 3 weeks went by very fast. Billy was vaguely aware that his mother called several times with Jenny and Melinda, and she seemed ever more satisfied with the arrangements. The day before the first day of classes she drove him there again, but this time with a packed car. The bike had been put on the top, and in the trunk he brought his skate board, and even a number of his model planes and cars to decorate his room, to make him feel at home.

Saying good bye to his mother had been very hard, but he had managed not to cry, and Melinda and Jenny had been very attentive the whole evening, until he went to bed.  Living in the same house as Melinda made him almost forget that he wasn’t going to see his mother for some months, and going to bed he took his cuddle in his arms and dreaming of Melinda he fell asleep.

The next morning when he came out of the shower the door of the bathroom opened and Melinda walked in. Assuming she hadn’t known he was there he blurted out a sorry and held the bath towel before his private parts, expecting her to leave immediately. But she calmly closed the door behind her and gave him an appreciative look.

-“Are you a swimmer?”

– “No, why?”

– “Because you have no body hair and a nice chest!”  She smiled appreciatively, and reaching towards the towel, gently pulled it away.

–  “Come on let me see!”

Billy’s mother had always insisted to remove all his body hair for hygienic reasons. Something he thought was quiet natural and he assumed that all clean people did the same. Melinda was now standing very close to him, holding the towel in one hand and putting another hand on his chest. Billy didn’t understand.

-“But aren’t you a …?”

-“A lesbian? Sure I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good virile fuck from time to time. Are you a good fuck?”  She was stroking his chest holding her face very close to his. Billy was again completely helpless.

“Euh, I don’t know.”

Melinda smiled again.

–          “You don’t know? Are you a virgin?”

–          “No, I’m a boy!”

Melinda irrupted in a loud but gentle laugh, and cupped his private parts with the hand that had been stroking his chest

–          “I can see that! But are you a boy-virgin? You never made love, did you? “

–          “No, never”

Bill looked at his feet embarrassed but Melinda pulling him by the hand opened the door.

–          “Poor boy, we must repair that immediately. Providence send you to the right address “

A few minutes later she pushed him on his back on her bed and while he watched with open mouth she undressed and then took out a condom, which she expertly began slipping over his member, which had grown to never seen dimensions.  He immediately began groaning with pleasure. She stopped and told him to keep quiet: “It’s not the damn condom that has to get the pleasure but me, Billyboy.”  Billyboy? How did she know? But he tried to concentrate on not to come and felt how she softly continued putting the condom in place, and when she was ready, laid down on him guiding his member into her with her hand.

–          “Now you wait! I’ll be moving up and down on you and you just wait. Don’t you dare to come before I tell you!”

He held out for almost a whole minute before he had to let go with a big sigh. He had never experienced such a heavenly feeling. Melinda laughed

–          “Guess that’s not bad for a first time boy, but you’ll have to learn to do better, much better. Don’t worry I’ll teach you.” 

She rolled over on her back and his shrunken penis, with the filled condom still hanging on to it, flipped out of her pussy.

–          “Now that you have had your pleasure I will teach you to give me my pleasure.  Go down there and start licking.  For the time being I expect more from your tongue than from that little thing down there. “

Billy looked at his little stick and, embarrassed, took off the condom, and let himself slide down the bed. Putting his head between her legs began licking as he had been instructed. He had never been happier in his life.  Not only was he still reliving his climax from some moments before, but lying with his head between the most exquisite legs in the world, was a dream come true. And his happiness increased even more when Melinda began groaning with pleasure. She held his head with her two hands in place whispering between two sighs to go on.

When an eternity later she was finally satisfied she gently pulled him by her side, gave him a gentle kiss on his lips, and said he had been wonderful. At that moment he fell even more hopelessly in love with her. From then on he would worship her, as she had expected. As he whispered in her ear that he loved her she smiled, and answered that she knew it.

They laid there for a while and then she asked if he had liked to fuck her. To what he answered enthusiastically, without hesitation, that it had been heaven. She nodded and then asked if he had liked to lick her pussy. Again he cried out with as much conviction that that too had been heaven. She nodded again, and then asked what had been the best. And when he answered that both had been equally good she told him not to lie. So he admitted that he had preferred fucking her.

–          “Sure, I knew that. Well listen, I’m sure you have been masturbating a lot, haven’t you? “

He blushed and admitted he had.

–          “Well, what you did right now was masturbate inside me.”

He wanted to protest but she stopped him.

–          “I’m going to teach you to really make love to a girl, ok?”

He nodded. She reached down and taking his, still little, dangling, stick in her hand, she began rubbing it. In a few seconds it had grown hard again and she gently put on a new condom.

–          “Now you come back, and make sure I climax, but don’t come yourself. Forget about yourself, just show me you love me by giving me pleasure, selflessly. Can you that?”

She climbed again on top of him and began riding him hard. From time he would cry out to stop, to which she obeyed immediately, keeping quiet for a few seconds telling him he was a good boy. He was able to do that for almost 5 minutes, but then again, he came, giving a few strong thrusts, and then falling back with a deep sigh. A few moments later his member had shrunken again and she looked at him cross:

–          “Is that all the love you have for me?”

He wanted to apologize but she wouldn’t let him, and telling him to wait, she turned away.

Once alone Billyboy closed his eyes, in pure bliss, silently repeating Melinda’s name over and over. Making love to her was so much better than masturbating. He would never have believed that such a pleasure actually existed. He knew he had disappointed her and that made him sad, but he was telling himself that is was because it was the first time, that he would learn to do it better. She was the most wonderful being on earth and he would do anything to satisfy her. When he heard her coming back into the room he opened his eyes and sitting up blurted out that he was sorry, that he loved her, that he was going to learn to satisfy her, … She smiled at him:

–           “Ssst, I know all that darling, and I’m going to help you, I’m going to teach you how to satisfy me. Do you want me to do that?”

He looked at her with eyes overflowing with love and admiration:

–          ”Oh yes Melinda, please!”

–          “You call me Mistress from now on ! Ok then. Listen, the problem is your frequent masturbation. You have trained yourself to gratify yourself. I’m going to reverse that conditioning and train you to satisfy me, to forget about your own pleasure.”

Billy wanted very badly to satisfy her, but what did she mean with forgetting his own pleasure? She was not going to deny him the pleasure he had experienced that morning? Seeing the panic is his eyes she smiled:

–          “Don’t you worry boy. I’m going to condition you in such a way that satisfying me is going to give you as much pleasure as what you experienced this morning, and on top of that, I will teach you to have orgasms compared to which what you experienced this morning will pale.“

He looked at her as if doubting if that was possible.

–          “Just trust  me! You don’t have much of a choice anyway as I’m not going to have sex with you if you don’t follow my instructions!”

But Billy did trust her and putting his arms around her neck he whispered that he loved her and would do everything she asked. She smiled and gently kissed him on his mouth:

–          “You are such a sweet boy Billyboy. I think I’m going to love you very much!”

Next she showed him a chastity device, and explained it was all about a little rationing. Rationing his orgasms would increase their intensity and in the mean-time he would learn to please her without getting immediate reward.

Billyboy watched curiously while she put the chastity cage on his member. When she was ready and the cage was closed with a little key that she hung around her neck, she kissed him on the mouth while softly stroking his balls, making his member grow again.

–          “How does that feel? “

Billy groaned in agony.

–          “I make you suffer and you like that, don’t you? “

–          “Yes”

–          “You are a fast learner! Time to lick me again but this time with your little bird in its cage.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, opened her legs and had Billy sit on the floor in front of her and instructed him to lick her again. After a few seconds it was her time to groan, but from pleasure. Billy understood he was doing a good job and this encouraged him. After a while however his tongue became tired but when he slowed down she told him to continue. He concentrated on her groaning and this kept him going. After an eternity she finally said he could stop, patting him on the head:

–          “Good boy. Look your little bird is all relaxed”

Billy had indeed forgotten about his own pleasure, and looking down between his legs, he saw she was right. She stood up and advised him to rest. Billy lay down on the bed, still gasping from exhaustion. He suddenly realized time was passing and that he was going to be late for his first day of class. He jumped up, calling out to Melinda he had to go. She turned around telling him he was too late anyway, that he would have to pretend he had been ill, and then added that his lessons for the day weren’t finished yet, not by far. That’s when he noticed that she was standing in front of him with her legs slightly open, and her feet firmly planted on the floor, putting  on a strap-on dildo,

–          “After learning how to give, time to learn how to receive! Stand up, turn around and bend forward, my little darling!”

Billy, afraid for what was coming but all excited at the same time,  turned towards the bed and putting his hands on it, bended over. The next thing was that he felt how her finger, covered with gel, prodded into his little hole.

–          “Oh, what a cute little virgin asshole”

As she pushed her fingers deeper inside his ass, for a split second it felt as heaven but then his member, cramped in the device, ached horrible, and he cried out.   

–          “It hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to remain calm, with your little bird sitting quietly in its cage, waiting for the day I will release it.  But for the time being you will learn that to have pleasure means having to suffer. I will arouse you and it will hurt, but you will not want it to stop. Little by little you will learn to  give me pleasure without getting aroused and just knowing you give me pleasure will be your reward“

At that moment Billy felt how she thrust the dildo in his ass, and he cried out in pain again, as she moved it vigorously in and out.

–          “Are you alright little darling? There you are, twice deflowered in one morning. You are such a good pupil Billyboy!”

He cried out, not able to retain his tears, until she stopped. She made him lie on the bed in her arms, swiping away his tears with a soft hand, and then kissing him on his mouth.

–          “You are the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. I love you, and when you will be completely trained I will love you even more. Do you still love me?”

Billy whispered he loved her very much.

She smiled and then answered he should go and wash up as she still had to show him what was expected from him in the household.  Some 15 minutes later he had taken his second shower of the day and, dressed in a tight fitting T-shirt and jeans went to the kitchen where Melinda was reading the papers over a cup of coffee. She asked what he wanted for breakfast and then told him to sit down as she served him. Surprised he asked if he shouldn’t been serving her. She smiled and answered he had served her very well already. Billy, feeling proud, sat down.  She sat next to him while he had breakfast telling him that she was about to leave but she could show him around a little bit and Jenny had told her she was coming home around midday. 

After breakfast Melinda showed him all the household stuff: the soap and salt for the dishwasher, the brooms closet, the maintenance products, the dust bins, …. Billy panicked, wondering if he was really expected to do all those chores. But when they had done the tour of the house Melinda, reading his mind, smiled: “Don’t worry, we split the work between the 3 of us. This morning I will help you empty the dishwasher so that you learn where we put the things, and then I will be off. If you could just make the beds before Jenny comes home and that will be all, ok?” Relieved Billy answered there was no problem. Melinda smiled back and opening a closet took out a small apron and handed it to him:

–          “One last thing.  I want you to wear an apron while you do the household.”

–          “ Euh, is that really necessary?”

–          “Just to remind you of your place in this house.  I like things to be clear!”

Billy looked disappointed which she noticed:

–          “Come on, don’t look so surprised. You know Jenny and I are lovers, and that we prefer to have a boy as tenant to avoid jealousies. You can love me, and I think you are a darling, and I’m sure Jenny too will like you very much. But you are not our equal. Never will. But lets’ get to work now“

She took Billy by his shoulders and turned him around, fastening the apron in his waist. Reaching underneath, she stroked him between his legs, while she placed a sucking kiss in his neck. His member immediately swelling in its cage, he groaned from pain and pleasure. Melinda took a step back to look at his neck, and noticing the kiss mark, smiled in satisfied way:

–          “Marked like that people will know you belong to someone.”

Before Billy could react she opened the dishwasher and showed him where they put the glasses. When they had emptied the dishwasher she prepared to leave as he began making the bed of the girls. Being alone in the room of his mistress excited him, but concentrating hard he managed to prevent his member to harden again, avoiding another painful incident. Until she entered the room to say good bye, lifting her skirt and asking him to kiss her pantie. He loved to feel the pain in his dick.

When she was gone he finished the bed, and then went into his own room, to tidy it up. When he saw himself in the mirror wearing the apron he hesitated to take it off.  But he remembered she had said that she wanted him to wear the apron “while he did the household”. Figuring that tidying his own room was not doing the household he decided to take it off. He sat down at his desk and went over that mornings happening.  Opening his pants he watched his little bird in its cage. Why had he accepted to wear it? He realized that he was ready to do anything that Melinda asked, and smiled happily. At that moment he heard the voice of Jenny asking if anybody was home.

When he went towards her she looked surprised:

–          “Aren’t you in class?”

–          “Eum, Melinda and I kind of forgot the time.”

She looked at him with large eyes, in which Billy thought to see some disappointment:

–          “No? Don’t tell me she got you already?”

He blushed and began to stammer he was sorry, but she interrupted him, laughing:

–          “So she did! Well this must be her absolute record! Don’t be sorry for me, I know she needs her little games but she will always love me. But how about you? Are you sure you are up to it?

–          “Oh, yes! She is so beautiful, I am so happy she likes me.”

She looked at him worried:

–          “I see. She really got to you, didn’t she?  Nothing I can do about that. Except to warn you that she can be very cruel. She once tried to make me her little slave, but I refused. However she needs to have someone to order around, to have at her disposal.

She put her arm around his shoulders:

–          “She will take you to heaven, but she will make you suffer for it. If at a certain moment you can’t take it anymore don’t hesitate to come to me. She always listens to me.”

She kissed him softly on his forehead and then told him to wait while she changed into something more comfortable and then she would show him some more things for the household. A few minutes later she came back wearing a very short skirt, and she showed him where to find the ironing table and put him to work. He often helped his mother with the ironing so he knew how to do it.  When Jenny left him alone he wondered about what she had told him, but that made him think of beautiful Melinda and he felt his penis grow in its cage. It hurt but he couldn’t help imagining she was riding him hard with his dick deep inside her. This hurt so much he had to stop ironing but still he didn’t want it to stop.

He ran to his room and taking off his pants looked at the device trying to figure out how to take it off.  Lying on his bed with his legs wide open he realized there was nothing he could do but wait for his member to shrink. At that moment Jenny knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer entered the room, asking if he was alright. His voice distorted by pain he answered he was fine. She looked at him with pity, answered he didn’t look fine at all, and taking him by the hand she made him follow her to the bathroom, limping behind her.

In the bathroom she helped him take off his pants and then had him enter the shower where she sprayed his manhood with cold water, which made it shrink real fast. He was relieved but disappointed at the same time.  Seeing this she sighted but made no further comment.  Simply telling him to come out of the shower she helped him dry his private parts and legs.

–          “Poor thing, you really will have to learn to wait to be freed before getting yourself all excited. But come on, let’s get dressed again.”

He followed her to his room again but when he wanted to put on his pants again she stopped him.

–          “I noticed you have a nice collection of shorts. I’m sure that Melinda will love to see your nice bum in tight fitting shorts with naked legs.”

He gave her a surprised but grateful look.

–          “You really think so? “

But he had already turned towards his closet and began choosing a pair of shorts. With the help of Jenny he chose a pair of dark blue corduroy shorts.  But when he pulled them up he noticed they were so tight that the chastity device formed a very visible bulk. When he hesitated if he could walk around like that Jenny smiled and assured him that Melinda would love it. They finished his outfit with a tight fitting polo shirt tugged inside the shorts and a pair of white under-the-knee socks.  Exactly the kind of outfit he was used to wear at home, however he felt unsure if that was the way he wanted to dress to impress his lover. Jenny assured him again that Melinda was going to find him very sexy, and then, whispering in his ear, she added, that she loved it too. He looked at her surprised and grateful again.

When that evening Melinda came home she looked him up and down and then grabbed him between the legs.

-“How are you doing sexy boy? Ready to suffer?”

Opening his shorts she pushed her hand inside them and stroked his balls. His member exploded inside the device and he groaned in pain, which made her smile.

–          “You go and fix me a dry martini sexy boy!”

With that she turned towards Jenny who had been watching the whole scene and they embraced passionately while Billy limped towards the kitchen. A few moments later he was joined by Jenny who showed him how to prepare a dry martini and poured herself a glass of white wine. Just as he finished the martini Melinda entered.  She was wearing a gorgeous summer dress and Billy almost dropped the glass on the floor awed by the sight of his goddess. But she did as if she didn’t notice and dismissed him as they began preparing dinner. He installed himself in front of the TV but couldn’t help glancing at the girls who, while they were cooking, kissed and stroked each other all the time.  

During dinner they continued to demonstrate their passion for each other as Billy was condemned to watch them, suffering miserably. After the meal he was told to clean up the kitchen. When he obediently started cleaning off the table Melinda asked where his apron was. When he blushingly answered he thought he had let it in his room he was told to go fetch it and when Melinda fastened it again around his waist she stroked him between his legs. This time he was prepared and managed not to have a hard one.  Being stroked by his goddess without suffering was a relief.

When he was done he hesitated what to do. The girls were watching a movie, Jenny sitting between the legs of Melinda, resting in her arms. She noticed that he was looking at them and asked if he wanted to join them. An invitation she didn’t have to repeat. But as he approached he didn’t know where to sit. The girls occupied the sofa in front of the TV and the only other seat had its back turned to the set. Melinda gave him one of her sardonic smiles and motioned him to come closer, showing the floor next to the sofa:

-“Your place is here, right at my feet, Billyboy.”

When he sat down on the floor leaning against the sofa he felt how she stroked his hair, which made him feel happy. But after a while she stopped and, watching over his shoulder, he discovered the girls where kissing again. A few moments later Jenny had taken off her shirt and Melinda was kissing her breasts. She then lied down on the sofa, pulling Jenny on top of her and putting her hands underneath her girlfriend’s skirt and into her panties, she caressed her until she began breathing heavily. Embarrassed Billy wanted to leave but Melinda stopped him:

–          “Hey, don’t go Billy! Sit on your knees over there and lick my feet and toes! While I make Jenny come you make sure I come too that way! “

Billy couldn’t believe what was happening to him, but he immediately complied wondering if it was really possible that he would make her come by licking her feet. It took a while but at a certain moment he was sure he heard both girl sighting from pleasure. And when the girls finally stopped and Melinda told him he had been very good, he felt proud. Jenny left them for a moment and Melinda smiled telling him to get up and to take off his shorts. She then pulled him towards her and made him sit between her legs. While she kissed and sucked him in his neck, making a second mark, she stroked his balls. He groaned in agony again;

–          “Oh, does that hurt?”

–          “Yes”, he managed to whisper.

–          “You want me to stop?”

–          ”No!”

–          “You want me to take that thing off, and make you come inside me?”

–          “Oh yes, yes, please!”

She stopped caressing him:

–          “Oh no, not yet boy!”

At that moment Jenny came back and told them she was tired and was going to bed. She was wearing a short sexy nightdress. The way she looked at her girlfriend, and how Melina jumped to her feet and smiled at her, Billy knew they weren’t going to sleep yet.  He stood up too, and both girls gave him a speedy goodnight kiss.

As he went to bed he couldn’t help dreaming again of Melinda lying on top of him riding him to heaven, and he was soon groaning in agony. He really had to learn to think about her without having his thing grow hard! As the pain slowly ebbed away he fell asleep.

The next morning when he came out of his shower he was hoping that Melinda would join him again but nothing happened. When he was dressed he went to the kitchen but neither of the girls was there so, disappointed, he left for the university.  He came back home in the late afternoon and found Jenny at home. She was kind as always, asking him how his first day had been. He first gave her extensive answers to her questions and then, timidly asked where Melinda was. Jenny smiled and told him she was expecting her girl friend to come home only after dinner. He was relieved she did as if she hadn’t seen his disappointment and gave him instructions regarding the household chores to be done. And he was even more relieved when she proposed to help him. The first day at uni had been overwhelming and he had an urgent need to take some time to get himself organized.  When they had finished cleaning the house they had a quick frozen dinner together and he went to his room to work. A couple of hours later he heard Melinda’s car pulling up in front of the house. He could hardly retain himself not to run up to her but realized that was not his role. Opening his door just a little bit he saw indeed how the girls jumped into each other’s arms. The sudden sting between his legs made him groan and he retreated into his room.  Half an hour later he couldn’t hold anymore, and decided to join them. But when he came to the living room he saw how the girls were lying on the sofa again, and deciding he really didn’t want to repeat the scene of the previous night, he went quietly back to his room.

Quite some time later his door flew open and Melinda, wearing a short baby-doll dress, entered.

–          “How is my boy doing tonight?”

Billy jumped from his chair and stammered he was doing great, even better now that she was there. This made her laugh. She put one hand between his legs and the other under his shirt.

–          “I see you have dressed sexy. Wanting to get hurt again, aren’t you? “

Billy was indeed again wearing tight fitting shorts under a simple plain white T-shirt, putting in evidence his broad chest. Blushing he nodded. It was only at that moment that he noticed she was holding the strap on dildo in her hand.

–          “OK then, get undressed and lean against the wall. Let’s make that little ass hole somewhat wider again!”

This time Billy cried out in pain. Both from the dildo being forced way up his ass, but also from his own member almost bursting out of its little cage. When she was done she gently swiped off his tears and told him he was good boy.

The next day started in the same way with Billy leaving for school without seeing either of the girls. And when he came home nobody was there but he found a small note with the household instructions. He was still busy at it when Melinda came home. She first reproached him for not wearing an apron, but then she took him in her arms.

–          “You have been wonderful, adapting so well to your new live. I think you deserve a reward.”

With that she pulled at the chain around her neck and showed him the little key.  The next hour was heaven. She rode him as mustang and he was able to hold out for more than 20 minutes, and then burst out as an irrupting volcano, firing his lava deep inside his mistress making her cry out loud. When she told him he had been great, a real champ, he felt happier than he had ever been.

Being put back in his chastity device was not even a punishment. It was just the preparation for the next trip to heaven.

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Memories 5

I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed doing this. Of course the fact that sitting in the playpen with messy diapers made me feel very babyish was a big part of this feeling of wellbeing. But there was more . I was very aware of the sensual feeling of the poop coming out of my little hole and of the soft, warm mass, engulfing my private parts.  I even liked the smell.”



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Chapter 5

The next day Jennifer had some shopping to do and we drove to a brand new shopping small, a concept we didn’t know in Europe yet at the time. She made me put on grey, tight fitting, shorts, under a white polo shirt, which made me look like an English school boy. I hated the boring look, but realized that I couldn’t go shopping wearing a dress or baby clothes of course.

In the mall we went to a department store where Jennifer was looking at the baby clothes when I was attracted by the girl’s clothes section a little bit further. Going over there to have a closer look, my attention was caught by a collection of accessories. I suddenly longed to be a girl again and to be able to wear colorful bracelets, hairpins and earrings.

Looking furtively around if nobody was watching me I tried on a couple of bracelets and watched myself in the mirror. I looked silly wearing bracelets with boy’s clothes but nevertheless I tried on other stuff. I was soon completely absorbed by it, trying to imagine how it would look if I wore a dress, and didn’t notice Jenifer coming over – pushing David in his stroller – until she was standing next to me: “They look lovely on you”. I jumped up, blushing once more. Jennifer looked at the rack and taking out a headband with a big flower attached to it, suggested its color would go well with the bracelets I was wearing, and before I could react she had me try on the headband. This encouraged me to go on trying other stuff, under the amused eye of Jennifer. After a while I decided which bracelets, and which butterfly-shaped hairpins I liked most, and she offered to buy them for me. At that very moment a salesperson came over: “Going to a hippy party?” Jennifer was as surprised as me and was speechless for a split second, but then smiled at the saleswoman: “Yes indeed, he is invited to a themed birthday party where everybody has to be dressed a hippy. We just made our choice, didn’t we Chris?”  Not able to speak I nodded and handed the selected accessories to the saleswoman, following her to the cash register.

I was all excited, thanking Jenifer with a big hug, and, with the prospect of putting on my new things, was ready to go home immediately. But Jennifer had more shopping to do and we continued. A little while later David messed up his diapers and Jennifer, taking him to the changing room, told me to wait for them in the toys’ store that we had just passed. As I obediently turned around to go to the shop she stopped me. Thanking me for having been such good company since I had arrived she wanted to buy me a real present, telling me to go and choose something in the store. I was of course very excited and giving her another hug wanted to hurry to the store, but when Jennifer asked if I had any idea what I was going to look for I had no clue. She smiled, and bending over she whispered in my ear: “I think my little baby girl would love to have a nice dolly, don’t you think so?”  Once more I turned all red, but she was right, I would love to get a nice doll.

Entering the store I went straight to the dolls section where I was overwhelmed by the choice. At first I was attracted to the life size baby dolls, but then my attention got caught by the Barbie’s and Dawn dolls, only to go back to the talking  and walking mechanical dolls. I would have loved to have them all. As could have been expected after a while I was interrupted by a salesperson who asked if I needed any help. Blushing for the umpteenth time that day I stuttered I was just looking. The woman gave me a strange look and then insisted, asking if I was looking for something specific. I managed to answer that I was looking for a present for my little niece.

The attitude of the saleswoman changed completely: “Oh, how nice! And how old is your little niece?” Again I was completely taken by surprise and stammered I didn’t know. Very patiently the woman asked if my niece was going to kindergarten. By that time I was recovering my senses and I answered she was going to start primary school. The next question was how much I had planned to spend on the present. Again I couldn’t answer, but luckily Jennifer arrived at that moment.  She was clearly intrigued by the scene and asked if I had made my choice. Relieved I answered I couldn’t make up my mind as I didn’t know how much I could spend. Generous as always Jenifer answered that was of no importance, I just had to choose what fancied me most.

Afraid that the saleswoman would find out the doll was for me I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. I took a large life-sized baby doll out of the rack and said I thought Beth would love that one. Jenifer understanding what I had told the lady, laughed, and began teasing me: “Don’t you think Beth is somewhat old for that?” The saleswoman interrupted her by saying that she understood the little girl was 6 and that many girls of that age loved the doll.

Jenifer corrected her: “Oh no, the girl is 11 years old!” And then she turned to me in mock surprise: “But why have you said Beth was only 6?”  I was horrified and looked at her with pleading eyes. But she continued in her teasing way: “OK, let’s buy the doll and if Beth doesn’t like it you can keep it yourself. I guess that’s what you are really after, no?”  The horror continued when she turned to the flabbergasted woman and said in a confidential tone: “He will never admit it, but he loves to play with dolls”

The woman looked at us not knowing how to react, kept quiet, and taking the doll walked towards the cash register. Jenifer winked at me and then we followed the lady. While Jennifer paid the lady asked an assistant to gift-wrap the doll.  In the car the large pack was sitting between me and David, making me anxious to get home. But I was even more excited with the idea to put on the bracelets and hairpins that Jennifer had put in her bag. When getting home I asked Jennifer if I could put on my presents and open the package she told me to be patient, that she first wanted to diaper me before I had an accident. I loved to be diapered so I promised to be patient. When she had pinned on the diapers and pulled up the plastic pants she opened still another present that she had bought without me noticing it.

When I saw the pretty sundress that she took out I was overjoyed. It was a cute green dress that was fastened over the shoulders with blue ribbons knotted in nice bows. On the front it had 2 little fishes and a starfish with a smiling face on it. The skirt fell to my knees completely covering my diapers and plastic pants. As until then she had always dressed me with short dresses over assorted baby pants I began to wonder if she wanted to take me out dressed like this. Exciting, but at the same time disturbing, idea. With my short hairs I didn’t really look like a girl anymore although dressed like that people would still think I was one. But what if we met someone we knew?

When I was dressed she finally took out the small packs with the accessories and put two butterfly pins in my – short – hair, and helped me put on the bracelets. When she told me to look in the mirror I agreed I looked very cute, and completely girlish.

I spend the rest of the day happily playing with my new doll, sucking on a pacifier.

The next day Jennifer decided we would have a quiet day at home. I understood that that meant I was going to be babied all day but I didn’t mind. To be honest, I think I was very excited with the prospect of being a little baby for a whole day.

That morning, in what had become the daily scenario, baby David had woken me up by making little noises in his cradle. As the crib was too small for him and he risked falling by trying to climb out of it he was attached with a baby harness. But that didn’t seem to annoy him at all. The harness permitted him to sit on his knees to play. As I woke up I also sat on my knees holding the side panel of my cod with my hands and we “talked” to each other making funny noises until Jennifer came to take us out of bed.

She lowered the side panel of my cod bed and checked my diapers (“Gosh Chris, your diapers are soaked! But I guess they will hold out until after breakfast.”) , took David out of his crib (“You are almost as wet as your big sister.”), and, taking me by the hand, led us to the kitchen.

David was installed in his high chair and she fastened a bib around both our necks and then served us a bowl of oatmeal that she spoon-fed simultaneously to the two of us giving a spoonful to each one alternatively

After breakfast we went to the bathroom where she took off our wet diapers and we were put in bath. I loved to play with little David in the water, holding him between my legs and having water run over his face as his shrieked with pleasure. Or sitting on opposite sides of the bath facing each other with our legs open and making the plastic ducks and boats float to each other. But the best moment of the bath was of course standing up and having Jennifer wash me from top to toe.

After bath she first diapered David. I loved to watch her put on the little baby’s diaper.  To watch how she laid him down on the changing table, richly powdered his chubby legs, softly rubbing the powder everywhere, and then lifting his legs pushing the folded cloth diaper underneath his bottom, fold the diapers around his legs and fasten them with safety pins, to end the whole process with pulling up plastic pants. She next dressed him in a short legged romper fitting around his short chubby legs with elastics.

I loved to watch the whole process knowing that next it would be my turn. She told me to wait while she carried David to his pen. When she came back she told me to come out of the bath and then wrapping me in a large towel dried me vigorously. Next I had to lay on the ground where she, kneeling next to me, proceeded exactly in the same way as with David. I loved the feeling and the smell of the baby powder, but the high point was always the moment she tightly folded the heavy cloth diapers around my legs and fastened them with safety pins. But having to stand up so that she could pull up the plastic pants, having them snap around each leg, was almost as good. I was happy to see she took out the sundress from the previous day for me to wear again.

When I was ready she took out some toys and sat down on the floor with us to play. I began building a tower with the building blocks and proudly showed her how good I was. David tried to imitate me but of course wasn’t able to put more than two blocks on top of each other. I made fun of him, in a friendly teasing way. Jennifer seemed amused by the idea that I was making it seem like a competition between me and the 9 month old baby.

She went away and came back holding a roll of duck-tape in her hands. Telling me to come over she told me to hold out my hands and proceeded to tape my fingers together, leaving only my thumbs free. She smiled broadly: “Let’s see who builds the best towers now.”

I soon discovered how hard it was to take the blocks with bandaged hands and to try to deposit one block on top of the other this way. But after a few attempts I got it under control and was rewarded with a big hug from Jennifer. As in the meantime David had messed up his pants she was going to change him but before leaving me alone handed me a coloring book and pencils, instructing me to try to keep within the lines as well as possible.

Coloring with my fingers taped together proved to be extremely hard and the result looked as if a 2 year old had been doing it. But this didn’t annoy me at all, on the contrary realizing she was turning me ever more into a baby made me feel happy.

When Jennifer came back she looked at my work, smiled, and sitting next to me gave me a kiss, telling I was doing great. She had put David in his playpen and told me to join him, after what she disappeared to the kitchen soon coming back holding a baby bottle of milk for each of us.

When we had finished drinking our bottles she asked if we wanted to go out for a walk in the garden. It was a rhetorical question to which she wasn’t expecting any answer. Nevertheless, looking at the way I was dressed, I wanted to tell her I thought we were doing fine at home but she anticipated it by taking my hand and telling me to climb out of the pen as she was going to change me into a more appropriate outfit. I happily followed her to the bathroom where she first checked my diapers – which were still dry – and then took off the dress, and untaped my fingers.

She helped me into a white dress shirt with a Peter Pan collar. This wasn’t exactly the kind of shirt that 12 year old boys wore but I was already relieved she wasn’t taking me out wearing a dress, so I led her button up the shirt. She then took out a garment I had never seen before. It was a kind of short-all but without a waste and with short wide pipes, closing with a zip in the back. It looked like a kind of straight jumper dress of which the skirt had been replaced with shorts. I wasn’t very sure I liked it but Jennifer told me I would be very cute in it and so I let her help me putting it on. The outfit was completed with white knee-high socks and white open shoes.  I knew it looked very childish but  again with Jennifer insisting so much that I looked lovely I didn’t protest.

A little later we were walking in the park surrounding the building were we lived, me in my childish outfit pushing little David in his stroller. We went straight to the part of the garden where a small play park with a large sandbox was installed. Jennifer took some toys out of a bag, installed David in a quiet corner of the box and helped him playing. It didn’t took very long before she had me sitting in the sand next to David, playing with little forms too, while she installed herself with a book on a bench.

After a while I suddenly heard voices behind my back and when I turned saw Jennifer talking with a girl one or two years older than me, wearing riding pants, boots and a riding cap. I immediately recognized her. Jennifer had introduced me to her and a couple of her friends a couple of days earlier, when we had run into them when preparing to leave for my grandfather’s party. I had been very proud of the admiring way the girls had looked at me with my smart blazer and dress pants. Now she was looking at me in a very different way, her mouth open in amazement.

Blushing very hard I completely froze. But then, without realizing what I was doing, I rose and walked towards them, automatically swiping the sand of my bottom. Feeling how the slightly humid sand had wetted my bottom I suddenly became very aware of my diapers.  At that moment I heard Jennifer asking the girl if she had some time: “I should go over to Julian – the janitor – to make some arrangements, but don’t want to leave my two boys on their own. Can you keep an eye on them while I walk over to him? It won’t take long”

I turned even redder and the girl didn’t know how to react. As I stammered that I could watch over David, Jennifer smiled gently: “I know darling. I love to watch how the two of you play well together, but still, I would feel safer if I knew someone a little older would keep an eye on the two of you.”  She turned again to the girl who was still flabbergasted but, beginning to get intrigued and amused by the situation, said she had nothing else to do and would be glad to wait for Jennifer to come back.  Jennifer thanked her, tapped me on the bottom – reminding me even more that I was wearing diapers and plastic pants – and told me to rejoin David.  Meekly I turned away feeling the eyes of the girl in my back … and on my bottom.

I sat down in the sand next to David but wasn’t able to play anymore. I was just sitting there when she walked over to us: “How old are you?”  I turned around and looked into her sincerely curious face. Realizing she was not trying to make fun of me I answered truthfully:  “Twelve, and in a couple of months I will be 13.”  “Wow, you look younger! I am 13 but I will be 14 in 3 weeks. Why do you wear such childish clothes?”  I blushed once more: “Euh, because my cousin Jennifer makes me.” “She does?”  I felt like I was accusing Jennifer of doing me wrong so I added that I liked the outfit. “It is very convenient for playing”. I immediately realized that attiring her attention to the fact that I was playing in a sand box was not a very smart thing to do.  She looked at what I had been doing and noticed the little figures of flowers and animals I had made in the sand using plastic forms. She realized baby David was way too you young to have made them: “Have you made those?” I nodded. “Yeah, I was showing how to do it to David.” I lied.

She looked at me ever more intrigued. “Can you show me too?” This time she was making fun of me but not knowing what else to do I filled a form of a little duck with sand, pressed the sand in it, and then, having prepared a flat place in the sand, I tuned the form around and posed it on the flat part. When I took away the form I had made a nice duck in the sand. I looked at the girl who clapped her hands in mock congratulations: “That’s a nice duck you have made!”

Knowing she was making fun of I looked down. “What more can you do? Let’s see what other toys you have brought.” She looked around and discovered a large plastic sifter. “Ah, do you know how to make sugarcoated pastries?” I immediately understood what she meant. I hesitated for a second but then nodded and taking the sifter, filled it with dry sand and sifted it on top of some of the small sand figures.  Again she clapped her hands,  but at that moment David, who had been playing on his own, lost his balance and falling with his face in the sand began crying. The girl immediately took him in her arms and, trying to sooth him, walked away with him. When he stopped crying she put him in the grass and taking a large plastic ball rolled the ball towards him. He was able to grasp it and then, on her asking, pushed it back towards her. As the lawn was slightly sloping and he was sitting higher than she, the ball slowly rolled in her direction. She congratulated him loudly and then repeated the little game. I watched them from a distance, relieved the attention had been turned away from me, but at the same time I felt slightly jealous.

After a few minutes she noticed I had stopped playing and was watching them. She smiled, and in a condescending way, asked if I wanted to join them. My first instinct was to say no, but she half-mockingly insisted and a few seconds later I was sitting next to them pushing the ball from one to the other. I tried to assume the same attitude as the girl, participating but making it clear that I did it to help her take care of the little baby.

When David pushed the ball in the wrong direction and it slowly rolled away, I jumped on my knees and crawled on hands and knees behind the ball. Doing so I exposed my bottom to the girl, not aware that the pipes of my jumper had shifted upwards and that on each side the plastic pants were showing.

When I turned around I looked straight in her surprised eyes. She was watching me open-mouthed, wanting to say something but unable to do so.  Following her gaze I looked down and suddenly realized what she had seen. Blushing again I instinctively pulled the pipes of my shorts down, looking around for a way out of this more than awkward situation.

At that moment I heard the voice of Jennifer: “He is a very special boy, isn’t he?” Both the girl and I turned around looking straight into the smiling kind face of my cousin. “Chrissie and I think that nowadays kids grow up way too fast. That’s why we decided that he could be a little kid as long as he wanted to. Isn’t that sweet?”

The girl look at me even more flabbergasted. Then, thinking it was a joke, she erupted in a loud laugh: “Sure you like to dress like a moron, and to wear diapers?”  I wanted to answer that indeed I did, but Jenifer, probably understanding that the girl was not going to understand anyway, changed tactics: “Oh no, that is something else! I make him wear diapers because when he plays he wets his pants sometimes and when that happens that’s so embarrassing for the poor boy. Besides I don’t like to have to wash his clothes all the time.”

I looked at her in disbelief. The girl had stopped laughing, ever more surprised with the situation, but, deciding to belief Jenifer’s explanation, gave me a look filled with pity. Jennifer decided it had been enough, that it was time to separate us from the girl, so before she could react Jenifer thanked her and began putting the toys in the bag saying it was time for her two babies to take a little rest, “as they surely were very tired after playing so well.”

The girl, relieved to be able to leave us, gave a kiss to David, said good bye to Jennifer, and then turning awkwardly to me,  didn’t know what to do. She murmured a good bye in my direction, vaguely waving with her hand, and then turning on her heels, hurried away.

I felt horribly humiliated but at the same time having the girl think I really didn’t control my bladder made me feel really small and that was a nice feeling. When Jennifer had installed David in his stroller and began pushing him, she extended her hand which I eagerly grabbed. I vividly remember as if it was yesterday, walking at the hand of my beautiful, loving, cousin, nervously looking around, afraid we might run into the girl and her friends. But at the same time holding Jennifer’s hand reassured me, and I think I secretly hoped to meet the girl on our way home, because I was proud to be Jennifer’s little kid.

At home Jennifer put us in bed for our nap, wearing nothing but diapers, plastic pants and a little shirt. Those naps too had become a habit. I remember that in the beginning I had problems falling asleep in the middle of the day, but after a while I got used to it and fell asleep immediately. After about an hour she woke us up to have lunch. Before falling asleep I of course had wet my diapers, because I had become addicted to the feeling of the warm wetness spreading around my bottom. When Jennifer told me to come out of the cod bed she checked my diapers and feeling the heaviness between my legs laughed, saying I was becoming a real baby. She put on our bibs, and spoon-fed the vegetable mash to her two babies. By that time I didn’t even think about eating by myself anymore.

After lunch she changed my diapers and dressed me in a cute romper she had knitted herself. It was made in a pink and white gingham fabric, with a plastic lining. It consisted of baby pants, closing with press buttons on either side, and fitting with elastics around the legs, with a bib and braces that crossed in the back. I was the most babyish outfit she had ever asked me to wear but I didn’t care. On the contrary I loved it.  And I wasn’t surprised when she taped my fingers again, this time even including my thumb.

The afternoon we stayed inside playing, interrupted only for the fruit mash, after which David was put back in bed for another nap, but I was allowed to stay up. At the end of the afternoon she served both of us some sandwiches with jam which she had cut in small pieces and of which she had discarded the crumbs, and then the 3 of us sat on the couch with Jenifer in the middle, reading from a children’s book. Suddenly I felt I had to relief my bowels. When I asked Jennifer to help me to the toilet, – with my taped hands I couldn’t do it myself, but anyway I was becoming so used to being helped with everything I would have asked her even if my hands had been free -, she looked a little bit annoyed having to interrupt the reading, but then smiled maliciously: “Why do you think you are wearing diapers?”

I looked at her in disbelief, she couldn’t be serious. But she smiled calmly: “Don’t be shy. All little babies mess their diapers”. And she resumed reading. I couldn’t decide to do it so I sat back and tried to get interested in the story again, but grew increasingly uncomfortable. Some ten minutes later we came to the last page of the book and Jennifer took David to give him his bath telling me to climb into the pen and to be a good boy playing by myself.

Once in the pen the need to relief myself became too big. I sat on my knees and, pushing, I immediately felt some poop coming out. I was surprised by the swiftness and, ashamed by what I had done, sat down. I felt the poop spread out a little bit and I liked the feeling. I sat back on my knees and pushed again, longer than the first time, and felt the warm sticking mass coming out looking for a place in my diapers. Sitting down again I began shifting back and forth on my bottom, feeling the poop spread all over.

I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed doing this. Of course the fact that sitting in the playpen with messy diapers made me feel very babyish was a big part of this feeling of wellbeing. But there was more. I was very aware of the sensual feeling of the poop coming out of my little hole and of the soft, warm, mass, engulfing my private parts.  I even liked the smell.

When Jennifer entered the room she immediately smelled what had happened, and smiled: “Little Chrissie has done a big poopoo? That’s a good baby! Come, Jenny is going to have you all cleaned up!”

She reached out her hand which I grabbed, climbing out of the pen and following her to the bathroom to get washed and diapered again. I loved being washed nevertheless I would have like to keep my messy diapers a little longer. But there would be other days I thought happily.

–         To be continued  –

La revanche Chap 1


« Il se retournait et voyait la maitresse de la maison dans l’ouverture de la porte avec un grand sourire : « Viens ici mon grand, que je t’aide à mettre ta couche ! » C’est seulement à ce moment qu’il voyait qu’elle tenait un pacquait de couches jetables en main. Le monde s’arrêtait de tourner. Il regardait de la mère à la fille et vice versa. Mais toutes les deux avaient l’air de trouver la situation normale, et quand Muriel le prenait par la main il se laissait conduire à son lit ou il se couchait sans un mot. Muriel lui enlevait le short, et pendant qu’Emilie se mettait à côté de son lit pour regarder le spectacle, elle glissait une couche en dessous de ces fesses. Alex se laissait faire, sentant la couche se refermer autour de ces cuisses. Tout cela ne prenait qu’une minute et Alex ne réalisait vraiment ce qui venait de lui arriver quand Muriel le prenait par la main et l’aidait à se mettre debout : « Te voila bien protégé pour la nuit. » »


Chapitre 1

 Alex n’arrivait pas à s’adapter à la vie en pensionnat. Jusqu’il y a un an il vivait seule avec son père George et ils menaient leur petite vie à deux, bien protégé du reste du monde. Il était fort  timide et avait très peu de confiance en soi. Sa mère les avait quittés peu après sa  naissance et Georges mettait la timidité de son fils au dos de l’abandon maternelle. Il essayait de compenser au mieux en l’entourant de son affection et son amour. Georges était un type jovial, un peu rude, avec un grand cœur. Sa façon de montrer son amour était de traiter son fils comme un ami, l’emmenant aux jeux de foot, suivi des sorties avec les copains. Il ne comprenait pas que cela intimidait son fils qui devenait de plus en plus timide.

George était un bon vivant, extroverti, qui aimait la bonne bouffe, les buveries avec les copains, mais surtout il aimait les femmes. Avant de connaître la mère d’Alex il avait déjà été marié et avait eu une fille avec sa première femme. Quand son épouse avait appris qu’il avait fait un gosse avec une autre femme elle l’avait immédiatement divorcé.

La mère d’Alex avait été très jeune et après la naissance elle avait été prise de panique. Georges et elles s’étaient installés dans un petit appartement, mais Georges continuait de mener sa vie de vieux garçon, laissant sa maitresse prendre soin du bébé, comme il avait fait avec sa femme. Quelques semaines après avoir accouché elle laissait le bébé chez une voisine prétendant qu’elle avait une course urgente à faire. Georges et Alex ne la revoyaient plus jamais.

Au fond ce n’est pas vrai que Georges aimait les femmes, il adorait être dans leur compagnie, mais il ne les respectait pas. Après le départ de la mère de son fils il s’organisait en mettant son fils dans une crèche. Et les soirs ou les week-ends il emmenait le petit bébé partout ou il allait. Très vite il comprenait que le petit bébé mignon était une attrape gonzesse de format. Comme avant il courrait après chaque jupe qu’il rencontrait, mais maintenant il les emmenait chez lui, avec l’excuse que le petit devait aller au lit.

Il adorait cuisiner, donc souvent il laissait le bébé dans les soins de la conquête du jour, ou de sa compagne de quelques semaines ou mois, pendant qu’il préparait le repas. Avant, pendant et après le repas ils faisaient l’amour et  ils passaient la nuit ensemble. Mais jamais il faisait le ménage. Nettoyer sa cuisine et son appartement était le prix que ces conquêtes devaient payer pour partager sa table, son lit, et son bébé.

Ils vivaient ainsi pendant plus que 10 ans. Georges continuait à emmener son fils partout, et même s’il n’était plus aussi attendrissant que quand il était bébé, il était toujours mignon, et  le voir avec son père donnait confiance aux femmes.

Quand Alex avait 11 ans  George changeait de job et le nouveau boulot impliquait de nombreux voyages. Il décidait de mettre  son fils en pensionnat, pensant que cela lui ferait du bien d’être entouré des garçons de son âge, au lieu de passer tout son temps avec son père et ses amis et amies. Mais Alex n’arrivait pas à s’adapter, et était très vite la cible de beaucoup de moqueries.

Le drame était complet quand à plusieurs reprises il mouillait son lit. Comme petit enfant il avait été prône à des accidents, et Georges l’avait périodiquement gardé en couches jusqu’ à l’âge de 6 ou 7 ans. Mais les 4 dernières années il n’avait plus eu d’accident. Quand ces copains découvraient qu’il mouillait son lit il devenait évidemment la cible de taquineries permanentes.

Et puis George apprenait qu’il devrait partir à l’étranger pour toute une année. Quand son père avait annoncé que pendant un an il devrait rester au pensionnat, même les week-ends et les vacances, Alex avait à peine réagit, disant que de toute façon la plus part du temps son père n’était pas là pendant les vacances et les week-ends, ce qui n’était pas totalement faux. Mais le jour avant le départ le garçon déprimait. C’était un dimanche et ils profitaient de leurs dernières heures ensemble. Installé à une terrasse, Alex pensant au départ et se souvenant que ce soir il devrait rentrer au pensionnat, il éclatait en sanglots. Georges, tout à fait désemparé, mettait son bras autour de son fils et petit à petit il se calmait. Georges ne sachant pas ce qu’il devait faire, regardait droit devant lui, avec son bras toujours autour d’Alex, qui avait reposé sa tête  sur l’épaule de son père, la figure encore toute mouillé de larmes. Tous les deux étaient tellement perdus dans leurs propres pensées qu’ils ne remarquaient pas la femme qui c’était arrêté devant eux et les regardait. Elle paraissait attendrie par la vision de ce père tenant son bras autour des épaules de ce grand garçon mignon, qui avait pleuré. « Bonjour Georges. Comment vas-tu ? » Georges sortant de ces pensées la regardait et ne reconnaissait pas immédiatement Muriel, sa première femme. Mais puis il la donnait un grand sourire «Muriel, quelle surprise. Et quel plaisir ! » 

Mais Muriel n’avait que des yeux pour Alex: « Toi, tu dois être Alex? ». Alex, timide comme toujours, essuyant ces larmes, hochait oui. « Que tu ressembles à ta mère ! »  Georges ne lui parlait jamais de sa mère, et il ne possédait que quelques rares photos d’elle. La référence à sa mère touchait le garçon qui ne savait pas comment réagir et rougissait davantage. Muriel voyant la confusion du garçon était aussi désemparé : « Mais excuse-moi. Je crois que je vous ai interpellé au mauvais moment. Je vais vous laisser ».

George, content de la diversion, et comme toujours content d’être en présence d’une belle femme, même une qui le méprisait, la retenait, et extroverti comme toujours, il la prenait en confidence : « Pas du tout. C’est vrai que nous avons un problème, mais justement, tu pourras peut-être nous donner conseil.» Muriel le regardait, avec un petit sourire méprisant: « Ce serait bien la première fois que tu demandes conseil à une femme! Alors tu aurais quand même changé ?»  Georges protestait et insistant qu’il apprécierait réellement son avis, l’invitait à se s’assoir avec eux.

Muriel, intriguée, acceptait et Georges racontait qu’il voyageait beaucoup et que maintenant il partait pour un long séjour à l’étranger. Que pour cette raison Alex était en pensionnat et qu’il n’arrivait pas à s’adapter à la vie du collège. Muriel regardait le beau garçon, avec sa figure douce, son corps maigre un peu efféminé, ces yeux tristes, et comprenait que sa vie dans un collège de garçons n’était probablement pas facile. Elle avait toujours refusé de rencontrer ce bâtard de son ex, mais dés la première seconde qu’elle l’avait vu, elle avait été intrigué. A ce moment le garçon du café venait demander si quelqu’un était garé sur la place en face, prévenant que la police était en train de donner des amendes. George, qui en effet s’était garé sur la place, se levait et annonçait qu’il allait changer sa voiture de place, laissant Muriel et Alex seul.

Ils gardaient le silence pour un moment et puis, se surprenant à elle-même, Muriel demandait s’il voulait venir vivre chez elle. Alex la regardait avec des grands yeux horrifiés et protestait d’une manière véhémente : « Avec rien que des filles ? » Muriel ne s’attendait pas à telle réaction. D’abord elle était étonné du fait qu’il savait qu’ elle vivait seul avec ces 4 filles – Juliette la demi-sœur d’Alex de 13 ans, et puis, de son second mariage, lui aussi terminé en divorce, une fille de 8 et des jumeaux de 5,  – mais elle était surtout surpris par la véhémence de sa réaction. Elle le regardait et répondait sur un ton sec : « Alors tu n’aimes pas les filles ? » Le garçon, de nouveau timide, haussait les épaules : « Les filles sont ennuyeuses et faibles. »  La réponse enfantine faisait sourire Muriel: « C’est ton père qui t’a appris ça ? »  C’était le tour d’Alex pour être étonné : « Non, pas du tout, au contraire ! Mon père dit que les filles c’est ce qui rend le piment à la vie.» « Ah, j’entends qu’il n’a pas encore changé.» « Et il dit qu’on a besoin des filles pour s’occuper du ménage, que c’est facile parce qu’elles aiment nettoyer et ranger la maison». Muriel n’en croyait pas ces oreilles et voulait corriger le gamin, mais à ce moment George arrivait de nouveau.

Muriel, sans une seconde d’hésitation, racontait qu’elle avait proposé que le petit venait vivre chez elle, mais que l’idée de partager le toit rien qu’avec des filles n’avait pas l’air de l’enchanter. George était stupéfait par ce qu’il entendait. Muriel avait toujours refusé tout contact avec Alex, elle n’avait même jamais permis qu’il rencontre sa demi-sœur, et maintenant elle proposait qu’il vienne vivre chez elle. Mais spontané comme toujours, il ne réfléchissait pas trop, et se tournant vers son fils, demandait s’il était tombé sur sa tête. Vivre dans une belle maison entouré de 4 belles filles au lieu de retourner au collège qu’il haïssait, il ne devait quand même pas hésiter. À la mention du pensionnat la figure d’Alex s’assombrit de nouveau. Muriel le voyait et sur un ton gentille suggérait qu’il aille se laver la figure et ces yeux toutes rouges. Alex, gênée d’être rappelé au fait qu’il avait pleuré, et confondu par cette possibilité d’échapper au collège, se levait et se dirigeait vers les toilettes.

Pendant son absence George expliquait à Muriel que son fils avait des problèmes d’énurésie, et que c’était une des raisons des taquineries dont il était l’objet. Il ne remarquait pas le petit sourire sournois, et le ton moqueur avec lequel elle réagissait : « Oh le pauvre gosse. Georges, il ne faut pas le laisser rentrer dans cet internat ».  Quand il revenait des toilettes Alex aussi était venu à la décision que tout était mieux que de rentrer au collège. Mais il hésitait toujours à accepter l’invitation à cause de son énurésie. George comprenait ce qui se passait et, prenant son fils à part, expliquait qu’il avait mis Muriel au courant. Alex, rougissant se tournait vers la femme, gênée qu’elle connaissait son horrible secret. Mais Muriel lui souriait de loin, et Alex se sentait soulagée : S’il y avait un accident il ne devrait plus lui avouer son problème, elle s’en occuperait. Une demi-heure plus tard tout était réglé. Son sac était transféré de coffre en coffre, et après avoir longuement embrassé son père il montait dans la voiture de Muriel et partait vers sa nouvelle maison.

Dés le premier moment il commençait avoir des doutes sur sa décision. Déjà au moment de monter dans la voiture quand il avait voulu monter devant comme il avait l‘habitude avec son père elle l’avait dit que chez elle les gosses se mettaient derrière. Son père lui avait donné un clin d’œil et il s’était installé à l’arrière sans commentaire. Une fois en route elle l’avait rassuré qu’il allait vite découvrir que les filles n’étaient ni ennuyeuses ni faibles. Il n’avait pas su quoi répondre et elle avait continué disant qu’elle était sûre qu’il allait se sentir bien chez elle mais que bien-sûre il devrait un peu s’adapter puisqu’elle était assez stricte, certainement plus stricte que son père. Quand Alex répondait que le collège était très stricte, elle le regardait dans le rétroviseur, et souriant, hochait la tête : « Oui, sans doute. T’as donc l’habitude. Alors je suis sûre que tu t’adapteras très vite.»  Une petite conversation qui ne le rassurait point.

Mais il n’avait pas beaucoup de temps pour réfléchir puisque Muriel s’arrêtait déjà devant une maison expliquant que c’était la maison des copains ou les filles avaient passés l’après-midi. Quand elles avaient tous montés dans la voiture –  l’ainée, Juliette, s’installant naturellement sur le siège du passager avant – il était présenté. L’annonce qu’il venait vivre avec eux était d’abord reçu avec un silence incrédule. Puis les trois plus jeunes devenaient toutes excitées et se  mettaient à pouffer de rire.  Juliette, se retournait et le regardait avec un air curieux, mais méfiant à la fois : «Alors c’est toi mon frère ? »  Intimidé par son regard scrutateur il avait rougit sans répondre. Elle haussait les épaules : « Frère ou pas frère tu n’as pas l’air plus intelligent que les autres garçons. » Puis, l’ignorant complètement, elle se dirigeait à sa mère pour demander pourquoi il venait vivre avec eux. Muriel expliquait seulement que son père partait pour long temps et qu’il n’aimait pas son pensionnat. Juliette la regardait d’un air étonné mais n’insistait pas.

Quelques minutes plus tard ils arrivaient à une grande villa entourée d’un grand jardin. Tout le monde voulait sortir de la voiture mais Muriel les retenait. Elle s’adressait d’abord à Emilie, sa fille de 8 ans, annonçant qu’elle devrait partager sa chambre avec Alex. Cela n’avait pas l’air de l’embêter, au contraire elle avait l’air content. Et Juliette, qui sans doute avait craint qu’il viendrait dans sa chambre à elle,  avait l’air d’être soulagé. Muriel entre temps s’adressait à son ainée en la demandant d’aider son frère à s’installer et à faire son lit. Puis elle se tournait vers Laure et Sophie, les deux petites : « Pendant ce temps nous 3 on va vite faire quelques courses, ok ? »

Alex sortait son sac du coffre et suivait Juliette et Emilie dans la maison. A l’intérieur elle paraissait encore plus jolie que de dehors, et Alex se rendait très vite compte qu’elle était très grande. Montant à l’étage Emilie lui faisait découvrir les lieux. Il y avait 4 grandes chambres à coucher, chacune avec une salle de bains. La plus grande, avec un grand lit double, était utilisée par Muriel. Les trois autres étaient fort similaires, chaque fois meublées avec des lits jumeaux. Une chambre était partagé par les jumeaux, et Emilie et Juliette avaient chacune leurs chambre propre. Emilie, tout excitée, montrait la chambre qu’elle allait dorénavant partager avec Alex. Juliette rentrait avec une paire de draps et demandait à Alex de l’aider à dresser son lit, en demandait à sa sœur de faire un peu de place dans son armoire pour qu’Alex puisse y ranger ces affaires.

Quand  le lit était fait et Alex avait vidé son sac Emilie s’étonnait du peu de vêtements qu’il avait. Alex, soucieux, expliquait que la plus grande partie de ces affaires était au collège, pensant qu’il devait demander à Muriel si c’était possible d’aller les chercher le plus vite possible. Une fois installé Emilie l’entrainait en bas ou elle montrait la « classe ». C’était une grande chambre avec 4 pupitres au milieu. Alex avait déjà appris que les filles n’allaient pas à l’école mais étaient enseignées à la maison. Il observait qu’il n’y avait pas de place pour lui, mais Emilie le rassurait en disant que sa mère ferait certainement placer un 5ième pupitre et qu’en attendant il pouvait se mettre avec elle à sa table. Sur quoi elle l’entrainait vers la pièce à côté. Jetant la porte grande ouverte elle la présentait à grande voix : « Et voilà la chambre de jeux ! ». C’était un très grand local, donnant avec des grandes baies vitrées sur le jardin, remplit de poupées et  de jouets. Il n’avait jamais vu autant de jeux en une pièce, sauf dans les magasins. Impressionné il avançait dans la pièce regardant au tour de lui: poupées, berceaux, vélos, patins, cuisine de jeu, théâtre de marionnettes, ….  D’abord il était émerveillé, mais après quelques instants commençait à réaliser qu’il y avait très peu de choses avec lequel un garçon de 11 ans pouvait s’amuser. Mais voyant la figure fière d’Emily il gardait cette réflexion pour lui, et au contraire, exprimait son émerveillement devant cette collection de jouets.

A ce moment ils entendaient les voix de Muriel et des jumeaux dans le hall, et ils allaient  vers eux. Muriel lui souriait: « Alors ça te plait ? » Il répondait le plus enthousiaste possible que c’était une maison splendide. Pendant que Muriel le remerciait en répétant encore une fois combien il allait bien se plaire chez eux, il voyait d’un coin d’œil les petites qui, de nouveau excitées comme des puces, racontaient quelque chose à leur sœur. De la façon dont Emilie le regardait il comprenait qu’elles parlaient de lui, mais à ce moment Juliette entrait également dans le hall et Muriel, constatant qu’il se faisait tard, donnait ces ordres.

Juliette était chargée de vider le coffre de la voiture pendant qu’Emilie et Alex dressaient la table. Après ils devaient prendre une douche et se mettre en pyjama. Pendant ce temps Muriel s’occuperait à donner le bain aux jumeaux. Tout le monde était attendu à table en 20 minutes.

Alex, timidement, s’adressait à Muriel pour lui dire qu’il n’avait pas de pyjama. Elle avait clairement anticipé cette question et répondait qu’elle s’en occuperait.

Juliette se dirigeait vers le garage et Emily et Alex allaient à la cuisine ou la fille lui montrait l’emplacement des choses. Dresser la table prenait que quelques minutes, et ils montaient dans leur chambre. Juste au moment d’arriver en haut ils croisaient Muriel qui sortait de leur chambre  ayant laissé les deux petites dans leur bain : « Déjà la ?  Bravo, c’est bien! Alex, j’ai mis un drap de bain et un gant de toilette sur ton lit. Si tu prenais ta douche le premier Emilie peut tenir un œil sur les petites, pendant que moi je te cherche un pyjama, ok ? »

Avant qu’Alex puisse réagir elle partait dans la direction de la chambre de Juliette. Emily donnait un clin d’œil, comme pour dire, qu’il ne devait pas se laisser impressionner par la façon expéditif avec laquelle sa mère menait son ménage, et disparaissait dans la chambre des jumeaux.

Pendant sa douche Alex réfléchissait aux changements dans sa vie. Tout avait été tellement rapide. Mais jusque là il ne pouvait pas se plaindre. De toute façon c’était beaucoup mieux que le pensionnat. Même les filles n’avaient pas l’air d’être trop embêtante. Surtout Emilie il trouvait sympa, malgré le fait qu’elle n’avait que 8 ans. De sa demi-sœur Juliette par contre il ne savait pas trop quoi penser. Perdu dans ses pensées il oubliait le temps jusqu’à ce qu’il entendait ouvrir la porte et la voix d’Emilie : « Eh, tu voudrais te dépêcher? Tantôt moi je n’aurai plus le temps de prendre ma douche. ». Alex éteignait tout de suite le robinet et passait sa main par le rideau pour prendre le drap de bain quand brusquement le rideau s’ouvrait grandement. Dans un reflexe il couvrait ses parties privés quand il voyait Emilie le regarder avec un grand sourire. Riant plus fort elle protestait : « Je peux voir ton petit oiseau ? Je n’ai encore jamais vu un garçon nu en vrai.» Alex ne savait pas comment réagir et toujours couvrant son zizi avec une main il prenait le drap de bain avec l’autre et essayait de se couvrir. Mais Emilie était plus rapide. Elle arrachait le drap de ces mains et insistait : « Ne soyez pas idiot, je veux juste le voir ! »  Alex réalisant qu’il n’échapperait pas enlevait ces mains. Pendant un instant elle regardait intensivement son petit oiseau, et puis donnait son commentaire : « C’est moins moche que je ne croyais.» Sur quoi elle se mettait à se déshabiller comme s’il n’était pas la. Confus il s’enveloppait dans sa serviette de bain et sortait de la salle de bains.

Sur son lit il trouvait le pyjama que Muriel avait cherché. Sa première réaction était la stupéfaction complète. Elle ne pouvait pas s’attendre à ce qu’il porte ça ? Le top était un long T-shirt aux manches courtes,  bleu turquoise avec un dessin, bleu clair, d’une fille portant un parasol. Le dessous était un short en éponge, bleu claire assorti au dessin du top. Pendant un moment il ne savait pas quoi faire, mais puis il souriait à lui-même. A quoi il s’était attendu ? Pensant que cela aurait pu être pire  il haussait les épaules et enfilait le pyjama avant de descendre. En passant un miroir dans le hall il remarquait que le top de son pyjama couvrait presque tout à fait le short, donnant l’impression qu’il ne portait rien qu’une chemise de nuit. Il se sentait embarrassée mais il était trop tard pour faire marche arrière, et quand il rentrait à la cuisine il y trouvait Juliette qui souriait quand elle le voyait mais ne faisait aucun commentaire. Elle-même portait une chemise de nuit courte avec un dessin de Hello Kitty qui lui allait très bien. En ce moment les jumeaux et Emily rentraient. Comme Alex les jumeaux portaient des pyjamas consistant d’un shirt avec un short assorti, mais leurs tops étaient des chemisettes à bretelles fines.  Et Emily portait une magnifique chemise de nuit aux manches courtes, en coton blanc, brodé avec des papillons roses, et terminés avec des bords en dentelle.

Quand Muriel entrait elle regardait Alex, remarquait que la taille du pyjama était parfaite, et ordonnait tout le monde à se mettre à table. A coté des assiettes se trouvaient des anneaux de serviettes, mais quand il voulait sortir la serviette de l’anneau qui se trouvait à sa place Alex constatait que ce n’était pas une serviette mais une bavette. Ahurit il regardait les autres et voyait comment Juliette mettait des bavettes aux jumeaux mais que Emily déployait une serviette normale sur ces genoux. Croyant que la bavette qui se trouvait à sa place était une erreur, il la montrait à Muriel en riant. Mais celle-ci agissait comme si c’était tout à fait normale, et venait vers lui : « Tu veux que je t’aide ? »  Un instant il la regardait sans comprendre, mais puis, réalisant ce qu’elle venait de dire,  protestait fortement : « Mais non ! Quoi ? Pourquoi vous me donnez  une bavette ? ».

Muriel prenait calmement la bavette de ces mains et voulait la nouer autour de son cou, mais il se levait brusquement et hurlait: « Vous êtes cinglée. Je ne porterai pas ça ! » A ce moment la main de Muriel le giflait en plein figure : « Ici c’est moi qui fait les règles ! Je t’avais avertit ! Assied –toi ! ».  Complètement dérouté Alex, larmes aux yeux,  se remettait sur sa chaise, et laissait Muriel lui nouer la bavette autour du cou : « Tout le monde sait que les garçons sont maladroits. Ce n’est pas grave, mais je ne vais pas laver ton pyjama tous les jours, compris ? ». Alex timidement hochait la tête. Du coin d’œil il voyait les jumelles qui se moquaient de lui. Espérant trouver du soutien il regardait les deux autres. Comme toujours Juliette agissait come s’il n’était pas là, mais quand il rencontrait le regard d’Emilie, ou il avait espéré trouver de la sympathie, il trouvait dédain et pitié. Elle le regardait attentivement, et puis disait simplement : « Ca ne doit pas être gai d’être un garçon ». C’était comme une seconde gifle en plein figure.

Alex mangeait en silence. Il regardait la bavette et son pyjama de fille et pensait qu’il aurait préféré être au collège. Après le repas ils s’installaient dans le petit salon ou se trouvait la télévision pour regarder un DVD de Hannah Montana. Les 4 sœurs connaissaient le DVD par cœur mais néanmoins paraissaient fascinées. Au moins les 3 plus jeunes, avec Juliette faisant semblant de lire une magasine, tout en suivant la série. Alex avait vu quelques épisodes de la série avant mais il n’avait pas aimé, trouvant ça beaucoup trop pour filles. Mais il sentait que ce n’était probablement pas une bonne idée de critiquer le programme préféré de sa nouvelle famille. Il s’installait donc et petit à petit s’intéressait à l’histoire. Finalement ce n’était pas aussi bête et enfantin qu’il n’avait cru.

Quand ils avaient regardé l’épisode choisi Muriel annonçait qu’il était temps pour aller au lit. Alex regardait sa montre et voyait qu’il n’était que 8 heures. Les trois plus jeunes filles se mettaient immédiatement debout et se dirigeaient vers l’escalier, mais il voyait que Juliette   n’avait clairement pas l’intention de les suivre, puisqu’elle cherchait un autre DVD. Il hésitait mais Muriel se tournait déjà vers lui et, se souvenant de la gifle reçue, il décidait de ne pas protester. Pas aujourd’hui au moins.

Il suivait Emilie dans leur chambre ou elle ouvrait la porte vers la salle de bain et se tournait vers lui : « Je peux te regarder quand tu fais pipe ? Tu le fais debout ? ». Surpris par cette question il ne réagissait pas immédiatement, mais Emily n’avait pas l’air de noter sa surprise : « Maman nous a expliqué que le petit oiseau d’un garçon c’est comme un robinet mais que la plus part des garçons, avant de devenir adulte,  quand ils dorment ne sentent pas si le robinet est ouvert ou fermé. » Alex se figeait sur place sentant devenir sa figure écarlate. Emilie ne remarquait toujours rien, – ou est ce qu’elle faisait semblant ? -. « Alors tu me montres comment tu ouvres ton robinet ? S’il-te-plait ? » Elle le prenait par la main et l’entrainait vers la toilette, ou, complètement éberlue, il descendait son short d’une manière automatique et dirigeait le jet dans le pot au grand plaisir de la fille.

A ce moment il entendait  Muriel rire derrière lui : « Ma fille a toujours été fasciné par l’anatomie, je crois qu’elle va devenir médecin! » Remontant rapidement son short il se retournait et voyait la maitresse de la maison dans l’ouverture de la porte avec un grand sourire : « Viens ici mon grand, que je t’aide à mettre ta couche ! » C’est seulement à ce moment qu’il voyait qu’elle tenait un pacquait de couches jetables en main. Le monde s’arrêtait de tourner. Encore plus bouleversé qu’il y a quelques minutes il regardait de la mère à la fille et vice versa. Mais toutes les deux avaient l’air de trouver la situation normale, et quand Muriel le prenait par la main il se laissait conduire à son lit ou il se couchait sans un mot. Muriel lui enlevait le short, et pendant qu’Emilie se mettait à côté de son lit pour regarder le spectacle, elle glissait une couche en dessous de ces fesses. Puis elle mettait du talc entre ces jambes et avec des mains très douces l’appliquait partout. Alex, toujours comme hypnotisé, se laissait faire, sentant la couche se refermer autour de ces cuisses. Tout cela ne prenait qu’une minute et Alex ne réalisait vraiment ce qui venait de lui arriver quand Muriel le prenait par la main et l’aidait à se mettre debout : « Te voila bien protégé pour la nuit. Enfile vite ton short et hop, au lit ! Temps pour dormir. » Alex sentait que la couche était plus épais que le modèle que son père avait employé quelques années auparavant et quand il mettait le short en éponge il sentait comment il s’étendait autour de son pet bien garni.

Quand finalement Emilie et lui étaient couchés, et Muriel avait quitté la chambre en éteignant la lumière, la petite lui demandait si cela ne le gênait pas de devoir porter une couche. De nouveau il ne savait pas comment réagir à la question directe. Après une seconde d’hésitation il murmurait que ce n’était pas grave. La fille se taisait quelques secondes et puis donnait son avis : «  Moi je ne voudrais pas être un garçon. Les filles portent seulement des couches quand elles sont des petits bébés. Les bébés c’est mignon mais je ne veux pas dormir avec une couche mouillé. Quand tu dors avec une couche tu ne te sens pas comme un petit bébé ? » Alex, de plus en plus mal à l’aise, murmurait un petit non, mais Emilie ne l’entendait pas : « De toute façon maman dit que les garçons restent des petits enfants toute leur vie. C’est vrai ? » Cette fois ci il protestait avec une voix plus ferme. De nouveau la petite gardait quelques instants de silence : « Ok, tant mieux pour toi. Mais pour le moment je trouve que t’es quand même un peu bébé parce que tu portes une couche pour dormir. »  Alex soupirait mais ne répondait plus.

Le lendemain matin il se réveillait et cela lui prenait quelques instants avant de réaliser ou il était et ce qui se trouvait entre ces jambes. Mais puis, très vite il glissait sa main dans sa couche et était rassuré de constater qu’elle était sèche. Il sortait du lit et s’éclipsait à la salle de bain sans faire de bruit. Il arrachait la couche et la jetait dans a poubelle. Puis, plus calme, il faisait pipi à la toilette et rentrait dans la douche. Sortant de la douche, il s’enveloppait de sa serviette de bain, et quand il voulait sortir de la salle de bain il entendait la voix de Muriel, réveillant sa fille. Quand il rentrait dans la chambre Muriel lui regardait d’un air fâché : « Qui t’as autorisé de sortir de ton lit ? » De nouveau cette remarque lui surprenait tellement qu’il ne savait pas que répondre. Muriel continuait sur le même ton irrité : « Et ou est ta couche ? Tu l’avais mouillée ? » Alex hâtait de dire que non, qu’il ne l’avait pas mouillé, et Muriel l’entrainait à la salle de bain et le forçait à sortir la couche de la poubelle. Quand elle constatait qu’elle était en effet toute sèche cela ne la mettait pas de meilleure humeur : « Mais regarde ça, ce n’est pas possible ! Regarde comme tu l’as tout à fait déchirée. Si non on aurait pu la réutiliser. Demain c’est moi qui t’enlève ta couche, entendu ? »

Alex, tout peinard, hochait sa tête. Cela avait l’air de calmer Muriel et sur un ton plus gentil elle le demandait de remettre son pyjama expliquant que c’était la coutume de la maison qu’on prenait le petit déj en pyjama. Il obéissait sans commentaire ce qui remettait Muriel de bonne humeur. Elle mettait son bras autour de ces épaules et plantait une bise sur son front : « Tu verras, une fois que t’auras l’habitude des règles de la maison tu vas bien te plaire ici. » Ce geste gentille et maternelle le touchait et il souriait timidement.

Il descendait et, rencontrant Juliette à la cuisine, l’aidait à dresser la table. Quand tout le monde était là Muriel lui remettait sa bavette. De nouveau il trouvait ça horriblement humiliant mais il ne protestait plus. Après le repas Muriel demandait à Alex de ranger la cuisine « puisqu’il avait déjà pris sa douche », pendant que tous les autres partaient en haut.

Quand il était prêt il montait aussi pour aller s’habiller. Quand il rentrait dans sa chambre il y trouvait Muriel en train de ranger son armoire : « Ah tu voilà, juste à temps. Je t’ai mis quelques vêtements puisque tu n’as vraiment rien apporté. Et je t’ai mis tes vêtements pour aujourd’hui sur le lit. » Préoccupé Alex se tournait vers son lit et y trouvait un ensemble jaune, consistant d’un t-shirt dont les manches et l’encolure étaient terminés par un bord blanc, assorti d’un short d’un modèle à 4 poches, avec une ceinture blanche. Il se tournait vers Muriel et protestait qu’il préférait mettre ces propres habits, mais la maitresse de maison l’interrompait : « Mais tout ce que tu as apporté c’est un pantalon en jean. Ici en été on garde les jambes nues. C’est plus frais, plus sain, et plus joli. T’as déjà comparées tes jambes fromage blanc aux jambes joliment bronzés des filles ? Et en plus, ici c’est moi qui commande, tu n’as toujours pas compris ?»

Mais Alex l’avais bien compris et sans protester davantage il mettait les habits, constatant que le short était un peu trop petit avec les pipes lui serrant autour des cuisses. Emilie lui disait, sans ironie apparente,  que ça lui allait bien. Elle-même portait une petite jupe d’été fleurie, dont la jupe tombait juste au dessus de ces genoux, qui lui allait à merveille. La suivant en bas ils rencontraient les jumeaux dans le hall. Elles portaient des robes d’été similaires à celle d’Emily, et Alex devait admettre qu’avec leurs peaux bronzées elles étaient tous ravissantes. Il regardait ses jambes et bras et pensait que Muriel avait raison et qu’il devait bronzer un peu.  

A ce moment Emilie disait qu’ils devaient se dépêcher puisque Mlle. Irène allait arriver à chaque moment. A la question d’Alex elle expliquait que Mlle. Irène était la prof qui les enseignait. Toutes les 4 se dépèchaient vers « la classe » ou Juliette les rejoignait. Elle portait un T-shirt foncé, moulant mettant en évidence ces petits seins, sur une mini-jupe en jeans, accentuant ces longues jambes. Pour la première fois Alex se rendait compte que c’était une très jolie, et sexy, fille. Il voulait s’approcher d’elle mais elle lui tournait ostentatoirement le dos.

Entre temps Emily et ces petites sœurs se dirigeaient vers un coin de la classe ou il y avait un porte manteau accroché au mur, duquel elles décrochaient des tabliers qu’elles commençaient à mettre au dessus de leurs robes. C’étaient des tabliers blancs d’un modèle super classique: une demi jupe qui était noué autour de la taille, surmontée d’une bavette avec des bretelles à volants qui se croisaient dans le dos et se fixaient dans la taille. La bavette et le bord de chaque tablier étaient décorés par de la broderie colorié – des petites fleurs, papillons, et autres petits dessins- faite à la main. En regardant mieux Alex découvrait que les broderies étaient faites de telle façon qu’elles formaient les noms des propriétaires respectives des tabliers.

A ce moment Muriel rentrait dans la classe et lui tendait un tablier identique, bien amidonné : « Tiens, en attendant que t’auras faites tes propres tabliers tu peux employer les vieux tabliers de Juliette, elle ne veut quand même plus les mettre.» Sans saisir complètement la signification de ce qui était dit, mais conscient de qu’il ne voulait pas porter un vêtement aussi enfantin et féminin, il voulait protester. Muriel s’y attendait et lui coupait la parole : « Pourquoi tu ne veux pas mettre un tablier ? » Surpris par cette question qui ouvrait une perspective de discussion, il hésitait. Muriel en profitait pour continuer : « Parce que tu trouves que c’est pour les filles, non ? » Soulagé qu’il ne doive plus le dire lui-même il affirmait avec la tête. Mauvaise décision. «Ok, tu vas nous expliquer alors pourquoi les filles devraient porter des tabliers et les garçons pas ? » Alex, ne sachant pas quoi répondre, était perdu. Pendant qu’il cherchait une bonne raison, Muriel enchainait : « Je vais te le dire. Parce que tu crois que les filles ça doit faire les besognes ménagères pendant que les garçons font le travail intellectuelle ou, pire, font la belle vie. Eh bien, contrairement à ce que ton papa t’a appris, cette époque est passée. Ce sera bientôt l’inverse. Alors, ou bien tu mets immédiatement  ce tablier, ou bien tu ne rentres plus dans cette classe et tu resteras bête pour toujours, je te mettrai une salopette, et tu pourras aider Marcel, notre bonne. 

Alex savait qu’il était perdu et tendait la main pour prendre le tablier. Elle l’aidait à nouer la jupe dans sa taille et à fixer les bretelles. Chez les autres le tablier laissait dépasser un bout de leurs robes, la que chez lui le tablier couvrait tout à fait son short, donnant l’impression vu de devant qu’il ne portait rien en dessous. Sophie était la première à le remarquer et tout le monde ce mettait à rire. Même Juliette, qui faisait semblant que toute la scène ne l’intéressait pas, ne pouvait pas supprimer un sourire. Cela enrageait Alex qui revenait à charge, demandant pourquoi elle ne portait pas de tablier. Muriel le répondait tout de suite que le jour qu’il serait aussi mature, responsable et prudent que sa grande sœur il ne devrait plus porter un tablier non plus, mais que ce n’était pas pour demain.  Et puis elle ordonnait tout le monde de s’asseoir à leurs bancs, de sortir leurs cahiers, et d’attendre Mlle Irène qui n’allait plus tarder.

Emilie approchait une deuxième chaise de sa table et indiquait à Alex qu’il pouvait s’asseoir à coté d’elle. A ce moment Mlle Irène rentrait. C’était une femme d’une quarantaine d’années, portant un deux-pièces gris, avec des cheveux grisonnants, noués en chignon, ce qui accentuait son aspect sévère. En rentrant elle saluait les filles avec une voix forte : « Bonjour les enfants ! ».  Comme des ressorts les 4 filles se mettaient debout et répondaient en chœur « Bonjour Mlle Irène » tout en faisant une petite référence. Même Juliette faisait une référence en soulevait légèrement le bord de sa jupe des deux cotés et mettant un pied un demi-pas en arrière, fléchant légèrement l’autre genou. Alex trouvait cela tellement drôle qu’il ne pouvait pas s’empêcher de rire.

Mais son plaisir était de courte durée. L’institutrice se tournait vers lui : « Et toi tu dois être Alexia ? » Le tour aux 4 filles de rire pendant qu’Alex réagissait, devenant tout rouge: « Je m’appelle Alex, pas Alexia. ». Irène le regardait quelques instants : « Pour moi tu es Alexia, et je t’assure que tu préfères ça ! » Une fois de plus le cours des choses coupait le souffle à Alex, mais Irène enchainait : « Personne ne t’as jamais appris à faire la référence je suppose ? »  Cette fois Alex retrouvait sa voix et protestait que les garçons ne faisaient pas ça. Irène soupirait : « Mon dieu, elle insiste ! T’es un peu idiote ou quoi ? Viens ici. ! » Alex obéissait et quand il était arrivé à la hauteur de la prof elle prenait une règle en métal en main : «Mettons les choses au claire dés le début. J’ai 20 ans d’expérience comme enseignante, et je sais qu’une discipline absolue est nécessaire pour créer un bon climat d’apprentissage. Je sais aussi qu’arriver à cette discipline avec des garçons est impossible, c’est pour ça que je refuse d’avoir des garçons dans mes classes. Ils ralentissent toute la classe. Mais aussi avec les filles la discipline n’est pas automatique. C’est pour ça que les transgressions sont tout de suite punies par une bonne fessée. »

Pour accentuer ces mots elle tapait avec la règle dans sa main, ce qui ne manquait pas à impressionner Alex qui de toute sa vie n’avait jamais eu une fessée. La prof, voyant que son petit discours avait l’effet voulu, se dirigeait à Emilie : « Emilie pourrait tu montrer à ta nouvelle copine comment on fait une référence, s’il te plait ? » Emilie avait du mal à retenir son rire mais exécutait  immédiatement l’ordre donné. Et, dit de faire la même chose, Alex l’imitait. Après trois essais Mlle Irène jugeait que la référence correspondait à ces attentes, et congédiait le pauvre garçon. Mais quand il repartait vers sa place elle l’arrêtait en disant qu’elle s’attendait à une nouvelle référence quand elle le congédiait. Alex exécutait et puis était autorisé à rejoindre Emily.

Mais il avait encore droit à une dernière remarque. Pendant qu’il s’éloignait de la prof elle observait qu’en général elle ne s’occupait pas de la façon qu’elles étaient habillées, sachant que Muriel le faisait, mais que la façon dont Alex était habillé était presque indécente et qu’elle en parlerait à la maitresse de maison. Alex était d’accord avec l’observation mais réalisait que ce que Mlle Irène trouverait plus décente ne lui plairait davantage, au contraire.

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A dream comes true 8


I looked straight into the eyes of my 14 year old daughter, conscious that I was sucking on a pacifier, sitting on the floor with my legs open, wearing a very short light blue dress over white tights with underneath a thick diaper, holding a doll in my arms.

 You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “True”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

 Chapter 8

 The kids had become completely accustomed to me walking around the house wearing an apron, and doing a big part of the household. They also had learned very quickly that I was not in charge anymore and that if they wanted anything it was no use asking me as I would refer them to their mother anyway.

Of course they had had questions about why this was happening, and Laura had explained to them that we had jointly come to the conclusion that women were more suited to be in charge than men. Anthony had strongly objected to that, so I had corrected Laura saying that maybe we shouldn’t generalize but that in our case I was convinced that Laura was a better head of the household than me.

Anthony had shrugged and asked why Laura didn’t go working then, because now I was the breadwinner of the family and I did most household chores. I explained that being in charge didn’t mean having to be breadwinner, and as for the household chores, I liked doing it. I liked cooking and I liked pleasing my wife, and also my son and daughter. It made me feel good. Anthony had given up.

Both he and his sister accepted that Laura had the last word on every question. Sometimes they would come to me and ask my opinion, and when that opinion was favorable to their petition they would ask me to put in a word with their mother, but Laura was the uncontested master in the house.

She kept me openly on a short lease and didn’t accept any transgressions. When she taught it necessary to correct me she didn’t hesitate. Her favorite reprisal when she taught I had gone out of line was humiliating me – in private or publicly –. But she never humiliated me in front of the kids. They didn’t know for instance that she made me wear female underwear. And of course they knew nothing about our baby-games.

Some time after the scrabble party, but before the day that Laura had made me go to the office wearing diapers, Tom, Isabel’s husband called. He had been offered 4 entrances to a Bruce Springsteen concert in a city some 300 km from where we lived. He knew Laura was a huge fan of “the boss” and so he asked if we would like to come along. I’m not much of a concert go-er but of course accepted for Laura’s sake. Tom explained that Isa didn’t want to come. She didn’t like Bruce so much, and having to drive 300 km back and forth, and having to arrange for a baby-sit, didn‘t seem worthwhile to her. So Tom asked if Anthony might like to get an entrance.

When that evening I asked Anthony if he would like to come with us he accepted enthusiastically. But to my surprise his sister became very jealous, asking why it was always Anthony who got such treats. She really made a big fuss so that after a couple of minutes I told her she could have my ticket, as I didn’t care, and so it was settled that the 3 of them would go to the concert with Tom.

When the day of the concert approached Tom and Laura began arranging the practical side. They were going to go by car, but they didn’t feel like driving back at night, so they would stay over for one night. And the next day they would visit the city or some exposition, making it a small week-end trip. By coincidence Tom’s two boys were invited to stay with friends that same week-end, and Isabel would be alone with little Lucy. Laura and Isabel decided it would be stupid for Isabel and me to stay alone each one on its own. As our house was in the direction of the city of destination they decided Tom would drop off Isabel and Lucy, as he picked up the 3 others, and the two of them were going to spend the week-end with me.

This was shortly after the day Laura had made me wear diapers to the office and then had me ask my boss to change me. That incident had excited me a lot and I began secretly hoping that the week-end with Isa would be similar.

On d-day Tom, Isabel and little Lucy arrived in the middle of the afternoon. Tom was immediately anxious to be on his way as they still had a long road to do. As my family was ready a few minutes later the bags had been charged and they were ready to leave.

Laura put her arm around her friend and turned to me:”Michael, you take good care of Isabel. She is tired and I promised her you would take care of her, so that she can completely relax and rest, ok?”  My heart sank in my shoes. I had hoped she would take care of me, not the reverse. But understanding what had been planned for me I nodded obediently.

A few minutes later the three of us found ourselves alone. I turned to Isabel and told her I would indeed take care of everything, she could ask me anything, so that she could completely relax. She looked at me and without any further hesitation said that that sounded wonderful. And after another second told me it was time for Lucy’s afternoon snack and asked if I could prepare the fruit mash. I nodded affirmative, hesitating to ask if I could prepare some for myself but decided against that.

I went to the kitchen, put on an apron and began preparing the mash. When I went back to the living I found Isabel reading a magazine with Lucy sitting next to her looking at a book.  I told Isa the mash was ready. She looked up from her magazine, turned to her daughter and told her she could go to the kitchen with me to eat her mash. The little girl smiled, jumped to the floor and followed me to the kitchen, while her mother told me to put a bib on her daughter when I fed her, and then turned back to her magazine.

It had been almost a year since Laura and I had babysat on Lucy, or I should say when Laura had babysat on Lucy and me. The little baby, who was now 1,5 years old, had changed a lot. She had grown into a cute little toddler girl. She followed me to the kitchen, climbed on the chair and before I could intervene, grabbed the spoon and brought a dripping spoon to her mouth. I was just in time to stop her, to put on a bib, and to start spoon-feeding her. I enjoyed watching how she eagerly swallowed spoon after spoon, although I felt slightly jealous.

While we were busy Isa came over to look if everything went well, and seeing that I was managing quit well, filled a baby-cup – one of those cups with a beak – with water, and told me Lucy could drink that after she had finished her bowl.

When bowl and cup were empty I washed her hands and face, took off the bib and taking her by the hand led her back to the living room. Isabel took her in her arms and asked if she had liked her mash. While the girl was still answering Isa turned to me and told me she would love to have some fruit too. Understanding that she wanted me to get it I asked what she fancied. To my amazement she ordered without hesitation a fresh orange juice and asked what other fruits we had. When I told her that between other we had peaches, she got a big smile: “I love peaches, but I always hate to peal them.” 

While she played with her daughter I was off to the kitchen again to prepare an orange juice and to peal a peach. When I got back she thanked me very sincerely but then told me she was afraid that her little baby had filled up her diapers. I had always hated to change messy diapers and when our kids had been babies had always led Laura take care of that chore. I gave Isa a desperate look but she didn’t seem to notice.  Taking Lucy in my arms I brought her upstairs. As I opened her diapers and began clumsily cleaning her I found out that it was not as bad as I had thought. Again I felt a pinch of jealousy. But, no – smiling to myself – I realized I could never soil my diapers and ask Laura to clean me up. She wouldn’t even change a simple wet diaper.

When Lucy and I got back downstairs I got an appreciative smile from her mother: “Thanks Michael! Tom hates to change dirty diapers, don’t you? ” I blushed. “Oh that’s all right.” She looked amused: “I like watching you wearing that apron. You never take it off?” I blushed harder, and stammered. “Euh, Yes I do, I only wear it when I’m at home.” She burst out laughing, and realizing what I had said, I laughed too.

 I cleaned up the kitchen and went back upstairs to install the baby crib and to make up a bed for Isabel, while she played with her daughter. When that was done I realized it was time to start preparing dinner. After a while Isabel and Lucy joined me in the kitchen where Isabel fed her daughter and then told her to give me a kiss as it was time for her bath and then to bed.  

When half an hour later Isabel re-entered the kitchen, dinner was almost ready. She came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek: “”You really are the perfect housemaid!” I never had thought of myself as having the role of a maid. I was just a normal husband in a female-led household. But when she said I was the perfect housemaid, I knew she meant it in appreciative way and liked the compliment. I smiled, while she continued: “Well, almost perfect” I looked at her surprised: “Michael I have a present for you. Go get it; I put it on your bed!” I hesitated for a moment wanting to ask what is was but then decided to go and have a look. Wondering what she had in mind I was excited as a kid who is opening a present but I felt also a little bit anxious, fearing maybe I might not like it.

When I got in my room I found a cute maids’ uniform laying on the bed: a short black dress with short sleeves, a small white apron with lacy rims and ribbons to be knotted in the back and a short bib that was pinned to the dress, accompanied by white lace-rimmed panties and garter belt and black stockings. I loved it! I had never before worn a garter belt but had wanted to for a long time. I put the whole outfit on as fast as I could and hurried back downstairs where Isabel was waiting for me. Upon entering the room she gave an appreciative whistle, but then, without saying a word, she made me sit down and told me to wait. Two minutes later she was back and, to my ever growing excitement, proceeded to paint my lips and to apply eyeliner and eye shadow to my eyelashes. The whole process took only a couple of minutes after which she told me, with an appreciative chuckle, to go and have a look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t wait.

I hurried to the hall and was overwhelmed by what I saw in the big mirror. I looked good in the short black dress revealing a pair of very nice legs to witch the stockings did good credit. But before all I felt really sexy: the cute little apron confirmed my submissiveness, the pink lipstick and my very lightly painted eyes made me look a little slutty but at the same time there was also some innocence to it.

Conscious of wearing a garter belt I wanted to lift my dress to have a look when I heard Isabel laughing behind me: “Now you really are a perfect housemaid”. I turned around with a happy smile, and as if she was reading my mind, she lifted my dress and bust out laughing when she saw my stiff member in the lacy panties. She immediately dropped the dress again: “Ugh, something doesn’t look quiet right don’t you agree?”

I felt so feminine that I did agree and shyly turned even redder than I was already.

I finished preparing the meal dressed in the cute maids’ uniform and we had a cozy dinner together. Afterwards I cleaned up while Isabel watched TV. When I was ready to join her she asked me to give her a foot massage, having heard from Laura I was good at that. I sighted but put myself at her feet and gave a long massage. When she was finally satisfied she thanked me, saying she had had the most relaxing afternoon ever. She bent down to me, gave me a short kiss on my mouth, telling I looked sexy, and then was off to bed leaving me alone, with a warm, happy feeling.  A few moments later I went upstairs too but before going to bed placed myself in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and admired myself for a long time, finishing with satisfying myself watching myself in the mirror. Putting on a diaper I went happily to bed.


The next morning I woke up because of the noise in the bathroom and realized that Isabel and little Lucy were up already. I was immediately aware of the comfortable thickness between my legs and automatically put my hand down. Feeling the slight heaviness I remembered I had somewhat wet my diapers before going to sleep. As always when I wake up I felt the pressure in my bladder and didn’t hesitate for a second. Having the warm wetness spreading felt great as always. I then turned around with the intention of dozing off some more.

A few minutes later however Isabel irrupted in my room, with Lucy following her by the hand:”Time to get up!” I looked up annoyed and wanted to protest, but Isabel had already pulled down my cover:” Today it’s my turn to take care of you. Yesterday you were very good to me, now I will pay you back.”  Understanding what she was saying I became very excited and jumped out of bed. She immediately noticed my soaked diapers, and turned to her little daughter: “Look Lucy, Mickey has done a big peepee too. Mommy should go wash him too before we go down, don’t you think? “The little girl didn’t seem to be surprised and nodded gravely.


Somewhat awkwardly I followed them to the bathroom where Isabel without any hesitation began unfastening my diapers, and helped me to pull my t-shirt over my head.  Feeling my penis erect again I felt very naked standing like that in front of my wife’s best friend, but she didn’t seem to notice anything special, and simply told me to get into the bath. My member had grown very big. Although I was proud of its size I felt embarrassed and held my hands in front of it. Isabel smiled:” I can’t wash you like that Michael. Could you put your hands on your head, please?” I turned red but did as asked. She proceeded to wash me from top to toes, including my member, while I was standing in the bath holding my hands on my head. I had never felt more naked. Next she had me sit down so that she could shampoo my hair with baby shampoo making sure that I was covered with foam. When she was done she gave me some bath toys and, taking my hand brought it to my still erect penis: “Now you can play with your wheezie” She looked in my surprised eyes and added that otherwise she was not going to be able to diaper me. Understanding she was telling me to masturbate I blushed even more. She smiled and, telling me she would be back in a minute, took Lucy by the hand and left me alone.

I couldn’t believe this was happening but, although very self conscious and ashamed, I took my member in my hand and began rubbing it. The water splashed all over the place and a few moments later I spouted a big jet. Sinking deeper in the water to keep warm I waited patiently for Isabel to come back. By the time she returned my penis had shrunk to a mere 3 cm. She immediately noticed it:”Ah Michael, I see you have followed my advice and had a good time? Ready to be diapered then!” Again I blushed but obediently climbed out of the bath and had me dried by her. When I followed her back to my room I realized that Laura had given her the key to the special wardrobe with my baby stuff.  She had taken out a disposable diaper and one of my baby print plastic pants and had put a plastic cover on the bed. She ordered me to lie down on it, slipped a diaper under my bottom and then copiously applied baby powder.  Laura had never done that and I loved it. I loved the smell and the soft texture when Isabel spread the powder gently on my private parts.

When I was safely diapered, Isabel went to the wardrobe and took out a pair of pale blue tights. I love to wear tights and gladly had her help me into them. Next she pulled a girlie T-shirt over my head and told me I was all set. I was a little bit disappointed she hadn’t taken out a pretty dress but was certainly not complaining. When Isabel told me to go down I put on my glasses but she immediately took them off: “You won’t need those today.” I wondered if she had thought of it herself or if Laura had given her specific instructions.

We went to the kitchen were she put a bib on both of us. This amused Lucy and she laughed out loud. But Isabel told her there was nothing to laugh as babies always wear bibs. The girl looked puzzled but stopped laughing. Isabel served both of us a plate of oat-food which Lucy began clumsily eating with a spoon. I did the same while Isabel prepared two baby-bottles with milk. Lucy soon gave up eating with a spoon and continued with her hands, covering her face, her bib and the table. I again copied her. At that moment Isabel realized the mess we were making and intervened. She took away my plate, handed me a bottle and telling me she would help me with the oatmeal when Lucy would have emptied her plate, began spoon-feeding her daughter.

I happily sucked on my bottle waiting excitedly to be spoon-fed by Isabel When both of us has finished our plate and bottle she washed our hands and faces and told us to sit on the floor to play while she cleaned up the kitchen. She gave us a couple of Bratz dolls, and some Play Mobil to keep us quiet. I was happy that Lucy wanted to play with the Play Mobil as I love to dress and undress Bratz dolls.

Both of us were still absorbed with our toys when Isabel announced we were going for a walk as she wanted to get some fresh air. I thought she was teasing me and gave her a big smile, but when a minute later she came back holding coats for both of us I jumped to my feet telling her she couldn’t be serious. But handing me the old ski anorak I use to go walking in the woods she told me in a stern voice to be quiet. If I liked to be treated as a baby, I had to be obedient. When my mommy wasn’t there she was the boss.

Her angry voice saying she was the boss turned me on. Smiling shyly I took the red anorak and told her I would be ready in a second. I wanted to run upstairs to pull on a pair of pants, but she stopped me asking where I was going. When I told her she shook her head: “No no, no jeans for our little babies. Just pull on the anorak and you will be fine.” I looked again in disbelief, but at the same time the idée of going out wearing diapers covered only by pale blue tights and a red anorak suddenly excited me.

As I pulled on the anorak she helped dress Lucy and put her in the carriage. She pushed the carriage and made me walk besides, holding onto it. I was in deep fear of running into a neighbor but at the same time I wanted to be discovered… When at the end of the street we tuned towards the little wood that lies next to our neighborhood I was relieved and disappointed simultaneously. It was an early spring day and except for some joggers there was very little chance we would meet someone there.

After a while Lucy wanted to walk and Isabel helped her out of the carriage. It didn’t take long for the girl to get tired and to sit down in the dirt to play with some twigs and rocks. I hesitated for a second and then sat down next to her and did the same. We began building little towers with what we found. Then Lucy began putting dirt in her mouth. She seemed to like the taste of it and continued. I looked at her amused as her mouth got very dirty. When the little girl noticed me looking at her she came over and with a big smile brought a handful of dirt to my mouth. I again hesitated but then opened my mouth and let her put the dirt in it. As she ate more of it herself I did the same realizing my face was getting as black as hers. All the while Isabel had been looking on in disbelief and then, laughing very hard, told us to look at each other faces. We all laughed very hard.

Back home Isabel made us undress in the kitchen and washed our hands and faces before she told us to play some more, wearing nothing but our diapers and a shirt, while she prepared dinner. Dinner consisted of a vegetable and meat puree, which I hated. But I emptied my plate obediently and then had some yoghurt as desert. After dinner Isabel took us upstairs, changed our diapers and told us it was time for a nap.

I didn’t really fall asleep but waited patiently for Isabel to come back and tell me I could get out of bed. When an hour later Isabel came into the room and checked my diaper – which was dry- I realized I had to poop. I was ashamed but saw no other possibility but to ask her to go to the bathroom. She looked at me with an amused smile: “Little babies don’t use the bathroom. That’s why they wear diapers.”

I looked back at her anxiously: “No? You can’t mean that!” But she did. I could not imagine filling up my diapers so decided to hold out. I watched as she dressed Lucy in a nice little dress, hoping she would choose me a dress too, however didn’t dare to ask.  When Isabel was ready with her daughter she explained to me she was going to dress me after she would have changed me, but that she wasn’t going do that before I had used my diaper. The urge was increasing rapidly and causing me cramps. But I was not prepared to shit in my diapers. I looked unhappily at Isabel but she laughed in my face.

She went over to the wardrobe and came back holding my favorite dress: a pale blue velvet dress, with a small white collar and short balloon sleeves, with ribbons that were knotted in the back. “Come on Michael, we don’t have all day! Just do now what you have to do, and then we can dress you and we can all go downstairs.” 

Understanding she wasn’t going to relent I began pushing and almost immediately felt a soft pack spreading in my diapers. It was the first time I had pooped in my diapers – since I was a real little baby that is – and I was surprised to notice I liked the feeling.

Isabel encouraged me while she spread the plastic cover on the bed again, and then went to the bathroom to fetch more things. When she came back she looked at me and noticing I had relaxed asked if I was ready. Looking down I nodded yes. She led me too the bed and made me lie on my back. She opened the diaper and, as if this was completely normal, she began sweeping me clean with moist tissue. I liked the feeling of the cold moist tissue and shyly looked up at her. She smiled: “Little Mickey likes this, doesn’t he?” 

I suddenly realized the difference with Laura. When Laura and I played baby games she made me do babyish things only to affirm her position by humiliating me. Isabel however treated me as if I was really a baby. Realizing this made me feel very little and gave me a good feeling in my belly.  Without thinking I swung my arms around her and hugged her. She laughed but told me to be still as she was not ready yet.

She gave me a very nice smile: “You know Michael, I think Laura is so lucky. Soon my little Lucy will go to school, and then she will be a teenager, and soon afterwards she will want to fly on her own wings, but Laura will always have her little baby, needing her. I think that’s so nice, it almost makes me cry.” I did see some moisture forming in her eyes and, putting my arms around her neck again, gave her a soft kiss on each eye.

When I was clean and diapered again she helped me dress in white tights and the blue velvet dress. Feeling good I took one of my baby dolls and we all went down where she installed her two baby girls in front of the television on the kitchen floor to watch some toddler program while she prepared a fruit mash. The two of us were soon completely absorbed in it.

As Isabel was mixing the fruit nobody heard the car stop and the doors slamming but suddenly Carol stood in the kitchen. Later I would learn that in the hotel they had met the family of a school-friend of Carol, who were there also for the Springsteen concert. Carol had preferred to come home with them in stead of spending the day with her brother, mother and Tom, who she had never liked very much.

When I saw her enter the kitchen I froze. It was as if everything began moving in slow motion. I looked straight into the eyes of my 14 year old daughter, conscious that I was sucking on a pacifier, sitting on the floor with my legs open, wearing a very short light blue dress over white tights with underneath a thick diaper, holding a doll in my arms. Her eyes went wide open, she gasped, and then cried out:”What the hell?” I spat out the pacifier and wanted to get up, but Isabel had turned around and putting her hands on both my shoulders pressed me down. Taken by surprise as much as I Isabel instinctively reacted in the right way. She gave a broad smile to Carol: “Hi sweety! Want to join us? We do some role playing. Don’t you think your daddy looks just so cute as a little baby girl?”

At that moment everything seemed to fall in place again. Carol came up to me and began laughing very hard: “Wow, this is something! Can’t believe what I see!” I relaxed and gave her a shy smile. Isabel continued recovering the initiative after her initial surprise: “Want to join us? You can help me feed those little babies, or maybe you prefer to play baby yourself?” Carol continuing to laugh very hard answered that no, she didn’t want to be a baby but would love to help with the feeding.

Isabel handed her a bib indicating she had to put it around my neck. A few minutes later I was happily being spoon-fed by my daughter. She seemed to like it. I loved it!

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A dream come true 7

My boss looked at me, and then smiled. “Your wife called me.”  I didn’t immediately grasp the meaning, but then blushed even harder. “I know you are punished and that you are wearing diapers.” I thought I was going to die right there, completely unable to have any reaction at all. So she continued. “Laura thinks your diapers must be very heavy by now, and that you probably risk a leak. She gave me the combination of the lock that prevents you from taking off the diapers yourself. She has put a spare diaper in a side pocket of your briefcase, so if you go and fetch it I can help you.”

You will find the preceding chapters of this story in “categories” under “True”, with the different chapters in reversed order. To find the first chapter you just have to scroll down to the bottom.

Chapter 7

 At about the same time Laura began teaching me to cook. First in the week-ends, but then also on weekdays. Except for some soft boiled eggs or omelets I had never cooked before but she patiently showed me how to clean vegetables and fix a salad, slowly moving up to making soup, preparing lamb shops, and even preparing a piece of cod “au court bouillon”. I discovered I enjoyed cooking.

Before long I was cooking on my own. I would come home from the office, change into easy clothes, and she would tell me what she had brought from the supermarket for me to prepare.

And of course having to cook was a good reason for having to wear an apron. She told me that wearing an apron was a discreet way to publicly acknowledge my new position in the household and she insisted I wore an apron whenever I was doing household chores, which was most of the time. The kids, and their friends, didn’t seem to notice it anymore after a short time.

And then came the big “coming out of the closet” day.

Laura had invited a number of female friends to a scrabble contest, and she asked me to stay home from the office to help her with serving her friends, so that she could participate with the game in stead of having to run around all the time. I couldn’t believe what she was asking. My job had always been above everything, the absolute undisputed priority, and now she asked me to actually take a day off for helping her out with a scrabble contest with women who didn’t have anything more meaningful to do?

I wanted to protest but she had expected that and cut me short. “This is not open for discussion honey. You will take Thursday afternoon off to serve my friends and me while we play. OK?” Still shocked that she had dared to ask this I shrugged but I had no choice. She was the boss.

Thursday I was quiet nervous without knowing why, as nothing special was expected from me. I was dressed in jeans and was not wearing diapers. When the first guest arrived Laura asked me to answer the door. It was Jennifer the wife of a colleague who was surprised to see me: ‘Hi Michael! How come you are home?” I hadn’t expected her to be here. “Euh, well, you know,  I still had quiet some days I could take free and thought it would be nice to help Laura out” She looked even more surprised: “God Michael, that is so sweet. Wish that Steve would do that some times”.

The second guest was Isabelle, who was not surprised to find me home. She had obviously been informed beforehand. Maybe it had been her idea? As the guests dripped in one by one – 10 all together – , and I served them a welcome glass, I was the buzz of the day. The fact that I had stayed home to help Laura was considered to be something really big.

But soon they all got themselves seated behind their boards and started playing. While they were playing I served coffee and cakes and home made pie. As the pies had been made by Laura she got a lot of compliments and my – sensational – presence was soon forgotten. I was very  busy having all of them contented, running to the kitchen to fetch a towel when a cup of coffee was turned over, showing where the bathroom was, turning up the heat, opening a window, all the while preparing some hot and cold snacks to accompany the drink to be served at the end of the afternoon.

As I was preparing the snacks I had put on an apron and I soon forgot to take it off running back and forth wearing it. At first the ladies where too absorbed by their game to notice, but suddenly Isabel stopped me and said the apron suited me. Nothing more, but the friends at her board had heard it and they all began making comments mocking me and complimenting Laura for having such a perfect husband. I felt embarrassed and wanted to run away to the kitchen to take off the apron, but Jennifer came to my defense saying that I was incredible courageous, and that she didn’t see what was so funny.  This encouraged Laura to come to my defense too, telling them that indeed she was so lucky to have me as her attentive husband and not some stupid macho. She explained them in some detail that I actually did most of the household chores. When I added that I liked to show her my love in this way they were stunned. They all agreed this was incredible and the remaining part of the afternoon they all were extremely nice to me.

But the next day at the office Steve, Jennifer’s husband, came over and asked if I had had a nice day off. I answered in some vague way, but soon I was confronted with more inquiring colleagues. If it was true that I had stayed home to help my wife with a woman’s party?, and that I wore an apron? , … I realized that it made no sense to deny it and immediately admitting to it stopped the inquiries and the teasing, so I figured I had escaped it well. But soon I realized that my position in the team had changed. Regularly someone would make some stupid remark that I should serve the coffee as I was used to do that at home, or when there was a discussion, insult me by saying that they weren’t surprised that I took such a wimpish position. It was especially hard when we went out for a drink after hours. I soon began avoiding those occasions prompting more mocking remarks about the wife wanting me to come home to do the dishes

After a couple of months I began hating to go to the office. That’s when Laura suggested I would ask for a transfer to another job. My boss agreed immediately – I probably had become a liability to the team. I was offered a job as assistant manager at the client support team, in charge of the follow up of some large accounts. Not exactly a promotion but it implied I would not have to travel any more, which suited me as I had become quiet wary of traveling so much. I was offered the same basic salary but I lost the  bonus I had enjoyed as account executive.

Despite the loss of money Laura too was very happy with the change. Since she had become used at me doing the cooking and the cleaning up every night, she hated it even more than before when I went on business trips.

The fact that I would work in an exclusively female team with a female boss did apprehend me somewhat. My former colleagues always called the client support department the hen’s house. When, in reaction to a mocking remark wishing me luck in my new environment, I suggested that there would be finally a rooster making some order in the hen’s house, I got a good supportive laugh. But my first day in my new job I realized this stupid macho remark had gotten out. My new colleagues had very thoughtfully placed a box of chocolates as welcome present on my new desk. But it was accompanied by a welcome card featuring the drawing of a skirt-wearing  rooster surrounded by chickens forming a double welcome line inside a cozy hen’s house. Two chickens were closing the door through which one could see a number of fighting roosters in the pouring rain trying to get to the door. The caption read “Capon Michael is welcomed to the hen‘s house”. Clearly one of my new colleagues was a gifted artist.

Of course I immediately understood the gist of the meaning but it was only at end of the day when I looked up the meaning of “capon’” that I fully understood what my new colleagues were telling me. I could have felt very insulted but realizing I had caused it myself, decided not to take offense. The next day I went to the office with a bouquet of flowers and offered each of my colleagues a flower.  

I soon appreciated the less competitive and less chaotic atmosphere in my new job. I was astonished how easily I fitted in. The fact that I would join in their conversations about cooking, and how to combine job with household responsibilities helped of course.  I worked as hard as before but with a lot less stress, thanks to a very supportive team and team leader, who took care of her “family” as a real mother hen.

At home too I was happier than ever before. Laura would sometimes reward me for my good behavior as promised by dressing me as a little baby and then join me wearing childish clothes herself. I was of course very happy having reached both my objectives. Not only was I regularly diapered and treated as a baby, I now enjoyed occasionally the sight of a beautiful diapered woman, something I find extremely sexy (what can’t be said about diapered men)..

Laura being small and slender, fits into dresses for 12 year olds, and she bought some really childish models. I liked very much a red jumper dress –one of those consisting of a skirt with an apron-like frontpiece and braces that cross in the back. But my absolute favourite was a very short yellow flower-printed dress with a smocked body and short balloon sleeves, and a small round collar, closing with a zip in the back and ribbons knotted with a bow in the waist. I loved going out with her when she dressed like that – while I was wearing diapers. –  and having  people gasp amazed and amused at this  pretty adult woman dressed in such childish attire But going shopping for such outfits, having her trying them out in the fitting room in front of a flabbergasted salesperson, was even better.

But if there were rewards there were also punishments.

After she had me shave every single body-hair I stopped my regular Sunday tennis game with friends, pretending to have a sore shoulder. But after a while, encouraged by Laura, I resumed. The first time I had to endure quiet some mockery, especially as my friends knew about some of the changes in our household, and they saw this – rightly – as one more step in my feminization process. But after a few weeks they got used to it, and the mocking stopped.

Usually we played on Sunday mornings and had a single drink after the game before we joined our respective families for the rest of the day. But one day, for some reason I don’t really remember, the one drink was followed by the next, and it was late afternoon before I got home. Laura was mad as hell.

She ordered me to go upstairs and undress. After a few minutes she entered the room and told me I was going to be diapered until she was satisfied I remembered my place. If this was punishment I should be naughty a lot more often, so I could hardly suppress a smile. She diapered me with a thick diaper and some extra padding, had me put on plastic pants, and a bodice that didn’t open between the legs, but closed with a short zip in the back. As the kids were expected to come home she told me to dress in some baggy pants.

Preparing dinner and doing the dishes with the gradually increasing heaviness between my legs was great. When we went to bed she told me to get rid of the wet diapers and to wash up before she diapered me again.

The next morning she checked my diapers and finding them dry told me to dress for work. But she first put a small lock on the zip of the bodice. I understood that I was going to keep the same diapers all day at the office, which excited me.

I had worn diapers at the office before, and it always gave me a good feeling. But this time, not having peed since the night before the pressure build up very fast. As I knew I would have to keep the same diapers all day, I was afraid of leaks, and didn’t wet at first. But by midday I knew my diapers were getting very wet, and my worries about leaks began making me feel very uncomfortably. Just as I was wondering if I should go to the bathrooms and take of the diapers by tearing off the bodice – knowing this would enrage Laura – my phone rang and Jenny – my boss – asked if I could come into her office. Standing in front of her desk while she talked about some problem with a new customer I became very conscious I had badly to empty my bladder some more but didn’t dare too. I was jumping from one foot to the other, until suddenly Jenny asked if I was alright.

Blushing I assured her I was fine. My boss looked at me, and then smiled. “Laura called me.”  I didn’t immediately grasp the meaning, but then blushed even harder. “I know you are punished and that you are wearing diapers.” I thought I was going to die right there, completely unable to have any reaction at all. So she continued. “Your wife thinks your diapers must be very heavy by now, and that you probably risk a leak. She gave me the combination of the lock that prevents you from taking off the diapers yourself. She has put a spare diaper in a side pocket of your briefcase, so if you go and fetch it I can help you.”

I looked at her in total disbelief. My boss was suggesting that she would give me a diaper change? This couldn’t be true, I could never do that. Automatically I .began backing out saying I was fine. When I got to the door and was ready to bolt out, she smiled again: “No problem, if you change your mind I’ll be here.”

Back at my desk I couldn’t concentrate anymore. First because of what had just happened – My wife had told my boss she had punished me to wear diapers and proposed to my boss she would give me a diaper change! No this really was going too far – and secondly because of the pressure in my bladder. One or two hours later I couldn’t resist anymore and had to let go. My already very wet diaper was flooded and almost immediately I felt a wetness running down my leg. I realised I was having a major leak. I first panicked but then, slowly realised what I had to do. I looked in my briefcase and found indeed a dry diaper. Without anybody noticing it I slipped it into a file and then hurried to Jenny’s office.

When I entered she gave me a broad smile: “Changed your mind?” Blushing hard I just nodded and handed her the spare diaper.  She told me to undress. I hesitated: “But what if anybody enters your office?” “I guess that’s a risk we have to take”

I took of my pants and noticed two large wet spots on my bottom. Jenny noticed them too: “You waited too long I see” I blushed some more. When I had taken off the turtle-neck sweater I was wearing and was standing in front of her just in my onesie she came up to me, took off the lock, opened the zip, and helped me out of the bodice which was wet around the legs..

She told me to take off the onesie and the plastic pants. The diaper was really soaked and hung deep between my legs. She looked at it surprised: “God, you really peed a lot. You should have come a lot earlier;” I did as if I didn’t hear her comment and unfastening the heavy diaper, made it drop to the floor. I felt very awkward standing naked in front of my boss. She gave me a long look and then smiled some more: “What a cute clean shaven baby! Laura really takes good care of you, doesn’t she?”

She handed me the dry diaper to put it on. I hesitated, suddenly suggesting I could pass the remaining part of the day without diapers. But Jenny answered that Laura had told her the punishment was not over and she had promised she would make sure I remained diapered. I didn’t insist, putting the diaper on, the plastic pants, and the onesie, on which Jenny put the lock back on.

When I was all dressed again I was in a hurry to leave Jenny’s office and to get back to my desk and to be left alone. I turned to the door but Jenny stopped me. “Michael, next time don’t wait until it’s too late.” I blushed again. I wanted to tell her there was not going to be a next time but she interrupted me. “Listen, I think you really are a great asset for the team, and you have integrated real well. But you still have to learn to trust me more. I’m here to help you, always. Ok?”  Surprised by the way the topic had changed I nodded.

Jenny bent over, took the wet diaper which was still lying on the floor, rolled it into a ball, and then looked back at me, as I was silently watching her, still embarrassed by what had happened. “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of this. You know, I’m your boss, which means I’m always there to clean up behind your back when you mess up. You understand that no?”  I nodded again, while she came up to me, opened the door, and giving me a discreet pad on my diapered bottom, told me to get back to work.

Walking to my desk I had the feeling that all my colleagues where looking at me. I hoped nobody noticed the wet spots on my pants

That evening when I came home I found a number of youngsters there as both my children were home with friends. I always love it when my children’s friends come over, and like to chat with them, but I was conscious that my diaper was getting quiet wet again and I was at risk for another leak.  I succeeded to get Laura’s attention who indicated that she would follow. I left the room and Laura did indeed catch up with me immediately. She put her hand on my bottom, lifted slightly the diaper, and smiled: “Had a “heavy” day at the office I heard?” I smiled too and gave her a kiss. She reached underneath the collar of my turtle-neck and took off the lock. “Ok, go change. And hurry I’ll need some help”.

I hurried upstairs took off my clothes and the wet diaper, and washed up. And then another surprise was waiting for me. When I opened the drawer where I keep my underwear I discovered that all my briefs and boxer shorts had been replaced with frilly girlie panties. I was as thunderstruck, staring at the drawer without moving, when Laura entered the room.

“Ah, I see that you found your new underwear?”

“Come on Laura, you can’t be serious!”

“Listen darling, I have been thinking about what happened yesterday and I think we should have a talk”

She then asked me if I still thought the “female-led household” was a good idea. When I sincerely answered I did she proceeded to tell me that she thought it had been the best thing which had ever happened for both of us. She felt that since I didn’t have to be “the man” in the house anymore I was so much more relaxed, and that serving and obeying her was something which clearly made me feel good.

When I agreed.again she took a pained face to ask me what had then come into me the day before. How could I have been so thoughtless not coming home as expected, but even worse, not even warning I was being late. She figured that although I was not afraid to have my female better side take over most of the time, when I was on my own I was still easily the victim of my stupid irresponsible male side. That’s why from now on I would wear female underwear all the time, to help me focus.

She looked at me with an amused smile. “And then don’t tell me you don’t want to!. You love female clothes, so admit that the idea of wearing panties is appealing, isn’t it?” I blushed and admitted that indeed it did, but then, plaintively I said this meant that I could never go play tennis with my friends anymore. Again she gave me a pained look ” Well, to be honest I think that would indeed be better”. But seeing my sad face she relented: “OK, I kept some of your boxer shorts. If you are really good, I will let you wear them on Sundays, ok?”

I said she was the best wife in the world, kissed her, and then proceeded to choose a nice frilly yellow pair of panties with lace rims. When I had put them on Laura gave me an appreciative look: “Sweet, you look really sweet, don’t you think”. The only response I gave was some giggling. Laura, looking startled at her watch, said she had to hurry as she had promised the girls to drive them to a party. With the door in hand she turned around: “Oh darling, could you iron a couple of shirts for Anthony? He is staying for a couple of days with the Armstrong’s and he said he had nothing to wear.”

Off she was. I looked at myself in the mirror touching the soft feeling frilly panties for a second, before pulling on my pants over them and then hurrying down too.

I put on an apron, prepared some snacks for Anthony and his friends – who were watching a game –  who received them enthusiastically, thanking me loudly. I took out the ironing table and put it up behind the couch where the boys where sitting. As I began ironing a peaceful feeling came over me. I felt happy, protected, and appreciated. And as I thought about the pretty panties I was wearing that feeling intensified

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